NYC Muslim Cabbie Asslifters only have to answer to Allah, not to NYC parking laws

Muslim Cab drivers rushing to services at the Islamic Cultural Center at Riverside Drive and West 72nd Street are double- and triple-parking outside the house of terror-training, forcing northbound traffic on the recently re-opened stretch of Riverside Drive to veer into the oncoming traffic lane. 

DNA INFO  A popular worship service at an Upper West Side mosque has prompted dozens of cabbies to flout the rules of the road in order to observe the rules of their religion, neighbors and mosque officials said.

“It’s an accident waiting to happen,” said James Beale, the resident manager at 240 Riverside Blvd., one of four Trump high-rises along the boulevard. “It’s a very dangerous situation. It’s like all the rules of the road are thrown aside.”

Taxi driver Aadil Toppa, Muslim from Pakistan, stops to pray in the middle of his shift in NYC. If there is a passenger inside, too bad, it's time to pray

Beale said residents in his building complain regularly about the flood of taxis. 311 records show at least nine complaints this year about illegal parking at that intersection.

The illegal parking was largely ignored for years, but has recently become the source of a police crackdown, after the long delayed connection between Riverside Boulevard and West 72nd was re-opened to traffic last month after a four-year-closure, Beale said.

West 72nd Street near Riverside Boulevard was flooded with illegally parked cars on a recent Friday, when Muslim cabbies attended prayers at the Islamic Cultural Center at 1 Riverside Drive.

But the cabbies who gather for the religious devotions — which can run as long as a 30 minute sermon followed by a 15-minute prayer — say they have no qualms about breaking parking rules in order to attend the prayer services, which are mandatory for practicing Muslims.

The Friday service, which is typically scheduled during the middle of the day, is the most heavily attended, with up to 300 worshippers.

A cabbie who parked illegally outside the Islamic Cultural Center at 1 Riverside Drive on Tuesday night said he didn't mind getting a parking ticket, because praying is more important to him than money

“For me, my prayer is more important, because that’s what I’m going to take with me the day I die,” said cabbie Abdoulaye Diallo, a 30-year-old immigrant from Guinea, who left his taxi in a no parking zone outside the mosque at 1 Riverside Drive on Tuesday evening so he could dash in for a quick evening prayer, one of the five mandatory prayers he performs daily.

Diallo said he’s racked up several $75 tickets for parking illegally in order to pray, but he doesn’t mind. “I’m not going to take my money with me,” he said.

Officials at apartment buildings on Riverside Boulevard say illegally parked cabbies are creating a safety hazard

Jim Littlefield, a security director at the Trump Corporation, said that as police have stepped up their enforcement on the illegal parking, tensions have flared. He said he saw a police officer who had been asking double parked cars to move handcuff a taxi driver on Nov. 18. Littlefield, a retired NYPD cop, said he then called 911 because he saw several cabbies approach the officer and was concerned about his safety. Several police cars responded to the scene, Littlefield said.

Abdur Rahman, an assistant imam at the mosque, said officials at the Islamic Cultural Center are well aware of the parking problem and have made repeated announcements asking worshippers to follow parking laws.”We’re trying to control it and take care of it,” he said.

Rahman said police allowed the illegal parking to happen for years outside the Islamic Cultural Center, but took more aggressive steps to control the practice after Riverside Boulevard and West 72nd Street reopened to traffic.

Rahman said that aside from avoiding a pricey traffic ticket or an accident, cabbies have a religious incentive to follow parking rules. “In Islam, you have to make happy neighbors,” he said. “It’s a rule of Islam. Good Muslims should follow parking rules, because it’s a rule of the city.”

Somehow I don't think the neighbors are too happy about walking past dozens of smelly asslifters on their sidewalks

Rahman said the city should consider more flexible parking rules around Muslim houses of worship on Fridays. He noted that on-street parking is free on Sundays, in part so Christians can go to church without worrying about feeding a meter.

Officials from the Trump Corporation have asked police to beef up ticketing of illegally parked cabs and contacted major cab companies about the problem, Beale said.

NYPD officers say Mayor 'Dhimmi' Bloomberg has ordered them NOT to ticket Muslim cabdrivers

But the Trump Corporation has not approached the mosque directly, said Thomas Pienkos, senior vice president of operations for the Trump Corporation.

“We didn’t want to get into a local squabble with people, especially over religious issues,” Pienkos said. “I think that’s the same reason the police were reluctant to write tickets, because of the sensitivity of the situation. They’ve got kind of a hot potato of an issue.”


