Sudden Jihad Syndrome hits Belgium, but media won’t report the deadly grenade attack was perpetrated by a MUSLIM terrorist

At least five people were killed, including an 18-month-old toddler, and 122 were wounded in the assault yesterday that brought tragedy to the pre-Christmas season in Liege, Belgium.

FAITH FREEDOM  Only the bloggers seem to want to tell you that Nordine Amrani, a MUSLIM man with a history of weapons and drug offenses left home armed with hand grenades, a revolver and an assault rifle. Stopping at a central square filled with holiday shoppers, he lobbed three grenades into the crowd, then opened fire.

Herman Van Rompuy, a former Belgian prime minister who is now president of the European Council, said he was badly shaken by the attack. “There is no explanation whatsoever,” Van Rompuy said. “It leaves me perplexed and shocked.” (Well, duh, the killer was a Muslim, case closed)

Amrani was a Muslim and he was waging his personal Jihad against the infidels. After over 18,000 terrorist attacks by the followers of the religion of peace since 9/11, the only thing that is inexplicable and indeed shocking is the surprise of the politicians and their inability to connect the dots between the terrorists and the hate mongering teachings of their prophet.

Two days earlier, another Muslim, calmly pointed his handgun and opened fire on passing cars near Vine Street and Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood while shouting Allahu Akbar. He injured one passerby before being killed by the police. In both cases the media refused to identify the killer as Muslim terrorist.

The Belgian Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo said the attack was the act of a “lone assailant,” a man known to police who had “no links to terrorism.” “This is an isolated case. This is not about terrorism,” he stressed. (Riiight, butliberals always insist that an obvious terror attack has nothing to do with Islamic terroism)

The truth is that Muslims don’t have to belong to any organization to carry out jihad. Any Muslim can arm him/herself with guns, grenades, poisonous chemicals, or even a kitchen knife and perform his religious duty, killing the infidels. The fact that a Muslim has been involved in drug trafficking, theft or pimping does not preclude him or her to become a jihadi. Most of the companions of Muhammad were thugs and ruffians, murderers and thieves prior to converting to Islam. After converting, they put their expertise at the service of their prophet. Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, who was responsible for the murder of thousands of people in Iraq, was originally a car thief.  Many Muslim converts are ex-convicts and many of them converted to Islam in prison. I know this first hand because many of them write to me and brag about their résumé of crimes prior to their conversion to Islam.  Islam attracts criminals.

Nidal Malik Hasan, the Fort Hood shooter and Faisal Shahzad, the Time Square bomber, were also acting as individuals.  However, they were not without any connection to a terrorist organization. Islam is a terrorist organization. The multitudes of Islamic terrorist organizations don’t have a distinct ideology. They follow the Quran.

Islamic terrorism will continue and more innocent lives will be lost. The leftist politicians and the leftist media will continue to hoodwink the public and deny any Islamic involvement. None of the major news media mentioned that Nrodine Amrani or the Hollywood shooter were Muslim, even though the latter was shouting Allahu Akbar while gunning down people in the street. (But the bloggers did)

The public is awakening and they will not sit till their unscrupulous politicians and their compromised media take them to the slaughterhouse to the last person. Their anger can be heard in the Internet. The MSM is silent, but the Internet is roaring.

The Belgian jihadi on Tuesday was killed accidentally by one of his grenades. Had he been able to throw all his granddads at the public, the death toll and injuries could have been much higher.

The peaceful West is becoming a war zone, courtesy of the religion of peace. Islamic immigration has cost the westerners countless lives, enormous amount of tax money and their freedom.  This chaos will continue until, either the leftist parties are eradicated and the media is discredited, or the West succumbs to Islam.

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  1. In the end, islam is writing its own death warrant. You cannot please a holy God by doing the deeds of Satan (the enemy of ALL humanity). If we become faithful again, perhaps we will be given enough strength to preserve our civilization. I prefer it is a peaceful solution but, barring some miracle, I feel that this may result in yet another defensive military action (CRUSADE).

