CANADA rules that Muslim Bagheads cannot become citizens

Well, not exactly…but, at least, from now on, Muslim women will not be allowed to wear headbags when they take the oath of citizenship. It’s time to ban the wearing of headbags anywhere in public.

And as usual, the taxpayer-financed CBC finds this policy to be discriminatory. Too bad. Canada’s immigration minister says new Canadians will have to remove any face-coverings, such as the Islamic niqab or burqa, while they take the oath of citizenship. The controversial ban on these religious garments will begin immediately.

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney said he’s received complaints from lawmakers and citizenship judges who say it’s difficult to ensure that individuals whose faces are covered are actually reciting the oath. Kenney says it’s also a question of values. He says new Canadians should be taking the oath in view of their fellow citizens. He went on to call it “bizarre” that women were previously allowed to take oaths with face veils.