THANK LOWE’S for not backing down from their decision to pull ads from TLC’s ‘ALL-AMERICAN MUSLIM’ show

And be sure to shop at Lowe’s in appreciation for not caving to the thug-like tactics of Terrorist Front Group CAIR and their demands for an apology and reinstatement of the ads as well as CA State Senator Ted Lieu for threatening legislation against Lowe’s if they don’t apologize and start running their ads on the repugnant ‘All-American (sic) Muslim’ show again.


“Demand Senator Ted Lieu Stop Bullying Lowe’s
Description: Last I checked it was not the job of a government official to bully and threaten a private business. Lowe’s can advertise WHERE THEY SEE FIT. Senator Lieu, get off of facebook and twitter, and get back to the job we put you in office for. Let Hamas-linked CAIR go after Lowe’s.


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CONTACT LOWE’S at: 1-800-445-6937





new-list-of-tlcs-all-american-muslim-sponsors-to-contact (Be sure to see a review of the 12/12 episode of All-American Muslim here)









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  1. Have you noticed that candidates that are not afraid to challange mohommedists are higher in the polls (except Santorum) those that plaquate mohommedists are down. (Romney) I have been watching this for months. I see anti Sharia win. Amazing when the rose colored glasses come off.
    BNI You are having a positive effect on this nation and the world. Keep the snarky going.

  2. Maybe they could make a reality show about my nephew called “Huckleberry Jihad”.

    He still thinks he’s a Muslim, but . . . He lives in Appalachia where there is definitely no mosque within 100 miles. He smokes pot and rides mini bikes. He knocked up his 14 year old redneck girlfriend when he was 14. He’s a video game addict. He likes rock and roll (not what I would listen to, but . . .) I could go on and on.

    See, the true test of being a good American Muslim is not what a good Muslim you are in America, but what a good American you are, and that means, by definition, how fast you can drop that other shit and join the human family.

    American means non-Muslim, by definition. The term “American Muslim” is an oxymoron, it’s like saying peaceful murderer. Wrong!

  3. Here is a story that will NEVER make it to a Muslim propaganda TV show. AS 6 year old, girl is raped by an uncle. This marks her as unclean and unworthy (but not the uncle) – leading over time to the desire of the father to address the issue by an honor killing. TIme forward – Young woman is Muslim and educated in America. Family goes back to Muslim country. The old uncle problem arises again and at risk of one family member being killed by the father – the young woman is repatriated to relatives in the USA (who now become a target for killing). Somehow this 20 year old must find a way to extract herself from the danger she imposes on her protective family in the USA and make her way in the world. THis is ISLAM. It is a religion with no honor for women and no respect for others. Combined with a tribal mechanism of governance and forbidden education, it is fuel for destruction. The story here? It is true and current. I’m trying to find some channels to assist the young woman from a distance now. The girl went to school with my kid only a few years ago.

  4. Only a demented dumbass would defend a cult that would kill her the moment she dared to set her dirty infidel foot in their “holy” land. Please Lynda – go over to Mecca and take a camera!!

    In America the Lynda’s are free to bitch and moan and be sanctimonious against her fellow citizens without fear of lashing and/or acid in the face. Yet still they will defend a cult that ENCOURAGES child rapists, murderers & terrorists. They think it makes them enlightened. What kind of mental disease causes libs to do that….. to defend murderers over freedom? Boggling.

  5. THANK YOU E-mails sent – with one to CAIR to boot, may piss be upon them all and their diseased pedophile daddy.

    No more homo depot for us – just Lowe’s – until they also cave and quietly recite the koran to appease the murder cult and deter the inevitable death threats to their kids…..

  6. I have a great idea for a new Reality TV Show! It’s called ” All American Nazis.” It follows the daily lives of 5 Neo-Nazis/ Americans in Arlington, VA. Designed to show how alike we all are, it will try to expose the myths of being a Nazis in America. Also, it will accent on the uniqueness of social diversity and how beneficial it is to all of us…. Just plainer words so some people understand what the underlying reasoning is behind this show. American Muslim? Oh, they were here to greet Columbus? I know they weren’t. There are no ‘American’ Muslims. There are Muslims who live in America, and why they need a Reality TV show to advertise their “faith” is just propaganda for a system that doesn’t work by a people with no direction.

