Ask LOWE’S not to capitulate to a meeting with the shakedown artists of CAIR

There are more of us Americans than them. Hamas-linked activists from CAIR have sent Lowe’s corporate officials a letter requesting a meeting regarding their decision to yank its ads from TLC’s ‘All-American (sic) Muslim’ unreality show.

DETROIT NEWS (H/T Rob E)  “We sent a letter requesting a meeting between community leaders of various organizations including the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) to try to come to a resolution regarding the issue,” said Dawud Walid, the executive director of CAIR-Michigan Tuesday.

Walid said Tuesday no boycott against Lowe’s has been called. YET! Controversy erupted over the weekend after Lowe’s confirmed it had pulled its ads in response to some protests over the show.

The Florida Family Association, an evangelical Christian group took credit for the chain’s decision to pull its ads. The head of the group says it is responsible for getting 65 other advertisers to pull their support of the show as well but that has not been independently verified. Lowe’s officials have have not said it would reconsider its actions and reinstate its advertising.

BACKGROUND  on Dawud Walid, with CAIR since 2005: When a Hezbollah-linked entity, the Al-Mabarrat Charitable Organization, was raided by federal agents in July of 2007, Walid posted on his website that it was still perfectly fine to donate to it, as well as to another terror-linked charity that had been raided, Life for Relief and Development. In March of 2007, during a lecture he gave at Western Michigan University, Walid “justified suicide bombings.” He also stated, “We should obey the laws of the United States of America, except when those laws bar us from those things that are obligations [of] our religion.

Meanwhile on Tuesday, the leaders of the social-services organization ACCESS and the National Network for Arab American Communities(NNAAC) Tuesday announced said their groups will no longer accept donations from Lowe’s. (They shouldn’t have been giving you money in the first place)

“While we understand that this was a corporate decision to pull advertising from the show, we feel that the Lowe’s position does not align with our values,” said Tonova in a press release Tuesday.(America will NEVER align with your “values.”)

ACCESS Executive Director Hassan Jaber said Lowe’s’ actions are a contradiction to ACCESS’ local and national efforts to stamp out bigotry and stereotyping. (This is rich, coming from the most evil bigots on earth)

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