HOT! ‘Anti-Islam’ Right Wing Rapper poised to become next chancellor of Austria

Heinz-Christian Strache – A Modern-Day Captain Von Trapp who is fighting to protect his Nation against the 21st Century version of Nazism called ‘IslamoNazism.’

Libertarian Republican  Austrians have had enough of increasing Islamization of Europe, and unchecked Islamic immigration from Turkey into the Austrian Republic. Last week Spanish voters threw out the Socialist Party Islamist appeasors, and elected a Conservative government that has vowed to protect Spanish sovereignty and culture. Now, Austria is about to do the same. 

The Party’s leader Heinz-Christian Strache is quoted: 

“We face serious problems in our immigration policy. This largely concerns migration from non-European Muslim countries such as Turkey. More than 50% of Turkish immigrants don’t want to integrate into Austrian society. They don’t want to learn the language and organize parallel and opposing structures. The activities of radical Islamists have become visible in our society. They hinder its peaceful and democratic development. In this sense, we are certainly a political force that comes out against any such radicalization.“

RT now reports: 

the far-right Freedom Party takes the lead in Austria’s general election…

“We do not speak badly of everything foreign. We say that- it’s bad when we become a minority in our motherland”

On Turkey joining the EU:

“I respect Turkey. Turkey is a fantastic country, a proud country, with a fantastic culture, with fantastic economic success which inspires respect. We respect Turkey’s accomplishments. And every Turkish man may justly be proud of his country, just as we are proud of our country. But Turkey is not a part of Europe. It does not belong there either geographically or historically or culturally. And I want Europe to stay within its borders. I do not want to see Europe expanding by including non-European countries which will turn Europe into a European-Asian-African formation. It would mean the end of Europe. And it would mean an end to the European idea of peace and social ideals.

And on preserving Austria’s unique culture:

Wiener Blut is a global trademark of beautiful Vienna and the culture of living of Vienna’s citizens. Wiener Blut – an operetta by Strauss, a magnificent performance you can see every year in concerts around the world. Millions of people listen to this high-class music. And it is Vienna’s advert to the world. Wiener Blut is described as boiling and has passion. We show this passion in a good way, it’s good that we speak about it – we said “More bravery” to Wiener Blut and to our culture. We do not speak badly of everything foreign. We say that it’s bad when we become a minority in our motherland; this way no nation and no culture will be happy on Earth. When you are a minority in your motherland, that means that you have lost your motherland. There exists a human right, a right to have a motherland. And it’s very important to us. It’s the right of all nations on Earth

Austrian Freedom Party leader Heinz Christian Strache goes by the alias “HC Strache” when he is in rap mode. This is one of his earliest videos from 2010 which put him on the map. In the lyrics he rants against Islamism, loose immigration, corrupt politicians and lazy welfare frauds. Now,  he is poised to be the next Chancellor of Austria.

(Rapping in German)

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113 comments on “HOT! ‘Anti-Islam’ Right Wing Rapper poised to become next chancellor of Austria

  1. I have never seen a larger gathering of idiots in my entire life. Europe is below 10% muslim- you people are either hateful or stupid to actually believe a cultural takeover is possible. Just reading the comments here I can truly say some of you people are as vicous as a terrorist. Just remember there is no god and we are all humans- a animal. hating one segment of humanity just shows that your time in education has failed you, you’ve squandered the resources spent on you. Instead of worrying about fellow humans we should transcend our limits- look for alternatives to petrol, go further into space! Not one single person here has contributed to the greatness of Europe so you should’nt claim the merit you dont deserve.

      • Right on BNI! Love your truth-nukes! Showed your site to some so-called” Americans” and they said this was all lies from those damned republicans! Bring it, you camel piss drinkers. All my bullets and knives are are dipped in bacon grease.Want the califate? Want sharia? You want a war? This ain’t my first rodeo. Thanks, BNI, God bless you and God bless our beleaguered country.

  2. You facist nationalists, i love reading a few convos here, it makes me so happy to know that the right-wing is full of idiots who cant make their case.

