TEXAS college professor under attack for telling the truth about Islam

Paul Derengowski, a Philosophy professor at Tarrant County College in Dallas, Texas, has resigned under pressure following controversial in-class remarks he made about Islam. Crybaby muslim students claim they were offended at hearing that their death cult posing as a religion was called a “cult” by Derengowski.

The Blaze  Two Muslim students who were in one of these courses apparently went to college administrators to complain about commentary and instruction that they found immensely offensive. The students claimed that Derengowski called Islam a cult and that he had posted “inflammatory” images on his web site.

Now, following his resignation, Derengowski wants his job back. However, he apparently isn’t willing to comply with requirements that he stop holding a biased view in the classroom.

In an interview with KDFW-TV, he was open about his Christian faith as well as his anti-Islamic views. In describing his web site he said, “I am defending the Christian faith. Christians are not supposed to stand by and just let that go. So that’s what you see on my website.”

Additionally, he maintained that he doesn’t believe that professors can truly remain neutral in the classroom, though he admitted that this is a common expectation. He says that the Muslim students involved in this situation are attempting to ruin his reputation and that they are lying about him.

In addressing the claims that he’s a bigot, he flatly denounced the assertion. “A bigot is somebody who doesn’t look at the information,” he said. “They’ve got their mind made up. Nobody’s gonna change their mind come hell or high water.”

Derengowski posted an extremely long letter (13 pages) on his web site, announcing his resignation and calling the students’ actions a “terroristic act of jihad.” In the text, he published the students‘ names associated with the incident and defended himself against attacks he’s been sustaining as a result of their complaints. He made it clear that he feels it was the students who deserved reprimand.

“Instead, the administration became complicit in Randa and Mohamad’s terroristic actions,” he wrote.  ”My motives were impure, because it is not the role of an educator to warn anybody about the pitfalls and dangers of cult recruitment.  Forget what Randa and Mohamad did, which clearly violated the student code of conduct.  The professor is the problem; let’s get rid of him,” he continued.

Derengowski also wrote that the male student involved in the case had an in-class outburst that led him to file a police report. Additionally, he claimed that the female student had sent out an e-mail that he called a “character assassination.” The male student now says he feels unsafe because his name was published online.

In the conclusion to his epic resignation letter, Derengowski’s words became even more intense:

To Randa Bedair and Mohamad Khorchid, your actions betray your true characters.  Not only did you act shamefully, despicably, recklessly, and carelessly, you provided the perfect illustration of what happens to those who really and truly follow Islamic principles.  Lying, cheating, and stealing all for the sake of Allah.  Surely you must be proud.  My heart breaks for you.

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Here is contact info, obtained directly from Paul Derengowski.
As we well know, letters and calls do help. Mr. Derengowski does ask that people remain respectful, (of course) when contacting the school.

Paul Derengowski: Write or call Mr. Rusty Fox, Vice President of Student Development at the SE Campus. Ph. (817) 515-3015 or Fax (817) 515-3177.
Email address: RUSTY.FOX@tccd.edu

Write or call Dr. Barbara Coan, Vice President of Teaching and Learning Service, SE Campus. Ph. (817) 515-3010 or Fax (817) 515-0771.
Email address: Barbara.coan@tccd.edu.

Write or call Mr. Josue Munoz, Dean of the Humanities Division, SE Campus. Ph. (817) 515-3013. Fax (817) 515-0805. Email address: JOSUE.MUNOZ@tccd.edu

MORE CONTACTS- Copied and pasted from FB page of Paul Derengowski.

“Additional names of a higher order
Write or call Dr. Ricardo Coronado, Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources. Ph. (817) 515-5234. ricardo.coronado@tccd.edu.

Write or call Ms. Erma Johnson Hadley, Tarrant County College Chancellor. Ph. (817) 515-5201. erma.johnsonhadley@tccd.edu.

Write or call Dr. William Coppola, SE Campus President. Ph. (817) 515-3001. Fax (817) 515-3175. Email address: william.coppola@tccd.edu.


