Islamic cleric says, “Saying Merry Christmas is worse than fornicating, drinking alcohol, or killing someone”

Gee, and Muslims still don’t seem to understand why most of the world hates them so much.

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138 comments on “Islamic cleric says, “Saying Merry Christmas is worse than fornicating, drinking alcohol, or killing someone”

  1. Well then i would like to wish all you Muslim people out there a very merry christmas and a blessed new year may God be with you on this very special holiday

  2. I, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, FOREIGN and DOMESTIC. That I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.”
    ADDITION whether it be politicians who sold us out or those whose convictions stand to take us over and remove our rights and liberties bought with the blood of men and women who believe so faithfully in our system I will obey NO orders to fire upon American Patriots who are fighting a treasonous govt. and the Islamic tide of tyranny. But let it be under stood I do not and will not stand with subversive entities who seek only to change that what was, for perverse pleasure and gain and Those who seek to make wrong right and right wrong. Whatever danger I face I will hold fast to these values and not submit under the pressure of death, prison, mockery or any other type of misfortune. The time for Talk and half measures has past.
    God as My witness
    26 April 2012 AD Writen by MYSTRYMAN_7

    • The do say not to say Merry Christmas because of celebrating the birth of Jesus but correctly speaking Jesus wasn’t born on December 25 th. Wishing Merry Christmas is more a holiday greeting of love and peace. it a time when I got to spend time with my siblings. I see no reason for it to be abolished.


  3. His statement is completely wrong. Muslims can greet their Christian friends or family a Merry Christmas. Islam is about spreading love and peace, our Islamic religion has been corrupted by many people like him. If you guys really look deeply into the real sources of Islam you’ll find a lot of right information. Oh, before calling our dear loving prophet Muhammed a pedo, look at Edgar Allan Poe married his 13 year old cousin!

  4. Ill tell you whats really hard is sitting on the sidelines and watching your country being TAKEN OVER BY MUSLIMS and we are suppose to sit back and watch until the day comes when they come and kick your door in and drag you and your family out into the streets and make you an offer you cant refuse.

    Thats whats going to happen if we all sit back and watch. Happened to Lebanon in the 70’s, dont think it cant happen here. Read Brigitte Gabriell’s books and see what Im talking about. All they need is TIME and pussy Muslim presidents like OBAMA! and GAME OVER!

  5. Why so much hate in these comments? Islam is a religion that respects all relegions. Islam respects Jesus, the Quran also has a whole sora about Jesus, that describes him with the finest words. Muslims don’t celebrate the birth of anyone, even Mohammed’s (peace be upon him) birthday is not celebrated. This is not meant to disrespect Jesus. Islam teaches that Jesus is one of the greatest prophets and messengers to mankind. I truly hope that everyone would better research Islam. Listen to the Quran and trust me that you will feel reliefed even if you don’t understand what is being said. Listen to the story of Yusuf Estes a previous priest and how he converted to Islam along with 4 other christians. Hope this meets you all with good health.

    • Samer, pls tell us the lovely story of the three muslims who converted to Christianity. Oh pls it’s always a Holiday favotite.
      OK how about the Christian, who was never Muslim who was just sentenced to death because he would not convert back to your peaceful religion. Oh he was never muslim. I think it was a 4th generation removed great grandfather with red hair who was muslim. Now to show you how peaceful they are. They have lifted death sentence for a yr…then oh well. I know there are rules about language on blogs. This is my blog, well co founder.
      Now have any of you seen this? It’s all you need to know about islam
      , small s and I shit on pedophile babykillers and rapists.
      So to Admin I will apologize and give ya one if you want.
      Samer, I would like to give you a seasonal greeting from those in America.
      Fuck You, Fuck mohamad peace of shit be upon him. Our Gov may kiss your ass. Not these nice guys and especially me. I will meet you all sometime. You think your ugly ass’s will get 72 Virgins..Bwaahaaa. You are just so stupid so the iman says 72 virgins and you blow you and your kid up. Ever notice Bin a shithead never sent his kids. Boy you people are stupid. Now I’m having a big Ham (that’s pork you schmuck) In honor of all those that have not gotten their burdens

    • The goal of ISLAM is WORLD DOMINATION BY THE SWORD! Go back and read your KORAN, its spattered all over it and it comes right out of the mouth of Allah and your murdering butchering so called PROPHET.

