South Sudan is now independent, free from oppressive Muslim rulers. So why are so many Sudanese running to Israel?

Like many parts of Europe, Israel is being flooded with illegal invaders from Africa, many of whom bring crime and filth to Tel Aviv. And it is the Israeli left wing scum who are supporting this invasion that is making the lives of other Israelis miserable. But it isn’t just Sudanese Christians who are coming, Sudanese Muslims are too.

Why don’t they go to one of the 57 Muslim countries, many of which surround Israel?

Islam vs Europe  Tel Aviv resident says, “We are all affected by this phenomenon. Every morning, I commute across the south of Tel Aviv and I see groups of Sudanese waiting on the streets for a prospective employer to pick them up for a little day labour. In the evening, when I head back home, I see the same people, but instead of waiting for work, they’re drinking, fighting among themselves or taking drugs. The problem continues to grow. There are more and more of them on the streets, and the police don’t do anything because there’s a lack of political direction.”

An Israeli knows how to accept all kinds of people – it’s the national sport here. With that said, Israel can’t welcome every unhappy African. There’s not enough financial support or social programmes.. Israel isn’t France. We don’t have the financial means to deal with this growing wave of immigrants.