HALAL DOUBLE STANDARD: Selling fake halal meat is a crime but selling unlabeled meat that IS halal to non-Muslims isn’t?

Last week, we learned that Butterball was selling halal turkeys without labeling them as such. Now, we see that when a store sells meat as halal-certified when it isn’t, it has to pay a big fine. Any lawyers out there want to file a class-action suit against Butterball?

OC REGISTER  ANAHEIM – Local Muslims who read a Register story about a District Attorney’s Office investigation that determined an Anaheim market was falsely selling meat as halal said they are outraged and considering legal action.

Last week, the Orange County D.A.’s office announced that it had obtained a $527,000 settlement against Anaheim Super King Market, at 10500 Magnolia Ave., after investigators determined that the market was incorrectly advertising and selling generic meat and mixed meats as halal. Calling meat halal indicates that it was slaughtered in a specific way, in accordance with Islamic Law.

“I’m shocked by it. My whole family is very disappointed,” said Sam Chouche, 23, of Anaheim who shopped at the store. “It specifies in the Quran that you must eat meat in a certain way, that you shouldn’t eat meat killed inhumanely. (But Halal is the most inhumane kind of slaughter. See video below) It’s our faith.” At least a dozen people called or emailed the Register to express outrage.


“We just cannot believe this,” said Shakeel Ahmed of Anaheim. “It’s very disgusting, and all (of my) family is very upset – so upset that we throw up and cry.”

Several people said they had meat from Anaheim Super King stored in their freezers that must be destroyed. The investigation began in early 2010. Anaheim Super King Market didn’t admit fault. Market officials did not return phone calls on Monday seeking comment.

The market now must only purchase meat that is clearly labeled halal on the invoice and packaging and must ensure that halal meat is properly segregated.

The settlement money doesn’t go to individual victims, because it would be too difficult to determine who exactly was victimized, a D.A.’s spokeswoman has said. Instead, the money goes into a fund to help prosecute fraud cases.

Several Muslims said they should be entitled to compensation and are considering filing claims.

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34 comments on “HALAL DOUBLE STANDARD: Selling fake halal meat is a crime but selling unlabeled meat that IS halal to non-Muslims isn’t?

  1. I am a sikh,

    Sikhs are forbidden from eating both halal and kosher (any meat that has been “blessed”).

    Now what sikhs do eat is called ‘jhatka’ which translates to ‘shock’. We can only eat stunned meat that shortens the suffering.

    Sikhs are generally non vegetarian and are free to eat any meat (pork, beef, racoon?) however it is specifically stated in our holy book that the animal is not allowed to be kosher or halal.

    I feel the leftist animal rights people have been sidestepping the issue of halal meat because they feel like its a minority issue that puts them at odds with a fraction of their constituents. However, America must wake up the fact that halaal is torture.

    Animal rights should be respected before any pseudo religious tolerance stuff gets thrown out to cover it up.

    As a sikh i allways ask at meditarranean restaurants if the meat is halal, if they reply with a yes, I get up and walk.

    • I did not know that about Sikhs. That’s good to know. One less “market” for the arab-tribalists to try to exploit.

      I don’t think you would want to eat raccoon. They are notorious garbage eaters. Omnivores. It would be, I think, like eating a fat teenager who ate nothing but junk food.

      I walk out of Indian restaurants if they’re halal too. Thankfully, the two nearest me are owned by Hindus. I also walk out if the cooks aren’t Sikhs. It’s my personal opinion that Sikhs are the best cooks. Who would have guessed the warrior caste had the inclination to develop some kick ass cooking skills?

  2. The Bible is very clear. Meat that is offered to idols is to be forbidden, not because the idolis real, but for the conscience of the idol worshipper. Because i want Muslims to know I worship the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, I will eat no halal meat if I know it to be hallal and sacrificed to the pagan god allah

  3. The hypocrisy of this religion! it is sacrilege for them to eat non halal meat, however, give me, give me, give me money and all is forgotten! Oh these true believers!

  4. Where are PETA and the SPCA on this? If this were being done for “Christian” purposes, you would never hear the end of it until it was stopped.

  5. Nothing against atheist we are all in the same boat ,But how many people would eat food slaughtered by an atheist? not many .So why are the muslimes trying to force halal meat onto us.” I quote the HOLY BIBLE ,”
    1 CORINTHIANS 10/28,
    1 CORINTHIANS 11/1-18.

  6. Who leaked the story to the the DA anyway? maybe that market is now getting it’s halal meat from that big distributing company is SOUTH AFRICA? after all it is air flown! wouldn’t that be funny?

  7. Watching the above video of halal slaughter, I just couldn’t help asking “Who ARE the REAL animals in this?!……” What a bunch of sick twisted sadistic f***ing puke bastard asslifters!! And this kind of s*** done to animals, imagine what these sick m***** f******s do to us ****ing “infidels” …..”wherever they may find them”!! I HAVE NO respect for these muzzy pukes OR their ****ing death cult they dare to call a religion…..PISS BE UPON THEM!!!…..And THAT is being TOO charitable!!

  8. The cruel, inhumane way muslimes slaughter all animals, including their preceived enemy human animals, is sufficient to cause me to slaughter my own animals and consume more non-animal products.
    Further, even though allah, in my opinion, is not an eternal threat, I abstain from consuming any food item chanted over by such a bloody death cult leader.

