EGYPT: You get the IslamoFascist government you deserve

“They will ‘fix’ girls who walk around with their hair uncovered.” “They will will ‘fix’ women who wear the wrong clothes,” say bagheads who are voting for The Muslim Brotherhood, banned from Egypt during Mubarak’s reign.

How long before these women are stoned to death for disobeying Islam? How long before thieves have their hands cut off? And rape victims are punished but the rapists go free? Like Barack Hussein Obama, the Muslim Brothers are portraying themselves as the face of moderation and unity with respect for differing opinions and faiths. Just as they promised the people of  Iran after the Shah was deposed. Be careful what you wish for. You deserve it.

THIS JUST IN: egyptian-elections-after-90-percent-votes-counted-muslim-brotherhood-leads-radical-salafi-islamist-party-in-second-centrists-comes-in-distant-third