SAUDI ARABIA: Finally! The punishment fits the crime

A Saudi man convicted of raping his daughter for 7 years has been sentenced to receive 2,080 lashes during a 13-year prison term. (Hopefully, all at once)

ibtimes  The man was found guilty in a court in Mecca of raping his teenage daughter for seven years while he was under the influence of drugs. Poilce said, according to the newspaper, that the uncle of the teenage girl who was raped told them about the crime, according to a report from an official Saudi Arabia newspaper.

According to the AP, “lashing is one of the penalties available to the clerics who serve as judges in Saudi Arabia and issue rulings according to the kingdom’s strict interpretation of Islamic law.”

Saudi police ready the town square for the weekly public beheadings and floggings


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  1. Just a small note: These “public” hangings & floggings are for a male audience only – notice that there’re no females in the crowd (and there never are, of course); the women stay hidden at home, only venturing out in the company of a male relative. Their whole society is sick, sick, sick!!

  2. Lashes? Wtf? F that. Let the mother and the girl kill this man, with the help of all their caring relatives in full public view.

  3. I heartily agree with all the comments that it was more-than-likely the drug use that landed the demented degenerate bastard in prison AND got him the 2080 lashes!!….Not ****ing likely with a “wet noodle”, since it wss for the drug use and NOT the raping!!!….That (the rapes), he would probably be commended for as “a good loving father”….What a sick ******* society!!!

  4. Manu
    Why dont you offer to take his place?
    Seriously though it will not be the rape it will be the drugs I have no doubt at all on that score.

  5. The lashes are not life threatening,,they use a cane about 2 ft long,,and with a koran held under the lashing arms armpit,and that restricts the movement of the cane….

    • Please don’t be angry. After all, this IS a mohammadan who deserves what is done to him, since he would gladly do it to others. This is a prime example of the cannibalistic nature of mohammadanism.

  6. the caption for the photo above reads “saudi police ready the town square for weekly public beheadings and floggings.”

    is this a family outing day? does ahmed and his 4 wives and all the kids head for the park for a fun day, watching beatings and death? are there halal hot dog or kebab or felafel vendors selling food and drink? or maybe the wives pack a picnic basket for the family? do they have their version of a petting zoo(puppies/dogs in a caged area with little kids throwing rocks at the helpless animals)? do folks pay to have their pictures taken with the beheaders before or after the show?

    i agree with the above, this is a strange sentence. you would think the only criminal is the rape victim. either it’s the drugs or he pissed off some saudi royal family member.

    • liz, yes it is. One of our posters here, BT, used to live in Saudi Arabia because her husband was working there and she told me that every Sunday, big crowds gather in the town square to watch the beheadings and floggings. On the bright side, they don’t slowly saw off heads as al-Qaeda and the Taliban do. They use a big sword and smite the neck in one swift stroke. Much more civilized. LOL

    • Yes, indeed, this IS a great party day for mohammadans. It also teaches what happens when someone steps out of line. A favorite mohammadan saying is, “Hang your whip where your women can see it.”

  7. Wonder if it was that Saudi guy who tried to get the tasers on the plane a couple months ago? He had a whole suitcase full of tasers and said they were for “self defense.” My thought at the time was, why would you need tools of self-defense in a perfect islamic society? This would make sense now. islam is a mental disorder just like being a Leftist commie.

  8. Evidently, this guy did something to really piss off some immam or mullah or iatohla or he would have been excused for his slight sexual ukrges toward a pubesent teen ager.
    After all, he is only a man and men have needs that females were put on earth by allah to fill.
    The fact that she was his daughter has no bearing on the case. Allah made her handy for his “needs” so he is not at fault in any way.

    I’ll volunteer to administer the lashes while he is hung naked, upside down.