    1) Immigrants are not the problem as a whole, i am a immigrant, i have a higher education then most of my danish peers, i make more money then most of my danish peers, i like this country, i love socialism. ( I am not a muslim)

    2) The problem are the muslim ekstremists, you guys dont understand that most muslims are not ekstremist wanting to make a religios muslim state out of their host country, most are peacefull normal people, much better people then you infact.

    3) Even tho i make quite alot of money, i have no problem paying 70% tax fees, becouse i know most of the money goes to good couses, only a small percantage goes to idiots sitting and leeching welfare, and i agree there, those people should have harsher konditions “IF” they are fit to work mentaly and physically..

  3. HAHAA did that stupid Uzoozy say your version was absolute blasphemy, even though the meaning is the same and nobody speaks in the way that his ‘translated’ qu’ran verses are displayed? LMAO !! dick.

  4. Please note my Quran says this, your version is absolute blasphamy
    Get the real Quran God is talking to the angels( no terrozise )
    Sahih International: [Remember] when your Lord inspired to the angels, “I am with you, so strengthen those who have believed. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieved, so strike [them] upon the necks and strike from them every fingertip.”
    Stop your bull shit

  5. My Dear and Beloved Friends,,,
    Thank You all for your prayers and well wishes,,,
    The procedures came out as well as they could, for what they had to work with,,, and I am still among the land of the living~! WHOO HOO~!,,,

    Way I see it, G-D said He wasn’t ready for me, nor am I ready to leave my work unfinished,,, Jesus is walking the Path beside me,,, and the devil took one look and screamed he didn’t want me there, as I’d take his place at the stoker,,,

    SO,,, you are “saddled” with me for a while~!
    Seriously,,, Thank You,,, as I, myself, was a little apprehensive about this procedure,,, but all is good, and I’ll be around for a while yet,,,

  6. Uzoozy,,,
    You can find anything you look for to prove any point you choose to make,,,
    Let me tell you something,,, a few things, really,,, I’ll try to keep it brief~!
    1. The Gospel of John, Chapter 14 makes a LOT of promises, but they do NOT mean anything, until and unless you believe in the manner of Jesus The Christ, and ~! ~! In His Father, the Holy Creator G-D~!~!
    2. In Luke 17: 20-21, Jesus tells His followers where the Kingdom of G-D is,,,
    3. Jesus in several places in the New Testament Gospels commands His followers to love each other as He has loved them, and that is, without condition or reluctance,,,
    4. A New Commandment He gave, that ye do unto others as ye would have others do unto you,,,

    Jesus called shaitan the father of lies, and in the hadiths and the qur’an, mozlems are commanded to lie and deceive, if it will further the aims of islam,,, the mozlems call it “taqiyya” and “diplomacy”,,,
    Non-mozlems recognize that TRUTH stands on its own merits, and is a SOLID foundation for ANY kind of relationship – Cultural, Societal, Political, or Personal,,, This is a matter of integrity that is totally unrecognized by any adherent to the islamic ideology because of the fact that allah could not handle nor accept the Truth of The Supreme Creator G-D ~!

    Jesus and G-D prior to the Coming of Jesus preached and taught Love, Honor, Truth and Integrity of one Human toward another,,,

    Yes, there is violence in The Bible,,, but it is NOT commanded to slaughter all those who do not believe in G-D, as a means of forced conversions, as the kuran commands and allah demands,,,

    Read your qur’an, uzoozy,,, and define in WESTERN TERMS what is demanded of mozlems, of Jihad, and of mozlems in general,,,

    The islamic regime is a basket of lies, deceit and personal, emotional, intellectual and Spiritual filth and degradation of Deity and Humanity,,, which is precisely what satan and shaitan and all the abnormal jinn desire,,,

    Kind of like cowbirds, feeding on the droppings of the cows in the pasture~!,,, At least, the teachers and preachers and Bible-Thumpers of the Christian and Jewish traditions don’t teach how to screw donkeys, and then how to get rid of the evidence~! ( See the teachings of ayatollah khomeini )

    • You are a lost sheep and have no redemption.
      You talk about Jesus(PBUM) mentioning shaitan, FYI Islam came into existance 600 + yrs later.
      Please hsare the good things you read in the Holy Quran, the book of peace and harmony.(not with you)
      God bless you,

      • OK, Uzoozy, allow me to share one of my favorite passages from the unholy quran:

        Qur’an 8:12

        “Your Lord inspired the angels with the message: ‘I will terrorize the unbelievers. Therefore smite them on their necks and every joint and incapacitate them. Strike off their heads and cut off each of their fingers and toes.”

