WARNING! BOSTON MARKET is another seller of Islamic-blessed, Halal-slaughtered Butterball turkeys

Before Thanksgiving, we told you that ALL Butterball Turkeys are being inhumanely slaughtered and blessed by Islamic clerics to give them HALAL-Certification but are not required by the FDA to be  labeled as such. When Butterball started receiving thousands of complaints, what did they do? They scrubbed the internet of all references to their HALAL Certification but made no efforts to change back to American slaughter methods which use stunning. Halal slaughter does not. Now, we’ve learned that BOSTON MARKET uses only Butterball Halal turkeys, too.

From the BOSTON MARKET  Website: The Turkey: Ordering a pre-cooked Butterball ® turkey from Boston Market is a great way to save time without sacrificing quality. Instead of cleaning, seasoning, stuffing, basting and cooking, you can order ahead and pick up a fully-cooked whole turkey or a boneless turkey breast, heat and serve on your favorite platter. Ordering a turkey could give you nearly a half-day back for decorating, wrapping or just relaxing with family and friends. 

It pays to ask the store or restaurant where you buy turkeys whether or not they are using Butterball. You know the drill. (H/T Brock S)

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