AUSTRALIA: Christians & other non-Muslims secretly being force-fed (Islamic-slaughtered) Halal meat that is not labeled ‘Halal’

“By having Australians unwittingly eating Halal food we are all one step down the path towards the conversion, and that is a step we should only make with full knowledge and one that should not be imposed upon us without us knowing,” Australian Minister Simpkins told Parliament.

ABNA  Mr Simpkins said he had carried out an unofficial survey in his northern-suburbs electorate of Cowan and had discovered that most meat at major chains such as Coles or Woolworths had been killed under Halal conditions, but had not been labelled as such.

He tabled a petition demanding that all Halal meat be clearly identified, complaining people could not go to Coles, Woolworths or IGA, or other supermarkets to buy meat for their “Aussie barbecue” without the influence of the “minority religion”. Simpkins accused meat producers, including Harvey Beef, Inghams and Steggles of “deceiving” West Australians by not properly mentioning whether their products is ‘Halal meat’ or not.

Mr Simpkins said that Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w.w) had talked of how Islam could be expanded around the world by getting people to eat Halal meat. “He reportedly said, ‘The non-believers will become Muslims when, amongst other things, they eat the meat that we have slaughtered’. This is one of the key aspects to converting non-believers to Islam,” Mr Simpkins said.

The petition tabled by Mr Simpkins had been organised by the Barnabas Fund, an organisation that supports Christians living in Muslim countries.

The Barnabas Fund’s halal petition states: “The spread of halal is part of a Muslim commitment to Islamic mission (dawa) and the Islamisation of non-Muslim societies. The imposition of sharia practices on non-Muslims may be interpreted as an assertion of Islamic supremacy.”

Below is a propaganda video about halal, emphasizing that halal only means a prayer to Allah over the meat. They conveniently leave out the extreme brutality and suffering caused to large animals slaughtered the halal way: Shocking stories/graphic videos here of: HALAL SLAUGHTER

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39 comments on “AUSTRALIA: Christians & other non-Muslims secretly being force-fed (Islamic-slaughtered) Halal meat that is not labeled ‘Halal’

  1. I have had problems with muslims for some time now,
    you cut the grass = they sort of cut the grass
    you wash your windows =they sort of wash there windows
    you dig the garden = they sort of dig there garden
    you prune your bushes / trees in autumn = they butcher there bushes / trees!
    you wash your car on sunday = they wet there car ?
    WE were favoured with OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST = Guess what , yes they copied again with there prohpet alla,

  2. Allan P. Ivavsson of NSW Australia

    Loved what you said because it’s so TRUE!! Great, what you have written you have broken it down and highlighted points that so need addressing. Do you have any objections of me writing this to the Family First Party here in South Australia with your name attached. Family First are a party that stands for truth, good morals and values and has a love for this nation Australia to keep our foundations based in Christianity (for those reading this but haven’t heard of them). They would be the ones to vote for next election if thats what you want in this land. This is our heriage, our history they are even trying to take from us by demanding Sharia Law to be made law here. I have already written to them (Family First) to let them know for me, now, there is a milk shortage because where I was free in the past to buy whatever brand in the supermarket I now can only can buy 2 milks that aren’t Halal certified (A2 and Fleauieu milks) so for me this is a milk shortage. Family first are well aware of this and could do with as much feedback as possible from us the consumers. Let them know we object to and say no to Sharia Law coming here in Australia. It was just recently the Islamic council of Australia approached the Federal Government to bring in Sharia Law but they said no. Thank God! But saying that we still need to keep up fighting for our freedom in this land. I have only heard of brochures the Government is putting out depicting how nice the religion of Islam is and it’s aimed for our schools. Daniel Scot just spoke on it recently here and had the various copies of them with him…. We will not give up this fight for freedom. Too much at stake meaning lives.

    • Prue Williams,

      Thank you for your enthusiasm. I have no objections to anyone quoting my comments and name, all that I ask is that all quotes are accurate and unabridged. And include the year quoted.

      My non-profit publication name is… ‘Blue Light Publications.’ Founded 2003

  3. The first global objection to Halal must be the cruel slaughter process used to kill animals. The Halal inhumane killing process is an evil practice.

    The second global objection to Halal prayer over Chickens and any other food which is humanely killed in Western countries must be enforced as a rejection because acceptance of Muslim Halal prayer process is saying that all persons accept ‘Islamization of their country.

    The third global objection is the deliberate deceit of suppliers refusing to label all foods which have been slaughtered using Halal process. Deceiving the consumer is a criminal action.

    The total reason for rejection of Islam is the fact that proof beyond all doubt exists that the falsely called Prophet Mohammed was in fact an evil pedophile, sexual abuser of a little girl; and was a rapist, murderer, slaver, polygynst. Mohammed taught all of his followers to lie to all infidels [non-believers] and to reject all Christians and Jews as friends, and that all infidels that refuse to convert to Islam must be killed. This evil instruction is in the Koran [Qu’ran].