  7. And one last thing: Muslim people being supposedly “neat and clean”, when they wipe their arses with their NAKED left hand, without tissue paper and/or washing themselves properly!!!

    Maybe you think you’re neat, but we know how you STINK – it’s you, Muslim bigots, who don’t know to feel and smell the Fire of Hell burning with YOUR kind…

  8. NO!!!! It’s YOU, Uzoozy, who’s one or both of uneducated and/or lying!!!!

    I’ve corrected your dates regarding the crusades, about when Europeans came to the Americans, India and China – and noted when the Muslim slave-trade started!!!! You don’t answer back with facts that support your stance but only try to hurt us with personal put-downs and try to change the subject!!

    You attack us Christians and say we’re supposed to live the Muslim lifestyle (which is anti-Christian) – and when I remind you of what Jesus Himself Said and Did, you have no answer but to attack us even more instead!!!

    No doubt, if you knew where any of us lived, you’d then first actually threaten – and then commit! – violence upon us, exactly the way you do to our Christian brethren who’re cursed to live amongst you in your Islâmic world!!! We know your kind…

    To call us “illiterate” is the summit of HYPOCRISY!!!! If we’re the ignorants, you’re Satan the Devil himself!!!!! Truly, I’d dearly love to see no more of you and your fellow-idolaters of that supreme IDOL Muhammad, either here on this weblog (or any other) or ANYWHERE IN THE WEST, period!!!!!

    • Thansk for your awesome note.
      In Islam we believe in Jesus(peace be upon him) Holy virgin Mary mother of Jesus.
      As a muslim I cannot say anything bad about Jesus (PBUM) he is the messiah the Christ.
      We believe there is only ONE God and several messengers including Jesus (pbuh)and Mohammed(pbum) we do not pray to Mohammed -never , Read the Bible so many of them and you will see Sharia laws are mentioned there to a great extent-same as Islam.

      As president Thomas Jefferson aptly said quote
      Christianity is the most perverted system that ever shone on man (Quotation)
      This is a somewhat-paraphrased version of the following:
      “…those who live by mystery & charlatanerie, fearing you would render them useless by simplifying the Christian philosophy, the most sublime & benevolent, but most perverted system that ever shone on man, endeavored to crush your well earnt, & well deserved fame.” – Thomas Jefferson to Joseph Priestley, Washington, March 21, 1801[1]

      God bless you and make a proper person out of you , I am an law abiding citizen of America and would give my life to defend it if and when needed.

      • Dear Uzoozy,

        As you quote President Thomas Jefferson said, i will quote when Thomas Jefferson too. This is history the founding of US Navy based on First Barbary war.

        March 1785, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams went to London to negotiate with Tripoli’s envoy, Ambassador Sidi Haji Abdrahaman (or Sidi Haji Abdul Rahman Adja). Upon inquiring “concerning the ground of the pretensions to make war upon nations who had done them no injury”, the ambassador replied:

        It was written in their Koran, that all nations which had not acknowledged the Prophet were sinners, whom it was the right and duty of the faithful to plunder and enslave; and that every mussulman who was slain in this warfare was sure to go to paradise. He said, also, that the man who was the first to board a vessel had one slave over and above his share, and that when they sprang to the deck of an enemy’s ship, every sailor held a dagger in each hand and a third in his mouth; which usually struck such terror into the foe that they cried out for quarter at once.

        You are an american and perhaps today you know, that was the first time USA encounter the savage of Islam and that the first time US Navy will be founded. So the conclusion is this “Islam is not the victims, Islam is the perprator to the Christian world”, If you are American and now knowing your history i hope you will throw away the shit you call it Islam.

  9. Also, I second Ms. BNI’s curse upon you, Uzoozy – unless you repent and renounce that most-accursed, monstrous ideology known as “Islâm”, which we’ll hate as long as we have life in this age and in the life to come!!!!!