  9. That’s a lot of lashes. Will he have any skin left? Hopefully, they’ll start with 500 lashes, let the scabbing process begin and continue with 100 lashes a week for many years. I wonder if his genitals will be lashed also…

  10. This is insane. Jesus Christ came (and did) to abolish the law eg an eye for an eye etc. Please don’t get me wrong what that uncle did to that teenage giril is very, very wrong. But when your under the law which Islam is very, very much so meaning they are still trapped in the old testament ways. With them not embracing the cross which is the door which has reconciled each one of us back to our loving Father (God) in heaven. God in heaven is a Holy God therefore back in the old testament days the only way for the people back then to have a relationship with Him, god himself laid out laws which needed to be obeyed if the people wanted to be in Relation with God almighty. God our Father in heaven desired to have such a relationship with us that it says in his word in Hebrews He found fault with this covenant (the old testament). So 2000 yrs ago He sent his most precious gift – His son Jesus. Jesus walked this earth as the Son of man and the Son of God. No other religion can testify to this. The battle Jesus fought while He walked this earth was a spiritual one for us not a
    physical one (which the Islams are trying to achieve). Because Jesus was God who walked this earth He was the only one that could atone for our sins through the cross. Because to have right standing with God Almighty blood had to be shed on the mercy seat IN HEAVEN. Us mere mortals no matter how hard we tried couldn’t reach that place because it’s the unseen realm in heaven. So after the crucification of Jesus there was no more need for the slaughter of animals to satisfy a Holy God. Or any more for an eye for an eye. Now for those who accept Christ are no longer under Gods judgement but under His Mercy. That is why the scriptures say we are under grace!!! And God also says He desires Mercy not judgement. Do not repay evil with evil but evil with good. Does anyone deserve this punishment really when the punishment has all ready being taken by the one who went to the cross for us and died for our sins. That’s why Jesus said if any one has hate in his heart towards a brother (another person) you have already
    committed murder. Faith in the risen Lord (Jesus Christ) is the only thing that pleases
    God (our Father in heaven).
    And when I read at the bottom they have weekly beheadings and floggings I thank God we don’t allow the death penalty here in Australia. Because why stop there then, when we too could have a weekly event like this right in our very own neighborhood.

  11. It’s almost certainly solely because the uncle – a MAN – told the authorities (perhaps somebody also took it into their head to get a semen test). Perhaps they installed a few minicams to film matters for more proof. Let’s remember that the word of a woman counts for NOTHING in Islâm!!!!

    Yes, I also know how no doubt the Saudis are trying to use more taqiyya upon we miserable Westerners to show that they’re “reforming” – of course, they’re not doing absolutely ANYTHING of the sort. Once they’ve knocked us out via the initial sensationalism, the wretched “father” will be pardoned and restored to fullest favour (particularly if he’s rich)…

    And yes, Mr. Way, Jr.: you’re totally right that it’s Mankind who’s the problem. Genesis 8:21, Jeremiah 17:9, Psalm 51, Romans 3:10 + 3:23 and Luke 18:19 tells us that ALL Mankind is intrinsically EVIL… :-(

  12. But,but, but, in other parts of the Pisslamic world if a girl is raped by a relative, SHE has to be flogged, imprisoned or honour killed because SHE allowed it to happen. After all, according to Pisslamic law, she admitted to illegal sexual intercourse!

    What’s going on here? Don’t tell me that Sharia Arabia is becoming apostate?

    I’d have thought that it would be more appropriate to chop the head of his dick off (publicly of course) PLUS the flogging & imprisonment!

  13. YEP…….lets all Follow the “HOLY COW”,……we’ve been doing that here in Brittian since “Lizzie” sat on the BIG Chair,…now ..will somebody…PLUG THE DAMM THING IN,!!!

  14. That’s roughly 160 lashes per year. That’s pretty rough. People have died from that punishment. A sentence of 100 lashes is considered the equivalent to a death sentence.

  15. How about that F__ Senator John Kerry IN Egypt meeting with The Muslim Brotherhood the Brotherhood VOWED to “respect civil rights and international treaties that have been signed in the past. That assurance could be an attempt to calm fears that the group may try to re-examine Egypt’s peace treaty with Israel.

    The group says Kerry told the Brotherhood’s members that he’s not surprised by their success in parliamentary elections. Read more:

    Surely the FOOL Kerry has no idea what the Quran says about anything much less the meaning of Taqiyya what an idiot

  16. ah ha- but they do not tell you what kind of lash it is from!!! so maybe with a wet noodle? let’s see how it goes!! tee hee!! I thought they condone this type of thing…does anyone mean to think that they are going to reform their 1400 yrs of this thing?

    Hey BNI, you know what? I think they read your blog and more impotantly they read my message form the great beyond!! See!! it works!

    reforming time is here! yippeee!!

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