TLC's ALL-AMERICAN MUSLIM Latest Sponsor Update

TLC’s All-American Muslim’s roster of 30 Sponsors from the first show has decreased to 24 in this third episode, thanks to your protest calls to their advertisers. 8 sponsors from the first week’s show were still advertising there tonight, the rest are new. I have indicated their names below.

Be sure to thank Lowe’s for pulling their ads from this repugnant program:

 CONTACT Lowe’s at 1-800-445-6937,, COPY

Most intersting is that 8 of the sponsors had the same commercial run twice tonight on the show which means TLC couldn’t sell all the timeslots and were forced to offer 2 spots for the price of 1. Also, there were more commercials this week  for TLC’s own programs, in place of sponsors, which generates no revenue for the station.

On the show tonight they showed the Fordson High School football team. Even though not all the players are Muslims, all players are required to say a Muslim prayer before each game. The team lost their game and blamed it on the fact that the Muslim players were dehydrated from fasting for Ramadan.

Below are links to tonight’s sponsors. I’ve placed an *asterisk next to the shows that also sponsored the first broadcast of All-American Muslim. Where you see the number ‘2’ next to the link, it means they got 2 spots for the price of 1.

Click on the following links to let them know what you think about their sponsorship of Muslim propaganda:








BJs WHOLESALE CLUB Media Relations







* LOWES Home Improvement Center  2

DYSON Vacuum Cleaners






*TRUE BLUE Pregnancy Test (can’t find the corporate name/contact for this)

RESOLVE Carpet Cleaner


Here’s a website that automatically sends an email to all the sponsors(They updated the new sponsors. Feel free to share it on here. You can change the message as you like.

FACEBOOK Boycott TLC here: BoycottTLC







72 comments on “TLC's ALL-AMERICAN MUSLIM Latest Sponsor Update

  1. BlackPower
    Speaking of the Dark Ages, Europe did not come of the Dark Ages until the Crusades freed them from the Terror of Islam. The Renascence ensued and civilization took a giant leap forward. This was done only after the muslim horde was effeminated from Europe.
    Why did Timbuktu disappear? The nice Europeans and Americans stopped the trade and the Arab muslims went broke, oops. But the slave trade continued unabated until present. Read and study what it is that you are trying to say so we can also understand.

  2. You are all barbaric like your Dark Ages ancestors. If it had not been for Muslims Europe would be rotting in filth. Children are raped so routinely in the USA that it has become a part of the culture. You all need to go back to Europe where your disgusting ancestors came from.

    • Hey, BP. do you enjoy sharing the name of slave in Arabic? Because that’s what muslims think of you, raisin head, another one of their pet names for Blacks Slaves. More Blacks are enslaved today by Arab muslims than ever were in the West.

      • Well Black’s and White’s can get along together. But its funny Blacks down south went through hell with Whites using the groups like the K.K.K to get at them. But Blacks up north cry more about racism and they had it better. Like Obama’s AG he screwed up real bad and now the House OF Representative are after him so he is playing the race card.

        When I was 12 my younger bother was in Boston for a operation he was born with a heal-lip and clef pallet. He was 8 at the time. The operation he had before his heart stopped they had to open his chest to get it going again. He was afraid to have another one. The hospital was 60 miles away.

        We didn’t have a car so we depended on buses. When he was caught leaving the hospital with his teddy bear they felt it was best he went home. Problem the buses stopped at 5 pm and their wasn’t another till morning. A air force mechanic who was living up here to be at the base offered to take my mother to get him.

        Charles was afraid to take my mother alone so he took all of us in his Ford Comet. Why at the time Black men didn’t ride around with a White women . But it shows in each race their is good and bad. But their was many Blacks from the south we got along fine with them but the northern Blacks were harder to get along with .

        And yes Rich whites did get slaves and it almost destroyed our country. Today they don’t have slaves here but the rich is supporting letting illegal aliens in for cheap workers . That is why Arabs are coming in and funny after Bill Clinton welfare was cut for whites. But now Arabs are on it. As for pubic hosing that was for poor Americans and you had to be a citizen now Obama’s illegal relatives are living in it and are on welfare.

