LEBANON: Hezbollah terrorists fire Katyusha rockets into northern Israel

See, this is what happens when you go to war but don’t finish the job. Iran has been arming Hezbollah, Hamas, and Syria with tens of thousands of missiles. Barack Hussein Obama yawns and tees up for another round.

SKY NEWS At least four Katyusha rockets have been fired from Lebanon into northern Israel in the first cross-border strikes for almost two years. No-one was injured but a gas tank was hit and set alight and several buildings were reported to have been damaged.

The Israeli military described the incident as “serious” and responded with artillery shells directed at the “source of fire” in southern Lebanon.”We hold the Lebanese government and the Lebanese army responsible for preventing any rocket fire at Israel,” a statement released by the Israeli Defence Forces said.

No organization has claimed responsibility for firing the rockets but there are fears that heightened tensions in the region could provoke Hizbollah into renewing its assaults on Israel. Hizbollah has warned that foreign interference in Syria or action against Iran’s suspected nuclear programme could lead to a confrontation with Israel. 

In 2006, a war between Israel and Hizbollah killed 1,200 Lebanese and 160 Israelis. The border has been largely quiet since then. Israeli police have raised the state of alert in the Northern District of the country but residents have not been ordered to go to the shelters.