    Thank you, my noble Crusader forebearers. I hope to honor you in peace (and if necessary) in war.

    The Socialist intellectual sophistry (practiced by both parties) is wearing thinner with each successive attack.

    Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!!!

  2. If anyone thinks that even FOX News will tell it like it is,they have another thing coming!The reason why is because it is partly owned by a Muslim!Yes they tend to have a Conservative slant and claim to be “fair and balanced”,but I noticed a long time ago that they always have a CAIR representative speak for Islam.

    Yes they’ve had Dr.Jasser,Bridgette Gabrielle and Pamela Geller speak on issues close to their hearts,but why is CAIR the official Muslim spokesman?

    Fox is the only English language news program I get in Israel.CNN was booted out years ago for being too anti-Israel. I have just seen adds for MSNBC,which will be coming to Israel!As if they are “fair and balanced”!

  3. Pamela Kelly, I know you know the answer to your question. When we write the written words it all gets too scary. It wont wake up any governments until we have rebellion. I marched proudly to get our troops out of Vietnam. I took my kids in their pram with me. Got pelted with apples laced with the odd razor blade. And, I really believe it will happen until when we demonstrate very clearly to our governments THE TRUE FEELINGS OF THE PEOPE. Because they aint listening now.

    Who is the Person of the Year on the cover of Time Magazine this Month. Take a look! It is the demonstrator. People, ordinary people getting themselves organized right around the world. The Middle East, In America, Australia, and England – it is the people against the gready banks. We wont send a message from our computers, only to one another, and our mobiles will tell us where and when, but nothing scares politicians more than people coming out in thousands. I am not sure about the exact quote, “Evil will prevail, when we stop talking about Things that matter”. Martin Luther King Jnr.

    • Therese, I hate the protesters. They are anarchistic, anti-capitalist parasites who want to steal other people’s hard-earned money. In America, they are funded by George Soros and supported by the far left communists in the Obama Regime.

      As for the Arab Spring? All their protesting will get them a government far more oppressive than the one they overthrew. They were also sponsored by George Soros and supported by the Obama commies.

      TIME magazine is a communist tool.

  4. VIDEO

    Belgian Jihad leader threatening Belgium days before Yesterday’s Grenade Attack in Christmas Village

    Belgian Jihadist Sheik Abu Imran with Al-Qaeda Flag Opposite the Atomium Monument in Brussels: Our Flag Will Soon Be Flying on Top of All the Palaces in Europe Until We Reach the White House

  5. How will the media treat this? Who is the woman left dead at his home? And why is she dead?
    He must have known he was not coming back home. Our media is pitching the fact that police found amunitions and drugs at his home. He will probably be portrayed as a “crazed drug user”. I will be surprized if he is called a Muslim Terrorist. And will the King of Begium who was so quick at the scene and to his credit, was there to care for his people, be made to keep quite. What do you think?

  6. charles i am afraid you are 100% correct i was just now thinking the very same thing to myself as i turned on the tv, and tuned into fox news etc. since glenn beck left, the news station left also….it is very bad and getting worse by the day. and i am afraid that our country will crash very soon now. it is that bad. which is very scary. now i was looking at the iran youtube clip of how the iranian government and country used to be when shah reza was in office, and to how it is now, and it really breaks my heart to see how the once great society of iran has fallen alomst over night, and thought to my self, ya know, this really could happen here. many people do not want to beleive it, but it most certainly can and will happen here, i go to the malls around where i live and see it is empty.

    where i live more and more women are dressing in islamic style dragging their umpteen kids around with them at the malls and i do not even want to go out anymore to see this. i can only imagine how the iranians must have felt when this all happened in their land.

    i know if it was me, i think i would kill myself rather than have to see this. and i feel very sorry for the young people in the usa growing up as they are the ones who are going to have to deal with this and i wonder how are they going to do it.

    when the news media becomes unworthy to tell the truth then you know you are in true trouble ..and we have to ask ourselves why this is all happening and how could it happen only 70 yrs after germany and ww2. i do not understand it. the only thing i can come up with is the usa now has 30% of the population which is aging to their 60’s and there are not enough people to take the place -in another 20-25 yrs these people are all going to die off leaving a gapping hole to fill which opens the door for islam and the people to come in and take over as the new people in place of the christians that held this land for about 300 yrs or so.