      Nowhere does your KORAN or Mein Kampf (same thing)say to take infidels as friends, do you think WE are all that STUPID!? Nice try.

      Dont piss down my back and tell me its raining…. Only a handful of Americans, or should I say LIBERALS are COWARDS LIKE OUR CURRENT LEADERS.

    • Furthermore. The only reason ISLAM grows is because every poor bastard born to Muslims inherits the CANCER OF ISLAM, they are brainwashed from birth to know nothing else. THEY NEVER HAVE A CHANCE AT FREEDOM.

      Muslims learn from birth from daily brainwashing that if they attempt to leave or talk bad about ISLAM they will be murdered, by your hideous Sharia Blasphemy nonsense and the law of Apostasy at the hands of their own MOTHER AND FATHER.

      So if your honest with yourself you will plainly see that EVERY MUSLIM IS FORCED INTO THE SLAVERY OF ISLAM. All Christians are given the gift of FREE WILL. YOU WILL NEVER HAVE IT AS A MUSLIM and you will live as slave to this murderous horror show you call PEACEFUL.

      If its so peaceful why are we reading about MASS MURDER EVERY DAY even in IRAQ which is ALL MUSLIM and Churches being burned daily all over the world, why have 750000 Christians fled IRAQ in the past 5 years? Because of all the love and peace you Muslims give them? If your so peaceful why are infidels banned from MECCA? On and on and on.

      I am SICK AND TIRED OF ISLAM! ISLAM makes communism look like an episode of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood in caparison! And to have to sit back and watch that THING in the White House allow them to piss all over us is making the entire country SICK!

      With the exception of the LIBERALS of course who are just as much an enemy of freedom and this countries values as ISLAM and COMMUNISM combined.

  6. I won’t even listen to the hatred…reading the comments was enough! The muslim in the White House must go….Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall inherit the earth! Quoted from the best selling book on earth of all time!! Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to everyone! And if I should see a muslim today in my travels (we have a ton of them here in Arizona, imagine that….open boarder) I WILL wish them the peace and love of Christ!

    • Merry Xmas to all in the USA from Angelina in the UK!

      And to all that live and let live and do not believe that their religion is the only one and the rest of the world should be bullied in to converting to theirs which is not in the path of God but the path to hell on earth. Islam is a bullying idealogy not to do with God the God of goodness. To do with Satan in our world infiltrating our daily life does it not say in the bible that God fights a constant war against evil in all it’s forms only through the minds of men that follow the good path,that are prepared to fight for the the way of the God of good wether that be mentally or physically or both can God suceed on earth. Jesus said only through me can you go to God I am the path.The only way God can fight the Satan on earth is through us through our souls and our strengh mental and physical. Praying alone will not stop the devils work. It was mankind that recued the people from the concentration camps that helped them to get better their is good and bad amoung us all we all have choices but passive resistance did not save anyone did it? In this way God was working through mankind the ones following good and destroying evil. There are many stories of Gods anger to people doing evil being destoyed.

      Happiness is freedom of choice and living in a fair world that respects all and has no desire to dominate the other their will in forms of religion. Lesson her is all that is good is what feels good in our soul in order to secure this situation on earth those of us that believe in this have to fight for this in everyway needed to have this world to live in, if not the devil and it’s works will inherit the earth.

      I am not a devout Christian I am C of E but I do believe that Jesus was a force for good that left an impact on the world like no other and that Mohammad left a impact on the world for the force of evil like no other, which one wins or loses here is now to be played out.

      Best wishes to you all lets hope they will never beable to take our Xmas away and replace it will Happy holiday that has been spoke of in the next steps to irradicaing our religion, and we will be here next yr wishing each other a Merry Xmas.