        But all Arabs are not bad only if they join Islam. And in their own country they are still getting slaves. So Blacks of America know this all whites are not against you so don’t make the mistake and join Arabs of Islam like Obama did. He is no Martin Luther King but he uses his name in vain . War will come here hope after all these years we don’t start fighting Blacks because of Arabs . We are better together than apart.

        It will be a shame if this country falls because the first Black President sides with the terror of Islam.

  3. Honestly, I never heard about this show until I saw a news report about the Lowe’s boycott. If TLC wants to run the show, that’s their business. But for Muslims holding a boycott against advertisers who do not want to sponsor the show … that’s pure B.S. In doing so, I feel they are exposing their true agenda and it isn’t a pretty one. I’m so livid right now I can’t see straight.

  4. I think all the hoopla is over the fact that Sharia law should never be in American courts
    and stopped in it’s tracks. It is a wonderful thing to live in our beautiful country with it’s
    free speech and tolerance of multiculture……however….it is just a plain fact that muslims
    ARE NOT tolerant of any other religion now nor will they ever be. Just look at what is
    going on in Egypt currently. The muslims are burning down the Christian churches and
    murdering the Christians…now what does that say? I believe that if they could do that
    here they would jump at the chance and take over our country. What a horrible thought.
    It is so obvious that they love to come here and in Europe too and enjoy free speech and
    democracy but they would never have that opportunity in a muslim country. Sad to say
    but it is true. The show All American Muslim is fake, so put on it is sickening. Maybe
    they should bring up the fact that there are “honor killings” of young females…and right
    down the street from where they all live too. It makes me sick to think of it but that is the
    truth……Sharia law is barbaric. For God’s sake let’s stop this barbaric crap before we all
    have to take our dogs to the gas chambers!!!!!!!!!

  5. Anyone who will give money to a show like this is sacrificing America and do not need our support. Islam is not good for America in no kind of way- and is bad news for the entire world, no matter who defends it.

  6. Ignorance is how the Nazi’s took over Germany and let 6 million people die! Ignorant sheep will let the Muslims attempt to take over this country. Look at the UK if you want to see what can happen!

  7. Thanks, Joy. Indeed there are some Z’s. They lay low. They are interesting people. I saw a bit of the offending program. I found it boring and simplistic. The economis of viewership should be allowed to operate. I don’t wish to force anyone to watch my fav shows, and I don’t like extremists trying to decide what I can or can not watch. j

  8. As far as I’m concerned, I’m such an insignificant consumer (poor as that proverbial church mouse!) that I will continue to shop where I can get the cheapest/best deal for money around. Period. That’s MY criterion – and it’s not about to change anytime soon. But that also means that I rarely – if ever – shop or use the “offending” sponsors of that stoopid program (except I’m still keeping Time Warner for my high speed internet; however, I no longer subscribe to cable TV – another necessary savings and not-missed service!).

    BTW, I was not aware that there are any/many Zoroastrian believers around – except, perhaps, those Iranians who left Iran and still consider themselves Persians – certainly not Iranian mudslimes!

  9. It appears we are for free speech as long as others agree with our opinion. I won’t be buying Lowes anymore. But I will continue reading, visiting interesting places around the world (regardless of their religious makeup), and enjoying exchanging views with my muslim, jewish, christian, orthodox, and zoroastrian friends. It is sometimes useful to keep ears open and mouth shut when brain not engaged.

  10. You people are so wrapped up in your hatred and bigotry that you cannot see that these people mean no harm to anyone. Not every Muslim is a Taliban or Al-Qaeda member. Please take a look at what you are doing. You are being bullies and it goes against everything that Christ ever taught us.
    I will encourage everyone that I know to boycott any company who pulls its ads from this show.

  11. 9-11 will never be forgotten….we know who danced in the streets when that happened and why.
    Just looking out for our country’s best intrest that’s all. United we stand.

  12. Muslims and Christians have a lot in common regarding family values. I can’t tell if most of you are christians or just right-wingers, but if you take an honest look at a practicing Muslim household, there are a lot of values in common. Most Muslims in the US voted for George Bush in 2000.