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  1. Upaces is correct. You need to fix your story’s geography. No Tarrant County office would be located outside of Tarrant County. Dallas TX is in Dallas County. Fort Worth TX is in Tarrant County. Houston TX is Harris County. Austin TX is in Travis County. Et cetera. See http://geology.com/county-map/texas.shtml for a map of Texas with counties and county seats marked.

  2. It’s very SAD indeed that these colleges and other instsitutions have literally SOLD OUT to these Muslims and political correct pressures! Muslims are infiltrating every level of administration across America and you can only expect no end to it, unless your’re willing to stand up and FIGHT IT everywhere! Don’t forget what a sellout Gov. Rick Perry is to the Muslims,he who allows them to teach their propaganda in your schools!

  3. Good job standing up for truth my fellow Texan. Happy to see right here in Tarrant county there is still people willing to stand for what they know is right despite the criticism from people who think the whole world is made of marshmallows. God bless

  4. I strongly support the stand of Professor Derengkowski. islam has no place in America and all the places in the world who believes in freedom and peace. Do not give an inch to this ideology or it will swallow you.

  5. Islam IS a religion like a pirahna is a fish. But, you don’t want a pirahna in an acquarium with your peaceful pretty goldfish.

    • Ali Sina wrote; Can 1.2 billion people be wrong? Well, in logic we have something called “argumentum ad numerum”. It states that something is true if a lot of people believe in it. But argumentum ad numerum is a logical fallacy. Truth cannot be established by the consensus of the majority. In fact many arguments have been proven to be false, even though everyone in the world once accepted them as true. For example, not until a few centuries ago everyone believed that the Earth is flat and is at the centre of the universe. Despite that common belief both geocentricity and the idea of the flat Earth were false. A false belief does not become true even if everyone thinks they are true.

      Therefore, not only 1.2 billion people, but the entire mankind can be wrong. As Bertrand Russell said: “The fact that an opinion has been widely held is no evidence whatever that it is not utterly absurd; indeed in view of the silliness of the majority of mankind, a widespread belief is more likely to be foolish than sensible.”
      (Ali Sina, Faith Freedom.org)

  6. God Bless Prof. Derengowski; and I noted he didn’t mention the NUMBER ONE “red flag” indicating a cult, one Islam CERTAINLY fits; that being the belief that their “religion” is the ONLY “true religion” and anyone who disagrees with them in the slightest degree is bound for Hell; not to mention these ba*****s threaten to kill ANYONE who does NOT ‘submit” to Islam!!And I sincerely hope the good professor is quickly reinstated AND the two trouble making asslifters promptly get the **** out of his class, his class NOT theirs!!!

  7. Of course they complained ! They are muslims ! That’s what they DO !

    As to the question of where is the support from the profs colleagues, they are probably, as are a lot of “professors”, liberal, progressive weenies, hiding out in academia because they can’t make it in a real job in a world that rewards industry and results and not status quo promoting or posturing. They will always promote sedition and antiAmerican agendas to feed the intrinsic rebellious nature of supposedly adult students.

    muslims, backed up by the terrorist supporting cair (small letters intentional), will always do the best they can to get in-your-face, disrupt your culture, disrupt your lifestyle, accuse you af “racial” bias, even though muslimism is not a race, and play the poor’ downtrodden victim. As reported lately in a religious census of all states, the highest percentage of islamites in any State is only 1%. Most are .05% or less. This is just another example of that tiny minority being coddled and catered to over the perponderance of others. Kind of an “affirmative action” for ragheads.

  8. Has it occured to anybody that maybe the person or persons holding the colleges purse strings are making all the decisions?

  9. A man of courage a man of princible a man who stands firm in his beliefs bravo for this man corect me if im wrong but dont those left wing egg heads put there anti Judeo christian western view points and opions to there students every chance they get are any of those low lives forced out of there jobs dont think so there lauded by there comrades in the left wing press and media bet they were all over this like a stinking 54 year old mohamidan on his poor 6 year old wife


  10. It is a cult so where is the harm in saying it?
    Oh, but I forgot…………….in America it is a crime to speak the truth if it concerns islam.