      Love to you all. Angelina.

  7. Glenn, we should ALL be accepting one another’s differences. However, the followers of only one religion (guess which one that is?) have vowed to impose their unwanted fanatical doctrine on the people of my country. Perhaps it suits your personal agenda to consider that a “move forward”?

  8. Please, in the name of “whoever” or “whatever” you believe in, let’s stop pretending that the views expressed by this, or any other, extremist, are in any way indicative of the vast majority of Muslims world wide.

    The sooner we all accept our differences, the sooner will all move forward.

    • Glenn, wherever they are polled on their desire to be ruled by sharia law, 60 – 80% of all muslims say yes. Even in Europe. There are over 8,000 stories here of jihad (both violent and stealth/peaceful), don’t post your ignorant comments here again until you’ve looked at some of them. The sooner you accept that muslims are your enemy, the sooner we can move toward getting them out of this country.

  9. This nation has many different religions but is mostly made up of CHRISTIANS so why do we have to be ashamed to say MERRY CHRISTMAS anymore? I am tired of hearing the phrase “politically correct”. The politicians can not even behave and we are suppose to be correct… them? lol If you are Jewish, celebrate it in your religious tradition, if you are Muslims, Hindu, atheist, pagan etc….celebrate in your fashion. I am a Christian and will wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS…..

  10. that guy is so ignorant , why come to OUR country and not live by OUR WAYS ? go back to where u came from if u dont like our MERRY CHRISTMAS and our rules here. go back to ur shitty little country n rot there

  11. Robert, Christians are not protected anywhere on earth. Even the Vatican fails all their people. they will not speak out about the murders in the middle east of their bretheran. The pope kissed the Koran, for the love of God. I am sorry, but my form of Christianity would not allow me to kiss a sick piece of work like that. The last two popes have kissed that garbage.and I dont want a part of them any more. They sit in palaces and their people are slaughtered by Muslims and they fail to speak out., No more Popes for me.

  12. Hardest thing to do is remember that God and the Lord Jesus Christvwould have us pray for these people. It is disgusting that christianity is attacked and the rights of christians are no longet protected in the usa. All these prigressivesvand pc ers promite tolerance but wull not tolerate christmas. I do wish all a very merry christmad and will not appoligize fir ut or fir expressing my faith in the true God.

  13. So this be the sign and symptoms of the Final anti christ the one called al mahdi

    try and stop us musliums! try try all you will

  14. On another note if you think the west is that corrupt, which it is, why live here. Out of preference I would rather live in the west with its corrupt leaders that the middle east and beyond. If corruption were an olympic sport, the ME would win gold every time. I find it amusing that you even kick shit out of your own brothers, Suni’s and Shi’ites for example. Take the log out of your own eye first.

  15. NOB!!! What a bloody hypocrite. For a supposedly peaceful religion I am a little puzzled as to why you have been at war for thousands of yrs. You guys drink, take drugs, shag everything in site treat your women like dog dirt on your shoes. These muppets come out and attack everything that doesn’t agree to their world view, reminds me of a small spoilt child throwing their teddy out of the pram. Control through fear does not work. Mohamed must be so ashamed of you all, Salam Alekum and a merry christmas.

  16. Go eat a ham sandwich Mr Muslim, and quit preaching in that silly baker’s outfit. You rock throwing barbarians are no better than the Ku Klux Klan.

    • Cowpens,,,

      You mean to tell me that they are as good as the K K K ???? WOW~!,,,
      Sorry,,, kinda nitty pickin’ here,,, but being totally sarcastic, in line with you and in total agreement~!

        • Steve…
          Let’s just say, I’m a well rounded individual, in more ways than just the stomach,,, :)

          And don’t forget the apple in the pig’s snout~!

          And may the Blessings of Peace and Love fill the Earth, once the ‘gain~!