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  1. Can some one please let NYC office know that they do not have to hand out any more TAXI licences out to muslims, because they say there god is giving them to them, and they only answer to god.

  2. The comic relief never fails to make me laugh! Thanks “Jane” for showing your stupidity and allowing us all to enjoy the laugh at your expense.

    @Grouchy, love your wording!

    • Jane,,,
      You’ve drunk too much spiked kool-aide, and your poor brain cells are waterlogged~!
      Read my lips — islam is a satanic nightmare, masquerading as a religious, political cult~!

      NO religion that calls for the destruction, torture, dismemberment, death or castigation of ANY of G-D’s Creation, and especially the Human, is a true religion,,, Rather, it is a spawn of shaitan / satan, ( same being ) and is only fit for the condemnation of the Universe,,,

      Sorry to debunk your pathetic belief system, but the rest of the story is, islam is NOT a religion, but a schizophrenic, epileptic pedophiles wet dream, plagiarized and twisted from the Books of the Jewish and Christian Bibles~!

  3. Ladies and gentleman: Understand this, Moosleims are beyond past feeling, they can’t do anything but worship a nameless and false and not known god1 they are to the point of no return, they do what anyone who is delerious would do! You have to feel sorry for anyone who is out of his mind due to his own stupidity! Mooselims chose to go the way they are going! They swear to their own destruction that they are right, and yet they are as wrong as acid rain!! The sure thing is: cancer must be removed or it will destroy any host!! This nation can not tolerate Mooselims, andlonger! They are not to the point to change or assimilate into any country, and they do NOT want to! they want to make the U.S.A. a Mooselim country! I will NOT have my wife wear a bag over her haed or bow down to a god who has no name, or who is not known or who knows not me or one who has no idea what it is like to be a human!! Allah, go kid your grandmother, don’t kid me, the spiritual derelect!!

  4. Post a sign, Park at your own risk! Illegally parked vehicles will be towed at the owners / operators expense! It is not rocket science folks! “A hot potato?” so it is ok to just turn a blind eye and walk away? NYC police need to re-evaluate their priorities! Of course all it will take is a fatal accident to occur before anything is done! Then who pays the bill?

  5. BNI: Where are those signs? DON’T EVEN THINK OF PARKING HERE!, and to be painted on the traffic lanes: DON’T EVEN THINK OF DOUBLE PARKING HERE!!!.

    I hope there is a call for one of the high rises so the NYFD can pull that stunt as seen on Backdraft. The first thing the pumper does is hook up to the hydrant and if a car is there by a fireplug just axe the windows and pass the feeder hose. Just desserts.

  6. Well, now I will remember this s*** when I visit NYC!! And I will take the subways, NOT taxis (looking out for asslifters in the aisles, equipped with my expandable pop knot stick, well lubricated with BACON GREASE), in the likely event I will encounter some obnoxious asslifters!! And hell, yeah, it would be an excellent place for a towing business at this ASSLIFTER CENTER location on a Friday afternoon!!! Oh, and in case there are some who still haven’t figured out why these foul pukes are called ASSLIFTERS, just take a look at the pictures on them LIFTING their arses in some of the photos.

  7. Doesn’t this violate some city code where fire hydrants are concerned? People living nearby need to hire a lawyer and do an order to show cause stating that a life threatening event could occur by blocking fire hydrants or the ingress and egress of the fire dept., ambulance, and other first responders. For example some wealthy old lady could go right to her lawyer saying that she is losing sleep, and worried sick that these cabs are blocking streets which will interfere with quick response times, creating a potentially life threatening hazard to other people like herself. If she is influential enough, gets enough people to be a party to her case, these marble mouth, garble tongue, cabbies might have to park and walk to the Mosque as a result.

  8. Tow Trucks, lots of them. I doubt that they are owned cabs or owned tags. Must be very expensive to the owners just sitting thereon Friday afternoon. Make it even more expensive once they’re impounded.

  9. One of the things I really loathe about Muslims in general is their utter lack of consideration and respect for other people and their belief and sense of entitlement, as if the world owes them something.

    In my life, most of the Muslims I have ever met were black Muslims (often from Nation of Islam.) But they share that same mentality that I have seen in other Muslims, from what I have seen in videos and recorded and printed media, such as Nation of Islam literature. Black Muslims hate white people, and they hate America — especially white America. They trash Christians and Jews (regardless of skin color) whenever and wherever they get a chance. They feel that are entitled to something or that the world owes them something. And they are often belligerent and hostile, and very inconsiderate.

