SAUDI ARABIA: Female students in tight skirts banned from taking exams

A Saudi university banned four female students from sitting for their mid-year examinations because they were wearing tight skirts, according to a decision issued by the school administrators.

 Emirates 24/7 via TROP  The university in the northern province of Hail said it had deprived the four students from the examination because they defied the decision issued by the university’s management to ensure all students wear decent clothes.

“Three of those students said they are deeply frustrated because this means their performance will be adversely affected…the fourth one has fallen ill,” the Arabic language daily Okaz said.

To which reader, Muhammad Mansha Sherazi, says:

11 December 2011 17:14 “The laws of any university or country should be given the top most priority over individual acts to avoid such frustrations! Be compliant to the rules and regulations and stay happy and trouble free.”