Neighborhood backlash against Muslim Cabbies who block streets and snarl traffic whenever it's time for them to pray

Until now, Mayor ‘dhimmi’ Bloomberg had ordered police not to bother the Muslim asslifters, even though they  inconvenience New Yorkers and endanger other cars that must drive into oncoming traffic to get around the cabs which double and triple park on the Upper West Side.

Apparently Donald Trump trumps Michael Bloomberg. Officials from the Trump Corporation asked police to beef up ticketing of illegally parked cabs and contacted major cab companies about the problem.  (Forget the ticketing, tow their damn halal food-stinking, illegally-parked cabs away) 

The cabbies who gather for the religious devotions — which can run as long as a 30 minute sermon followed by a 15-minute prayer — say they have no qualms about breaking parking rules in order to attend the prayer services, because Muslim needs are more important than anyone else’s needs.

ORIGINAL STORY HERE: nyc-muslim-cabbie-asslifters-only-have-to-answer-to-allah-not-to-nyc-parking-laws