  9. “they are outraged”

    What else is new.

    Muslim = perpetually outraged, hateful and violent

    Islam = anger, hatred and violence

    Hey CAIR – ISLAM IS EVIL. Get it?

    Get your sick and VIOLENT cult out of our lives.

    I have never loathed anything as much as I do Islam.

    Want to know why, CAIR? Just watch what your fellow religious fanatics have to say:


    Why don’t you clean up your own backyard, you foul hypocrites, instead of constantly attacking non-Muslims?

    Oh, that’s right, you’re MUSLIMS, so you MUST attack non-Muslims and make life on Earth into a hellhole.

    That’s Islam for you. Bunch of sickies – I’m not eating your skanky, terrorist-created meat, produced with as much violence and fear as you can create. That’s what Muslims specialize in, even in preparing food. If Muslims could cause pain and suffering to a carrot, they would.

    Islam is all about pain, suffering, violence, hatred, fear, anger, terror and oppression.

    Honestly, how does anyone with a CONSCIENCE follow this deranged cult?

    Thank you for letting me vent, BNI – feel free to edit, if you think the immoral CAIR crybabies might sic the feds on you again. CAIR can’t be bothered with the vile pieces of Islamist trash who are constantly making threats against non-Muslims and saying disgusting things about women – they’re too busy playing victim. What evil, mendacious bastards.

    Having grown up with real MORALS, I am stunned every day to find such an evil, vile cult spreading around the world.

    Islam is a spiritual cancer that is killing the world. It needs to be treated as such. Anyone who is aiding and abetting in the spread of this cancer is part of the disease. They should all be QURAN-tined from true civilization.

    What really kills me is the absolutely demented Muslim women who DEFEND this women-hating cult devised by a child rapist. What the hell is wrong with these women? The intelligent and sane women ESCAPE Islam whenever and wherever they can. So, Muslim men are left with demented women to reproduce with. And, of course, the demented women then give birth to and raise more demented men, whom the mothers defend in their dementia.

    It’s horrifying, really.

  10. Sarah: Why eat cruelty hallal when your holy books clearly state you can eat the same meat as the ‘people of the BooK’. Kosher as fine, if not better. The difference with Kosher is that most slaughterhouses stun them before cutting out their throat.

    It’s sad that so many muslims do not know what is written in their ‘holy’ books.

  11. I am against the deception of selling halal meat, unmarked to non-muslims. It goes against my religion, beliefs, faith & morals. If it happens again I will be taking action.

  12. Thanks BNI. The public needs to be reminded. As for me, never another Butterball product in my cart, or buggy, or house.

    After watching halal slaughter, the perponderance of Americans would never purchase the product. Watch cair start some legal action against on behalf or muslims worldwide.

  13. Any and all double standards is actually Muslim supremacism. That is why every single double standard worldwide must be adressed to deal with this facist cult

  14. How an animal is slaughtered makes no difference in the quality: flavor, texture or sanitation of the final product.

    Whether or not an execration was pronounced over the bleeding carcass as its blood spurted does not affect the quality of the final product. Yes, “Allahu akbar!” is a curse. It asserts that Allah is superior to Jehovah and entails designation of Jesus as Allah’s slave, not God’s son. It entails our destruction by Muslims with the aid of their demon while we have “no helper”.

    But the execration has no effect because Allah is an impotent idol whose promise and threat are vain. Were it otherwise, Muslims would have destroyed Israel and completed their genocide of Jews; they would not have lost four wars straight against an outnumbered, out gunned victim.

    What matters is the health of the animal and the sanitation of the slaughter house; assuring that sick animals do not enter the food chain and that excrement never touches the meat. Prompt and continuous refrigeration and exclusion of vermin and their excrement are the important factors.

    Piss off, CAIR, and on your way out, kiss my big, smelly, deformed, ulcerated foot.

    • Actually dajjal, that is crap. halal meat is cruel and inhumane. The animal suffers and is in a great deal of pain. The actually toughens the meat. What matters is killing the animal humanely in the 21st century not the 7th. There is no need for halal methods.

  15. Muslims gladly pay more for halal meat than conventional products. This was a scam to make more money from consumers concerned about their diets. As a Muslim I think everything should be labelled. It would be nice to know what is halal and what is not (and I am sure you folks can agree).

    • Sarah, of course everything should be labeled. Kosher products are always labeled. But they don’t label halal. Someone should take this up with the FDA. It drives me insane to think that Butterball scrubbed the word halal from their site and they don’t have to label turkeys halal so we have no way of knowing. I was going to give them the benefit of the doubt and figured once there was an uproar about the halal, they would apologize, claim ignorance and promise never to do it again. But NO, they are taking it undercover. SO I will expose them on any holiday where turkeys are a popular food item.

  16. If muzzturds can sue because they were “offended” (when aren’t they offended”?) that it was bogus halal meat (strictly speaking – yes it was fraud – but please don’t confuse me for not giving a rat’s toss-bag) then obviously Christians & other Religiously oriented people can feel offended & sue Scuzzball & many other suppliers of unbranded halal certified meat plus many other goods that are secretly halal in contravention of THEIR religious beliefs!

    Time to lawyer up & wage legal jihad against those bastards!

  17. you talk about the pot calling the kettle black , from what i gather out of the story the market should get a five star rateing for fakeing halal meat , nobody twisted there arm to feed there face.

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