        • Merry Christmas and happy what ever you damn well feel like celebrating. Keep pushing muzzies. You are about to see a backlash like never seen before.
          I’ll take a BLT to go. Thanks.
          Pork, the other “Right White Meat”


  18. “May the Peace of God which surpasses all understanding guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.”
    And may you all enjoy a very merry, and grateful, Christmas.

  19. The devil in the WH is Muslim. No doubt about it. He says that he if Christian and other times he is Muslim. Typical islamic takkia.He is a liar and the father of liars. And, how aboout his acts. Bowing down almost to the Saudi king’s shoes. And, his writings in his 2 books. He cannot hide his deception all the time. What is ironic is not his obvious lies, but those Americans who believe him. Those are my problem.

    • ronyvo, you have a good point. He is what he is and does not really hide it. The fact that we live with so many stupid people is also my problem. These people Vote, Drive and gasp raise 9well let’s just say give birth ) to children. That scares the crap out of me.

  20. It’s kind of funny towel head say’s it’s worse then Fornicating (They prefer rape, but same thing) Drinking which they all do once out of the sand swamp and gee I thought killing was the national past time there. kinda like baseball. Ok so the anology between us and them
    We ask a women on a date, have a beer and hot dog and go to ball game. hmm now let’s see.
    They gang rape a women, who is then executed for adultry, drink like animals when permitted and then strap bombs on their children and kill people. Silly me, How could I not see his point.
    More like Hollow point.

  21. this is the religion that president obama says has a long history of tolerance. if islam is so tolerant why does this guy care what anyone has to say about christmas. the muslims are as tolerant as the communists.

  22. HEY,,,
    C’mon, Guys,,,
    To really infuriate them, as you meet ragheads and black-bag women, wish them a Merry Christmas, and offer your condolences that their founder did not permit such celebrations,,, REALLY~! It’s called, “Kill ’em with Kindness”,,, and you’re not harming them in the least~!

    Passive Aggression, anyone???

  23. Alex Kimbrough
    I have seen the Lake of Fire, It’s Purple, and in the tongues of flames are souls screaming to get out. Absolute devastation on the souls.

  24. There you have it, straight from the horse’s mouth. If you know any muslims, this Christmas either *************************, it what they would prefer to Christmas wishes. Then get drunk.

  25. BNI you are right. obama is a lying muslim who uses taqiyyah to fool as many people as he can. All we have to do is to listen to theBS and to read the crap that he tells in support of islam. All we have to do is to watch how he supports islam by the hiring he does, the people he calls on for support and his supportive of islam ideas, such as the month of December being a celebration of jihad month. obama has given us enough information to know he is a muslim and before this is over, I hope that he slips up even more so that everyone will know that obama is a muslim by birth and by action. We can and we must, fire obama in the voting booth in 2012. Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to all of us proud to be non muslim people.

  26. Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to all of the wonderful and proud to be non muslim people of Christian and Jewish faith. We must and we will stick together in our common bond of truth in the face of the false and evil cult of islam with it’s lunatic allah and their pedophile, killer savage, monster, coward, mohamad. God bless America and all of the countries who stand strong against the creepy, crawly stealth jihad of islam. I will wish a Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to you all and to everyone I meet.

  27. Jesus is the reason for the Season. Merry Christmas to all muslims around the world… Jesus is the real Prince of Peace Isa 9:6. Islam is the instrument of “pieces”.

  28. AND has Obama just become an apostate by celebrating Christmas for the first time in years? Even if it is to garner more votes, the Taqiyya spouting kenyan bastard

    • charlotte, I firmly believe he is still a Muslim. No records of his conversion, but even more telling, not one demand from the muslim world for his head, because of his apostasy. In Islam, it is OK to lie to infidels about anything, even your religion, as long as you’re doing it for jihad. His being a Christian is all an act. His so-called Pastor, REv. Wright has a masters degree in Islamic Studies.

