ASHURA: My favorite Muslim holiday, where Shiite Muslims celebrate in the streets by self-mutilating themselves

Ashura marks the death of Prophet Muhammad’s grandson, the revered Imam Hussein in Karbala, Iraq 1,300 years ago.

Ashura, an optional fast day for Muslims, falls on Dec. 4-5, 2011. The word itself, ashura, means 10, and the holiday is the 10th day of the Islamic month of Muharram. The Islamic calendar is lunar, so the date of Ashura can vary depending on sighting of the moon.

Here’s how it’s done:

Shiite Muslims observe Ashura through mourning rituals such as self-flagellation and reenactments of the martyrdom. Many travel to Karbala in Iraq, where Hussein was killed, as a pilgrimage on Ashura. Most observers wear black and march through the streets chanting and hitting themselves in the chest. Some use whips and chains — or cut themselves on the forehead — to ritually punish their bodies. This practice has been condemned by some Shiite leaders, so Ashura blood drives are often organized as a substitute.

Thousands of Muslim men beating themselves bloody with steel chains. What could be better?

Imam Hussein, a grandson of the Prophet Mohammed, was killed by armies of the caliph Yazid in 680 AD. He was said to be decapitated and his body mutilated in the battle at Karbala, now in Iraq, Reuters reports. As is custom, the crowds — many of the them hordes of shirtless men — re-enacted the killing of Hussein, hitting their backs with knife-covered chains and cutting their heads with swords, even though the self-flagellation traditions have been banned by some members of the Shiite clergy.

Fun for the whole family, even small children and babies:



74 comments on “ASHURA: My favorite Muslim holiday, where Shiite Muslims celebrate in the streets by self-mutilating themselves

  1. I’m a Muslim, I follow Islam meaning I submit to God translated in Arabic to Allah , meaning one God. I submit to the God Moses Jesus Abraham Mohammad submit to. I don’t approve of what people call sect in Islam cause there is only one Islam, I follow the Sunna meaning the way the prophet followed. Self torture is not the way of submitting to God it’s the way of spilling blood for idolatry, Hussein a mere man, and to think of mourning him is okay like you mourn a friend or relative who has passed not spilling blood like the heathens they are. I strongly disagree with the CULTURE choices the Shia have adopted to call it part of Islam.To bring it to my country of America should be outlawed and prevented, if one is caught slicing their body they should be put in a mental ward. As far as hurting their children the child should be taken away from unstable mental cases who have poor and sick judgement. Com on what the Shia are doing in America on a shura is not right it’s sick in any country but America is my home wher my children and family thrive.

    • Only one problem with what you write. Jesus IS God. Think one God with three aspects. Just as you are a father, son and possibly brother. The One Holy Triune God is Father, Son and Holy Spirit. To deny Jesus ‘ Godhood is to deny God. We don’t “worship the same God.”

      • There is only one God the God of Jesus, the God I submit to is the same God Jesus submits to, so if you don’t worship the same God Jesus PBUH submits too then no we don’t worship the same God , for there is only ONE. Peace be with you sister, believe as you feel but know my belief can not be persuaded with words the words you replied with. My advice is discover Islam with a full heart as I have studied the gospel Torah and Quran the your belief is always yours you can believe as you may and me as I shall. Thank You for the reply I’m glad your open to express yourself. But on a light note the holiday that those heathans celebrate is of Satan they are not my brothers in Islam.

  2. and yup all of u guys are following ur true beliefs…whichever religion u guyx believe in…passing cmnts without knowing the real deal making fun keep it up…and yes i too dont follow Islam completely but Islam did teach me to respect everyone plus PROPHET MoHAMMAD S.A.W. too preached too never spread a news until u know its completely true…until u know if its da real thing…i wonder how can he be that wrong….right guyx…and u guyx are completely right bloody us!! 😉 thinK!!

    • There is religion, and there is the law. Muslims think they can dominate both. If your Mohammad was alive( or even existed) he would be locked up with key thrown away! No religion is as fucked up as yours ! You brainwashed twits! Islam teaches death of non believers – what other religion teaches that? Laugh, yes we laugh at you, we despise you and we hope you would stop living in the filthy, destructible mindset in which you do.