    The Muslim kids I grew up with in high school were some of the kindest, most interesting kids I knew. I am still friends with many of them today because they are stand-up, good natured people. After 9/11 people wrote on their mosque, called them names in school, and scared them so much they started telling people they were Greek just to avoid getting picked on for who they are. There’s so much hate on this blog, and so much misunderstanding. A lot of you have boxed in your minds for some reason. Take a break for a month, try reading some new information. It’s like you want to pick on people.

    • lot in common dummy. Christens don’t cut heads off for fun. Read whats going on. Bet you voted for Obama. When this country goes into civil war like every Arab country’s have gone into thank him. And its coming and more. Check out the justice dept. and fast and furriest case in the house of Representative . Obama and his friends are lieing about it.

      And they say the weapons gone to Mexico for the Cartel another lie. Why would they smuggle weapons over the border for here to send those back to Mexico. They are setting this country up for a civil war that is treason time to impeach and put Obama in jail with the rest like the terrorist from C.I.A.R.

  13. I took a peak at this program and I fell on the sequence where a couple is consulting an Imam concerning their lack of a baby. This is completely stunado. They need to find a doctor. This side visist was totally hilarious. This is like going to your bookie for a tax problem.

  14. I only watched a few episodes of this show out of curiosity. I will no longer be viewing it.
    I wanted to barf when one of those guys…I think it was the coach casually mentioning
    that he thinks that Christianity and islam are pretty much the same, who the hell is he
    trying to fool? NOT ME!!!!!

  15.…oh well, I generally only buy books there, I have enough of them
    to read untill they cancel this sickening show, yech!!!!! Thanks for your hard work
    BNI…especially for easy one click email boycotting, love it!!!!!

    God Bless America!!!!!!!

    • Thank YOU, Brenda. Customer complaints are taken seriously by advertisers. When I worked at an ad agency, a print ad I created for a Canon ‘Smart’ Calculator that used the line, “A calculating mind is a terrible thing to waste” had to be pulled immediately because of one complaint from the United Negro College Fund (from whom I parodied the line, “A mind is a terrible thing to waste”). The line was approved by our legal department but as soon as Canon got that letter, we had to pull the ad. They threatened to have the black community boycott all Canon products.

  16. Jill and Marsha-
    You have each had your first class. Many good teachers here, and of course, the esteemed Headmistress, BNI.
    Now, go tell your friends. Encourage them to enroll, but only under the condition that they read, watch, listen, and learn, BEFORE they make their first comments. It will be easier for them that way.

    • jill, yes, “we people” know the more viewers it has the more letters the advertisers get which is why the show is losing so many so fast. Have you watched it? It is like watching cement set.

  17. OK TLC stands for the learning channel. So what have you learned Arabs are against you and they are aloud to make fun of Americans. 2 Families don’t count for anything they broke up a marriage and a bunch of little kids lost their father and been brought by TLC. 3 sick people are placed on their channel picking garbage and filling up their home with it.

    And in real life mentally ill people are helped with their illness by land lords who are making money on the retard by renting more space that they can’t use for the rest of their social Security checks. And what do the government do.nothing. Because the retarded have right’s if they thought they needed help they could call for help.

    Then if you want to laugh they put on little people it’s like a circus and don’t tell me people don’t laugh. Then when you get tried of them you can laugh at fat people. So your learning a-lot. So do we really need that channel on.

  18. marsha, take off those “rose-colored” glasses, my dear & look at this situation clearly. do take a good, thorough look at what is happening in every european country: france, england, italy, holland, switzerland, denmark, sweden, norway, spain, bosnia, germany, etc, etc, etc. these people aim to convert the entire world & it’s death to those who don’t convert.

  19. Apparently Marsha dahling doesn’t have an inkling of what she is talking about.

    Her Kennedy “analogy” really showed her problem in grasping the concept of this travesty on the very basic level!

    Either that, or she’s just another Taqiyya promoter posing as a PC promoter.

  20. Marsha, Marsha, Marsha….

    If you’re old enough to remember the Kennedy-Catholic brouhaha, then you are old enough to know the difference between what that was, and this is. Wake up girl… smell the jihad!

