'Sharia4Belgium' Muslim savages threaten to 'break the neck' of Muslim lesbian writer

A group of IslamoNazis stormed a debate featuring lesbian Muslim writer, Irshad Manji, in Amsterdam last night, threatening to break Manji’s neck as they issued cries of “Allahu Akbar,” (“God is great”) according to witnesses and Manji’s own Twitter feed.

Live Leak  (H/T Susan K) They threw eggs on them and spat at Manji. The special mobile unit of the police had to expel these Muslims which numbered between 20 and 30 out of the building. Twenty were arrested. 

Sharia4Holland, witnesses stated that they spoke with a Flemish (Belgian) accent, and were likely members of Sharia4Belgium, one of a number of groups of Muslim extremists seeking to install Sharia law in Europe. Irshad Manji is a practicing Muslim who promotes modernization and reform within the faith. She is the author of several books, including The Trouble With Islam Today. 

The events took place only two days after Dutch-Moroccan Muslim youth threw stones at a Santa Claus in the Slotervaart section of Amsterdam. In recent years, the festivities surrounding the arrival of “Sint” to the Netherlands have been cancelled in several cities as a result of threats and violence perpetrated by radicalized Muslim youth in the Netherlands.