  7. As disturbing as this is, what I find just as disturbing if not more so, is this “wink-wink,nod-nod” censorship by the news industry. When will questions be asked like “He was yelling Jihadi statements while he was killing people. Why did you not report that?”? These questions are being bottled up in people, governments and media personnel know this and are cleverly avoiding any free forum where asking these questions might be brought up.

  8. 18,000 attacks over ten years = 1,800 per annum. Not all are ‘successful, but one victim is killed in each assault = nearly 2,000 annually. If American soldiers succumb at that rate, the public would cry out: I call it ‘Fabian attrition’ of the West. Elitists like Rumpy, Soreass, and Babel Obama bin Liar are silently satisfied in accordance with Agenda 21. At the end, the jihadists will then come for them.
    May I reiterate the Memoriam for Niemoeller:

    A Corollary to ‘Then They Came for Me’

    First they came for the old ones, and I did not speak out–
    because I was not old.
    Then they came for the homosexuals, and I did not speak out–
    because I was not a homosexual.
    Then they came for for the Jews, and I did speak out–
    because I was not a Jew.
    Then they came for the atheists, and I did not speak out–
    because I was not an atheist.
    Then they came for the Christians, and I did not speak out–
    because I was not a Christian.
    Then they came for the babies, and I did not speak out–
    because I was not a baby.
    Then they came for the blacks, and I did not speak out–
    because I was not black.
    Then they came for the communists, and I did not speak out–
    because I was not a communist.
    Then they came for me, and I did not speak out–
    because I am not of them,
    For I am the potter and they the clay, and I did not speak out–
    because pots hear nothing when shattered on the potter’s floor.

  9. I heard the first peep about the Muslim angle on “Atlas Shrugged”, but had already surmised as much, based on the contours of the crime. I was just waiting for the official confirmation from a trusted news source (I’m referring to AS, itself).

    These blogs are important. They don’t just augment the news. They are the only credible news sources for many. They sort through the garbage, blow the purposeful fog from the fog machines away from our eyes and de-code the propaganda into cognizable truth.

    To reiterate: As the Orwellian news gets more and more heavy handed with its “new speak” in an attempt to lobotomize millions with a laser-like disinformation stream, these blogs end up offering the news, itself, rather than mere editorializing. That’s how far down the rabbit hole we’ve fallen.

    Stay tuned, boyz & goyles.

  10. BNI, do you have any counterparts in Belgium to talk to? It’s so important for this to get out to the masses!!! Do you have any ideas to whom we can write to let people know there and get the word going?

    Thank you for your informative piece. You have great stuff!

  11. Maria Jose
    I agree I heard Allahu Akbar at .06 exactly. My local paper says the gunman was being tried for an honor killing. They are all insane, murderous, depraved, sexual deviants. Anytime they get caught for their horrendous crimes they start murdering in good ol allahs name so they can go to the brothel in the sky and start bangin virgins. Vermin!

  12. Daishee (the uploader of this video), says on Youtube:
    “pretty sure at :06 in the video i hear the screams of Allah Akbar, and people turning around to hear it”

  13. Imagine how many jihadists would come forward if there were a charismatic JIHAD LEADER more appealing than Bin Laden.

    Many of these ‘sleeper jihadists’ would come out of hiding.

    ‘Raiding’ is called ‘razzia’ in Moslem Arabic.

    The normal warfare of braindead killer zombie jihadists is the RAZZIA.

    Hit and run is normative Islam.

    Allah rewards jihadists who murder kafirs.

  14. No, BNI…this is PREMEDITATED vigilante jihad.

    There is nothing ‘SUDDEN’ about a man who is well-trained in weapons.

    SELF-DIRECTED, VIGILANTE JIHAD is normative Islam, fully supported and approved by the pedophile pirate himself.

