So, how long before the Arab Spring protesters are begging for Mubarak to come back?

Apparently, police in Tahrir Square are using a more toxic form of tear gas, considered war-grade gas that is ten times stronger than typical crowd-control tear gas.

Observers.france24  According to several of our Observers who have been taking part in protests in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, the tear gas used by police has had a devastating effect on protesters. Concerns over the substance’s dangerous effects and its legality have spread rapidly on the Egyptian Web. This is the kind of message that has been circulating among Egyptians on Twitter in recent days: “It’s been a day and I’m still suffering from this damned gas that only God knows what it has [in it], I feel dizzy and sick” (@Fellfelaa). Mohamed El Baradei, the former director of the International Atomic Energy Agency and a candidate in the Egyptian presidential elections, went on Twitter to denounce the use of tear gas containing nerve agents against protesters.
 Many Web users suspect police are using a gas called dibenzoxazepine, also known as CR, whose effects are up to ten times stronger than those of the CS gases, which are usually used. CR gases are normally used in warfare, not domestic police operations. On Wednesday, a call to photograph the tear gas capsules found in Tahrir Square was launched on Facebook and Twitter. Web users in Cairo have posted photos of capsules that appear to have been made in the United States, some of them over 20 years ago. According to the group Campaign Against Arms Trade, gas canisters older than five years can become more toxic.
Bilal Said is a doctor who has been tending to the wounded in Tahrir square. He also participated in the protest movement in January 2011. The smoke from the tear gas canisters used in recent days is much less white – therefore much less visible – than the ones used in January. It causes breathing difficulties much more quickly and its effects last longer. It also causes vomiting and convulsions. I’m not exactly sure what kind of tear gas is being used. Some say they are simply capsules that are past their expiration date. If that is the case, they are very a dangerous, because after a certain period of time the chemical components in tear gas can modify and cause unexpected reactions.”
Sherif Gaber, an activist, said, “I wasn’t all that surprised. Egypt and the United States have had military and trade cooperation for years. The US gives 1.3 billion euros in aid every year, and that money goes mainly to the Egyptian army. In return, a lot of military supplies are purchased in the United States.” I posted this photo online for American leaders to realise that one of their companies is responsible for the brutal repression perpetrated by the Egyptian police, and even for the death of protesters. (Who cares? It was your idea to overthrow a secular government in exchange for the Islamic fundamentalist tyranny that is coming) Three people died of suffocation during recent protests – we know thanks to the autopsy reports and the accounts of doctors present in Tahrir Square.
RIGHT NOW in Tahrir Square, there aren’t enough ambulances to take away those affected by this gas. Every 10-20 seconds, motorcycles arrive at the makeshift field hospital where doctors are struggling to help. The motorcycle drivers and t…heir helpers wear heavy duty gas masks as they drive into the crowd that’s being gassed by the Egyptian military. The person they carry when they return is at best vomiting and debilitated. At worst, unconscious or dead. This is not the tear gas you know but a lethal chemical weapon. It’s being used against demonstrators in Egypt and it’s made in the USA. (Nothing but the best for our radical IslamoFascist friends)