OOPS! “We didn’t really mean to post those death threats to anti-Islamic activists on our website”

MALDIVES Organizers of the mass protest scheduled for December 23 have removed slogans calling for the killing of those who challenge and oppose Islam on its promotional website lunched last evening.


“The ruling of those who break the laws and challenge Islam is killing them by the public” 

“Today’s law is to kill anti-Islam activists… and those who support them”

“Ready to kill anyone who challenge the religion of Islam without regarding his party”

Haveeru  (H/T Dwayne J) Abdulla Mohamed, from the organisers, said the slogans were published by mistake. “The slogans were sent to us by the participants of the protest and we uploaded them to the website without properly reading,” he said. Police spokesperson, Sub-inspector Ahmed Shiyam said the police received reports about the slogans but did not confirm whether they are investigating the case.

Press Secretary at the President’s Office Mohamed Zuhair expressed concerns over the slogans. Zuhair dismissed the claims made by the organisers that the slogans were published by mistake. “I don’t think it was a mistake,” he said. “We believe it’s an objective of the protest. Calling for such an action is unacceptable under Maldivian law or any other international practice.” The religious conservative Adhaalath Party President Imran Mohamed launched the website last evening.

Miadhu In response to an alleged death threats, President Nasheed of the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), said that the warnings to kill people in the website of the protest can never be accepted in anyway.

“The website of the protest organized by Adhaalath Party, PPM and other groups has warned to kill the people of this country. This is a very serious matter. No Maldivian has the right to issue religious verdicts to kill any other Maldivian,” he said. Recently a group of heretical apostates gathered at the Artificial Beach area on the claims of advocating for the freedom of religion in the Maldives.