    EXPECT MORE self-directed, vigilante jihadists!

    THESE JIHADISTS ARE the supposedly ‘nice Moslems’ next door.

    Islam is jihad, not peace.

  15. Once again, it was alleged in the maistream-media that he was a single assassin! Isn’t it strange that he was a follower of Islam and so this case was designated very quick as a mad behavior of an individual offender, while the murderer A. Breivik was in a dense network? This is what I call good propaganda! Brilliant copied from the Nazis. We get ripped off by the media!

  16. this is a nornal and expected activities from Islam since muslems live in europe or united states, gorenments has to take effective actions immediatly to stop them but this would be very difficult since muslems protects and hide those terrorists. ony Jesus can save us

  17. When the story broke yesterday, though the media WOULD NOT say, my first thoughts were that this situation SCREAMS FILTHY DEMENTED ARSELIFTERS!!!…..Suspicion confirmed; Thanks BNI!! But I am prompted once again to ask: Oh Lord how long, how long, until you scorch these filthy murderous arselifter bastards ?!!

  18. some people are a little hard to wake up. a public media source needs guts to tell the truth and sometimes need to get slapped upside the head literally to see what’s really going on.

  19. More: Yahoo News report stated the following:

    Amrani’s lawyer told Belgian television that police in the eastern city of Liege had summoned his client on Tuesday about an alleged sexual offence, which had made him nervous. Amrani failed to show up.

    A comment over at Gates of Vienna links to a report from Gazet von Antwerpen: Offender did not return to prison
    providing a photo of Amrani’s weapons cache with a sticker illustrating some foreign (Arabic?) script in white text on black background.. . .

    Perpetrator Nordine Amrani, a Belgian of Moroccan descent, had to offer yesterday with the federal judicial police of Liege in connection with a sexual thing. Perhaps he was afraid of being arrested.
    Amrani, after his hand to stop himself explained, it was only since October 2010 release from prison of Lantin. “He was disgusted by the court,” said his former lawyer.
    Yesterday the court held a search of his home and found more weapons. Investigators also interviewed his girlfriend. The woman collapsed when she heard of the massacre. And it was even worse. For in the black bag that the perpetrator was carrying two chargers were found.
    Amrani is a Moroccan family disruption and grew up in the neighborhood Borgt Grimbergen. “One day he asked if he could maintain my garden. He was about fifteen, “said the ex-boyfriend. “I saw him perform odd jobs and took care of him myself. I tried to teach him some values ​​and ensured that he went to school as much as possible, “said the excited ex-boyfriend.
    Cannabis plantation
    Amrani was already heavy on staff. In October 2007, at his home a cannabis plantation with 2800 plants discovered. Amrani was sentenced to 58 months cell (reduced on appeal to 42 months). He was fined 11,000 euros and 76,500 euros were confiscated.
    TG Photo PHN

    Also, these two items:


    ” A weapons aficionado, he was said to be able to dismantle, repair and put together all sorts of weapons.

    I’d be interested in learning his recent travel history.

    via comments placed to this article Minute by Minute

    “5:01 p.m. [Comment from poulivorpoulivor:]
    the killer shouted “Allah Akbar” before killing himself,. . .”

    and listen to this raw video clip from

    Notice the imagry illustrates the alarmed crowd fleeing from one direction then focus in on the audio at approximately six seconds into the video. Listen carefully to hear – above all the shrieking – a strong male voice loudly yelling in the background . . .”allah. . .”. Notice also the crowd slows and turns their focus to the direction of that sound after the silence. There were no further explosions after that sound.
    Perhaps the sound was from a victim yelling in agony, but the crowds reaction indicates they may have realized the threat from Amrani was over. Did they spot him and recognize he was the threat causing all the bloodshed and flee? Once they heard the all-too-familiar war cry of jihad and that final gunshot to his own head followed by silence, is that why they uniformly slowed down, turned to face the direction they were fleeing?

