CBC paints a sympathetic picture of the Afghan Muslim father who murdered his 3 daughters and wife…and said he'd 'do it again 100 times'

The Afghan Muslim father accused in the deaths of almost half his clan is painting an idyllic picture of family life in Canada. Mohammad Shafia, now 58, took the witness stand to testify in his own defence and did what Muslims always do best: LIED.

Mohammad Shafia, 58, centre with his third wife Toob, 41, and their son, Hamed, 20, have gone on trial charged with the first degree murders of his daughters Zainah, 19, middle right, Geeti, top right Sahar, far left, and his second wife Rona, 50, the girls' mother in Ontario, in Canada 2009. Having emigrated from Afghanistan to Canada, he was allegedly angry that Zainah had married a Pakistani. Police claim that they recorded him describing the daughters as 'treacherous' and likening them to prostitutes

    Led through his evidence by his lawyer Peter Kemp, Mr. Shafia said he was a liberal parent who didn’t care how his daughters dressed, and twice sobbed as he spoke about them. His testimony is starkly at odds with how other witnesses have described the household. They said Mr. Shafia ran the house with an iron hand and that the girls lived like political prisoners.

Still, when he described finding a picture of 17-year-old Sahar with a boy, after the death of the girl and two sisters, he said, “My children did a lot of cruelty to me.” He, his second wife Tooba Mohammad Yahya, and their oldest son Hamed are pleading not guilty to four counts each of first-degree murder. (Of course not, where they come from ‘honor’ killing family members is highly respected) Sisters Sahar, 19-year-old Zainab and 13-year old-Geeti, plus Mr. Shafia’s first wife Rona Amir Mohammad, were found June 30 2009 in a black Nissan submerged at the Kingston Mills locks outside this city.

And despite his self-portrait as a loving and kind father whose daughters called him “daddy,” it was evident he was still furious that Sahar had a boyfriend and that she and Zainab were dressing in short skirts. Mr. Kemp put to him some of the most damaging statements Mr. Shafia made on police wiretaps which are now exhibits at trial — notably his furious wish that “the devil shit on their graves.” “To me, it means the devil will go out and check with them in their graves,” Mr. Shafia said.