  7. Lynda k.
    The koran is a book of lies, murder, and deception.
    If you stand up for people who follow it, then you agree with their actions, radical or not.
    You have no sense of justice and no moral compass.
    You throw the Lords’ name in our faces and yet justify people who follow mohammed,and justify the sins he committed?
    Religion is a CHOICE. Choose wisely.

  8. Lowe’s action is pro-democracy,pro-American. Lowe’s is helping to re “BUILD” America from the damage that Islam and “Caliph” Obama has done to it.

  9. Lynda K and Lowe’s

    This is the United States of America. We are not the Middle East and the dominant religion is Christianity. Thank goodness Lowe’s remembered that they can choose where they wish to advertise and whom they choose to support. As for you Lynda K … feel free to pack your back and take a hike to anywhere but here in the United States of America. I fought for your freedom of speech but that doesn’t mean I have to accept your opinion.

  10. Thank you Lowe’s! Now if you would put more American made items in your store I wouldn’t have to shop around so much.

  11. Thank you very much Lowe’s for NOT caving to a bunch of arselifters!! As for the arselifters of Dearbornistan: F*** you very much for your input and worthless complaints!! Guess you arselifters are just SOL and no one in their right minds really gives a flying f*** about what kind of statement or “picture” you pukes are trying to portray as just “ordinary common Americans”…..”All-American Muslim”?!…. What a f***ing oxymoron, that only a MORON would believe!!

  12. Don’t stop with just thanking Lowe’s extend this thanks to the rest of the advertisers that quit the TLC shows when they were informed what was what!

  13. Can’t remember the last time a Nazarene Honor Killed a daughter or a wife. The only thing American about them is their jealousy of our system and the fact that it works. Not perfect, but if they had the power to change it, it would include a clause in the Bill of Rights legalizing pre-meditated murder. This would make Honor Killings legal, and, would certainly include all non-Muslims or Kafir or Infidel, whatever they label it and ALSO, believe it or not, Nazarene Holy Rollers! So, Lynda, go ahead and defend them. Also, you should know that Black Stone of Kaaba they worship and pray to, well, it’s as Satanic as it is obvious, a pure form of Idolatry. They even changed the name of God. Allah is their diety and is NOT the Christian God.

  14. At first that Lowes was a sponsor/advertiser of that muslim apologistic lie, I intended to cut up my credit card. But I wasn’t at home at the time. By the time I got aroung to doing it, Lowes had stopped advertising on thet putrid excuse for a TV show and did not cave in to the demands of the nincompiddle Senator from (guess were) California.

    Now the terrorist supporting, lying cair (small letters intentional) is bad enough, but this guy is a real doofus trip. He threatens to use the powers of the Senate to punish a business decision by an individual company that employs thousands of Americans. What a moronic move. Here’s to you, Senator ! May you receive, one at a time, the wishes of all Ameicans.

    Now, get your head out of the muslims exhaust port and do something for Americans, not those who have vowed to destroy it.

  15. My number one store, now! And really:- “Let’s Build Something Together”! To hell with Senator Ted Lieu. Since when was it the elected officials job to distribute the Right to Free Speech? If he is so moved by the Islamists, let him quit or not get re-elected and join their lobby. That way he’ll have plenty of time to devote to CAIR or one of the other Devil Worshipping groups. He’s supposed to be American but we’ll survive without his bullying tactics. Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH for practicing our constitutional right of free choice!

  16. Thank you Lowes…for standing up against the people who wish to destroy our country and standing with the American people…

  17. Thank you Lowe’s for your courages stand .If more companies had the guts you have without caving in to political correctness B.S. this country would be in much better shape.All home grown terrorists should be arrested for reason and they should be locked up for life,that is if they haven’t actually killed someone.Why are these bleeding hearts and liberals getting the upper hand if there are more of us then them???I do not get it.

  18. I like what’s written under the Lowe’s trademark ~ “Let’s Build Something Together”.
    This is the very thing the jihadis will never understand. Troublemakers.