    It is the same mentality but one a more localized scale. And the big irony is that Muslims were the biggest enslavers of black people throughout history (roughly 1200 years as compared to European and American slavery of about 400 years. And everybody only talks about the European-American slave trade.)

  10. Deport their dumb asses back to where they came from. Or while they are bending over to pray, kick their ass… that would be funny.

  11. MARTEL, think of the koranimals as mechanized infantry scouts. Their whole purpose is to gather information & attack in light strikes.

  12. This is just one of those things that piss you right off,,one rule for them and one rule for the rest of us,,
    We have had this in Luton,Bury park,,{pass the drone please} for many years,,nothing gets done,,everyone is afraid to say anything,,,

    Look what happened to the woman on a London bus,,,for sure she was drunk ,,but told the bus load, of foreigners that thats what they were,Foriegn and not British…,,she got arrested and held in custody [for her own safety,,,} And now she must appear in court,on public dissorder..But Her life has been threatened on FB I just wonder will the police look for those that threaten her and her child ?? Bet not..!!!

    This is why we the ones with the backbone like all your good people on here MUST spread the word…sorry if my grammer is all over the place ,,its not a good day for me,,but NSFE…

  13. I’m enraged that they are allowed to get away with this. Total B.S. Get rid of that mayor, Bloomberg. What has he contributed other than allow sharia to take over!

  14. If there are two countries (other than Somalia and Saudi Arabia) from which I feel ONLY Christians should be allowed to emigrate to the West, it’s Egypt and Pakistan!!!!

    For Egypt, I’d like to see ALL the Christians (though especially the Copts, as being the REAL Egyptians – the Muslims are merely bastardised Arabs!!) brought in as refugees with a fast track to citizenship; likewise for Pakistan (and enough others!). ALL of these could be exchanged against the Muslims I’d DEARLY LOVE to disenfranchise and deport (ZERO mercy for THOSE wretched good-for-nothing throat-slitters!!)!!!!

  15. First of all….The free parking on Sunday is not so the Christians don’t have to pay to park when they go to church. NO one has to pay to park. That argument is a bunch of bullshit.

  16. So this place is called a “Cultural Center” but is actually a mosque — just like Cordova House at Ground Zero is to be called a Cultural Center but actually will be a mosque. How can so many Pakis be taxi-drivers — I thought you had to take tough tests and have all the streets memorized — how can they know the 5 burroughs well enough to be taxi-drivers??? I bet there are a lot of frustrated passengers. All of these primitive parasites must have their licenses taken away — let them be garbage men or street sweepers — then if they are derelict at their jobs, at least they wouldn’t be a traffic hazard.
    I’ve always wondered what Muzzies pray for — do they have standardized prayers that everyone prays, or can they pray their own personal prayers? I bet Mohammed dictated what they had to pray. In any case, they pray for the death of infidels and the downfall of the country they are living in.
    Where is our charismatic leader who will sweep all this smelly trash into the ocean and send them packing out of America the Beautiful which they are tarnishing?
    Where is our Heinz-Christian Strache? All the candidates who have presented themselves to oppose the Moslem in the White House are pygmies, is there no GIANT CHARISMATIC, PATRIOTIC AMERICAN HUMAN BEING who will stand and fight and inspire us and pulverize the cowardly traitors infesting all our sacred institutions at this moment?
    The White House will have to be fumigated after the Obamas have been arrested to get rid of the stench. I bet they have peed on George Washington’s portrait and stealthily confiscated many of our national treasures which are part of the furnishings in the White House, which do not belong to them but to the citizens of America.
    Take away the licenses of these law-breakers — we have good laws, but they are not respected. Law and order belong to our glorious past.

  17. I’d love to see the Taxi companies institute some arcane or obscure rule – and then, on its basis, fire ALL Muslims!!! If necessary, fire everybody as if folding – and then hire on such a basis and in such a way as to make it IMPOSSIBLE for any muzzie to get a job with the given taxi-companies. THAT would then teach them who they must follow – just as Hertz did with its car-rental drivers!!!

  18. @when*pigs*fly,

    I totally agree with you. Tow them to an impound lot that is as far away as possible , then charge them a hefty fee to get their vehicle, plus a fine for illegal parking. Forget giving them tickets. They’d just throw them away. With Bloomberg’s stance though, I doubt that would ever happen.

  19. the muslims may be monsters, but they were allowed to get away with this illegal parking for so long they now feel entitled to park like this. as for comparing their triple-parking to free meters on sunday, the christians are not blocking roads.

    not only should cops ticket, but also tow. saudis’ spend billions on mosque construction, let them pay for underground or above-ground parking garages.

    with all the unemployed americans here, why are all these foreigners getting these jobs?