  10. More taqiyya from Uzoozy: he says that “Crusaders have gone away since 1051”, and “Lat (sic) 200 yrs the Christians have caused mayhem by invading from China to Africa and S America”.

    First lie: the Crusades started in 1095 in response to the Byzantine Emperor’s DESPERATE CALL for help upon losing the Battle of Manzikert in 1071. The Crusaders were finally driven out in 1291 (in good part because they and their European masters had lost their crusading zeal).

    Second, the African slave-trade (which the Muslims were already doing since Muhammad’s death in 632) started around 1480 with the Portuguese, while South America can be included with Columbus’ landing in 1492. India started in that regard even in the 16th century, and China by the 18th century.

    Ah, so much misinformation!!!!! And NO, the Qur’ân – as I said earlier – is Most UNHOLY!!!!! MARCHE to your taqiyya!!!! Thank God that we’re immune to it over here…

    • You are un educated peson.
      Till you learn to read , my conversation has ended.
      Education teaches patience which seems to be lacking here.
      Its a waste of time
      God bless you in your ignorance.

  11. Then you are as Quran says , these people do not feel the warmth from the fire.
    God bless you Bro, have a great day ,

    Undertand the Holy Quran it will be good for you
    1.6 Billion people are blessed with the understanding.
    Crusaders have gone away since 1051.
    Lat 200 yrs the Christains have caused mayhem by invading from China to Africa and S America.
    Christanity is down hill from now on.
    God bless you.

  12. If the Austrian elections are not until 2013 (I thought that was meant for the Australian elections!), then “O Weh!!!” In a year or two, ANYTHING can happen…

    As to Uzoozy: there’s categorically NO WAY that Muslims pray to the same “god” that Jews and Christians do, and the character of that Antichrist Muhammad (or Mohammed) is ample proof thereof!!!! Jesus NEVER murdered, rape, stole, lied or deceived ANYBODY at any time; yet Mohammed is guilty of ALL of these things!!!! To boot, we’ve read a fair bit of the Qur’ân, so we know what it says (especially from the “Center for Muslim-Jewish Engagement” of the University of Southern California, which has the entire Qur’ân online in three magisterial translations: Yusuf-‘Ali, Pickthal and Shakir – which accord big-time!!). It most certainly is FAR REMOVED from the New Testament, which is what Christians like myself believe in!!!!

    Why should Christians not eat pork, or drink alcohol? Remember in St. John 2: 1-11, where Jesus HIMSELF turned water into wine at the wedding in Cana?? Have you truly read your Bible?!?? Also, in many places in the New Testament – notably Acts 10, though there also are places in the Gospels where Christ likewise says it’s not what goes into a man that defiles him, but what comes out of him – we’re shown that eating pork isn’t something that will send us Christians into Hell.

    From a bad tree, you’ll never get good fruit; likewise, a good tree won’t yield bad fruit!!

  13. Wow I said he is drop dead gorgeous and that means I want him here and want to vote for him? LOL All I did was look at him! I may not be a spring chicken but I can appreciate a hunk when I see one! That’s all I meant.

  14. Islamaphobics galore,
    Islam is a religion of peace , the people are neat and clean. They pray to the same God of Christains and Jews , they love Jesus (peace upon him) and virgin Mary {Puh).
    Its an Abrahamic religion.
    Where is the peace that is promoted by so many Christains.?
    They do not eat pork(same as Christainityshould do) , do not drink alcohol.
    Please take time out and read the Quran and understand it, Quran will help you in understanding Islam.
    Peace on earth and goodwill to all the different peple of this beautiful world

  15. This is fantastic news for Austria and Europe and i wish him all the best from England im hoping my motherland wakes up sooner rather than later if not im leaving the toilet i now call home for a better life and better government in Austria, time to brush up on my german.

  16. By the way, when is that Austrian election? Personally, I’d LOVE to see Herr Strache win; however, it’s NEVER a good idea to think of just ONE man as a saviour!!!! The entire Austrian people have to do their part – via legislation, customs, ensuring that the proper laws are OBEYED (especially with those muzzies – they have to learn just how unwelcome they actually ARE!!!) and even to be prepared if necessary to sacrifice blood in order to ideally throw out every LAST Muslim man, woman and child!!!