  19. Sure hope that’s how it is, BNI. I left a comment of support on their Facebook page -and was disappointed to see an overwhelmingly negative predictable long list of “you’re racists” etc, comments.

    Of course, CAIR and the libbies are surely targeting them -which is why it’s important that we good guys/gals do our best to counter them.

    Anyway, preggy wife ordering me to bed, so goodnight!

  20. Totally agree with Lowe’s for doing what they did and standing their ground. I don’t care what religion you practice, just keep it to yourself. I don’t push my religion on anyone. TLC is just trying to get ratings. All the leftist media is into the stupid reality shows that off nothing but how stupid the US has become. I don’t care about American Muslims. We had a family here in NC who were plotting to kill “infidels” as they called them here in the US and in mid eastern countries. Islam is a religion of HATE, yea, I said it so sue me. I believe in my constitution and you try and “convert” or kill me in the name of “your’ religion, I have my own way of taking care of it. Women of there maybe subserviant but guess what. I am true REDNECK woman and will kick your ass in a heartbeat. Try that crap around me and calling me an infidel and crap you’ll be meeting your so called Allah alot sooner than you’ll be expecting. It’s time to take back this country and get rid of ANYONE who does not stand by her or her Constitution. Close our damn borders and bring our men and women home and let them eat their phucking oil. We have enough nut jobs here on our own without morons like these idiots in Dearborn trying to “take over” us Infidels or “kill” us because we won’t convert…Well BRING IT BITCHES.

  21. Busy here now, but wanted to thank you again, BNI, for all that you do, and to let you know I just sent the following email to the 3 individuals linked above:

    I am writing to applaud the decisions of Lowe’s to pull its advertising from the
    propaganda show “All-American Muslim”, and further, to not be bullied by the
    treasonous and anti-American statist Senator Ted Lieu. I will be accordingly be
    making it a point to patronize Lowe’s whenever possible -instead of boycotting
    Lowe’s, as I previously was.

    Thanks for doing the right thing.

    P.S. If you happen to not be aware of the profound threat of islam to our
    country and human civilization, I strongly recommend checking out the website

    Thanks again, xxxxxxxxxxxxx in Las Vegas.

    (In the future, I’ll provide the link).

    Thanks again BNI -and the other contributors here!

  22. Great news for us contractors who do support Lowes! I buy from Lowes all the time and if they were to support this blatant attempt at trying to sway the general public with absolute lies about Islam. I’ve got my Masters in Middle Eastern Studies and there is nothing peaceful about Islam unless you’ve capitulated to their demands. Stand Strong Lowes!!!!!

  23. Hey Lynda K – UP YOURS Sweetheart! If it’s too hot in here, then get your ass out of the kitchen! I’m so tired of whining sympathizers like you, chickenshit!

    Thanks to BNI for publishing this article…and for the fabulous suggestion of using my ‘cc’ to CAIR when I emailed Lowes, lol

    Way to keep us informed BNI :)

    • Thanks Miss A, I would wager that Lowes is getting far more letters/calls of support than they are criticism. Let the muslims boycott. They never build anything themselves anyway. All us new Lowe’s customers will more than make up for any loss of muslim business.

  24. Lynda K,

    Do you really in your heart believe that we should be encouraging a religion that is based on complete intolerance and hatred of non-Muslims. You should spend some time reading the Quran. Here is a head start for you.

    Quran: The infidels are your sworn enemies Sura 4:101
    Quran: Prophet, make war on the infidels Sura 66: 9
    Quran: Never be a helper to the disbelievers Sura 28:86

    • The people that you see on this television program do not hate non-Muslims. YOU people are the haters. Christ would be absolutely ashamed of each of you.

      What kind of hypocrite has a cross for an avatar and tells someone “up-yours’? That is just so classy… and certainly something I think Christ would have said. Geesh. It amazes me that those who claim to be Christians are usually the most vile, bigoted, hate-mongers of them all.

      Seriously… you should go back to your bibles and pay closer attention to the teachings of Christ.

