U.S.-based Egyptian female journalist describes brutal sexual attack on her by Egyptian police

I guess Muslims treating non-Muslim white women like “white meat” isn’t just for non-Muslim white women anymore. Not that we ever thought it was.

Eltahawy said that both her arms had been broken as a result of the incident, and tweeted a picture of them in casts:

The Blaze  A U.S.-based Egyptian journalist has made a shocking claim that could further undermine claims that the Egyptian revolution is the ultimate example of a peaceful and democratic revolution. Mona Eltahawy — who has appeared on channels such as CNN, has written for the Washington Post, and isa former Mid East correspondent for Reuters — took to Twitter to describe a graphic account of being captured, detained, and sexually assaulted within the last 24 hours.

According to her Twitter account, she was surrounded by Egyptian police who then grabbed her breasts and her genital area:

A U.S. embassy representative in Cairo told the Guardian in London that the reports of the incident were “very concerning” and that “US embassy consulate officers are engaging Egyptian authorities.”

Eltahawy’s ordeal brings back memories of Muslim attack on Lara Logan, a journalist undertaken by an Egyptian mob earlier this year. Then, the victim was CBS correspondent Lara Logan. She was singled out, her clothes ripped off, and described being “raped” by her attackers’ hands.