EGYPT’S CHRISTIANS, the rubbish people

With the Muslim Brotherhood poised to grab power, the already miserable living conditions for many Christians will only get worse. Yet Barack Hussein Obama has no refugee program for persecuted Christians in the Middle East…only for his fellow Muslims.


This is a dark side to Egypt that the authorities dont want foreigners to see: a secretive society … of tens of thousands of Christians literally living in rubbish in a Cairo ghetto overrun by rats and disease. They live with garbage stacked to the roofs of their multi-storey homes – eking out a living recycling the rubbish by hand. Its a sight rarely seen by outsiders.


This group is unique for another reason. They’re part of Muslim Egypt’s Christian Coptic minority, a community that is besieged by persecution, extremism and a creeping Islamization in Egypt’s security services. One of the most sensitive issues faced by some of those in Egypt – their decision to convert to Christianity – a decision that some Muslims believe should be punishable by death under a strict interpretation of sharia religious law.

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