      Luke 6:27-36

      [27] “But I tell you who hear me: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, [28] bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you. [29] If someone strikes you on one cheek, turn to him the other also. If someone takes your cloak, do not stop him from taking your tunic. [30] Give to everyone who asks you, and if anyone takes what belongs to you, do not demand it back. [31] Do to others as you would have them do to you.

      [32] “If you love those who love you, what credit is that to you? Even ‘sinners’ love those who love them. [33] And if you do good to those who are good to you, what credit is that to you? Even ‘sinners’ do that. [34] And if you lend to those from whom you expect repayment, what credit is that to you? Even ‘sinners’ lend to ‘sinners,’ expecting to be repaid in full. [35] But love your enemies, do good to them, and lend to them without expecting to get anything back. Then your reward will be great, and you will be sons of the Most High, because he is kind to the ungrateful and wicked. [36] Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful.

  25. Thanks, LOWES, for not supporting this WHITEWASH of supremacism, gender apartheid and ‘hatred of kafirs for the sake of Allah’.

    The REAL Islamic doctrines are discriminatory and misogynistic.

    Americans have wrongly assumed Mozzies believe in the Golden Rule. THEY DON’T.

  26. I didn’t hear much of it, but Herr Olberman was having a bit of a hissy fit tonight. Didn’t approve of the boycot of Lowe’s for one. Quel tragique! Said some one or some thing was going to pick up the ad time. Quel tragique! Maybe the King of Saudi?

  27. Three cheers for Lowe’s for standing up for the truth and the whole truth. I hope that all who care are writing to support Lowes financially, publically and politically.
    Dear Lowe’s administration, thank you for no longer supporting the American muslim program. This program does not fully present the full extent of muslim life in America because it does not discuss home grown terrorists, illegal activities, such as the sending of financial support to terrorist groups, honor killings and so on. Where is the mention of muslims arrested for planning terrorist attacks on the US, raising money for terrorist activities in other countries and so on? If a public television program wants to tell the truth then it must be prepared to tell the whole, balanced truth and not just the ‘sugar coated parts.’ Thanks again for doing your due diligence. We have enjoyed shopping at Lowe’s and we will continue to support Lowe’s as a company that does due diligence when sponsoring advertisements that affect all of us and our way of life. Thanks again. Yours sincerely, CAT.

  28. This is the e-mail that I sent to CAIR!

    Welcome to America! This is the land of free enterprise. That means that businesses, corporations, and individuals may spend their money where and how they choose! Calling for the boycott of an American business will not win you any friends but IT WILL earn you many enemies! Keep up the work that you do…because people are starting to see you for what you are!

  29. Lynda,

    Well Christ wouldn’t approve of the way Muslims are slaughtering Christians all over the world, like in the Middle East, Nigeria and other African countries, Indonesia and more.

    Christ also wouldn’t approve of the way he’s been downgraded in Islam to a just a Muslim prophet.

    Please do yourself a favor and visit and have a look around and then come back and tell us if you still don’t think we all – including you – have reason to be very worried about CAIR and Islamic ambitions to take over this country and EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY ON THE GLOBE to convert people to Islam or kill them.

  30. Lynda K., before you call somebody a “bigot”, you would do well to 1) look up the definition of bigotry, 2) see if we REALLY are such according to that definition!!

    And yes, WE DO HATE Islâm!!!! If your ancestors suffered for centuries under Islâmic rule (as mine did!), where you had to mutilate your male children in order to prevent their being taken away at somewhere between ages 5 and 10, put into Islâmic schools and turned against their parents, siblings, other next of kin and their culture, I’ll dare say you would hate Islâm as well!!!!

    If you knew how Islâm FORBIDS art, music and science (especially if you’re into one or more of those fields and know how to value it and them), no doubt you would hate it too!!!

    If you knew what Islâm does to animals (both those marked for slaughter for human consumption AND for those considered as “vermin” – and Islâm FORBIDS pets!!!), surely you would hate it too!!!

    If you knew what Islâm orders to be done to “infidels” (which range from those who outrightly-reject it all the way through those who accept it but aren’t of the same identical sect as you!!), I’d expect you to hate it every bit as much (especially if you’re a Christian, because it especially demands perpetual warfare against EVERYBODY and EVERYTHING “un-Islâmic” until it’s ALL eradicated from the face of the Earth!!!!!

