ANSWER: “Because they are Muslims”

QUESTION: “What is causing Muslim asylum seekers parasites, who are  flooding into Australia, to riot, burn buildings, attack police and terrorize the community…AGAIN?”

 The Australian  The official response  is that poor security and overcrowding of ‘asylum’-seeker arrivals overwhelmed the detention centers at the Christmas Island and Villawood. (The solution should be to stop these Muslim entitlement whores before they get to Australia and start making demands)

Rioting detainees stole cars, torched buildings, smashed CCTV cameras, escaped into the community and used cement blocks, mop handles and aerosol cans as weapons. The violence became so serious the AFP was forced to take control of the facility. One month later, asylum-seekers took to the rooftop of Sydney’s Villawood detention centre, triggering riots during which demountables were burnt to the ground and firefighters were pelted with roof tiles.

Despite cataloguing a litany of mismanagement by the Immigration Department and detention centre manager Serco, a report commissioned after the incidents has not laid blame for the riots, during which staff were assaulted, buildings destroyed and detainees escaped. (How about blaming the perpetrators instead of asking yourselves, ‘where did we go wrong?’)

Written by Allan Hawke AC and Helen Williams AO, the report found the constant expansion of the Christmas Island detention facility resulted in a corresponding decline in security. On March 11, asylum-seekers breached its perimeter fences, sparking days of rioting. Detention centre staff were assaulted and some had to be rescued by the Australian Federal Police, who fired capsicum spray and bean-bag projectiles to quell the violence.

Immigration Minister Chris Bowen, who commissioned the independent inquiry into the incidents, said yesterday: “The motivating factor for these disturbances was frustration at the decisions being taken that people were not regarded as refugees.”

The Hawke-Williams report cited the rapid rise in the detention centre population as the cause of the riots, alongside the growing number of asylum-seekers whose claims had been refused. The number of asylum-seekers in detention rose from a few hundred to more than 6000 in less than 18 months, the report found. “The immigration detention infrastructure was not able to cope with either the number or the varying risk profiles of detainees,” the report said.

The report painted a damning picture of bureaucratic confusion over the management of detention centres. (It isn’t your management policies, it’s your immigration policies that let these Muslim invaders into Australia in the first place and continues to do so)