  11. There is no difference between islam and the Hindu death cult of Kali, except the Hindus are a religion and G-D knows what islam is but a bunch of thugs.

  12. MORE CONTACTS- Copied and pasted from FB page of Paul Derengowski.

    “Additional names of a higher order
    Write or call Dr. Ricardo Coronado, Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources. Ph. (817) 515-5234. ricardo.coronado@tccd.edu.

    Write or call Ms. Erma Johnson Hadley, Tarrant County College Chancellor. Ph. (817) 515-5201. erma.johnsonhadley@tccd.edu.

    Write or call Dr. William Coppola, SE Campus President. Ph. (817) 515-3001. Fax (817) 515-3175. Email address: william.coppola@tccd.edu.

    Again, be firm, but please refrain from the kind of tawdry behavior those us of present witnessed when the two Muslim students decided that the facts being taught about Islam was not to their liking. Thank you.”

  13. Hey BNI friends,
    Here is contact info, obtained directly from Paul Derengowski.
    As we well know, letters and calls do help. Mr. Derengowski does ask that people remain respectful, (of course) when contacting the school.

    Paul Derengowski: Write or call Mr. Rusty Fox, Vice President of Student Development at the SE Campus. Ph. (817) 515-3015 or Fax (817) 515-3177.
    Email address: RUSTY.FOX@tccd.edu

    Write or call Dr. Barbara Coan, Vice President of Teaching and Learning Service, SE Campus. Ph. (817) 515-3010 or Fax (817) 515-0771.
    Email address: Barbara.coan@tccd.edu.

    Write or call Mr. Josue Munoz, Dean of the Humanities Division, SE Campus. Ph. (817) 515-3013. Fax (817) 515-0805. Email address: JOSUE.MUNOZ@tccd.edu

  14. A Muslim respects only one thing. If you whip their Ass,
    they will respect you. If you turn your cheek in appeasement,
    your ass is theirs. Political Correctness will be the down fall
    of a great nation. We better wake up……

  15. My extreme admiration for the professor. His conviction remains with the truth despite the temporary victory of evila and deceit. Apparently the authorities in the school the professor works for doesnt have an inkling what islam is. These kind of people hastily lump islam with the rest of other religions, not having any inkling what islam is. Authorities such as this has a cursory knowledge and then make a hasty judgement in the name of “fairness” and political correctness. They do not know the inherent evil in islam. If only they bothered to read a few lines of islam, hadith, and sunnah. Then they could have sufficient doubt to thoroughly study disgusting political and ethical teachings of this phlagiarized literature.

  16. Prof. Paul Derengowski is a brave man.

    We need to bring teachers like him to come together to teach the REAL HISTORY OF ISLAM AND JIHAD.

    When Westerners can get a degree in REAL ISLAM, we will begin to fight back against this HIDEOUSLY EVIL DEATH CULT that destroys the lives of women and ‘others’.

  17. I emailed the Teacher in question and expressed my anger and frustration that he was treated this way.
    He was very humble and believes he did what he had to do. I explained that myself and many of my family and friends where very concerned about this issue. I told him he had my support and that what he did took courage and strength. He thanked me for my comments.

    Of coures there where many other view points I shared, but you know…Hello CAIR…I know you are out there you shit birds.


    List of Bad Things about Islam
    No Golden Rule, No free speech, No democracy, Jihad – holy war of supremacism, Honour killings, Taqiyya – sacred lying, Taqlid – group think and information control, Misogyny – repression of women, Rape of kafirs as jihad, Genocide, Ethnic cleansing, Al-Walaa wal-Baraa – apartheid, Torture, Plundering, Cruel and unusual punishments, Backwardness, Violence against women, Slavery

