HOT! ‘Anti-Islam’ Right Wing Rapper poised to become next chancellor of Austria

Heinz-Christian Strache – A Modern-Day Captain Von Trapp who is fighting to protect his Nation against the 21st Century version of Nazism called ‘IslamoNazism.’

Libertarian Republican  Austrians have had enough of increasing Islamization of Europe, and unchecked Islamic immigration from Turkey into the Austrian Republic. Last week Spanish voters threw out the Socialist Party Islamist appeasors, and elected a Conservative government that has vowed to protect Spanish sovereignty and culture. Now, Austria is about to do the same. 

The Party’s leader Heinz-Christian Strache is quoted: 

“We face serious problems in our immigration policy. This largely concerns migration from non-European Muslim countries such as Turkey. More than 50% of Turkish immigrants don’t want to integrate into Austrian society. They don’t want to learn the language and organize parallel and opposing structures. The activities of radical Islamists have become visible in our society. They hinder its peaceful and democratic development. In this sense, we are certainly a political force that comes out against any such radicalization.“

RT now reports: 

the far-right Freedom Party takes the lead in Austria’s general election…

“We do not speak badly of everything foreign. We say that- it’s bad when we become a minority in our motherland”

On Turkey joining the EU:

“I respect Turkey. Turkey is a fantastic country, a proud country, with a fantastic culture, with fantastic economic success which inspires respect. We respect Turkey’s accomplishments. And every Turkish man may justly be proud of his country, just as we are proud of our country. But Turkey is not a part of Europe. It does not belong there either geographically or historically or culturally. And I want Europe to stay within its borders. I do not want to see Europe expanding by including non-European countries which will turn Europe into a European-Asian-African formation. It would mean the end of Europe. And it would mean an end to the European idea of peace and social ideals.

And on preserving Austria’s unique culture:

Wiener Blut is a global trademark of beautiful Vienna and the culture of living of Vienna’s citizens. Wiener Blut – an operetta by Strauss, a magnificent performance you can see every year in concerts around the world. Millions of people listen to this high-class music. And it is Vienna’s advert to the world. Wiener Blut is described as boiling and has passion. We show this passion in a good way, it’s good that we speak about it – we said “More bravery” to Wiener Blut and to our culture. We do not speak badly of everything foreign. We say that it’s bad when we become a minority in our motherland; this way no nation and no culture will be happy on Earth. When you are a minority in your motherland, that means that you have lost your motherland. There exists a human right, a right to have a motherland. And it’s very important to us. It’s the right of all nations on Earth

Austrian Freedom Party leader Heinz Christian Strache goes by the alias “HC Strache” when he is in rap mode. This is one of his earliest videos from 2010 which put him on the map. In the lyrics he rants against Islamism, loose immigration, corrupt politicians and lazy welfare frauds. Now,  he is poised to be the next Chancellor of Austria.

(Rapping in German)