  3. Its no celebration….just trynna go through our part of history if ur dat interested in passing comments…and yes i agree with the fact that we’re wrong to make the younger generation adopt this practise forcefully…I’m a converted Shiite…and its because i found my answers!!

    • Not once does the New Testament of Jesus Christ condone or promote killing. If you truly want a religion of Peace – follow a Prophet of Peace – Not that which supports and approves murder or killing. The Quran – We believe in Allah, and in what has been revealed to us and what was revealed to Abraham, Ismail, Isaac, Jacob, and the Tribes, and in (the Books) given to Moses, Jesus, and the Prophets, from their Lord: We make no distinction between one and another among them (3:84 AYA). Why don’t you follow your leaders advice, and read both. Pre-Jesus scrolls confirm the Bible we have today is virtually the same; therefore, the one given to Jesus, is basically one in the same! I pray you find more answers.

  4. Guys evryone should chill. Islam is divided into two, there are shias and sunnis. It is the sunnis that self flaggelate not the sunni muslims. You cannot strictly categorise all muslims. Educate yourselves before you pass judgement. Surely, evry religion teaches respect for each others beliefs.. before you pass judgement perfect oneself and seek knowledge. May god show you the right path. Amen.

      • BareNakedIslam…interesting name but it doesnt sound that good…plus its our way of mourning and yes we’re wrong at the part where we make the younger generation adopt this practise…but none of us are forced to do it…I’m a converted Shiite…I know it looks pretty violent but our history is even more painful…trynna go through it if u’r really interested in bare facts…and then tell me if someone very dear to you is be-headed along with all his companions in a war and then his family is torchered for standing up for ur welfare ur betterment…..wouldn’t u love them dearly enough!!and if u still don’t adore them enough ur inhuman..!!Just go trough the history before passing any cmnts…nd make sure ur reading the Shiites point of view…and sometimes even understanding our nohas…we’re wrong to adopt it without understanding the actual reasons….but u must’ve heard that saying…everything is fair in love and war!! 😉 I mourn too inspite of being converted but i have an explanation for every thing i practise!!

    • Really?? Every religion should respect each other.. Except muslims, right? Muslims educate before judgement don’t they? Muslims seek knowledge before (hacking off infidels heads) passing judgement,right?
      Um Sam, it’s your mus-slum buddies that need to be preached to, not BNI readers. Muslims-slums are the most racist race on earth.. dont tell us to chill when these brainwashed twits are living in our countries and living off the tax we pay.

  5. I’m a Muslim and the Shiites should not be practicing this sick bullshit. Islam condemns abusing our bodies physically and mentally . My Allah have peace on their reckless souls

  6. My heart was ripped open by the images of the babies screaming in fright while being held down for their part in this demonic “celebration”! When children and babies have more common sense than adults, one can believe the world has truly gone insane. One site I looked up had this link following the article (which did not include images of the babies so far as i could tell):. “3 early signs of Dementia”. I doubt the publication intended the irony.

  7. Religion of peace my foot, the only way there will be peace in a Muslims mind is when everyone is converted or killed for not converting, I have no problem with a person practicing whatever religion they want, but when it comes to killing my family because I’m a Christian NOW WE HAVE A PROBLEM! When they come to convert or kill me, I’m shooting first and protecting my family at all cost. You might believe that religion of peace CRAP but anyone that’s not a fool doesn’t.

    • Dude Not All Muslims Kill Christians 😐 Their Are Muslims who kill muslims its divided shia and sunni , ome of the sunni people made a group you must be familiar with daesh or jabhat al nosra , these two group who are killing people they are killing shia for no reason they believe if a man killed a shia he will eat with Mohammad at heaven but they are wrong, these people the shia whom are bleeding it’s their choice they are not forced to do this their are millions of shia who don’t do this they just hear the story at a place cry and go back home, some people in shia who all shia follow dont accept this kind of stuff like hezbollah, hezbollah hates when a shia bleed or hit himself with chains. they are not sick or insane, if you look at it the way they look at it. google their history and read, they respect all people christians,jews…. thats the real muslim, who accepts everybody, they believe that god told them to respect all the religions

  8. Well I wonder how many we could get to kill themselves in performing this ritual,,, if we could really support this holiday here in America who knows we might could get 100’s or 1000’s of them to actually off themselves… In 10yrs or so it really might put a dent in the Muslim Population here. I wholeheartedly support the muslims and there pursuit to please allah in this way. Slice on!