  20. OK I saw this on the written headlines down on the bottom of and they did mention handgernades.
    and it also talked about how in florence italy a extreme italian man killed 2 sengal and another arab man..

  21. BNI, I waited all day yesterday for you to post this. It’s so sad that we are so far ahead of full-time, “professional”, main stream media outlets on this kin of thing. Far, indeed – since most of them will NEVER tell the whole truth or highlight the most relevant facts.

    We have seen this time and again: When a Muslim wants to go out with a bang, because of some personal distress or whatever (in this case, the guy was under investigation for sex crimes, I think) he typically targets a crowd of innocent “infidels” and attempts to exercise his Jihadist instincts that are the result of his Islamic cult indoctrination.

    And as you astutely observed, the thing that predisposed him to act as he did was Islam, pure and simple. No need to connect him to any other sect or branch on the terror tree rooted in this false religion. But the authorities and MSM reporters go out of their way to deny that things like this are actually terrorist acts, that the fact the perp was Muslim is in any way relevant, or that Islam is the threat all by itself. They continually attempt to disarm the populace, as far as information and fair warning are concerned. This is a failure of journalistic integrity – they are not news sources, but propagandists – and it’s simply treasonous, in terms of their personal duty to other citizens in their respective countries.

    Why must we hear these Muslim terrorists constantly being described as (upgraded to) mere criminals? Are we supposed to conclude, that a lone Muslim engaged in a spontaneous bloody Jihad rampage equals run-of-the-mill criminal without proof of his belonging to a known terror cell or a personal declaration that he is, indeed, a Jihadi terrorist?

    If this is the case, then there is a clear, heavy-handed agenda to protect Islam, as the deniable source of this kind of terror. And I can understand Muslims issuing such denials, but not Western news reporters. Who makes this editorial policy all over the Western world? It sounds like the control mechanism is Saudi money injected into news corporations or their parent corporations with strings attached. If that is true, the smoking gun for this kind of policy, as such, would be public (unlikely) or private memos from on high demanding this sterilization of the reportage to keep people from connecting the dots.

    I think the Saudis are buying the rules of engagement for reporters. That’s why these blogs are so important and that’s why people need to be directed here to get the real scoop and disseminate it as widely as possible.

    For the MSM to conclude anything other than Spontaneous Jihad Syndrome for Amrani’s attack (among others) is purposeful obfuscation and purposeful obfuscation is LYING! We are being lied to. Yes, Amrani is a criminal, but that’s a preposterous understatement that doesn’t begin to tell the tale. Of course he’s a criminal, but that’s not the point. The point is: Once again,the bloody footprints lead directly to the Quran and Islam. Not only can we connect the psychotic dots from Amrani to Mohamed, but we can connect them to EVERY OTHER MUSLIM. This is why they are ALL the enemy.

    And sadly, their ally, the MSM, as bought and payed for by rich Saudi/Wahabbis, is the enemy too.


    • Keith, I was out all day yesterday but listened to the news and only heard the jihadist referred to as a gunman.
      I figured the truth would be all over the internet when I got home, but only the anti-Islam and some conservative bloggers made mention of the “Muslim” terror attack. Disgusting. I’m here to post the stories you don’t usually see in the MSM about Islam, I never dreamed I would have to report the news.

  22. no mention in the uk media, which over here is par for the course, they wet themselves if they have to mention muslims or islam but most people know the code words, asian males, youths,not connected to terriorism, peace and tolerance

  23. Where are the average citizens willing to band together, defy convention and their pc government, and stand up to declare, “Enough, already! We are sick and tired of acquiescing to the demands of these murderous foreigners who have come to our shores, not to become Belgian citizens, not for a better life for themselves and their families, but to overwhelm us, first through overpopulation, and now to carry out the brutal decrees of their religion and wage Jihad against us”
    We Americans have to do the same. What is happening in Belgium and other areas of Europe infiltrated by Islam, is starting to happen here.
    So, listen up all you “all-American Muslims”. If you are truly here in the best interests of America, that’s fine and dandy. But listen up. We do not and will not have Sharia Law here. Women of Islam who choose to dress more western will be liberated from the repression of the veil and protected by our courts against sexual violence and abuse. And if Jell-O or any other foods on the school menus offend you, that just too bad! Take your cues from the Jews and other religions with dietary restrictions. Just don’t eat the Jell-O! America has a Constitution that guarantees all Americans the rights to freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of making up their own minds. If you want to live under the repressive dictates of Sharia, then feel free to choose another option available to all Americans and leave. We did not ask you to come here in the first place..