  29. Hey silly, imbred islam man, what part of knowing it is a Christian country before ya float ya boat over here, don’t ya get?
    You ought to see my Christmas tree this year, it is the biggest I’ve ever had, and has, oh so-oh many pretty, sparkling lights. I’ve decked the halls with bows of holly and listen to the Herald Angels sing up high and in praise of and to the glory of my loving Lord Jesus, son of God.
    So you son’s of bitches, (woof, woof), Merry fck’n Christmas.
    To all others, I hope you enjoy this season, of sharing and caring, and just loving each other, as we have been commanded to do.
    I live my life to treat others in the way I like to be treated, however, know this, I will not give up my ten commandments for anybody, get thee behind me Satan, and islam go home to the 3rd world unimaginative country you crawled from.
    Mecca, go and pray to your clitless vagina, the Hajji, idol worshippers, who you calling an idol worshipper you islamic freaks! (rhetorical Q)
    MERRY CHRISTMAS to one and all and to all a Merry Christmas xoxox

  30. That cleric is a heel!

    To all others I wish a Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Happy Diwali to Hindus, and Happy Holidays to all others I have missed, whose holidays come at this time of year. All except Muslims. If that’s the way they feel about being cordial to others around their holidays, they can take their own holidays and stuff them! I will be damned if I wish any Muslim any happy Islamic holiday!

  31. When I worked in Saudi Arabia (79 to 85) we were instructed by our Gov’t affairs officers that we could have muted Christmas celebrations. But we would have to ensure if we opened our blinds in our residences we could not show any trees, decorations, or anything that portrays anything Christian. We lived in a walled compound with other Expats and no Muslims residence, but they were worried that the Paki grounds keepers may object to any signs of Christianity. But in Pakistan you could openly, in those days celebrate Christian holiday.
    So the Saudis were using Pakis to enforce their antiquated beliefs.
    The Saudis are such hypocrites

  32. Yes BNI I am sorry to say there is a stranglehold on anything associated with Islam. Those in court yesterday were represented by top Lawyers and that costs a lot of money, so those of us who do not have the millions backing them, we have to suffer in silence. In years gone by we all had free representation for those who were unable to pay. It was called legal Aid. We never really hear of it anymore. Except when Muslims need it. And this is how we give the power to Islam plus the fact that they scare off all the witnesses and they win against us without causing a ripple in our society because we cant get the message out there.

  33. Last week some council workers in Lancashire in the UK told me that by next Christmas we will not beable to say Merry Christmas it is going to be replaced by Happy holiday so as not to offend the Muslims I dont know how true this is but they have been told this! Has anyone else heard this?

  34. all the leaders and bussiness people who pander to and support these retarded shit sucking muslims should all be charged with treason and jailed. may your pedophile false prophet burn in hell

  35. Well, MERRY CHRISTMAS, you punkass asslifter SOB!! And now, I think I’ll have a spot of rum in my hot chocalate, ASSHOLE…So once again MERRY CHRISTMAS, AND Piss Be Upon You!!! You ……..asslifter!!!…… And to those who know the Reason for the Season, albeit HE probably was NOT born on December 25, as the asslifter in the video pointed out….I Bid you a truly MERRY CHRISTMAS and a PROSPEROUS and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  36. We need more people like him to educate the dumb leftie people of the west. I love this guy. We should use these schmucks to play them at thier own game.
    I would like to see more of these roaches coming out of the woodwork. I want these clowns to be the mainstream Mussies so the world can see thier true color.


    There is a reason these muzzies get away with the filth they are spewing…they have the western governments bowing to them! They have businesses pandering to them! And then they have crap like this: Which is taking place in Michigan. Why is it that WE have to “understand” islam BUT islam can be ugly and hateful to US? Crazy!

  38. Wishing a raghead or baghead a merry Christmas and a Happy Chanukah should always be done together. Your paarticular religious bent should determine their order. Do it anyhow even if you’re claiming to be an atheist or agnostic.

    You just can’t afford to let such an easy opportunity go by to really piss off a muslim.

    Do it loud enough so that others hear you ! Give all of them the same opportunity. Or should I say Piss-Off-ortunity ? I luv it I LUV IT ! !