    It is an act of high treason against God, decency, children, women, humanity and the free world to accept or tolerate Islam. Those persons who agree to the use of Halal process are infact agreeing to the Islamization of their country; and are in fact enemies of their own grandchildren.

    Islam plans to destroy freedom of speech and freedom of choice. When Islam gains majority control of a country they will execeute all persons who refuse to convert to Islam.

  4. No it’s not too late for Australia if we make a loud noise about this. We do have a voice. The more the word gets out the louder us Aussies can and will be. They (Islam) have only gotten this far because their tactics they’ve used is deception. But one thing they have forgotten is that back in 1606 it was spoken over this land that “This is the great Southland of the Holy Spirit”. It wasn’t the great Southland of Islam. God has spoken it, it will and is the great Southland of the Holy Spirit full stop!! Deception which Islam is using to gain a foothold here in this nation cannot stand in the face of a Holy God who has spoken this word over Australia. And this Holy God cannot lie. He is looking for a people who will say yes by coming into agreement with what He has said. Are we going to be a people who will believe Him? if yes, we already have the victory! On a different note a couple of wesites you can look at are:- and You will find Halal Choices on Q society’s site as well. Great to get the basics of what is really going on here. There’s also a book that’s just come out called “Windows into the Qur’an” by Daniel Scot. It’s great ifor the person who desires truth. It shows (Islam’s) scripture contradicting it’s self meaning it says one thing and then says something else. With Christianity their God stands for Truth therefore it’s scriptures are faultless. Experts are still trying to this day to dispute it but havent been able to. Happy reading!

  5. As it was said ‘Mohammad did not bring anything new except violence’. At present Islam is forced on us with every thing possible. The hijab, for instance, is not required in the Koran.
    Halal is an Arabic word, yet it is printed labelled on almost every can of meat. Shariha is forced on us, evenso it is against our laws, culture and humanity.
    The point is Islam is forced on our children and naive adulats.
    Wake up America.

  6. First and foremost to say Allah Akbar means God is great is complete and utter bullshit, just another bit of taqqiya for infidel consumption.God is ilah in Arabic, great is kebir, Allah is not God, it is the Saudi deity worshiped by the musulman and akbar means greater. So when they yell “Allah Akbar” they are telling you their God is greater than the one we worship. Throughout history they were not called muslims, they were quite rightly called Mohamedans, followers of Mohamed, it is only since the Saudis got these gobs and gobs of oil money that they were able to buy up the proper public relations and political staff to rebrand it as Islam.

    And no, I do not want to eat anything sacrificed to a heathen idol.

  7. ……we get our meat straight from a friends farm. I asked him once how he felt about Halal meat…he turned to me, and said if a Muslim entered his cattle property, he would stick a rifle in his direction and give him 1 minute to vacate his property, or he would shoot him off….I believe him too……

  8. Typical Woolworths and Coles. Their meat is way over priced anyhow, so I never buy it. I would become a happy vegetarian before I would eat meat killed in such a savage manner. Maybe all Muslim men should be castrated in the same way to prevent breeding..I think that is a fair comment………..

  9. It happened here as well with Halal “Butterball” turkey’s just in time for American Thanksgivings.

    They weere not labelled as halal.

    What is going on here? Why are they forcing this shit upon an unsuspecting public?

  10. Remember. Its not the meat, as it is the prayers to Satan that turns this meat rotten. Spells and Hexes, to subvert the weak in faith to mohommedism. BEWARE.

  11. It may come as a surprise to the politically correct crowd, just how offended people are at the covert halal meat in our supermarkets.
    I agree with West Australian Minister Simpkins, and also Senator Cory BernardiIn who’s opinion’s are that this is outrageous, and requires urgent intervention by the relevant food standards authorities. Australia is nominally, at least, a secular country, and to be coerced into buying Halal prepared foodstuffs is a direct threat to religious freedom in this country.
    Stand up for your rights, because YOUR rights are in fact being eroded.
    Please open your eyes and see the real issues that will, if left to apathy and indifference, plague our children and our grandchildren in years to come.
    I personally refuse to purchase or consume any of these halal-identified products, and can only advise other non-Muslim consumers to do the same.

  12. The asslifters want Halal chicken or ANY halal meat, sacrificed as in a Satanic ritual, let them get the hell out of Australia AND the rest of Western CIVILIZED SOCIETY….If it were a DADT (don’t ask, don’t tell) case then there would be NO question as to whether the food was sacrificed before false gods (idols), BUT such is NOT the case here; instead they are told that it IS halal for the asslifters in their society, and if they don’t like it then they can leave it!!! When the sign says halal in the window, you can bet THAT is a store where I would NEVER shop again!! The country DOES NOT belong to the ASSLIFTERS, THEY WANT HALAL, then they can take their filthy stinking arses to Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, or any of the 57 Islamic asslifter states where the ****ing heathens regularly practice heathen halal rituals AND other demented asslifter rituals!!