  21. Here’s what I just posted at Xbox – all true:

    I like Kinect, but why are you advertising on TLC’s “All-American Muslim?”

    I’m a bleeding heart liberal all my life, so I really can’t stand by while someone promotes an ideology that supports the following:

    “Honor Killings”
    Limb Amputations
    Child Marriage/Rape
    Hatred of Nonbelievers
    Etc., ad nauseam

    See here:

    Does Kinect support all those things? I’m thinking of blogging it and sending it around to my 10s of thousands of friends and followers.

  22. Someone is NOT understanding Shaira law, it is connected w/”TAQIYYA” (Laying) and they can get in anyway they can worm themselves in and then when they get control they draw in the net and yu are caught in it! Shairia is LAW, that these Muslim men Impose upon all, that is women take the brunt of it and men have to conform to this Church-Stae set up and/or be beaten or scourged or even killed! YOU have NO idea what life would be like in this environment if applied to this nation!! Keep in mind: ALLLLLLLL, I mean ALLLLLL 57 nations that are Muslim dominated are (AGAIN) 3rd world nations! Remember, when in a Muslim country there are calls to prayer 5 times per day and all must pray, and the prayer over loudspeakers blare that ABHORRANT/Incessant prayer call, IF you don’t pray, whoa unto you there is a beating coming if not more!! Sharia is a Damnable law, it need NOT come to this country!!!

  23. most of these I never use anyway, but I am calling them as such! GEICO, They are a bunch of bonehaeds and I will never support them again! oh also they supported the Obama care crap sandwich that was given! GEICO used to be a good Ins policy when it was ONLY military, and then they got to big for their britches and now…NEVER again will I support them!!!

  24. The name of this program is a lie…you can’t be a 7th century American.

    Americans don’t believe perfection is 14 centuries in the past.

  25. Why in the world are you protesting this show? These folks may be Muslims, but they are also AMERICANS. I am old enough to remember when Kennedy ran for president, the first Catholic to do so, and so many people were up-in-arms because they really thought Kennedy would allow the Pope to rule over us. Silly??? No sillier than the absolute fear of Muslims some have.

    I honestly fear what we are seeing in America is exactly what happened in Hitler’s Germany and other countries where genocide has been commited. It always starts with propaganda to create fear and blame and then to gradually dehumanize a segment of the population as we are now seeing in American toward all Muslims.

  26. Americans have realized there is no compatibility between discriminatory Sharia and the egalitarian US constitution.

    What they leave out of this white-wash is : hatred of ‘others’ for the sake of Allah, gender apartheid, political supremacist agenda, mutual hatred and discrimination between Sunnis and Shi’ites, Jew hatred, dog hatred, music hatred, art hatred.

    NEVERTHELESS, Moz women are becoming educated and will not stand for inequality much longer. They will be taking over the store soon. Islam will collapse within 20 years.

    We need a TV show that goes into the details about beating wives, locking them in a room and starving them, pedophilic forced marriage and other charming and quaint MOZMAN killer jihadist customs STRAIGHT OUT OF THE 7th CENTURY.

  27. I watched part of the show last night, but it’s really hard for me to stomach. It’s like watching that disgusting show with the guy who “married” four women. It’s against the fucking LAW in this country!
    Question: Other than the chick with the headbag, do ANY of the other muslims in the show WORK?

    I’ll follow up on the lists. I know how affective they are because I work in the advertising business too, and advertisers do NOT want to lose customers. I have Farmers Insurance, and I’m going to contact the CEO myself.

    If Media Matters can destroy Glenn Beck’s advertisers, we can do the same. Pass the info listed here on to everyone you know.

  28. Better get those emails & love notes to the sponsors PRONTO, Sarah Pisslam!! ‘Cause if what BNI says about the advertising scenario, this show will NOT be “picked up” again, but will die a natural death – as opposed to what pisslam ordains for kaffirs…

    I have to chuckle at the very OPPOSITE effect that TLC’s series on “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” had on viewers & advertisers – talk about night & day!! The Mudslimes in America fit about as well as a shoe that’s 3 sizes too small! And what an UNAMERICAN situation to FORCE non-muzzie football players to kowtow to the muzzies’ ramadamadamadingo “religious” rituals!! My God, when did they ever make Christian athletes stop practice and even games on Yom Kippur our of respect for Jewish students – even in Brooklyn?!? Gimme a break!!