  39. I will be sure to say Merry Christmas to all those Muslims that work at all these Gas Stations where I live… MERRY CHRISTMAS BABOO!!!!

  40. these people are idiots, i mean really? how stupid can you be..and they want the rest of the world to believe how they do…common now people,,WAKE UP!!! what 10 commandments are they going by? I know that my God says “thou shall not KILL” and ” thou shall not commit adultery” but nothing in 10 commandments say ” thou shall not celebrate Jesus’ birthday”…..

  41. NO, Omar, you have it “WRONG” the worst sin that “YOU” can commit, and you do, is the act of UNBELIEF and denying that Jesus Christ is “The SON of GOD” that Jesus Christ is GOD manifest in the flesh! Muslims do deny this fact and therefore the sin of your UNBELIEF will land you in a hot place called hell for all eternity! 1 John 5:12 he that hath the SON hath life, and he that hath not the SON of God hath not life, and he that is a LIAR is he that Denies that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, he is an anti-christ and he is a LIAR!! 1 John 2:22-23 KJV Liar!!

  42. When have Muslims ever been tolerant of anyone that does not follow their way of thinking? Never. I say MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY HANUKKAH TO EVERYONE that is celebrating these joyous occasions!!!!

  43. Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah, to all my Christian and Jewish Brethren,,, and since islam “claims” to be an Abrahamic descent,,,


  44. Funny how those who DEMAND I be “tolerant” ( lay down and make my subjugation easy) can’t tolerate MY religious holidays.

  45. +Merry Christmas+
    Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.
    And that’s all I have to say.
    My crosses are displayed.
    My salutation is said.
    And Islam is profane.

  46. And this turd, thinks following a PEDOPHILE(moreHAMmed) is ok? Another musSLIME and his “Religion Of Pieces”. VOTE OUT obamma! THESE are HIS people.

  47. Merry Christmas to BNI and all true Americans that love our Country, God, Old Glory and Apple pie. Muslims are full of talk, they can only make their point by blowing theirself up. So it is my Christmas wish that they all premature detonate this year. May their virgins look like Nancy Palosi and Hillary Clinton.

  48. MERRY CHRISTMAS to all including Muslims.
    Muslims: your hate is so severe, but YOU only hurt yourselves NOT one of us. Come to Jesus and I promise you that you will feel peace the you have never felt before. Join the many X-Muslims, who experienced this fantastic feeling. Love never fails.

  49. Hey BNI, When I was almost kicked to death by a soldier of Allah, the bastard only got 6 weeks. He spent two weeks in gaol awaiting trial, and that meant he spent 4 weeks in gaol. And I had a witnesss or at least this man that saw it through a window informed the police., This was so pathetic, The day he got out of gaol, he rang his lawyer and told him to ring me and book a trip to New Hebrides. Can you believe the gall, of this shit for brains. I think I was going to meet with an accident on that island. a permanent one., So, I am exhaulted on the 18 year sentences. And MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL.

  50. Merry Christmas you backward thinking, child molesting, rapist, murdering scum of Islime.

    Every male on the planet that isn’t muslim is already a better human being than your false prophet.

  51. Did you all know that these ignorant muslim twits believe that their nonexistent allah doesn’t like righteous people who do not sin? He destroys those people. But he wants people to sin because he can forgive them, and his function is to forgive. That must be the rationale for the Muslims’ continual vile, vicious and ferocious conduct and their sick psychopathic culture. Yes, I truly believe that’s the answer.

  52. I am going to hang around the Salvation Army and St Vincent de Paul shops this week, It is realy funny. The muslim mummas buy everything at these shops, but they wear our old clothing. They say they dont give to Infidels charity, but thats what they do when they shop at Vinnies. And, I will wish each and everyone of them “May the Joy of Christmas be with you always” and then a chorus of “O Come All You Faithful”. That should hold them for a day or two,.

  53. Islamic cleric says, “Saying Merry Christmas is worse than fornicating, drinking alcohol, or killing someone”

    as i have no time for Christmas and dislike the idea of having to kill someone, this doesn’t really offend me other than implying that fornicating and drinking are bad.

