AUSTRALIA: Christians & other non-Muslims secretly being force-fed (Islamic-slaughtered) Halal meat that is not labeled ‘Halal’

“By having Australians unwittingly eating Halal food we are all one step down the path towards the conversion, and that is a step we should only make with full knowledge and one that should not be imposed upon us without us knowing,” Australian Minister Simpkins told Parliament.

ABNA  Mr Simpkins said he had carried out an unofficial survey in his northern-suburbs electorate of Cowan and had discovered that most meat at major chains such as Coles or Woolworths had been killed under Halal conditions, but had not been labelled as such.

He tabled a petition demanding that all Halal meat be clearly identified, complaining people could not go to Coles, Woolworths or IGA, or other supermarkets to buy meat for their “Aussie barbecue” without the influence of the “minority religion”. Simpkins accused meat producers, including Harvey Beef, Inghams and Steggles of “deceiving” West Australians by not properly mentioning whether their products is ‘Halal meat’ or not.

Mr Simpkins said that Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w.w) had talked of how Islam could be expanded around the world by getting people to eat Halal meat. “He reportedly said, ‘The non-believers will become Muslims when, amongst other things, they eat the meat that we have slaughtered’. This is one of the key aspects to converting non-believers to Islam,” Mr Simpkins said.

The petition tabled by Mr Simpkins had been organised by the Barnabas Fund, an organisation that supports Christians living in Muslim countries.

The Barnabas Fund’s halal petition states: “The spread of halal is part of a Muslim commitment to Islamic mission (dawa) and the Islamisation of non-Muslim societies. The imposition of sharia practices on non-Muslims may be interpreted as an assertion of Islamic supremacy.”

Below is a propaganda video about halal, emphasizing that halal only means a prayer to Allah over the meat. They conveniently leave out the extreme brutality and suffering caused to large animals slaughtered the halal way: Shocking stories/graphic videos here of: HALAL SLAUGHTER