25 Somali Muslim Asslifters sue Hertz for not giving them several paid prayer breaks per day

Twenty-five former Hertz drivers at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport have filed a lawsuit claiming they were fired based on their race, religion, and nationality. Hopefully, Hertz will fight them and not dhimmi (one who submits to Islamic intimidation) themselves and re-hire them or settle out of court.

The former employees are Muslims who were born in Somalia.

The lawsuit filed Wednesday in King County Superior Court claims Hertz terminated them after they refused to clock out for prayers. The lawsuit claims they had not been required to clock out previously, and the rules were changed to target Somali Muslims.

Hertz officials could not be reached for comment after business hours. But a spokesman said previously that other drivers who were suspended in September returned to their jobs after agreeing to clock out.

The workers who are suing want to be reinstated with back pay, plus reimbursement of lost benefits and attorneys’ fees.

Just the latest in an endless series of Litigation Jihad that shows why employers should NEVER HIRE MUSLIMS:





















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  1. “Clock out and pray” is NOT a viable answer. You are paid to work. You are expected to be present while your shift is active. You are expected to perform you duties in such a fashion as to be deemed worthy of payment. The only real answer here is pray before and/or after work, work breaks excluded. If this is not conducive to the employee, in is incumbent upon said employee to seek employment more befitting to their needs. In the mean time, said employee needs to comply with proper expectations of professional vocation or risk termination. All employers need to ask these questions at the employment interview and receive signred acceptance to avoid such litigation, If Hertz is not careful, the tail will wag the dog.
    My statements here are not intended to be “antiMuslim” per se, just common sense in a life long status as employee. My only question is this:”If this lawsuit fails, will court costs be paid by the plaintifs?” If not, “There’s your problem”.

  2. They will all burn in hell with allah. There is no GD reason to bring a single one of these inbreeding freaks to our great nation again! END ALL IMMIGRATION OF THESE FREAKS!
    There is no place for such child beheading freaks in the USA! They should be sued and made to pay for all the time they we’re praying to allah and Mooooohamhead on the clock!

  3. These Jackasses don’t understand something: when it is time to work, yu go to work! If you are being paid, shut up and go to work! I do pray but I don’t have to have a prayer rug and clock out etc. I pray while I work! This is NOT a prayer issue etc it is an issue of dominance! Muslims are infiltrating our society and trying to take it over! This is just one moe straw! People better wake up and say no, and HELL NO!! MOOSELIM< Go home to where you came from!!

  4. Invade to within, agitate, takeover, and destroy. It has been their modus operandi since the 7th century AD. If I were still in business I would NEVER hire a Muslim. Ever.

  5. Religion should be kept out of the work place. just as it should be kept out of politics. A persons religious beliefs should be between him and God. It is a farce and the muslims are milking it. What have they got to lose, especially when the law seems to favour them. Boy I would not like to be accumulating the Karma that judges, lawyers and politicians are earningtight now. Muslims are NOT compatible with western countries. They should not be in our countries expecting us to accommodate them. Let Mohammod pay them to pray all day if they like, but somewhere else please.

  6. Hang in there Hertz ! And let this be a learning experience. Don”t EVER hire a muslim !
    They are sooooo sweet when applying for a job and then they, and their litigious cair (small letters intentional) will turn around and bite you on the butt for refusing to grant them special privliges or not allowing them to dress in their Halloween costumes on the job.

    Many times, employees suddenly become “religious” when cair points out the easy money to be had by letting them sue on their behalf.

    I believe insurance companies are right now running studies to see if there is a market for insurance against muslim lawsuits. Not a bad idea, but when you think about it, it’s kinda like insuring against stupidity.

    Don’t EVER hire a muslim !

  7. Yet another story where objective thought logic is the only answer to the problem. Personal requirements or needs that are not applicable to the work should not be paid for if an overall fairness is sought.
    These actions become private time and are obviously separate from work time. This is also underlined as the employer has no control or comment over this time.
    In other words, when you choose to take a portion of time out, you must be responsible for the time personally.
    The unions want it all their own way by simply not making this clear to their members.
    Another example of unions acting in a destructive manner which has been their profile in many cases over the years.

  8. Thanks BNI. I seriously hope Hertz stands strong on this. No company should have to work around all of those demands-I know I certainly wouldn’t! Plus, then I would have to extend special breaks, etc. to EVERYONE (can’t do something for 1 employee and not another), and at that point it would be ridiculous. They have no business trying to make the employer work around them: even worse is the fact that they want to get paid at the same time. This is nonsense. Wish there was a way for Hertz to counter sue these people for wasting their time and energy on this ridiculous case!

    • Rose, it didn’t say, but probably about 3. However, when it come to Ramadan, it’s a whole month of different times each day. They also demand to start and leave work at different time every day for the month. And because they don’t eat or drink during the daytime during Ramadan, they don’t like it when other people are eating or drinking around them.