    If absolutely necessary, even civil war would be justified! The ONLY way to deal with the Muslim bigots is by firmness leading up to harshness and even brutality if required!!!

  17. To put in a decent word for Homer – not to offend you, Ms. BNI, but simply to point out that when we lose our heads in the midst of hoopla, evil can happen – I happen to remember that it’s THAT way that the Antichrist will get into a formidable seat of power!!!

    While I’m not quite TOTALLY sure – yet – that Obama is THE Antichrist (though the possibility is far from excluded!!), he certainly IS EVIL for the USA and at the minimum is one of those chief helpers that will help such a monster to seize overall power!!!!

    Yes, it’s very nice that we have a good-looking politician who’s also anti-Islâm in Herr Strache; however, we’ve GOT TO BE extremely sure that he won’t prove to be a disappointment!!!!

    Please forgive me, but I’ve learned to be cynical about people – or at least I OUGHT TO BE cynical about them!!!! All too many times I’ve been suckered in the past by glib-spoken but dangerous rogues with evil hearts – and have paid MOST bitterly for it!!!!

  18. Hey Grouchy! How’d it go today? I was thinking about you, at 9:00 a.m. today, just about the time you were getting that floaty feeling! Speak to us, when you feel up to it.

  19. The guy is hot, so you think he would be a good politician! That is exactly the way stupid thinking goes! People put Obama in because he was (half) black! Give him a chance: no matter that he isn’t qualified and has no experience and can’t lead ad has never been in the boy scouts and did not grow up in the U.S.A. and wasn’t even born here, but …put him in he is drop dead goergous!! Lady get a grip!!!

  20. Chancellor Strache!! Hell, yes!! Too bad we haven’t got a Pres. in the USA with the balls to stand up and tell the asslifters HELL NO!! But there is still a chance for the kind of REAL change” that we can really use come Nov. 2012!!

  21. Grouchy-
    Safe travels, and successful surgery to you.

    Good luck, and Godspeed. We’ll be waiting for you to return to us.

    XO Pink

    To all of the… shall we say… “wet blankets,”out there. We women are havin’ a little clean fun. Don’t forget that when it comes to thinking, BNI is, and does attract the best and the brightest, so we know, that no matter how attractive, physically, the man is, if he doesn’t have the interior, the exterior isn’t worth a thing. We’re not dummies, and we’re not voting in Austria, so lighten up a little, will ya? Besides, if the guy HAS to rap, at least he is rapping about something worthwhile. It could be a very effective tool to use, in reaching the rap-oriented people…

  22. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh go for it rule Christian Austria take your Country back kick them out and then strenghen your army’s because they will be back.

  23. Kim He is yummy with out a doubt and a last what a breath of fresh air! Please our Christian God let it be that we are not forsaken to these islamic devils.

  24. BNI,
    whilst I admire his polices I cant take a hip hopping, rapping candidate seriously, no matter how “cute” they may be.

    • EDL buck, I think that’s part of his charm. I don’t like rap music either but I enjoyed watching a cutie patootie like him do it. I only wish I understood what he was saying about Islam in the lyrics. Maybe one of our German speakers will translate for us.

  25. I most likely first saw the Swiss MP here BNI.

    Well HelDz, Juliar, certainly did kiss the backside of Obama when he was here, but by the same token she is a very strong supporter of Israel.