  20. I trust Muslims about as far as I can throw them. What does it say about our leadership when they eagerly accept their dhimmi status and make Muslims above the law? BNI I get your anger and frustration. I would LOVE to be there to disrupt their prayers even though we would be arrested for some kind of hate crime. SIGH.

  21. BNI
    If you do decide to take that stroll withe the recorder PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go armed to the teeth.
    a;so if any passenger who stays in the car during their prayer stop deserves to be ripped off. too bad the vab company primarily YELLOW CAB really needs to take their licesnses away permanantly.

      • Do they allow you to have Mace or a Taser. I woman bus driver once demonstrated her Taser for some her regulars. A little rectangle box with horns. When she turned it on there was a fat purple continuous spark between the horns. Cool. If not that pepperspray like the postal carriers use.

  22. I knew t his would happen, and it will continue. This is ORGANIZED. This is their way of telling us “screw you – we’ll do as we please”. It is NOT because they are such good Muslims. Yeah, they pray five times a day on the job and then head over to the nudie bars once their cab shift is over…

  23. A little bacon left in a moslem taxi cab goes a long way… or print out an arabic koran page, and soak it in bacon grease. Place it in a ziplock bag. As you exit, drop the crumpled up soaked page on the back floorboard. Take a container of pepper spray in case they find it and accuse you of blasphemy… When mohammed finds it his head will explode…

  24. Ms BNI,,, When you decide to do that, PLEASE let me know,,, And this list,,, I’d GLADLY join in on the vocal~!

    HOT DAMN~!

    Glad when dhimmi dumbchit is voited out of the mayors office, and the tow trucks can do their thing~! OH YEAH~!~!

  25. Geez, BNI, if I didn’t think so before, I do now; you have big brass ones….I’d like to see that Friday stroll…too much…k

  26. They should tell the damned mosque to take a few of its millions and dig itself a parking garage on its own property. At least until New Yorkers have the sense to elect a mayor willing to ticket these ragheads for using their “religion” to flout the law. And slap some of those orange warning stickers, the kind that are near impossible to get off, right across the fronts of their windshields. Of course, when somebody finally gets killed in a head-on from having to pass in the oncoming traffic lane don’t hold your breath waiting to see the massive protest demonstration against these arrogant invaders. But should a raghead wander into oncoming traffic on the way in or out of the mosque and get picked off, count on all hell breaking loose.

    On the plus side, Riverside Drive looks great now at least what you can see of it past all the yellow arselifter wagons.

    BNI, I’ve heard that they don’t know what the hell to do if someone plays music at them. A few years ago some people I know were counter-demonstrating against an anti-Israel pack of chanting muslims and decided to sing some songs. They said the ragheads just sort of stood there looking bewildered and then drifted away.

  27. EVERY muslime cabbie is an operative. They are radio equipped, they know the streets of their territory well. Don’t kid yourself and think that they are not “hooked up”. They are ALL hooked up. I have personally witnessed 3 and 4 a.m. “meetings” by these guys. I have also personally witnessed the muslime underground or parallel “police force” in action on more than one occasion. They work together. Just remember who and what they are.

    • Martel, this is a good place to remind people what to do if you have to take a cab with a muslim driver. Don’t leave a tip but be sure to leave the door open when you get out. Just walk away. Sometimes they don’t realize its open and rip the door off the hinges when they pull away at best. At worst, they have to get out of the cab to close the door. Such fun.

  28. rip their axels out if it was you and me, tickets out the ass

    Fuck Dhimmi Bloomberg, what a dumb Jew – Muslims’ll kill him first

    sad sad deal

  29. If you break the laws you must pay the fines. All cars breaking the laws of the road must be ticketed. There is another move and that is to boycott all muslim taxi drivers. No fares, no jobs, no cabs, no problem with them illegally parking in front of the mosques.

  30. If not checked soon muslim will take over our NY city and then US .Shame our leaders are sleeping or fools who know nothing about islam.1400 yrs they are just winning by hook and crook.

  31. Their Religion should be working round the Laws of the Land,not the other way around,if they block the Pavement or the Road this can lead to Traffic Jams and heavy conjestion,which in turn,is an Offence over in the U.K. call the Police,get the Fuckers arrested.

  32. Just think how much the tax base would benefit from enforcing traffic laws! Or are the police alreadt too fearful of our Muslims Overlords to pursue their duties as prescribed by law?

  33. All i can say is i am glad i am not there. When i think of how i used to work in NYC in the 1980’s and how it was then, and how it is now, i want to cry.

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