  19. The Koran tells Muslims – some 70 times – to obey and imitate Mohammed in all things for all time; to do so is called Sunna – to fail can get a Muslim killed. Mohammed DID smile and laugh, but the situations meriting his humor were not at all humorous to those he was smiling or laughing about. As Islamic doctrine is highly repetative, conflicting “interpretations” are nearly impossible. Mohammed dictated the Koran in its (near) entirety, but it was compiled by an individual who was not privy to the proper order, thus the longer surahs/readings began first and the shortest to the back. On reading, many self-contradictions became apparent and this was dealt with by adding a new surah, 2:106, which reads: “If we abrogate a verse or cause it to be forgotten, We will replace it by a better one or one similar. Did you not know God has power over all things?” – also known as the doctrine of abrogation, used liberally with treaties and “honorable” agreements with trusting kafir..

  20. It seems everyone has freedoom of speech,as protected by OUR Constitution, except us…..us being Christian Americans….it is repeatedly becoming common practice to punish Christians for OUR beliefs….this is OUR country…the muslim students should have just left the classroom…if you don’t like what WE believe, we will help you pack. hell, I’ll pitch in on a ticket to get you out of here….and that goes for the miserable “president” of this country….not even sincere enough to cross his heart during OUR Pledge of Allegiance. it is up to us to try to change what is happening to America…colleges are a good place to start..stand up for the professor and he needs his job back…..

  21. i dont think you understand what is going on alkidya, soon if nobama has his way, you are not going to dress up to kid theym and play jokes on them, you will have to wear these headrags to keep fomr being killed like they do in iran. and i was jsut watching on tv huckabee who said that there are not enough people who are against nobama to vote him out of office possibly even with someone like gingrich running which means if they dont have enough people voting nobamam could win out of a lack of people not voting, and win office again. 4 more years of this and it is the end of our land, end of story,good night nurse.

  22. The good prof only made one mistake: He should have had a couple of classes on what constitutes a cult BEFORE talking about Pisslam.
    As we know, Pisslam fits ALL parameters of a cult – especially about being threatened with death or physical harm if you leave.
    After the Prof gets re-instated, he should make it a priority to teach about cults & he won’t even have to mention any names – but you can bet your left nut than any muzzturd attending would find offense & complain – which is fine, because they will then publicly admit that they’re in a cult.

  23. College is an institution of learning, in the best case scenario,,, To see only one side of a subject denies the student the faculties of critical thinking, logical progression, and denies also the possibility of intuitive, spontaneous questioning of “What If ??? ”

    Without those attributes of education, there can be no true progression in education, or in life itself. The ideology of islam is little more, if not the sum total of, a psychological stagnant, scum filled pool of putrescence. And putrescence STINKS.

    ALL the religions of the world have matured, realized their errors of interpretation, and gone on to advance the lives and spiritual well-being of their adherents,,, ALL, that is, EXCEPT islam, and the adherents are the lesser in intellect and in spiritual development because of it.

    I find it very interesting, that the holy books of all religions are written in many interpretive levels – physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually, but the qur’an is written only in the matter of the basest of barbaric physicality., as are the hadith and the examples of the sunnah.

    As the ayatollah khomeini said, ““Allah did not create man so that he could have fun. The aim of creation was for mankind to be put to the test through hardship and prayer. An Islamic regime must be serious in every field. There are no jokes in Islam. There is no humor in Islam. There is no fun in Islam. There can be no fun and joy in whatever is serious.” Ayatollah Khomeini, 1979

    Yet, Jesus made water into wine at a wedding feast~!

  24. Yes, TRUTH has become the new HATE speech.

    Clinton is meeting on Monday, with the OIC assholes to make things even worse.
    Soon we won’t be able to say “boo!” to the spooks in their bags.
    Why don’t we all just dress up like ragheads and bag-bodies and then make fun of them.
    What are they going to do? Call us hypocrites I suppose.