    There’s a full front page spread about her on this week’s Australian Jewish News

  26. All these Freedom parties now in Europe are the result of Geert Wilders and his Dutch Freedom who have been their inspiration. The Freedom Party in England is coming on like wildfire — but England is really in trouble. The Queen recently gave a halal dinner for the Turkish Foreign Minister Gul and promised him she would use her influence to get Tuekey in the EU. Prince Charles says he is “fond of Islam” and his best friend is the Aga Khan. So the Brits will have to work very hard to pull themselves out of the deep suffocating slime they are buried in — even their royal family is Islamicized. I hope Prince William will be kept free from the infection of this plague by his yeoman-stock wife Catherine who has her feet on the ground, is English to the bone and is educated, which the other female members of the Royal Family are not. Diana studied to be a nanny and bragged she had never read a book.
    Unfortunately the German Freedom Party had a weak leader and ineffective campaign helpers and in the election last September only got 1% of the vote — the opinion is, it is still-born. What a pity, because at least 20% of Germans have freedom-loving sentiments . But Oskar Freysinger in Switzerland is a charismatic freedom-fighter, listening to him speak is like being inspired by Jefferson and Washington and Franklin — soon he will be leading the Swiss in a Swiss Freedom Party. The key to success for besieged Europe is to withdraw from the European Union and return to Nationalism — each country with its culture, traditions and flag, and send Brussels to the trash heap where it belongs.
    More power to you, Herr Strache, may God bless you and shine upon your efforts, and all the good citizens of Austria with Wiener Blut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Hope this guy wins. Not only does he have great baby blues and smile, but appears to be intelligent to boot.

    Grouchy, hasn’t anyone ever told you that bald men are sexy? I know young guys who shave their heads because they like the look. Nothing is worse than a man with a comb over where the part starts at the top of his ear. Good luck on your surgery. My hubby had heart surgery in 2007 and he felt like a new person afterward.

  28. BNI – Australias next election is not until November 2013 at this stage, could be earlier as a majority of the public want the Labour Government gone, and have been demanding an earlier election.

    So fingers crossed an election is called much earlier and my writing hand (and Im sure I speak for many Aussies on BNI) ready and waiting with baited breath to vote out the current Lefty/Socialist nitwits ruining our once great nation.

  29. @ BNI – yes they are the same as the Conservatives/Republicans. Our last PM John Howard really tightened up our borders and alot less Muzzos were flocking into our country, then this moron from the Labour party (same as Democrats) came into power and loosened up our borders and the last 4 years we’ve got the Muzzos flocking here like flies to shit, its out of control. The opposition leader Tony Abbott (Liberal) is an idiot and not well liked and we are hoping someone with some brains in the Liberal party takes over from him. Ideally someone like this Heinz fellow from Austria would be a heaven send!!
    Funnily enough Pauline Hanson has got alot of people begging her to make a comeback so who knows, many people have made this known. I wish she would as I think her following will be huge as a large majority of Australians (going by the online polls) are over the Muzzos and the special treatment they get from the Leftist Government here, everyone has to be politically ‘correct’ as to not ‘offend’ the Muzzos. Makes me want to barf! I hate to say this, but the only way the Lefties etc are going to wake up is when a bomb goes off here and they lose a loved one as a result, because until it hits their own backyard so to speak, these dickheads cannot see how much a threat to our Western culture these Muzzos are. A may take a terrible tradgedy here in Australia to make ppl wake up. I hope it doesn’t come to that, but all the do-gooder/Lefties have petitioned to get Muzzos who have been caught out planning attacks here on our soil, let out of jail. Makes me barf again!!!

    • Hel, I remember John Howard and was a great admirer of how he dealt with Muslims – “if you don’t like the way we do things here, get out.” Maybe having things get as bad as they are with the asylum seekers and muslim entitlement whores will make it easier for a right wing party to gain support. That seems to be what’s happening in Europe.

      • BNI – Yhe he was great and you are right he more or less told them like it or piss off.. he got tough on border control and didn’t listen to all the squealing do-gooder Lefties. He made the right decisions and ran our country well, left it with a big surplus. Come Labour party and they have completely f**ked up our country! Im really hoping the US boot our that Muzzo president, from what I have been hearing, a majority of Americans want him out. I hope that is true!!!

  30. Shirl- I hadn’t seen that video before, or head that man speak. What a great speech. Do you know who he is? You say he is in Switzerland, or Germany?
    I wish I could’ve understand what Heinz was saying too.

    Burnerjack, I think you are so right, and I can’t wait!
    I’ve been thinking the same thing. People just need to see leaders and feel the safety of numbers.

    Grouchy- What time on Friday?

