Muslim-sympathizing, self-hating Jewish Rabbi (of indeterminate gender) joins Muslim litigation jihadists in protesting Pennsylvania’s proposed ‘Anti-Sharia legislation

CAIR Staff Attorney Gadeir Abbas say: “The real purpose of this (anti-sharia law) bill is to provide a forum for ‘Islamophobic’ bigots to come to the state assembly hearing and say nasty things about Muslims.” (And this is a BAD thing because why?)

Today’s Pittsburgh Post-Gazette outlines interfaith opposition to House Bill 2029, which would ban courts from considering any “foreign legal code or system” that doesn’t grant the same basic rights as the federal and state constitutions.

SacBee  Terror-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) — along with other interfaith leaders — will  challenge what domestic jihadists like to call “unconstitutional and un-American” legislation moving through the Pennsylvania legislature that sponsors say targets Islamic principles, or “Sharia.”

CAIR-Philadelphia Executive Director Moein Khawaja said: “Sharia is simply principles and guidelines by which observant Muslims live. It is in no way hostile or contrary to the Constitution.” (And if you buy that, I’ve got a nice little bridge in Brooklyn to sell you)

He noted that the proposed Pennsylvania legislation is just one of more than 20 similar bills that have been introduced in state legislatures nationwide in the past year. (All of which have been challenged in court by CAIR with the backing of the Obama Regime)