SWEDEN: Savage Muslim Art students attack police and totally disrupt lecture on ‘Freedom of Speech’ with artist Lars Vilks

Lars Vilks is the Swedish artist who has been attacked and had his home nearly burned down by Muslims who didn’t like the drawings he made of the paedophile prophet Muhammad as the head of a dog. In the video below, you’ll see what they think of free speech in Sweden, the country that took them in and is probably supporting most of them on the welfare rolls.

Some background on Vilks (His Muhammad cartoons at right)

Why did Lars Vilks, a mild-mannered Swedish artist, booby-trap his art with electrified barbed wire, keep an ax by his bedside, and build a panic room upstairs? For one, Mr. Vilks’s 2007 cartoon of the prophet Mohammed as a stray dog continues to bring death threats and even a bounty on his head from an Al Qaeda-related group in Iraq.

Two men accused of trying to burn down the home of Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks a week ago have been arrested and remanded into custody, charged with attempted arson. Vilks was not home at the time. He has since gone into hiding.

The two accused, 21 and 19, are brothers who immigrated to Sweden from Kosovo. The suspected trigger for their action is continued animosity by Muslims over some silly cartoons of Mohammed as a dog, drawn by Vilks a couple of years ago as part of a newspaper editorial supporting free speech in the wake of earlier Muslim outrage over cartoons of Mohammed published in 2005 by the Danish newspaper Jyllands- Posten.









58 comments on “SWEDEN: Savage Muslim Art students attack police and totally disrupt lecture on ‘Freedom of Speech’ with artist Lars Vilks

  1. I am sick of listening to how outraged the mohamedans are. I couldn’t possibly, care any less, if they are insulted.
    They are criminals, demanding to be respected (HAH!,) and expecting normal people to take them as seriously as they take themselves. I only take seriously, that they want to dominate. Otherwise, I have no RESPECT for their violent, psychotic -pedophile-worshipping, criminal, organization.

  2. Scum bottom feeding degenerate pigs parisites I hope everyone of these koranimals who took part in this circus have been exspelled by the university they attend and also been charged by the lefty police and authorities with breach of the peace intolerance and religious hatred

  3. http://islamineurope.blogspot.com/2011/11/sweden-sweden-democrats-adds-opposition.html

    “The Sweden Democrats are singling out Islam as the religion which clashes most with Swedish culture. This is the first time the party states its opposition to Islam in its party program.

    The new program says as follows: “Islam and particularly its strong political and fundamentalist branch is, according to the view of the Sweden Democrats, a religious ideology which has proven itself to have the most difficulty to harmoniously coexist with Swedish and Western culture. Islamism’s impact on Swedish society should therefore be counteracted as much as possible and immigration from Muslim countries with strong elements of fundamentalism should be severely limited.”


  4. Thank you all for your comments! We all need to work together on this one. And americans have a great responsibilty now to vote for freedom 2012. We in Europe need you. Again. 😀

    @barenakedislam I suppose they was not in the art class. It was an open lecture about Freedom of Speech in Uppsala University.

    They target things like that all the time.

    We all need to stay focused, civilized and not start to behave like them.


  5. Like communists, the muslim dogs will use democracy in order to destroy it, all while the compliant liberal swedes compliantly sit by. You reap what you sow.

  6. Muslims have NO art — nothing but little boring repetitive designs because anything else is idolatrous……no pictures of people, animals, no sculpture, no paintings. Just like their music — They are totally devoid of any sensitivity to anything cultural because their “religion” simply doesn’t allow it if it isn’t to do with Mohammed or Allah. They are sub-human.

    They weren’t there for anything to do with art or pictures or film. They were there to put one more stone in the wall. And they did it.

  7. I try not to use bad language. But what the fuck are those people in the audience doing sitting like sheep and not taking action them selves. My God the Muslims are the invaders of their country, their freedom, and their rights.

    I am disgusted at the passive mob of sheep in the audience.

  8. Only saw one person stand up for truth while everyone else sat there with their fingers up their you know whats. The guy reading the final surrender proclamation at the end was despicable and contemptuous as was the gleeful response from the pedophile worshipers and their quiet soon to be enslaved cowardly hosts.

  9. Veronique,
    Hard as it is for a civilized mind, a mind of any degree of breeding and culture, to understand: Their whole PURPOSE is to oppose, distort, disrupt and denigrate ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING that is not islamic,,, While your last sentence is fully correct, you must also realize that is the moochit reason for being,

    You said, ” Why did they not just get up and walk out. They had no intention of leaving. It is “their country” and you also answered your own statement, ” They are just angry, hateful, violent people who just want to destroy everything. “,,,

    The mozlem has an inbred superiority complex, calling the unbelievers, “infidels”, “Kaffir”, and other derogatory names,,, There is NO respect for any belief system that is not islamic and they are even trying to “bastardize” the Christian faith, saying that “Jesus was islamic”,,, As I googled “Jesus was islamic” and observed some of the images, I also came across images for “Jesus4Sharia”,,, all of which is totally incomprehensible to the mind of a Christian, Jew, or even Hindu or Buddhist or Taoist~!