  9. There’s a simple Rule over here in the U.K. if you don’t work – you don’t get paid !! – simple, and there must be some sort of rule regarding leaving your place of Work during the working Hours you are Contracted to do,if it’s not in the Contract then it’s a Breach of an Agreement so therefore it’s a Breech of the Agreed Contract !! – get rid of them Hertz,!!! and in Future at Interview,make sure they understand – NO WORK = NO PAY !! and while they are outside SKIVING, the rest of the Team have to pull DOUBLE in order to compensaite for their absence,which,is a whole new Argument for the Workers who don’t go Outside – GET RID OF THEM.!!!!!!!!

  10. how is that “hope and change” working out for ya!!!!! , ass kissing liberals!!!! if this country goes down you assholes go down with it!!!!!!!!!!! , fucking idiot’s ( to all muslims and “illegals in this country “GET THE FUCK OUT” we don’t need your lazy , lying , stealing asses here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I would never hire one of those moronic looking “people”. Where I work we have two scheduled breaks and one scheduled lunch period, no deviations except for emegencies. Break the rules, get written up. Three writeups, out the door. I hope Hertz has what it takes to prevail.

  12. Ditto to Maj Corcoran!

    Sharia law allows wife-beating, slavery and amputation, as well as killing infidels who criticize Islam.

    Do we want Sharia?

  13. No one trusts Mozzies…even other Mozzies.

    Saddam Hussein only hired Christians as his bodyguards because their word could be trusted.

    Taqiyya is normative Islam, rather than an aberration.

  14. Hertz is not a Mosque nor is it a religious entity. It is a business that buys, sells, rents, and leases vehicles to the public, private enterprises, government agencies for the purposes of making money and expanding a successful business. Hertz is not in the business of paying its employees for taking company time for their personal beliefs. Either the employee wants to work during the time allotted or they don’t. No one is forcing them to work at Hertz. That is their choice. As it is the choice of the Hertz Corporation to insist that its employees work for the time that they are getting paid. This is America not Somalia! We have a government that was formed upon a Christian based ideology not Sharia law! I sincerely hope that Hertz stands its grounds. This encroachment by these Muslims and the Unions to enforce that attempt to coerce American businesses to comply to Sharia beliefs needs to stop. We, as Americans are not obligated to pay for the religious beliefs of the Muslims. They can practice their beliefs on their own time.
    Major Daniel P. Corcoran (ret)

  15. Stay STRONG Hertz. islam (with a small i) is Not a race, nor is it a religion, it’s an
    ideology. It’s also a bad ideology.

    Stand firm Hertz, I am sure there are many more people looking for work.

  16. The union should stay out this one or they will all be out of a job..Stand Tuff Hertz,,the Ragheads are after your company..

  17. I just hope this is reported in papers such as Business News Daily and the like. When Muslims can’t get jobs because their Muslims, there will be a mountain of previous experience to explain it. Hertz deserves this. Why? Because “Stupid is SUPPOSED to hurt”.

  18. If Hertz caves in, a boycott should be implemented. The same for any other company that caves in to muslim lawsuits. The muzzies can go to hell and so can the Teamsters.

  19. figures. if i was using Hertxz and the driver got out to pray, i would deduct the prayer time from the fee and I definitely would NOT give them a tip.
    it’s past time to hit these companies in the wallet for hiring Muslims

  20. Fuck the crybaby bastards. I agree with some of the rap above. Diversity in the workplace is a good idea. Just don’t hire a fucking muslim. simple.

  21. i think the companies better bone up on their rights BEFORE they hire these creeps, and then not hire them at all, let them sweep side walks or clean toliets. And private companies with members only places to either belong to or shop in like costco or bj’s or sam’s club better look to these places as examples of what is gonna happen to them if they hire these retards. and i f i was the person who had to have this woman in my home as a home health aide, i would tell her not to come back from even before she gets inside my home. about the only place these people will have left is with their won companies. let’s hope that is the way it will go from now on.

  22. Well I bet they dont employ anymore Muslims,,easy enough give them an entrance exam,,if they fail,,,which they will,,,dont give them a job..We have laws in The Uk,,that we cant discriminate,so we go around it,But I dont think you guys do,,,But dont employ them ..makes sense right !!!!!

    • Budgie, this isn’t the first lawsuit Hertz has had from Muslims. Abercrombie & Fitch was sued 2 or 3 times for not allowing muslim sales help to wear bags on their heads, despite their specific dress codes. And A&F lost. Some firms never learn.

  23. First, being a Muslim is not a race! Second, fight the very nature of Islam in the courts by claiming that Islam is not a protected class under the First Amendment. Not all religions are protected classes. For example, religions that practice human sacrifice, drug use, and animal sacrifices are not protected. Likewise, it has long been established that religions that practice polygamy are not granted the freedom to practice their religion in accordance with the First Amendment. Islamic laws and beliefs support and encourage polygamy.

    Islam requires that apostates be murdered for turning away from the cult. Adulterers are stoned to death. Those who steel must have the offending limb removed, which is cruel punishment under our laws. Islam, like so many other non-protected class of religions lack the First Amendment protections to bring law suits claiming violations of religious protections under our laws. Jurist need to argue this fact. Take the Koran and Hadiths to court to remove their existing legal protections. Sharia Law which governs Islamic life is antithetical to our Constitution and Western laws.

  24. If Hertz caves into these perverted creeps this family will “never” again rent from this company when traveling. Period!

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