    And how about its contempt for women (who’re NEVER reckoned as worth more than HALF A MAN!!!), whose talents are despised, whose sole purpose is for baby-making factories and raising them for the first few years to HATE just as much as ALL MUSLIMS DO?!??

    I challenge you to answer me ALL of those points!!!! [And please remember that Christ said NOTHING at all against defending yourself and others!!!] Will you have at least a smidgen of bravery and/or honesty, or are you a craven coward despising everybody in disagreement with you (which would make you an excellent candidate to become a Muslim!!!)???

    • The people in question, in this situation, are American Muslims…. living in the US, following US laws and rules. So what if their religion has different rules than ours?
      I grew up in a household of Nazarene Holy Rollers. I was not allowed to cut my hair, wear pants or makeup or jewelry, watch TV, go to movies, or socialize with friends. I had to spend at least 10 hours a week in church and during that time people were handling snakes and drinking poison. The women were not allowed to speak during church and had to sit quietly and do the men’s bidding. The sermon usually revolved around hatred of Catholics and Presbyterians because they were “quiet pew warmers” BUT…. we were “Christians” so that made it OK, huh?
      How does that make us any different that the ones YOU are hating?
      Hatred will never solve anything or cause anyone to come to your point of view.
      Only communication and respect can do that. Any basic marketing class will teach you that.

      • Lynda, I am getting bored with your stupid drivel. Who the hell cares how you were raised? Were the Nazarene Holy Rollers blowing themselves up in the streets, hijacking planes and killing their fellow American soldiers on a US base?

        Say goodbye Lynda, you are wasting our time.

  31. Just as we signed the petition to boycott the supporters of propaganda, we should also sign on to a pledge, that by Lowe’s stand against Muslim Supremacy and racism, we will use them as our first choice for out DIY needs. Lowe’s and those on the dark side of the fence need to know that we thank them, stand with them and there are tangible rewards to be had.

  32. To Lynda K:Don’t try to put a guilt trip on me because I agree with Lowe’s right to pull the ad supporting the Muslim show. Most Americans are leary of Muslims because of their belief system.” Kill off all unbelievers, classify unbelievers as infidels, bomb Israel off the map, that’s what Islam teaches. I don’t hate Muslims, I hate the belief they embrace, I hate Muslims preaching tolerance yet Muslims are intolerant to all Christains overseas. I hate the Sharia law Muslims are pushing on the Americans. Hurray for Lowe and other companies who have withdrawn support of the American Muslim tv program.

  33. I hope none of you claim to be Christians because Christ would never approve of your hate-filled, bigoted behavior. You should all be ashamed.

    • Lynda, the only bigots in this scenario are the muslims. And most of us are Christians, Jews, and Hindus, and some atheists too. What’s your point? Go cry a river on Think Progress or one of the other muslim asskissing left wing sites.

  34. this has nothing to do with bigotry.
    Lowe’s as well as any other company in America has a right to chose what shows to place their ads and what shows not to place ads. Im willing to bet that this letter from this christian group – one ive never heard of till now – is the only reason lowe’s pulled the ad.
    its their RIGHT…. just like the other 40+ companies that have also pulled ads for the same damn show

  35. First off, Thank you Lowe’s! I have shopped there for all my home needs so far and will continue to do so and ask my friends to do the same.

    Why is only Lowe’s getting targeted it appears? Why can’t these cry babies go after Wal-Mart and the rest of the businesses who left earlier as well? They claim these companies are racist but yet, they can pick and choose who they want to bash.

  36. Three cheers for Lowes !

    As a point of information to all, NPR radio stated that Lowes backed down because of actions by evangelical Christians. Well I have no doubt many evalngelical Chrisians opposed Lowes sponsorship of this ridiculous television show, BUT so did many others. I believe the reason the NPR story singled out evangelical Christians was to tar them with the NPR politically correct brush and make it seem that non evangelical people Christian or not have no issue with this American Muslim t v show…WRONG !

