AUSTRALIA: Muslim asylum seekers cause more than $20 million in damage

RIOTING MUSLIM INVADERS have caused nearly $20 million in damage to immigration detention centres – nearly double original estimates.

THROW THE BUMS OUT. Even better, don’t let them in, in the first place.

Daily Telegraph  (H/T Craig C) New Department of Immigration figures show five riots at Villawood in Sydney, Christmas Island and Darwin have cost an estimated $17.6 million – and that could rise. The most damage was caused at Villawood with the repair bill reaching $9.271 million. According to documents released last Friday night, the cost of the Christmas Island riot in March is now estimated at $5.05 million – double the original figure of $2.5 million.

The government claimed the subsequent riots at Villawood, when inmates set fire to several buildings a month later, will cost 50 per cent more than the $6 million originally estimated.

 There were two riots also at Darwin and another at Christmas Island. “This estimate is likely to change as quotations for repairs are obtained and works undertaken.” The revised costs follow the release of an independent report last week which suggested overcrowding was the cause of the tension and unrest and the trigger for the riots. But, it found no fault with the Department of Immigration or the detention centre operator, Serco.

A spokesman for Immigration Minister Chris Bowen said, “This government’s contracts with Serco require it to have full private insurance cover of its facilities, which is why the costs to the Commonwealth relating to damage caused at detention centres are so low.

“In its hypocritical hysteria, the Coalition seems to have forgotten its record of passing on the costs of detention riots to the taxpayer: they had four detention centre riots in a single month  at a cost of many millions.”

But opposition immigration spokesman Scott Morrison said the government was “bleeding” money on its border protection policy. “Labor has failed to learn the lessons of the detention riots that outraged Australians,” Mr Morrison said. “The government’s only response has been to crab walk away from mandatory detention and soften border protection.”

And here we have the left wing moonbats boohooing over the poor oppressed Muslim rioters, demanding their release so they can be free to suck on the big government welfare teat.