On the Muslim issue, Romney moves from neutral to thumbs down

Recently I posted an article from HUFFPO which outlined the GOP candidates’ positions on the Muslim problem in America. I gave Romney props for choosing a great Middle East Advisor, Walid Phares, but withheld a two-thumbs-up rating because of his as-of-then, non-committal statements on the issue. Now, with his declaration that, “Islam is not an inherently violent faith,” we know exactly where he stands.

What we don’t know is whether this is the result of his obvious ignorance about Islam, or a bow to political correctness? Either way, it sucks.

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 Des Moines Register  Mitt Romney responded today to a call for a tougher stance against Muslims by saying that most Muslims are peaceful people who deserve respect.

The issue came up during a question-and-answer session at a campaign stop here this morning. A man rose from the audience, claimed he had many Muslim friends, but said, “I have never heard one Muslim condemn Islamic jihad or terrorism. I see Islamic jihad as one of the greatest threats to America and the western world. Are you going to continue to give Islam and Islamic jihad in this country a pass like everybody before you continues to do? The only people that call Islam a religion of peace are the Muslims, and they are the most violent religion in the world.”

Romney said radical, violent Islamists pose a threat to Americans and others around the world. However, he said, “they take a very different view of Islam than the Muslims I know.” He noted that he was raised in the Detroit area, which has a large Muslim population. “They are peace-loving and America-loving individuals. I believe that very sincerely. I believe people of the Islamic faith do not have to subscribe to the idea of radical, violent jihadism.”