    Sharia law is an abomination to G-D, Jesus, or any human being with ANY degree of compassion or consideration for his / her fellow human~! And the islamic ideology is the ONLY deity based ideology that demands the “fierce slaughter” of those who criticize it, or its founder – see ” Death Penalty for Criticizing Islam or its Founder – “Lo! those who malign Allah and His messenger . . . they will be seized wherever found and slain with a (fierce) slaughter.” —Quran 33:57-61 ”

    The following .pdf file is quite informative and enlightening,,, I highly recommend reading it, and saving it to your files~!


    In short,,, islam is a barbaric belief system that, by its own admission, honors death and destruction more than any concern for LIFE and its maturing, growth and enlightenment~!

    Parenthetically, you may find this article interesting, as well,,,


  10. Those Muslims accomplished everything they set out to do that evening, which of course was totally planned in advance. AND every time this happens they get stronger and stronger. What can any of us do? I think we need to bombard our elected officials, starting from the bottom upwards, or maybe from the top downwards, and demand that the laws be drastically changed. Actually make laws that apply to Muslims only — take away THEIR Freedom of Speech, and their headscarves and burqas.

    Expel all Muslims from law enforcement agencies and armed forces, deport all Muslims who are not citizens, and for those who are citizens, deport them the first time they are convicted of any criminal offense, including incitement of violence and hate crimes. This leaves the truly moderate Muslims to get on with their Westernized lives. If they don’t like it, they can leave.

  11. Fröken Sverige,
    Thank you for the information and my sympathies are with you.

    Unfortunately the majority of Americans are apathetic, arrogant and uninformed.
    They blindly believe that every desired right they want is g-d and government endorsed and nothing can change that.
    Imaging that 9/11 and 1000 yrs of terror attacks, in other countries, are the result of a few mentally ill people is preferable to accepting that we are being infected with the terminal disease called Islam.

    Because of the diversity and greed in the US it is easy to sell and publicize selective pseudo racism and victimization .
    Unless they face reality,America will suffer the same fate as Europe .

  12. It is so obvious they were there just to cause trouble. Why did they not just get up and walk out. They had no intention of leaving. It is “their country”. If that guy seriously felt ill he should have gone out to get some air. They are so pathetic, it is embarrassing. They are just angry, hateful, violent people who just want to destroy everything.

  13. Very, very informative clip. It even gives a terrific illustration of the fact that the mohammedans -falsely labeled as muslims- indeed worship Mohammed, not Allah.
    What lacks is the exact time and place of this.
    Secondly: if this clip gets serious numbers of viewers it will be flagged on youtube and will be removed by them. Have plans been made to host it elsewhere?

  14. These fools keep demanding “respect”. Respect, for who they ARE. In a calmer atmosphere, someone should explain to these mohammadans that, in OUR culture, respect must be EARNED, by what one DOES. Can someone tell me the arabic word for “rabble”, preferably with a pejorative connotation?

  15. I think the cartoons were great. The only change I would make, (if I had the talent to cartoon) would be to show the stray dog pissing on a pile of quarans.

  16. Well said, Paula!!! For all that you can blame our Marxist-infiltrated and infected governments (both the politicians and the civil-service), lawyers (including judges), bankers and – above all – academe!!! These last have been VERY pro-Communist for the past 80 years in fact.

    To make matters still worse, extremely sad to say (especially given how exceedingly-talented Jewish people are!!), many of these have been left-wing Jews, following their fellow-Bóljshjeviks Kámjeñev, Zinóvijev, Bukhárin {all three of these were liquidated by Stáljin!!}, Lukács,, Luxemburg and Kagánovich… and of course that super-devil Karl Marx himself (whose parents had – probably superficially – converted to Christianity just before he was born)!!!!

    What a pitiable and pathetic contrast to such true lions of Judah as David Ben-Gurion, Golda Meir, Menachem Begin, Yitzhak Rabin, Benjamin Netanyahu and – potentially – Avigdor Lieberman. Add in previous ages Moses Mendelssohn and his grandson Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Gustav Klimt, Gustav Mahler, Arnold Schönberg and lots of others…

  17. Fs…your words and Video will be with the EDL within minuets,,,I wish you well pal,,The Racist thing is a joke and we too have suffered this Jibe for many years…its time not to talk but to act,,,but its hard for you if you have no support…My thoughts are with you,,hope to hear more from you,,,NS

  18. The sane thing to do if you don’t like the program is to get up and leave. But these glassy-eyed Muslims are not sane people. The guy yells: I told you to stop the film! So what? Maybe other members of the audience wanted to see it. But, no, it can’t be shown if Muslims don’t want to see it. Why oh why are our govts. allowing these throw-backs into our western countries? Do we have a death wish? And taking care of them, to boot! They have nothing positive to offer us. How about immigration in the best interests of our nations, for a change. What a concept!