  9. I dont mean to be rude or racist or anything but I dont really think that was a good idea to use as a religion so who ever had thought of that idea must have wanted all of his people to bath in their blood. So to be honest, im kinda against the idea!

  10. This is why religion is the cause of death and war if they were no religion the world would be a better place .

    • Tell that to the 80 million or so who were killed in the last hundred years by atheistic (actually, anti-theistic) doctrines like Communism, Fascism, National Socialism (all left-wing ideologies, by the way). I daresay that “no religion” is just as much a killer as false religions (Mohammedanism).

  11. Before all you Christians pat yourselves on the back, please look into Los Hermanos Penitentes, a group here in Colorado and New Mexico, that has been self-mutilating for centuries, re-enacting the crucafiction of Christ. I submit to you that all religion is BS, not just Islam.

    • Agreement from a Christian, right here! Come on, you guys, self-harm for a religious purpose isn’t limited to SOME sects of Islam. (SOME SECTS NOT ALL.) So, all of you people calling yourselves Christian here, get off your high horse, because some groups of Christianity self-mutilate, as well.

      Also, with all this “they should do it more” BS, HOW CAN YOU CALL YOURSELVES CHRISTIAN?? Seriously, God and Jesus were all about peace. You call this loving thy neighbor? You all disgust me, and you are not true Christians.

      • Apparently, Kami, you haven’t read the Bible through to the end.

        Revelation gets pretty un-peaceful. Of course, it is a depiction of the final days of human history in which Satan incarnates, takes over the world, and causes Yahweh/Yeshua to finally lose patience and take back control of the Earth from Satan and his minions, who got hold of the “title deed” when Adam *Man* chose to reject the ONE rule set down by Yahweh/Yeshua (that one rule being to not eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil).

        Speaking of which, folks: Did you know that Mohammedanism doesn’t have the Tree in its version of the Garden? Do you know why? Because in the Bible, the Tree is there to give Man the CHOICE to love and follow Yahweh or to reject Him.

        There is NO choice in Mohammedanism: 99.9% of all humans are predestined by “Allah” to an eternity in the hellfire, whether they are Mohammedans or not. In fact, a Mohammedan has NO assurance of “Paradise,” apart from being a jihadi murderer and dying while trying to kill non-Mohammedans and/or force them into Mohammedanism. The reason Mohammedans always say “Peace be upon him” after every mention of Mohammed’s name is because he didn’t die a “martyr,” and thus there is no assurance, even for him, that he’s in Paradise. Then again, the reason Mohammed is the “examplar” of human behavior for Mohammedans, and the reason it’s always “Allah and his Apostle” is because *gasp!* Mohammed WAS Allah.

        Here endeth the lesson.

  12. I am OFFENDED! This is the maddest thing I’ve ever come across and that’s coming from a muslim, you know the real kind of muslim. They are cursed people..gosh what an abomination against the religion of Peace! And Wherever this is the law of the land needs to take action, this is abuse of the highest kind!

    • Stop your nonsense, you just make the non-islamic world laugh when you call islam the religion of peace: islam is responsible for the most violent places in the world today and no one kills more muslims than other muslims! The western militaries wishes it could claim as high a muslim death score.
      I know – when you say peace you mean peace acheived by subjugation of the planet, but you know in your heart it will never happen.

      mecca will glow in the dark long before that.

  13. This is Siite Muslims, you shouldn’t judge every muslim the same, after all christians,some vicars abuse choir boys, does this make all christians pedophiles? no of course not, not all shiite muslims agree either with this ritual, the idea is to emulate the suffering, not “celebrate” anyway. Often giving blood is a new way to emulate the blood shed by the prophet. I believe only the good actions of a prophet should be emulated, not the harm that befalls them,also worship and celebrate only God only Allah (God in Arabic) Only the one true God, not prophets or anything else. It is the same in any religion, man makes up his own interpretations and rules,which divides us. we should all follow the path of good not evil, love, kindness goodness, not cruelty to ourselves or others, the media only ever shows extremists and shocking images, Islam is beautiful, Allah is most gracious and merciful. God is Love. Mankind corrupts, God/Allah is absolute truth. posts like this, just continue the hostilities of faiths, God is love. Peace and love to all.