  54. I have just watched the pathetic performance on Utube. Saturnalia was a Roman Feast. So what! Jesus began his ministry in the time of Augustus. So what are the wanker Muslims on about. Its a matter of “Give the child a name”. They should learn their own pitiful history and how they have not conquered the world. Never will they. They cant even read the instructions for making a bomb. Learning is not in their agenda. Tieing little boys to a cement floor to indocrinate them into their deplorable cult is more their style.

    Anyhow, good news we sent 3 of Allah’s warriors to gaol today. Yipee!!!

  55. I’ll say it: “Merry Christmas!”. And if they don’t like it, they can pack their rags, veils and bhurkas, hop on the next plane and get the hell out of our country! After they do that, they can eat a heaping pile of piping hot, steaming camel turds….Plain and simple.

  56. Great News today.

    Judge Betty King sentenced the three Religion of Peace terrorists to 18 years gaol. You little beauty. Their women wailed in the court after the verdict was read. They should be happy they may be liberated for the next 18 years.

    These were the terrorists who tried to blow up our Army Base in Sydney. Stupid dorks!!!

  57. Hot off the press!!! They can fornicate all they like but this lot is going to gaol.
    Three jailed for army base terror plot Daniel Fogarty and Steve Lillebuen
    December 16, 2011 – 3:.39pm. GREAT NEWS FOR THOSE WHO PREFER FREEDOM

    Three Islamic extremists have been jailed over an “evil” terrorist plot to kill Australian soldiers at a Sydney army base.

    Victorian Supreme Court Justice Betty King said the men should hang their heads in shame as she jailed them for 18 years.

    Wissam Mahmoud Fattal, 35, Saney Edow Aweys, 28, and Nayef El Sayed, 27, planned to shoot as many soldiers as possible at Holsworthy Army Base to advance the cause of Islam, which they believed was under attack from the West.

    Advertisement: Story continues below Fattal was ejected from the court at the beginning of Justice King’s sentencing remarks on Friday after he stood up and began ranting about “corruption” and about Palestine and Afghanistan.

    Justice King said it would have been a totally horrific event if their planning had ever come to pass.

    “Your plans were evil,” she said.

    “You intended to carry out a random shooting at anyone on that army base.”

    She said Australia had embraced the men and they should feel ashamed about what they had planned to do.

    Justice King said all three showed no remorse and had not renounced their extremist beliefs.

    Fattal, a former kickboxing champion, was especially rigid in his beliefs, she said.

    “The ideas that he has adopted are clearly extremist views,” Justice King said.

    “He is an intolerant Muslim in that he believes everything has to be done his way.”

    During a three-month trial in 2010, the court heard the men wanted to advance Islam, which they believed was under attack from the West, including Australia.

    Most of the prosecution case relied on transcripts of secretly recorded telephone conversations.

    The trio were against Australian troops in Afghanistan, believing it was oppressing innocent Muslims and they wanted to advance their religion as they perceived it.

    The men, of Somali and Lebanese descent, were also motivated by anger that a man was convicted on terrorism charges in Australia, prosecutor Nick Robinson SC said.

    Two other Melbourne men – Yacqub Khayre, 23, of Meadow Heights, and Abdirahman Mohamud Ahmed, 26, of Preston – were cleared by a jury over their roles in the terror plot.

    Fattal was filmed by security footage walking around the boundary of the Holsworthy barracks and spoke of being awarded paradise if he killed Australian soldiers.

    “If I find way to kill the army, I swear to Allah the great I’m going to do it,” Fattal told an undercover police officer.

    Aweys was recorded celebrating the death toll in the Black Saturday bushfires, saying it brought retribution for the conviction of a man on terrorism charges.

    “Thanks to Allah … Allah bring them calamity,” he said.

    The men were arrested in pre-dawn raids across Melbourne in August 2009.

    As the sentences were delivered family members wailed in shock, including one woman who screamed “Oh my God” and covered her mouth.