  19. @barenakedislam: The video above is from Uppsala near Stockholm.

    And yes, I live in Malmö. A city with 300.000 persons. There have been around 15 bombs and at least 30 shooting this year. People dont go out when its dark if they don´t have to.

    And now – during this time of year – it´s dark from 15.30 to 08.30 in the morning.

    The antisemitism is extreme. Malmö is the city that have most muslims.

    Fox news about Malmö: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94Wyrxj7qvg

    Demonstration in Malmo, March 7, 2009 during Davis Cup (Anyone that knows what “khaybar” stands for, understans how bad the situation is.):

    The city of Malmø is now more islamic than swedish:

    CBN: Malmö, Sweden: Growing Muslim Influence:

    Muslims yelling Allah Akbar in Sweden outside a newspaper (Lars Vilks cartoon)

    And UK´s Pat Condell: Goodbye Sweden



  20. It´s gone too far in Sweden. (I live in a city, Malmö, where there is almost 40% muslims) That is why I want people to see this video. I have tried to inform and talk to people for many years. But we are very few that dares to do something.

    As soon as you open your mouth and speaks out about islam in countries in EU – you are toast!

    You loose your job, get trown out from the union and people starts to call you racist. Media stalks you and makes your life a living hell. In worst case scenario: You go to jail.

    But fact is – this is NOT only happening i EU. It´s in the States (I don´t see anyone really fight back in Dearborn?) and in Australia.

    Geert Wilders “speaked out”. He is now living with 5-6 bodyguards around him all the time. He is sleeping in different locations every night.

    Kurt Westergaard made a cartoon. He was nearly axed down in front of his 5 year old grand daughter. He is living with security staff around him 24/7. He is 75 years old, and needs to have security service living in a small house in his garden, untill the day he dies.

    The same goes for Lars Vilks. And also for several of my friends in the party Sweden Democrats (the only party that is islam critic in Sweden) have to have the secret polis close to them, 24/7. Probably for the rest of their lifes. And some of them are young. Should start a family. But will they be able to do that?

    When it comes to the States. Americans have ONE last chance to turn the table around. 2012.

    Things have alreade changed in the States. Blogs like this proves it every day. That is the depressing truth.

    Everyday people writes – on the net – that they would never accept this or that….but the almost always do.

    After 911 I said: At least I am sure of one thing. “The people in States will not accept to turns to dhimmis”..

    I could really understand that we (in Sweden, we havent had a war for over 200 years) could turn in to dhimmis. But I could never even imagine that free americans would. I was wrong

    We are all sitting in the same boat right now. And we have to help each other. Together we stand, diveded we fall…

    Well it´s bed time now. 05.40 in the morning. Thank God it´s weekend!

    Have a great weekend BNI and the rest of you!

    And make sure to inform at least one new person about islam this weekend. Send someone a mail with a link to this blog.

    Take care. I will be back soon again – with some more depressing storys.



  21. According to the religion of peace… Men are to have sex with young boys for pleasure. The filthy female is only for making more **hole muzzies

  22. The Swedes are pathetic dhimmis. They will be in denial until they day their throats are slit. And the police, they are scared of the Muslims. Pathetic.

  23. Freedom of speech is under fire, now humour and art. They have no real dignity, look at how they were throthing at the mouth like ribid animals (no offence, animals. You don’t act like muslimes). The police should have busted some heads, especially the “girl” that dropped th C-bomb. Chanting their paedophile prophets name, how pathetic. I am beyond words.

    “Sweeden Is our country too!” Goddamn it’s looking that way, sadly. You got to get rid of them.
    If one has an illness, one would try hard to cure themself. Sweeden is ill, time to look for a cure!

  24. well that was educaional cept I seen it before in fact everytime there are more than four muslims in a room , they do have a problem fitting in a with other people don’t they .

  25. Hard to believe the swedes are the forebearers of the vikings.it took the socialist only 50 yrs to do what Christianity couldnt do in 1500yrs.nameley turn the swedes danes and norweigians into snivelling louts.of course they are working their magic here too.islamist are rabid dogs and should be treated as such.if a program or movie comes on or out i disagree with i simply turn the channel or dont go to the movie.those bastards are frothing dogs and behave as such.they deserve nothing but to be treated as such.that paki woman had the right solution,slice dice and boil.

