Muslim Bagheads must think they own the NYC subway, too?

What’s next – Muslim asslifters praying to Allah on prayer rugs in the middle of the subwar car? And don’t you dirty infidels dare step on that rug wearing shoes, if you know what’s good for you.

From our friend Chris at Logans Warning – Riding the NYC subway this weekend, it was not hard to notice two Muslim women who had entered the train and mistakenly thought they were at home.

As I was watching the women, the train stopped at two more location. While commuters were boarding, the Muslims did not even think of letting other people sit down.

After filming that, I put my camera away and we made two more stops. On the second one a woman with short dirty blond hair, approximately 45-50 years-old, walked right up to the Muslim woman on the left. She motioned her hand while telling her she was going to sit there. The slave to Allah was slow to move, but did finally sit upright like a normal person. As soon as the lady sat she angrily said, “Where do you think you are – home?”

Brava to the infidel!