  25. I sincerely hope the U.S. can overturn the present developing policies activated by Obama, through the election process, in 2012. My experience of over 45 years against Communists and 10 years against Islam, shows me that they will not respect a NEGATIVE election result affecting their power. Obama and associate will activate a martial law situation, to stop the elections. WHAT ARE YOU PREPARED TO DO. Throughout the World, we are in a WAR, falsely believing and hoping that our Democratic institutions will be respected. It’s a grand Luciferian delusion.
    For starters sign the “Ban Islam” petition at: http://www.petitiononline.com/MYSTIC/petition.html


  26. only 2 students complained and I suppose they were the only 2 in class/ What these students did was a violation of the First Amendment at worsst and lack of manners at best.

  27. here’s the problem as i see it, the usa is itself now liars, with the commander in chief being the worst liar of them all, he began a program about hope and change and hood winked everyone and did not tell people what his hope and change was all about. so he is the biggest liar of them all, he not only decives us all, but is giving away your freedoms and soon selling out our land. if he gets re-elected i am moving out of this country fast, and will take a loss for my home, i am not going to live in this land anymore becasue i can not trust the leaders to tell the truth, having said that, unless us citizens begin to exploit the mudslims in any way possible by using lies back to them to let them know how it feels, thy are not going to learn a lesson and stop what they are doing, so this means setting them up for failure, telling lies against them back, and rub their faces in the shit to teach them lessons back, what they did to this poor professor was unblievalbe but even worse was that all the years this guy has given to teaching, and the school wanted him to leave?
    WTF is that about? where is the support for this guy from his colleagues, in all this pray tell? when Christians begin to turn their backs on fellow Christians for the rule of slimy mudslims who are in the wrong, we are all in trouble here, which it seems is going on, and i dont like it one bit. so, normally i dont lie, and this is not normal times, even in the ww 2 we ahd people under cover who had to lie and decive to ge to the truth, and that is what i am advocating here. anything less than that and we are not going to win our land back from these rotten bastards who have and ar ein the process of selling our souls out. they have an agenda separate from what they tell us, so is that not a lie? yes it is a lie, and we have been lied to badly form our government in the media, in just about every way.

  28. And thus Islam silences the intellectuals who aren’t cowardly or greedy enough to pretend Islam is a peaceful religion.

    What I do hope for is that prof. Derengowski gets to teach again, as it would be a shame to lose a brave and open intellectual because of an intolerant group that is easily offended and unwilling to change.

    I disagree with that above statement that Islam is the new fascism, considering how old Islam is and the fact that it’s based around mohammad.

    It should be better known as paleofascism.

  29. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I went to school all my life in Texas.
    University of Texas/Dallas
    Southern Methodist/Dallas
    U.T. SW Medical/Dallas
    Texas A&M-Commerce TX (for my Masters).

    I have NEVER met a professor that knows anything of use in the “real world.”
    This man should be Protected for telling the truth!

  30. I could never support a religion that had a god like Allah that demands that you kill unbelievers and a prophet that was a pedophile and self admittedly taken over by the spirit of Satan.

    NO true prophet can be taken over by Satan, as then he would speak lies, just like Mohammed admitted that he did while possessed by Satan.

    A prophet can NOT lie and still be called a prophet of God.

    So, that makes him not only a false prophet, but a pedophile on top of it as he had sex with his NINE YEAR OLD WIFE!!! And that is on RECORD and the followers of Islam today still say that this is OK.

    But I’ll bet if you ask most mothers who are Muslim, and they could speak without fear of retribution from the males around them, they would say that this is NOT okay with them or with their daughters.

  31. I’m one of Professor D’s students – I was in class the nigh the students distrupted and threatened the class. I’ve also filed a complaint with Tarrant County College – Southeast Campus. Up until yesterday, my complaint had been ignored. It wasn’t until I copied the President of the Campus and the Chancellor that Rusty Fox – the person the complaint was sent to – actually started responding to my emails. And not until I pointed out that Mr. Fox had not had any correspondence with me at all except for one phone call asking if I still wanted to submit my complaint. The district office is “supposedly” involved in the complaints that have been filed – the person in cahrge at the district office is Ricardo Coronado. Professor D’s teaching made the class very interesting. My eyes were opened to other religions I had no information about. TCC had done an injustice by their actions.

