Winning the most seats right behind the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt’s recent election, the Salafi Party praises Osama bin-Laden

Even more radical than the Muslim Brotherhood and poised to gain a lot of power in the new Egyptian government, radical Islamic fundamentalist Salafi Party loves bin-Laden, but Muslim brother, Barack Hussein Obama? Not so much…for now.

So how’s that Arab Spring ‘democracy’ movement working out for you now, Barry? Oh, thats right, replacing the secular governments of the Middle East and Africa with strict shari’a rule has always been your intention.  Having their leaders condemn you, is just part of  the Re-elect Obama 2012 Campaign Strategy to fool the American voter. Again.  Shhhhh, don’t tell anyone. I wonder if Senator John Kerry met with the Salifists at the same time he was meeting with the Muslim Brotherhood on his recent trip to Egypt?