LOWE’S BUYCOTT! Shop at Lowe’s and counter the boycott by Terrorist Front Group CAIR and their extremist friends

Hamas-linked CAIR wants to dictate where an American corporation places its advertising. Lowe’s withdrew its ads from the TLC farce called ‘All-American Muslim’ because of dismal ratings and offensive content. Now, the Muslim sympathizers are staging a boycott of Lowe’s. Stage your own BUYCOTT! 

Real Americans far outnumber Muslims and their fascist friends also known as the Occupy Wall Street parasites. Spend your money at Loews to show them you will not be intimidated by the thug-like tactics of the Muslim jihadists who exist among us. Check out the Lowe’s Website for the latest deals and specials: LOWE’S Home Improvement Stores


This is the latest press release that came by way of CAIR. 

The National Lowe’s Boycott Network is a grassroots effort and campaign started by activists across the country in wake of the Lowes decision to pull advertising from the TLC show “All American Muslim.” Those involved in the campaign come from a broad spectrum of religious, ethnic and professional backgrounds – one thing they do have in common is their united stand against hate and bigotry.

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Members of New Jersey’s large Muslim community gathered Friday to protest outside a Lowe’s store in Paterson.However the large Muslim community could only come up with no more than 24 protesters.

FOX News  They gathered Friday to criticize the company’s decision to pull ads from a reality TV show about American Muslims. About two dozen people gathered in the parking lot off a busy highway and held signs that said “Don’t Appease Hate Mongers” and “Discrimination is Low, Lowe’s.”

Aref Assaf, the head of the Paterson-based American Arab Forum, says the protest is meant to show that most Americans respect diversity and get along with one another. He says Lowe’s is caving in to extremist elements that don’t represent the views of most Americans.


TALK ABOUT BARE NAKED CHUTZPAH! JIHAD WATCH just posted this story: 3 Michigan Congressman write to Lowe’s to DEMAND it advertise on All-American Muslim








new-list-of-tlcs-all-american-muslim-sponsors-to-contact (Be sure to see a review of the 12/12 episode of All-American Muslim here)