    As Aweys and El Sayed were led out of the court, El Sayed raised his finger and began shouting at the judge.

    As he passed the judge’s chair, he said: “Allah gives us justice, not these courts.”

    The men were ordered to serve a non-parole period of 13-and-a-half years.

    © 2011 AAP

  58. I’ll say it: “Merry Christmas!”. And if they don’t like it, they can pack their rags, veils and bhurkas, hop on the next plane and get the hell out of our country! Plain and simple.

  59. Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah my friends! May peace and blessings be yours this holiday season and for the years to come! God bless the U.S. and God bless Israel!

  60. these scumbags think having sex with a donkey is ok and pure minded? then to wish someone to have a merry christmas, they ought all to drop dead and have some natural misfortune like lightening land on them all one by one.

  61. these so-called men who say this crap ought not to wear white, white is for someone who is pure of thought and mind. none of these retards are pure of thought or mind, as such they ought to be wearing black because that is the true nature of the evil they do.

  62. If he doesn’t like living in a Free country he can always take his mob back to an Islam state. Why the hell should we change just because he is wrong??


    This guy just really shows how sickly stupid Islam / Muslim folks think & belief. The Bible tells us that those who do not believe in Him will have eternal everlasting lake of fire waiting for them. In other words, folks who think like this dirtbad will spend eternity in HELL!! Think about it folks before it’s too late for you. GOD BLESS!!!

  64. Worshipping a ‘man made’ religion made up by a perverted peodphile from centuries ago is far worse you fukin inbreed genetic freak Muzzo. Pot calling the kettle black is all I can say to this asslifting moron. Go burying your inbreed idiot self in a sand dune or even better blow yourself up and do the world a huge favour = one less of you Muzzo shit the better the world will be.

  65. if you think that video was awful, this one came up after your posted video and is truly nasty. a little girl recites a poem denigrating christmas and it’s celebration. then she goes on to rhyme about the superiority of islam.

  66. Why surprised? Islam’s best supported teaching is called ‘Al-Walaa wal-Baraa’…hatred of kafirs.

    Good Moslems hate kafirs for the sake of Allah.

    Moslems think of the kafirs as animals to be coralled and exploited.

  67. In all fairness, I don’t miss an opportunity with a mouthy muslim to tell them that mohammad is the false prophet who will be cast into the lake of fire, with Allah (satan). They make it harder and harder to bite my tongue.

  68. Seems like the perfect time to compare and contrast. We just saw here the true respect islam gives to Christians. Let’s see how Jewish leaders feel.

    Benjamin Netanyahu wishing Christians a Merry Christmas:

    Thanks for the confirmation once again islam what you think about Christians. I do wonder how much money that Sheik wannabe is costing his Christian hosts to talk so ignorantly. No different than the Aussie muslims who are putting up signs that “Jesus was a prophet.”

    ***annoyed, but not surprised***

  69. Merry Christmas to All..This Arsehole can kiss my KAFIR ARSE ..Notice how they can dish it out but let someone say something about islam and they can’t take it. And talking about false, islam is about as far false as you can get. It is so bad that dogs don’t even like muslims.
    These sick muslims make me sick just listening to them spew their hate and lies. No wonder they are pissed off all the time and want to blow everything up and kill people, they have nothing to live for..That idiot needs to get a job instead of staying home and complaining about things, I for one am tired of our tax money going to stupid people like this who are to lazy to get a job, and we support their sorry arses..Peace to all non-muslims who are still waiting for their CHANGE to the better from obama, just don’t hold your breath.

  70. I would like to wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS or HAPPY CHANUKAH, whichever you celebrate!

    I would like to wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS or HAPPY CHANUKAH, whichever you celebrate!

    I would like to wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS or HAPPY CHANUKAH, whichever you celebrate!

  71. The punishment for muhammad is the thought of him to be banished from our moral thought,because if we forget what has happened?We will remember it soon enough. islam stands in the way of Humanities progression.

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