  13. Halal is food/meat sacrificed to devils and not to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

    1 Corinthians 10:19-21
    King James Version (KJV)

    19What say I then? that the idol is any thing, or that which is offered in sacrifice to idols is any thing?

    20But I say, that the things which the Gentiles sacrifice, they sacrifice to devils, and not to God: and I would not that ye should have fellowship with devils.

    21Ye cannot drink the cup of the Lord, and the cup of devils: ye cannot be partakers of the Lord’s table, and of the table of devils.

  14. New Zealand has to deal with their sheep being rendered halal.

    Also, I did phone Campbell’s and the sale of halal soup continues (13 products.) I asked if they still label the cans accordingly, as I had not seen the ISNA stamp for quite a while and the rep said they did.

    Jeeze….. I don’t trust ’em.

    • Boundaries, too bad the MSM didn’t carry this story. Oh, wait Rachel Madcow of pMSNBC did. Naturally she lied and said they only sell Halal birds overseas. Butterball didn’t say that to any of my readers who called them, so once again the lesbian defender of lesbian haters committed taqiya.

  15. And there you have it folks…. Typical I don’t want to offended any body. So I will kiss your ass as many times as you like.
    These are not the Christians I grow up with. (If it was wrong is was wrong and that was that).
    The wishy-washy brigade turns my stomach. O don’t worry it will all turn out for the best.
    welcome to the fools paradise.

  16. This is an absolute disgrace. I have probably been eating Halal meat for years. I am going to call Woolworths an Coles on Monday to voice my objection. I am going to find a local butcher who can assure me that the meat isn’t Halal.

  17. To say that we do not support shaia is no longer true. sharia is coming in the back, broken window, like a thief which is so typical of taqiyyah muslims. When tax payers pay for government meat inspectors to ensure halal for savages and for muslim in jail or tax payers pay for government labor inspectors to ensure that savages can have their 5 prayers a day and so on then we are directly supporting, ensuring and paying for muslim sharia laws to be obeyed. If we are using tax payers money to make sure that the laws of sharia are enforced means that we are recognizing sharia as law. It is time to stop supporting anything to do with sharia. If muslims want the BS of their ideology cult, such as halal meat, to wear bags and so on, then they must be encouraged to go to a country that enforces sharia. Wait that is now the US. So the only solution is for us to stop enforcing sharia no matter what.

  18. this is meat dedicated to pagan Christians that was 1 of things forbidden.RavShaul/Paul said the gentile converts needed time to catch up to the Jews so they fobade Eating anything strangled.eating blood.fornication.or eating anything polluted by idols.and thats exactly what it is.

  19. Hala meats are just following sharia law and recognizing allah as god (allah with a small a & god with a small g)
    My God is not their muslim god, my God is the true GOD

  20. We are very particular in Australia about food labelling, but when it comes to Halal meat products strict labelling laws are not mandated,
    It’s shocking how many people are blissfully unaware what they are eating and that they are also supporting animal cruelty
    Why are supermarkets not labeling halal meat as “unstunned religeously slaughtered,” many of us have reservations about eating meat from animals that are bled to death while an Islamic prayer is recited. We should know how the animal that provides the meat is slaughtered. I certainly would not want to buy meat killed by the extremely cruel process of throat cutting without stunning beforehand.
    We must ensure that Islamic sharia compliant food does not become the norm in Australia and to this end require the industry and retailers to label all halal-certified products clearly to give customers a fair dinkum choice. We should not be forced to buy Halal meat out of no choice.

  21. Maybe it’s too late for Australia to do anything about this unless something drastic happens. Call PETA, for one thing! Go vegetarian or let pork (and seafood) be the only kind of “meat” one eats until the meat and poultry industry starts to feel the “crunch” and starts making changes!

  22. Look at that filthy Jihadi youth raging about after being asked by a paying costumer for some bacon, this is the kind of crap we have to put up with? No way, no thanks, exile them for life.

    I was surprised to here about Coles and Woolworths. The steaming pile of crap with the “Oh, we only say ‘allahu akabah'”, show how they kill them, then there is a genuine excuse.

    The whole video is a bit like a dobule edge sword. I am going to think a bit more about it….

    Thanks BNI for puting it up, mate.

  23. Here in the U.S., the market for tortured to death meat must be as small as 1% of all meat products. So why are normal people forced to eat meat that has been made to die slowly, under pain and struggling.

    Do not buy meat products from any source that is labeled halal or from a source that tortures to death animals and does not label their products.

    Butterball is a good example. I could not find a frozen turkey in my market that was labeled halal and yet their spokesman tells us that all their products meet those requirements.

    Who is lying or misleading the public ?

    • Bob, Butterball is not required by the FDA to label products Halal. None of their turkeys are labeled as such, it was only on their website that I discovered it on their home page. But now that page has been scrubbed.

  24. I’ve seen enough of that torture to last many lifetimes. but to say that eating Halal meat makes one a Uuslim is a bit of a stretch

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