  24. I heard them reporting about the attack today on Fox and Friends and Gretchen Carlson stumbled over pronouncing his name,but had the nerve to read from her teleprompter”No one knows the reason for the attack”.There was not one mention of the fact that he was a Muslim!

  25. A lot of our anger should be aimed at the guilty group = our politicians and the media.
    Until the media start reporting the truth of muslim hatred and violence and until our politicians get their heads out of their ass, we will never even begin to halt this problem.
    Muslims equate to hatred and violence… there are no moderate muslims, just ones who lie and keep their mouth shut…..end of story

  26. Crazy or not, Amrani was only doing what he was programmed to do by the local clerics, who were programmed by the Koran and Hadith. Following the lifestyle of Mohammad, his brainwashed progeny will bring about death of us all eventully unless the politically correct dhimmis snap out of it.

  27. Mohammedanism is useless crap.Already I. Eibl-Eibelsfeldt knew: migration has to be regulated very strict! All others is a crime against the own people!

  28. Btw, the sign that woman is placing at the memorial site reads WHY/”WARUM”? Think they’ll get an honest answer?

  29. If both these attacks were jihads and the media is stonewalling the self-censorship has reached truly dangerous proportions, depriving the public of even the means of knowing the signs of SJS and a possible jihad attack. That traitorous Hellary-OIC closed door meeting ends today and you have to ask what further restrictions will they put on our right to be informed about what our enemies are planning for us.

    Some “devout” moo-slums spend this season waging jihad and shooting at crowds of innocent people. Here’s what Westerners — you know, we filthy kafir — do:


  30. Just saw this on the news, this is terrible. Just a few days ago they were trying to hush up attacks on a Jewish girl & now this happens…

    My prayers are with those who have lost their loved ones & are victims of this terrorist attack.


  32. No mention on all the news bulletins I have heard, that Nordine Amrani, the Liege gunman, was a muslim. I had to search the internet to find this: “In the Belgian city of Liege known for its love of the Muslim – a Muslim kills 4 in a terrorist attack and wounded at least 75.”
    Of course, the “Biased Brainwashing Corporation” and most of the other media would never want to portray muslims in a bad light. They won’t be able to deceive the British public for ever though! Thank God for the EDL and BFP.

  33. Does he get 72 islamic virgins now?
    RIP to the beautiful Belgium people that were murdered by islam today, I am so very sorry, and I feel so very bloody useless.

  34. My prayers especially go after that poor 18 month old child’s family. This is sad. We have got to start doing something about our media and the tape they have on their stupid mouths. I’m sick of only getting half truths and small parts to the story. We deserve the truth. We have to stop catering to the Muslims because all it does is allow them to do what they are doing right now. To continue slaying and slaughtering our beautiful children, men, and women. We have to act now!!!! I refuse to have to watch another thing like this happen!!!

  35. The absolute second I heard about a criminal man throwing grenades in Belgium, my mind knew the bastard was islamic. I still haven’t heard anything on the enemedia. I’ve been clicking around on different sites tonight, and it is hard for me to grasp that ordinary civilized western people are enabling islam to carry out it’s dirty deeds. Makes me laugh, what do they think, these bleeding hearts, that is they are nice and friendly that islam will adapt and be nice and friendly to? Filthy supporters of islam, my own family included, stupid people.
    Give it 20 years, by then I’ll be an old lady, so for me, I don’t really give a shit. It’s the younger generations of females that will be at the disadvantage. I thank God that I was born when I was, at least I got to enjoy Australia when she was still beautiful, all colours, all races, happily co-existing, then islam raised it’s ugly head and there has been nothing but trouble ever since. islam segregates, it hates infidels and non muslims, islam is not a race, it’s a cult.
    Kaboom! islam killed again today, and what’s the media got to say?
    Ban Sharia everything.
    Opposite to ignorant, the good Lord gave me eyes to see and ears to hear. I also have fingers to count with, adding up the numbers of islam’s current murders and murders to come, is huge.
    Is the strategy to just ignore islam, and hope it goes away, ’cause I tell you what, you can ignore it as much as you like, it is here and it is now.