  26. You’re right, Ms. BNI: it’s just that I could go bonkers at how those totalitarian monsters are using our rights against us!!! If I don’t like something, I just won’t go there (be it a film, theatrical production, etc.) – these bastards came out expressly to stop and disrupt something…

  27. … That’s what the Swedes get for allowing these ANIMALS into their country.

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see where things are heading, nor to connect the dots. WWIII is coming folks… believe it -and be ready.

    I think the U.S. will fall, and sooner than most would expect. We’re just too vulnerable.

  28. And as to those who’re merely arrested: deport them and their relatives straight back to their countries of origin without any Swedish papers (but perhaps with a brand placed in some place where it really would be difficult to get at readily – say, where the back goes into the anal area – somebody else no doubt can improve upon this idea) and forbidden to come there for not less than 20 years!!! Any who get wounded should be left to die in prison without any medical care!

  29. Those police are truly treating those good-for-nothings with KID GLOVES!!!!! Truly, this has got my blood BOILING!!!!!

    They (police) should instead have first denied entrance to ANYBODY with a hijab or skull-cap. Then, as to those who got in, they ought to have been promptly arrested – and *********** at the first sign of resistance!!

  30. The thing that surprised me was all the cops standing around like they expected trouble – at a film viewing! (I guess there must have been a deep controversy already.)

    But the zombies are just precious though. They pop on cue and they only have one or two stale slogans they’ve been screaming like lunatics for centuries. Get some new frickin’ material at least!

  31. The passivity from the Sweedish people is disgusting! I sadly say: They deserve to be conquered!

    “Resignation leads to apathy, apathy leads to inertia, inertia leads to indifference, and indifference paralyzes the instinct for self-defence, that is, the instinct to fight back.”
    Oriana fallacy

    Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin to slit throats.”
    H.L. Mencken

  32. Looking at the video its clear the Muslims were there to riot as soon as the film started. The cops should have cracked some heads considering all the verbfal abuse they had to take from the muslim scum. Are there any Muslims in this world that don’t act like animals? What we witness in the video is a pack of animals. They wanted blood. Thank goodness the cops were there.

  33. Compare and contrast people… look @1:57 of the video. There are a half dozen REAL Swedes sitting there peacefully and calmly, but the place is total chaotic because of the muslims.

    s/n: Dear CAIR, if you’re reading this comment will you PLEASE discuss the contrast to the barbaric behavior of the mohammad the pedophile worshiping immigrants compared to the Swedish nationals? Pretty please.

  34. The problem with the islam ideology is that it cannot handle the truth, no matter HOW it is presented, nor who presents it,,, NOR upon which aspect of islam it is based or stated,,,

    The actions of the illicit organization c a i r is full proof of the above statement

  35. It’s just crazy that all these kids at this lecture (or whatever) are just taught to immediately attack whenever you offend their ideas. They’re just like a coiled spring.

    Do we need more of this?

    Here’s my approach: I think if a few people exercise their rights to free speech against Islam in their own Western countries they’ll be hunted down like wolves and killed. But if we ALL do it, what are they going to do? Send two Islamic terrorists to every non-Muslim home in the world?

    I just don’t think they can take ridicule. I think that is their kryptonite par excellance and they let you know it by screaming like a witch doused with holy water when you roll it out.

    That’s why constant, unceasing, public ridicule of Islam should be our weapon of first resort. Then we can watch their silly world view dissolve like a slug covered with salt.

  36. The “Religion of Peace” just keeps on showing us how peaceful and tolerant they are. One must wonder why any country would continue to allow these dogs of hate and violence to set foot upon their soil.
    Ultra sensitive to a simple cartoon……Ultra perverted in their way of life.

  37. I couldn’t watch the whole thing (bad internet connection keeping it from loading), but i do have a few comments based upon what I was able to view (first 4 minutes or so):

    1. If I knew about the showing of a film that I was certain to be offended by, I would simply not attend. The only reason to go would be to “be offended”. They WANTED to be offended.

    2. It is amazing how easy it is to get the average muslim to demonstrate the truthfullness of the whole “religion of peace” thing.

    3. Lars deserves a lot of credit (as do you, BNI) for having the courage to do this.

    4. I simply MUST get a video camera, if THAT video bothers them, I have a few ideas that might make them spontaneousy combust. Worth trying…

    5. I expect to see (severely edited) clips from this used to cry “police brutality”, and whine for sympathy in the near future.

  38. Who is running the place anyhow? Muslims show up for the filming, but insist it be stopped immediately because they said so. Then the Swedes cave into their demands instead of throwing the bastards out on their ears. First, you never give in to a bully or they will never stop with their demands because they know you will cave; second, you come at them hard so they never try to make any demands ever again. Kick them all the hell out.

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