  14. Insanity, just pure insanity. They involve their children in this insanity and wonder why we think they are all demented (along with their whole religion, ‘holy’ book, paedophile prophet ect…).

    I agree, they should do this for more often, without the kids though.

  15. that’s all i can say is what in the hell is wrong with these people????they act like animals, worse than animals. I wish that they would stay in there own country, they are not welcome here.

  16. Why do they stop slashing when the blood comes, I thought blood drove rag heads in to a frenzy of chopping. Please spread AIDS

  17. Ooookay, now if the adult asslifters want to cut themselves repeatedly until they bleed out, that’s perfectly alright with me, but doing that s*** to little children who HAVE NO SAY in the matter is not only barbaric but places the adults doing it to them in a position of being LOWER THAN WHALE SHIT!!! And incidentally, in asslifter (aka. muslim) domiinated countries is not the only places the children REALLY have no choice. In an area where I used to work, I got to see fitrsthand children having NO SAY, going to a ****ing ASSLIFTER school by their parents’ choice NOT theirs, being informed something like this, “YOU WILL go to the ASSLIFTER ACADEMY and learn to be a good little asslifter OR we will have you stoned to death or beheaded….”..some ****ing choice, huh?!……And Catholic kids here in the USA sometimes think they are mistreated?!!!….BS!!!….Once again we see the big three tools of Pisslam in action: FEAR, IGNORANCE, and HATRED!!!

  18. ok as for those who don’t know this since so many of you are condemning Muslims as one entity, even though we have sects just like Christianity and catholic’s. it is only the shi’it who do this not the sunni’. Islam actually condemns self mutilation. we are suppose to take of our bides and respect it, so yeah even to another Muslim who isn’t shi’it its pretty freaking messed up… I also feel bad for the children. Who in their right mind would do such a thing.

  19. They are so sick these idiots.I do not have words enough to say what I think of all those dumbheads. That they also doing these to their children is really cruel but what can U expect from these dumbheads that kills their own children when they do not want to get marriage to them that their parents choice for them ???? Inbreeded idiots.

  20. Imagine how Child Protection Services would re-act to us westerners if we did this to our children. I know this happens in our countries and no-one says a word. They use this pseudo religion to break all our laws, they are a law unto themselves. They have a greater blood lust than vampires.

  21. Those mothers must be so proud of their children. Why can’t Muslims have any fun without bloodshed? They are truly barbaric.

  22. BNI, Mozzies LOVE violence!

    Violence makes them feel PROUD AND STRONG!

    Mozzies think ‘See how immune we are to pain!’

    ‘We are STRONG with Allah, but the West are weaklings!’

    ‘Perhaps we should take over the kafirs and oppress them.’

  23. Do you want such people in the West? In the US? In Britain? Elsewhere?

    I don’t either.

    Ban cousin marriage immediately!

    Politicians, get to it.

  24. Regarding Christ and the Church:-

    “So husbands ought to love their own wives as their own bodies; he who loved his wife LOVES himself. For no one ever hated his own flesh, but NOURISHES and CHERISHES it, just as the Lord (Jesus Christ) does the church”.
    Ephesians 6: 28-29

  25. Hey mohommedists that are watching and reading here. How is this a religion of peace (even though we know it is a faith that worships Satan)?
    No one in theire right mind cuts them selves deliberately. You must have a complete staff overlooking your mental depravity.

