Sudden Jihad Syndrome hits Belgium, but media won’t report the deadly grenade attack was perpetrated by a MUSLIM terrorist

At least five people were killed, including an 18-month-old toddler, and 122 were wounded in the assault yesterday that brought tragedy to the pre-Christmas season in Liege, Belgium.

FAITH FREEDOM  Only the bloggers seem to want to tell you that Nordine Amrani, a MUSLIM man with a history of weapons and drug offenses left home armed with hand grenades, a revolver and an assault rifle. Stopping at a central square filled with holiday shoppers, he lobbed three grenades into the crowd, then opened fire.

Herman Van Rompuy, a former Belgian prime minister who is now president of the European Council, said he was badly shaken by the attack. “There is no explanation whatsoever,” Van Rompuy said. “It leaves me perplexed and shocked.” (Well, duh, the killer was a Muslim, case closed)

Amrani was a Muslim and he was waging his personal Jihad against the infidels. After over 18,000 terrorist attacks by the followers of the religion of peace since 9/11, the only thing that is inexplicable and indeed shocking is the surprise of the politicians and their inability to connect the dots between the terrorists and the hate mongering teachings of their prophet.

Two days earlier, another Muslim, calmly pointed his handgun and opened fire on passing cars near Vine Street and Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood while shouting Allahu Akbar. He injured one passerby before being killed by the police. In both cases the media refused to identify the killer as Muslim terrorist.

The Belgian Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo said the attack was the act of a “lone assailant,” a man known to police who had “no links to terrorism.” “This is an isolated case. This is not about terrorism,” he stressed. (Riiight, butliberals always insist that an obvious terror attack has nothing to do with Islamic terroism)

The truth is that Muslims don’t have to belong to any organization to carry out jihad. Any Muslim can arm him/herself with guns, grenades, poisonous chemicals, or even a kitchen knife and perform his religious duty, killing the infidels. The fact that a Muslim has been involved in drug trafficking, theft or pimping does not preclude him or her to become a jihadi. Most of the companions of Muhammad were thugs and ruffians, murderers and thieves prior to converting to Islam. After converting, they put their expertise at the service of their prophet. Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, who was responsible for the murder of thousands of people in Iraq, was originally a car thief.  Many Muslim converts are ex-convicts and many of them converted to Islam in prison. I know this first hand because many of them write to me and brag about their résumé of crimes prior to their conversion to Islam.  Islam attracts criminals.

Nidal Malik Hasan, the Fort Hood shooter and Faisal Shahzad, the Time Square bomber, were also acting as individuals.  However, they were not without any connection to a terrorist organization. Islam is a terrorist organization. The multitudes of Islamic terrorist organizations don’t have a distinct ideology. They follow the Quran.

Islamic terrorism will continue and more innocent lives will be lost. The leftist politicians and the leftist media will continue to hoodwink the public and deny any Islamic involvement. None of the major news media mentioned that Nrodine Amrani or the Hollywood shooter were Muslim, even though the latter was shouting Allahu Akbar while gunning down people in the street. (But the bloggers did)

The public is awakening and they will not sit till their unscrupulous politicians and their compromised media take them to the slaughterhouse to the last person. Their anger can be heard in the Internet. The MSM is silent, but the Internet is roaring.

The Belgian jihadi on Tuesday was killed accidentally by one of his grenades. Had he been able to throw all his granddads at the public, the death toll and injuries could have been much higher.

The peaceful West is becoming a war zone, courtesy of the religion of peace. Islamic immigration has cost the westerners countless lives, enormous amount of tax money and their freedom.  This chaos will continue until, either the leftist parties are eradicated and the media is discredited, or the West succumbs to Islam.