    • @ Pink,,,
      I’m to be at the hospital at 07:00 and the procedures are to be started at 09:00,,, G-D willing, it’ll be a stent insertion at the best,,, but there is the distinct possibility of more,,, they won’t know until they get the Catherization / Angioplasty done,,, Right now, we’re all “Holding our Breath”, so to speak,,,

      I should be back and hassling the crew on Monday,,, ( I’ll be traveling upstate later today, as the cardiologist and hospital are in the town of my former residence – Loved the crew there, so, it was worth it to me to keep my cardio care there )

      As I look over these comments, I am very hopeful and encouraged that the “Fighters for Freedom” are on the rise and are soon to be successful,,, What a GLORIOUS time to be alive, and a member of Randy’s “Cloven Hoof Posse!” ~!~! HOT DIGGITY DOGGIES~!

  31. I did a quick google on gorgeous Strache and when he will be elected, no more visible religious signs within the public arena meaning schools, government institutions, hospitals… also no more full face coverings allowed on the street.

  32. Wow, this is just too cool! The important issue here is will he have the same effect on female Austrian voters? There is a good chance the answer will be yes, judging by the response of the beautiful BNI ladies!

    GROUCHY: Good luck and God bless on your upcomming surgery. You will be fine. You’re in our prayers.

    “Cloven Hoof Posse!”~ “The hills are alive with the sound of “Hip Hop!”

    “Whoop! Whoop!”

  33. Once one or two conservative politicians win in landslide elections on the “enough is enough” plank, you WILL see a race to “the new reality”. Once again, a politician that perceives public opinion and forecasts it as his own will be successful. Those that ignore the great divide between public sentiment and government position will be unemployed.

  34. Face it, conservative men have all the testosterone and balls to get the job done . . . it’s funny how all the ladies are going crazy here, lol. I wish him the best of luck, prayers, and I hope he wins. Austria, take your country back!

  35. The euro crisis may help us rid Europe of Muslims. As austerity kicks in civilized folks will not look upon Muslim leeches kindly. And Muslims will not tolerate living in the West if they actually have to work.

    We must encourage the new nationalist leaders to make things inhospitable for Muslims, the radical ones who lop off your head, and the moderate ones who hold you in place.

  36. OK….. so after I’m done kicking IslamoNazi ass…. I’m coming for all of you girls (a.k.a. competition)… HANDS OFF!! I literally shrieked when I saw his picture!!! Someone up there in the comment said Conservative guys are hotter than the girly-left guys….I should add this is such a difference from the weird ugly muzzies walking around veiling their women instead of veiling their own ugly faces!! Now excuse me, I have to go make my “obsessed admirer” photo album of him!!

  37. I pray to God that we in England will become blessed with someone like Heinz-Christian Strache or Geert Wilders. Thank God we now have the English Defence League and the British Freedom Party which are doing everything possible to tackle the creeping islamisation problem over here.

  38. Tiem to face up to the truth. Just as in Austria; Islamic organizations like CAIR, etc, are creating alternate structures within our system, and when strong enough, will try to take over our entire government. If Obama is re-elected, this country’s number is UP!

  39. I hope and pray all of Europe wakes up before it is too late. It already may be too late but atleast someone has the sense to try and repeal the idiots running their countries into the ground. Way to go Spain and hopefully Austria.

  40. What is the aftermath of 9-11? The West stirred. It is now awake, and it recognizes the wolf in sheep clothing who has come to devour the innocent! The exposed wolf will be slaughtered for the innocent lambs who it once sought to devour.

    I pray this man wins, and that the people of Western Europe rise up and destroy the evil Islam within their midst.

  41. Look at Heinz.

    Now look at our candidates.

    Now look at Heinz.

    Why can’t we have a Heinz?!?

    Yoikes, when Europe starts their comeback they don’t fool around, do they…

    Good luck next week Grouchy — remember, it doesn’t matter what your doctor looks like, you’ll be under the ether anyway!

