BELGIUM: Muslim teacher suspended for penalizing female students who did not wear Islamic headbags to school

Mohammed G, 58 has been teaching in the Royal Athenum Verdi in Verviers since 2004. In 2010, an inspector reported ‘bizarre behavior’ by the teacher, and informed the school that the teacher preached radical points of view in his lessons.

Islam in Europe  The school investigated, resulting in a disastrous report by two inspectors. One student said that Mohammed had told her that her mother would burn in hell because her mother was Catholic. Another that the teacher reproached her, a Muslim girl, for walking hand-in-hand with a boy.

The teacher called girls without a headscarf ‘sinners’. According to the inspectors he also discriminated against students without a headscarf: they automatically got lower grades. Mohammed G. also had his students learn Koran verses by heart, though that wasn’t part of the curriculum.

The school administration decided to suspect the teacher for four months. Mohammed G. turned to the Council of State saying this violated his right to freedom of expression. The Council ruled against him: he’ll be suspended for four months and get half his salary during that time. (A lousy 4-month suspension with half pay? This jihadist teacher should be fired and deported immediately)

Hijab may be YOUR choice, but kicking muslims out of the country is OURS