    • It’s not written anywhere in the holy Quran that this should be done nor did the prophet say anything about it. This “celebration” or idk what is completely man made if you know what I mean, like Muslims added it as a tradition not God and the prophet. Personally as a Shi’ite I don’t agree with this, like I feel that God wouldn’t want us to hurt ourselves like this and it’s just irrational tbh. But don’t let that make you think that Islam is bad. People like to take what they like from it and leave the rest. An example is the marriage thing, like a lot of Muslims will tell you that God says it’s ok to marry 4 women, but in fact he says it’s ok IF you can be fair with all of them and then he continues to explain that it’s IMPOSSIBLE to be fair between all four. So yeah people only took the first part that’s the thing with religion people only take what they like…

  26. There’s a saying that we in Australia are familiar with and I like all of you Muslims to grab a hold of so you don’t need to go through with this ritual which is so outdated. That was why Jesus Christ went to the cross. He took all of this on himself so we wouldn’t need to do it….because we are so unforgiving of our selves.
    So to all of you Muslims or any other person that feel the need or the urge to this to your own bodies….” STOP! Stop beating yourselves up and do yourselves a favor and
    be kind to yourselves”. This is the only way to freedom and its by accepting Jesus Christ as Lord into your hearts!!!! He loves each one of you very much. He took the punishment on Himself that you deserved so you wouldn’t need to harm yourselves (or anyone else). Call upon the name of the Lord and you shall be saved!!!
    yourselves or anyone for

  27. This is barbaric! Is it my imagination, or did I see one of them watching the proceedings and eating at the same time? (3rd video) Animals! How could they hurt children like that?

  28. When will they let us help them celabrate? This could be more fun that St. Patrick’s day!
    I’ll even bring my own chain!

  29. This certainly proves the muslimes are bat sh*t crazy. I feel for the small children having to participate in this barbaric ritual.

  30. Things are beginning to make a little sense – the muslime calendar is a lunar one – now I understand why they are all lunatics !!! Figures because only a lunatic would act as they do.

    Bigger problem is that the non-muslime world must be even crazier to allow the muslime lunatics to run rampant.

    • Their god is a moon-god. Liars would tell you it is the same god as Christianity’s, but truthful muslims tell the truth when in muslim company with no “infidels” around: Muslims worship a different god altogether. Think about it: why would God command his followers to kill the jews as the quran states toward the end in the muslim version of the end of times (which is basically a muslims vs everyone else with the aid of nature somehow) “trees will cry out, O soldiers of Allah, there is a Jew hiding behind me! Come and slay him!”

  31. In the third video, was that person actually EATING while this horror was going on?? If so, then that explains it all…barbaric and disgusting!!! I feel bad for the little kids-this is horrible!

  32. holycow122

    I like your comment of ” who is going to clean up the streets after them” here in Australia there are strict rules about exposure of blood. Especially in ALF football games as soon as somebody has blood coming out of any part of their body they call time out so they can bandage up the wound. This was put in place to safe guard the other person just incase that player had the virus. Has common sense and logic gone out of the window??? I think so… Oh and I think these people that are self mutilating themselves are missing out something here. Didn’t I just read that his grandson was decapitated then mutilated??? So whats the point of all this if they are not going to do it properly in the first place. Someone needs to tell them they are doing it wrong. Decapitate first, then mutilate!!!

  33. let’s see the grandson was decapitated and they celebrate by mulitating themselves. Weird! how come they don’t include self decapitation or decapitating one another. Short ceremony and many Many dead Muslims.

  34. sick fucking scum – why not extend this holiday and change or include KILLING themselves since the pedophile’s son was killed why not complete it rather than feel his pain – pussies . we don’t want or need this here in the US – Europe, enjoy, you fucked up misguided fools ! Look what you got – what you asked for

    I could care less if I ever visit France again or London – Egypt was cool, but no ore

  35. Their technique is too awkward to be thorough. If only they’d let us help …. If they request assistance, wouldn’t it still be considered self mutilation?

    • RRA, I just found a story about Jewish schoolgirl in Winnepeg, Canada, who was attacked and had her hair set on fire while being taunted with antisemitic slurs by some “boys.” No info yet on the identity of the boys so I will wait to see before I post.

    • At least they’re not hurting animals? What about the hundreds of children and babies who are slashed with razors? Glad you got your priorities straight then!

  36. would some one tell them they are not doing it right, they are still alive. the way you do it is so that you dont stay alive, so keep on doing it harder next time dudes!!!

    • Lool, guys i love how this website is full of the negatives of stupid dumbass muslims. Islam is not about this shit, theyre all sinning by doing all that, their not following the true islam lol, for ashura, you can cry but not touch yourself as in abusing, i have soo much verses from the quran that states this. lol this is dumb. And you guys are all dumb for believing all muslims are like this crap LOOL.

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