  42. LOL!!! Well, I was going to comment but it looks like this is the girl’s night out!!!

    Having had a mother-in-law that was German, I know he will have the resolve he needs to deal with this geopolitical system of hate…It is in their stubborn, very focussed blood…Just what is needed to deal with malignant Muslim miscreants…

  43. Liana!!!
    I AM feeling a bit ripped off, aren’t you? I can’t stop laughing at your comment!

    Billiard balls are sexy too!
    We’ll be saying prayers for you, starting right now. Be well, friend. XOXO Pink

  44. The guy reminds me of my cardiologist, whose gonna do a number on my heart on Friday the 2nd,,,
    I told him he really pissed me off~!,,, and he looked at me startled, and said, WHY???
    I said I was so envious of his full head of dark hair~! ( Me and a billiard ball have a lot in common, btw ),,,
    My Drs co-workers call him, “Dr Hollywood”,,, and with good reason~! Think a masculine Rock Hudson, or James Garner,,,

    We can HOPE and PRAY that he wins, and that Austria and the remainder of the EU awaken, and do something to “Stem the bleeding”, as well as start cleaning up the mess~!

  45. How does he feel about mass female immigration from the US ?

    Why does Europe get Heinz,Freysinger and Wilders and we get Newt,Paulbots and Barak Hussein ?

    • @ Liana – you should see what we get down here in Australia, the biggest pack of Muzzo loving assclowns ever! Makes me so envious of Austria, the country names are similar sounding but politically so different. Your muslim president was here recently and his biggest fan our No1. Assclown Prime Minister constantly had a brown nose whilst he was here as her nose was glued to his ass at the same time, giggling like a school-girl. Our country was so embarassed!!! When you look is this soon to be (hopefully) new leader of Austria versus our moron Prime Minister, you wouldn’t make a comparison as its a insult to this man Heinz (and yes girls he is yummy!)

        • BNI – no unfortunately at this stage, both sides of the main political parties are total morons, so not much choice. There was this awesome MP named Pauline Hanson some years back that predicted many years ago that the Muzzos were going to be a problem, she was right! Her party was called One Nation. Unfortunately she was considered a poltiical threat to both parties (Labour and Liberal) and they oust her (set her up) and bad mouthed her (including the Leftist media). She is making her way back into politics slowly and has more support than years before because alot of ppl have realised those years ago she was right!! She went to the UK and saw there with her own eyes what the Muzzos have done to the UK and Europe and was disgusted and warned Australia to be careful of course all the Lefties and Socialst morons had a shit fit with what she said labelling her that overused word “racist”… If she became PM she’d kick all the Muzzos out first and foremost and send the Lefties and Socialist morons with them…

        • HelDz, if I remember correctly, isn’t the Liberal party in Australia like our Conservative/Republican party here? Sounds like it’s time for her to make a comeback. When are your next PM elections?

        • Sounds to me like she wants Australia to remain Australian. I don’t think she opposes people who wish to become AUSTRALIAN, but opposes those who want to change Australia in the mold of the very places they left.

          I feel the same way about immigrants to the United States who don’t want to become AMERICANS. If you don’t like the culture of the country you’ve immigrated to, then GET THE F*** OUT of that country and go back to your old one. Otherwise, sign in, sign up, join up and become a part of the resident culture.

  46. listen people, by the time the turks get done with EU, they will wish they had all their JEWS back one by one that they got rid of…

  47. Let’s see if he succeeds – if he does, I sure hope he’ll PROVE HIMSELF!!!!

    We don’t need Marxified “politicians” who say one thing but do everything but that!!! We need ACTION, even if it be unpleasant and possibly bloody!!! Austria and Germany are two of the cradles of “classical” music, Baroque architecture (not one of my favourites but I must respect it – at least Germany has lots of good Gothic…), real science and so much else – the thought of Islâm taking over and destroying those nations is totally unbearable to me!!!!

  48. Quite the looker! Those gorgeous BLUE EYES. Hard not to vote for the guy. And he’s also a realist. I understood two words in the video: minarets and Istanbul. With these two words only, I would vote for him.

    Will celebrate with Austria on election day.

  49. Oh man I am sooo envious of the Austrians having pollies like this legend!!! well done to him and he is so right. I want to move to Austria!!!! The ‘smart’ countries like Austria and the Swiss are waking up to the Muzzos and the decay they are causing in Europe and other Western countries. They are brave enough to say what others are too scare to say, so well done!

  50. now, this might be just a little bit off topic – but this guy definitely proves that conservative men are much more handsome than those nasty little girlie-men libs!!

    back on topic – thank god europe is waking up

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