    I’m just praying that one of these days, America will wake up from its Rip Van Winkle slumber and say, “NO MAS!!” And “GTFO of the USA, once & for all!!” I think we need to devise a symbol – maybe a type of ribbon symbol – that ID’s us as “Fed Up To Here WIth Pisslam!!” – and wear it often & defiantly. Or maybe a crescent with a slash line through a circle over that wretched symbol of pisslam…

  29. Aarrrghhhh! Velveeta? Was that on the original list? I don’t recall seeing it. And I just bought some. Thankfully just the small “box.” Will get busy with an e-mail and a telephone call, too!

    • No BT, it wasn’t on the first show.
      And don’t forget, they will continue to get sponsors because as the ratings go down, so do the advertising prices. So a company that couldn’t have afforded the rates at the beginning will jump on when it gets cheaper. But that only works for so long. If ratings continue to tank, there won’t be enough ad takers and that’s why shows get cancelled.
      This is a limited run cable show so that might not happen. But it won’t be renewed for next year in that case.

  30. please know this fact: *there are no moderate muslims*. they may not all hijack planes & fly them into buildings, nor bomb embasies, or tunnels, shopping malls or hotels or ships in port [USS cole], but they are all programmed to take over the world. their “holy” book exhorts them to do that & they are allowed to use any means to accomplish that end…be it lying, cheating, any subterfuge or committing murder to get the job done.

  31. sARAH ISLAM, you are a creeping snake just like your creeping sharia in the dirtiest swamp of America! Havae you undergone that female genital mutilation in your despicable Islam? Are you in favor of father’s, brother’s. or nephew’s praactice of bestiality in you filthy islam?

  32. Thanks for the email link, I sent mine in. Good job with the advertisers list, BNI! Your hard work is truly appreciated my friend. I also want to thank anyone who contributes to help here and you, too, should also be recognized for yours as well.

  33. Slowly,
    They work their way into our society using our own laws, liberal, (Democratic)?, courts and judges to beat us at our own games. They deserve nothing special, nothing more than we get but….
    All they have to do is look at the “Arab Spring”! Sharia law wil/is in effect in Libya, Egypt, Tunisa, (sp), and eventually the entire middle east. How are the women who are used to and have the freedom to act, dress, education, enjoy all the western values they have to come to enjoy?
    Anyone think, any of the women ” pussies” (pc incorrect) over here will enjoy true sharia law over here?
    Even westernized women or men will be able to enjoy our freedoms after true sharia hits this country? Think about it all you left Ewing idiots? Think hard! Gee girls, you will have to share your husband with other women and little boys?
    GOD Bless America!

  34. Thanks None! I was able to use the website to send a thank you note to all of the advertisers. I’ve also forwarded this to several friends who will show their support, too.

    • Ec, I am in the advertising business and I know that once they start selling advertisers twofers, and replacing paid time slots with promos for other programs on the station, it means the ratings are down significantly from the first week. I sat thru the whole thing tonight and it was so boring, I was looking forward to commercial breaks.

      • Thank you for the info. That is such good news. I also think this show is absolute subterfuge. I will dance for joy when it’s canceled.

  35. Actually maybe that site doesn’t have all of the new ones, I thought it said it did. :/

    It sends emails to quite a good bit of places though.

  36. the non-muslim players are REQUIRED to say a muslim prayer!!! what kind of crap is that? of course the aclu, founded by communists, would do nothing in this case, as the only religion they go after is christianity. how many times in how many states has the aclu sued schools for prayers, yet silence on this.

    an addict that would sell her child to a pedophile for drug money has more integrity than any aclu lawyer.

    • liz, I just found out about the prayer thing tonight. But they are also required to go to football practice when it is convenient for the Muslim players, i.e., during Ramadan they hold practice late at night because the muslims can’t eat or drink during the daytime.

  37. We can call Time Watner here; GEICO (I have always insured my cars with them — I am calling them)! Lowes? Damn! I’ll call them too!

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