    NPR has become far too politically correct and distorts a from that standpoint . This is exactly why I stopped supporting NPR public radio years ago.

    It may not be a commercial station and they make a real big deal over that …BUT a big NPR sponsor is the Doris Duke trust on promoting Islamic culture…they announce that each morning a few times, so I guess we know where they stand on this sort of issue .

  37. Locally most contractors are younger than myself, most have served in the military, are very patriotic, believe in Christmas & have Christian beliefs and/or are respectful of those that do. Most wouldn’t urinate on an OWS’er if they were on fire. those that read local builders blog’s and/or frequent local suppliers where we wait for orders to be filled have coffee, hangout & talk. Most know of my opinion re: the muslim problen & the extent worldwide.
    To shorten this up losing the business of 1 contractor who spends maybe in the low 6 fugures on lumber/whatnot yearly is bad enough but multiply that by a dozen & your starting to talk real money locally,
    I think Lowe’s is smart enough to see the writing on the wall & the backlash happening in Europe right now.
    Last thing Lowe’s needs is a bunch of gabby contractors telling their builder buddies how they won’t shop there because Lowe’s is supporting stealth jihad.

  38. here is the lady that stands up to islamofascists and baconizes and burns their unholy book. ann barnhardt on world financial issues.

  39. Here’s my letter sent to all Lowe’s contacts:


    I want to congratulate you on your excellent decision to withdraw advertising money from the TLC muslim ‘reality’ show.

    I have two questions:

    Why is CAIR, the master of victimization, targeting only your company?

    Do you know what DAWA is? (DAWA = time taken to promote islam by wearing suits and ties, displaying happy eyes and big smiles. Once numbers are visible and numerous, jihad will follow dawa.)

    There are claims of religious discrimination. This is more TAQIYYA (lies and deception allowed in islam to promote the cult).

    As the reputed and highly respected Robert Spencer wrote: Religious discrimination? You mean Lowe’s is advertising on all the Christian and Jewish reality shows, but not on the Muslim one? Actually the show itself is a manifestation of religious discrimination, since there is no counterpart to it depicting people of any other faith.

    Having been with a muslim for 16 years, having muslim female friends and a few muslim men friends, I can categorically state that the T.V. show does NOT reflect the reality in most muslim households.

    CAIR IS A MASTER AT PLAYING THE VICTIM CARD. Please, do not listen to this organization as many of its administrators have been criminally convicted of terrorist-related activity.

  40. I emailed them this am and told them why I quit buying and why I will start purchasing from Lowe’s again.

    Shove it CAIR, you bunch of Cry Babies!
    PS: Its about profit and here in America that’s call CAPITALIZM

  41. I emailed them with a big thanks immediately after i read the earlier article that they refused to put their ads back on “All American Muslim”. Also let them know that I’d be using only them for all my home improvement needs.

  42. Just sent this –

    I just wanted to take a moment of your time to add my own voice to those of other long time, faithful customers of Lowe’s for withdrawing its support of the heavily propagandized and deceptive ‘American Muslim’ series.
    It is bad enough that in many cities and states, the plain, traditional Constitutional rights of US citizens have been abrogated, suppressed or revoked, merely because someone of the Muslim agenda has complained, threatened a boycott or filed a frivolous lawsuit. Lowe’s is standing by its welcome policy of actually listening to its customers, and this is noted, appreciated, and will be remembered.

    I will close for now, knowing that you will probably have many emails on various subjects to wade through. But thanks again. Count on the continuing patronage of myself and all of my extended family.


  43. After the number was published to call Lowes and say thank you, they must have received thousands of calls. The young lady apologized for making me hold for twenty minutes, I said and told her I would have held till I reached someone to say thank you.They switch boards are lighting up.

  44. This is really good news, so congrats to U all that lives in USA. If I could I would for sure by things from their store.
    I know that this will come under the wrong post, but I just came from the news from a canadian internetnews, that also made me very glad =) It is their immigrationminister that is going to demand thos muslim women that want citizenship in Canada to take off burcas and all other kind of veils when during the the cityzen cermony. A step in the right direction =)

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