  36. I agree. I just watched a CBS News report and no mention of the Belgium jihadist being a mohammedan. Makes me sick. This is coming from a former liberal. The news has no problem reporting Blacks commiting crimes complete with photo, but oh no, the mohammedan terrorist is concealed. Maked me sick with the double-standard.

  37. The press and comments in the dailymail avoid the man’s nationality and religion. Once more people bury their heads in the sand and islam takes inoccent lives lives. Before islam became protected by the left and multiculturism this did not happen. Muslims did not do this they smiled and got on with their lives, they did not bomb, rape or complain constantly. How is it normal people cannot see this. We cannot just keep blaming the press. people are f ing blind. We cannot wait for them to change their minds. Sane people have to take the lead and vote, petition, march or what ever and get muslims kicked out of the west. Muslims only know death. It’s their introduction, main points and conclusion. They have nothing else and we can forget about the moderates speaking out against islam if even many western people cannot see the danger of islam.

    It was reported by the Liege Prosecutor Daniele Reynders who said: ‘At no moment in any of the judicial proceedings against him was there any sign of him being mentally disturbed.’

    That is the point, he was sane except he was a fucking muslim. It was his religion, the jihad urge to kill because he did not get what he wanted. Kill, rape and winge. That’s what islam does when it isn’t happy and to make things worse leftist deny the truth. This can only get worse as muslims see they can get away with bashing white people and then they are told it’s not islam but some cock and bull lefty wing shit like he was a career criminal, he was sane…

    It’s xmas soon and that is a message to christians. A merry xmas from the religion of peace.

  38. Keep it up, all you worthless, Pee Cee, terrorist enableing, trecle spreading, fact hiding Manure Stream Media ! Common knowlege has surpassed your ability to cloak the truth in sweetness and light.

    Everybody now knows that “muslim” is synonymous with “INBRED” and that inbred means the individual has either strange physical traits or the chance of mentally boinging at the drop of a feather.

    Keep protecting these inbred fanatics whose first cousin is also their aunt while we, the public, suffer the consequences. Your creditability is already in the urinal so why change now ?

  39. I am getting myself and others ready to defend ourselves againts this band of barbarians.
    All of America would do well to do the same…..the whole shit house is ready to go up in flames. Can it be stopped? That is up to us.

    Merry Christmas to all……

  40. if a lone jihadist was in front of the white house screaming allahu akbar while throwing grenades, the pc media and our foreign born president would still be in denial.

    i wonder how many more of these attacks will occur during this christmas season. it’s like the gates of hell have opened and the rabid mongrels have been released to terrorize the planet. there is so much day to day violence/genocide against christians all over–s. sudan, iraq, nigeria, kenya, pakistan, egypt, indonesia, gaza, e. timor, serbia, england, europe, ethiopia, etc., and now it’s officially here in america.

  41. Body of woman found in warehouse brings death toll to six and 122 injured after career criminal hurls grenades into Christmas shoppers in Belgian city of Liege

    Killer named as Nordine Amrani (a MUSLIM name), convicted sex attacker and drug dealer
    Attacker used a pistol, a rifle and hand grenades
    Warehouse allegedly used by gunman to grow cannabis
    Video shows stampede of shoppers trying to flee the gunman

  42. I heard in Pakistan the news was reporting he was pissed at a muslim being sentenced for an ‘honor killing’. Hopefully this will wake up some more Europeans to the inbred followers and their 7th Century ideology.

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