US AIRWAYS accused of ‘racial’ profiling for pulling a group of Muslim students off plane because of ‘security concerns’

Tell me again, what ‘race’ is Islam? Please send an email to US Airways and thank them for taking every precaution to keep Americans safe in the skies.


Daily Mail   Students from the United Arab Emirates were taken off a Thanksgiving Day flight and grilled by security, causing passengers to be delayed for  four hours.

A U.S. Airways pilot on a flight from Charlotte to Washington requested police assistance in removing individuals from the plane because of a ‘perceived security concern’, according to airport authorities.

Police officers removed the group, questioned them extensively and rechecked their luggage before deciding they did not pose any threat at the North Carolina airport.

The students, who are from the Middle East and India, have demanded an apology from the airline and accused them of racial profiling. The group, who were heading to the capital for a conference, said they were asked where they were from, why they were headed to Washington and if they had military training or experience.

One student Hadef Al-Dhaheri told local station WJLA-TV: ‘The policeman came in and started calling our names.  ‘We were told to get our bags and leave the plane. I only saw my friends being taken off. They picked certain people.’ Another student said: ‘We were so surprised. I saw only my friends, you know. There was also an Indian guy with us. We asked, ”Why all this?’ And they say there was a false alarm.”‘

U.S. Airways said in a statement: ‘Flight 1768…was delayed…out of an abundance of caution.’

In May, several Imams heading to a conference on Islamophobia in Charlotte were removed from a Delta flight. Jibril Hough, from the Islamic Center of Charlotte said: ‘We really need to think is this the image we want to portray to the world.’ (Now that you mention it, yes, we would)