  32. Just a tiny correction. Tarrant County College is in Tarrant County which means it is Fort Worth, TX and the surrounding cities like: Richland, Haltom City, Hurst, Eueless, Bedford and Arlington TX. That is where I was raised from the age of 10 to 20.

    Now, back to the subject at hand. Muslims do NOT like the truth. Even the Moderates (if there really is such a thing) do NOT like the truth.

    Leave the man alone for teaching the TRUTH.

  33. What that college has done to this professor is UNSPEAKABLY EVIL!!!! Yet, given how academe is the place MOST riddled with Commies and other totalitarians, is it any wonder whatsoever?!??

    I sure hope he’ll be reinstated and his record utterly expunged of any mention of this affair!!! He’s telling the ABSOLUTE TRUTH – somebody who does that deserves not censure but praise and honours!!!!

  34. People have the misconception that Christians are doormats. Yes, we ARE to love our neighbor, pray for our enemy, turn the other cheek, but Lord above knows, we are human. And those of us who love our God and our Savior will fight for them if pushed and boy are we being pushed. More so now than I’ve ever seen. In my 37 years of life, I have watched the world go into a moral nose dive and it’s scary. However, we, too, have the ability of saying “HULK SMASH!”

    BNI, you’re right. If he was speaking out against Christians, nothing would be said. That’s sad. I hope this Professor is well recognized and listened to by any ears that wish to hear.

  35. I love this man. Will subscribe to his website. It’s like going to school and learning from a scholar. What a lesson this is.

  36. This is a shame, truly a shame but if i was him, i would lie to get my job back then beat these other cons at their own game. the students dont stand on moral ground, but the professor ought to lie to get his job back, just f-king lie and do whatever he has to to get his job back then take see if he can use other methods to make his point.

  37. Adolph Hitler was dead right when he said that Germany was stabbed in the back by parliamentary politicians. As with Julius Caesar and lets not forget Judas

    We are suffering from mutable stab wounds to the back and we are dying a slow death and who do you think will be standing over our corpse. yes your right a politician with a Muslim in the shadows waiting to knife the politician.

  38. My former residence, I know the area well. If I know Texas, he’ll probsbly br reinstated & have support from the huge Christian community down there. I am so glad he exposed his rat students.

  39. The brainwashing has gone further than I thought when a Professor is effectively censored for having his own views. Heaven help us!!!

  40. it is time “AMERICA” to not just rid this country but the world of this plague that is ” pisslam” , fuck this president , fuck the liberal scum and anyone else that stand’ for this garbage lowlife cretans!!!!!!!!!!! , I personally could care less what anyone thinks of me!!!!!!! , this “scum has declared war on our way of life and it is them that has ” got to go !!!! ” not us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. It always amazes me when a college or university runs from an “inconvenient” truth. These places are always touted as forums of free discourse, without censorship. Is the world really that fearful of Islam? If so, that alone needs to be brought to the foreground for discussion.

  42. This man should be fully reinstated. He is doing his best to educate, which is what he is being paid to do. I pray that Tarrant County College has the courage NOT to fall into the trap that is enabling the ignorance and intolerance of Islam to take over the United States. Yes, they are going to protest and cause trouble wherever they can, because each time they “win” they have taken over another little piece of America.

    This man is correct: Islam is a cult, not a religion, and it is based on sex, paedophilia, violence, abuse of women and children, and total ignorance. Muslims have NO rights to demand anything from the United States. Religious institutions who bend to Muslim demands will soon no longer exist. At least they will have NO female students because under Sharia Law, women will not be allowed to go out by themselves, much less get a college education.

  43. YOu know I live here in Texas, and am angry that this college put pressure on this professor to resign. He was only telling the truth. Islam IS a cult. All religions are cults by definition. However it is a cult of death. The mere fact they worship a pedophile like Mohammed is proof of that. Their Quran is a death manual, and their so called God is the moon god.

  44. The truth has no place in this administration, the only cure is 2012! Vote the liars out of office. Islam is the cult of terrorism! In the end, the truth will always win, keep up the truth fight!

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