WASHINGTON: Parents raise Hell over CAIR request to teach Islam in public schools

HAMAS-linked CAIR-The Council of America Islamic Relations says it presented the Puyallup School District with a request to brainwash young students with propaganda about Islam and the Muslim religion as a way to ease fears and ‘educate’ students.

KOMO NEWS  CAIR also made a request to the Puyallup School District for special accommodations for Muslim children during Ramadan and other holidays.

Dozens of parents say if one organization is allowed to come into the classroom and teach their children about the Muslim religion, then all religions should be represented. At a town hall meeting on Tuesday night, the parents’ message was clear: they don’t want religion being taught in public schools. “Muslims are welcome here, but if you’re going to be here, you get in line and become American first,” said parent Lisa Hedger.

Pierce County ACT! For America, an organization dedicated to concerned citizens and parents who feel CAIR has ulterior motives, says, “For America’s sake, we don’t think that it’s fair that Islam gets a pass and the other religions don’t, but also because CAIR is a front for the Muslim brotherhood,” said group member Kerry Hooks. “We have a real problem with organizations with ties to terrorism that come into the public schools.”




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  1. And BTW, I coordinated this town hall. The media got the story wrong (big surprise). CAIR wrote to ALL 295 school districts not just Puyallup – that’s just where we had the town hall. KOMO news and CAIR showed up uninvited so we proceeded to rip CAIR up one side and down the other – we exposed who they are and what their intentions were with THEM IN THE ROOM and then went on to show about 5 different text books and what was in them and then we talked about what some of these schools are making students do like go to mosques, do artwork on the 5 pillars and jihad, and face Mecca and assume the Muslim prayer position. We wanted to have more town hall meetings to make parents aware of what is going on.

    We are getting legislation passed to force schools to provide a copy of all instructional material for their library for parental and public review…

    ACT for America is active in WA and like I told CAIR, their days of doing things in Washington unanswered are OVER!!

    • Way to go Kelly, bet cair was ‘thrilled’ of the exposure :-)! I’m aware there are many ACT for America chapters and the work they’re doing, which so infuriates ‘we know who’.

      Not long ago while doing research, I came across many sites vilifying Gabriel, and Spencer and Geller and all others fighting the same fight, as well as -of course- this site and others like this, saying how all are nothing more that hate-inciters loonies(?!) and how wrong they all were and blah, blah, the usual crap really. Meanwhile, it’s those loonies that are the first line of defense. If that line falls, then we all know what happens next.

  2. BNI and commenters: May the Peace of GOD quiet your spirits over the ongoing and coming celebration of the BIRTH OF HIS SON JESUS CHRIST! MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!!!!!

  3. It is already being taught in some schools and they have charter schools that are all muslim teachings. they bring in muslims from their country to teach many have 0 teaching credentials. If you send yours to a charter better check see what they are being indocumented into. google it. By the way no Christianity, no GOD or Jesus allowed.

  4. BNI
    Your right she is a nut job. But I had to post the above for the other nut jobs out there.

    Some Churches I have visited over the years generate this warm tingly, make believe fantasy world. Scares the crap out of me, that they can be so oblivious to the real world.
    Talk about deluded. I blame this on the ministers, fathers, monks and the like. They teach doctrine first than, the WORD of GOD, as it fits their agenda. Cut and paste.

  5. Michele
    I am pleased you are a Christian. However when you are at War you kill your enemy, not hug them. If you believe we are not at war with the mohommedists I suggest you read the information that is presented here for public consumption. The jihads are in all aspects of our lives, is a reality. Jesus was talking about what was necessary to keep the peace before it turned to war. Not walk around holding and wringing your hands when the war has already started. Jesus was not understood by his people two thousand years ago. Why? They were looking at their needs at that time. Jesus was looking into the future for what is presently unfolding before your eyes, The Time Of The Revealing.
    Jesus did not come to bring peace. He came to create derision among the peoples. This he accomplished, now he will return and demolish the EVIL on the planet. Not with hand wringing but with the sword and much blood.
    You come across as a politically correct Christian, that is afraid to get dirty. Where are the weapons that GOD said to keep handy?

  6. Wow! What an arrogantly stupid person this Michele is. Ego driven and totally subjective, not to mention ironic in the reality that much greater carnage coupled with the loss of our freedom would result from her naively absurd notions if they were implemented. Her rant suggests deep psychological issues within her. It’s a good thing you banned her BNI, she’s not grounded in reality. “Learn the lessons of history?” I had to laugh at that one because it is so obvious that she hasn’t. Dumb bitch!

  7. Michele it is not hate full propaganda is not that at all it is not all lies this is the truth. take those rose coloured classes off.
    The only ones inciting hatred all the islamist just like the Nazi did. Do you expect us all not to learn lessons from the past?
    Do you not think that every man and his dog does not remember what happened in world war11?

  8. I honestly do NOT understand why CAIR has a say in ANYTHING!! If it has been proven they are terrorist related, then why can’t they just be disbanded?? On another note, I’m glad the parents spoke out the way they did and said NO WAY! On the other hand, CAIR has a lot of nerve thinking they can teach evil to our children. Once again, CAIR: It’s a NO! You need to understand that you are wasting your time: When it comes to you, it will ALWAYS be a no.

  9. I am a Christian and follow the teachings of Jesus. I feel, personally, that we should pray for all people and not become hateful and intolerable of others. Thoughts like this are what fueled anti semitism and the hateful propaganda charged the halocauste. We must look at history or be doomed to repeat it. Look to the Lord and pray. We are only here for a short time and earth is nit our final destination. God bless you all….

      • Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall see God. Hatred is not the way folks…. We will not be here; our final home is not earth…

        • Michele praying won’t save you! We are not yet in spirit form so we have to deal with this threat in the form we occupy in the form we are currently in which is the human form. You do gooders if you want to lie down and be murdered or worse go somewhere else and preach that. If the Jews had neen more like that instead of the passive like you say we shpould be today then the Nazi’s would not have been able to do what they have done.
          Now we have new Nazi’s and a lot more of them. Called In the name of Allah God always has fought with satan don’t you know your bible? People like you dont save people from torture they tell you to just pray and leave it to god well perhaps god it not able to sort this on his own.
          He gave us free will to decide our actions to do things for good and for the right reasons.
          So ther peacemakers are the people whom try to stop evil just like Jesus did. So jog on.

        • I don’t follow religious people but Jesus Christ. Wickedness in the churches. “you are white washes tombs full of dead mend bones and all manner of evil”. Religion is man made and evil. The Greek term for religion is “bondage”. You live according to your own rules and put the name of Gid on your wickedness. I grew up in church with wicked, self centered people with their ow
          Agendas who twisted the truth of te Bible to suit them. Pastor raping children in his office. I turned from God because of people like you. God is love and you twist His word to suit you…

        • Angelina; you dare speak of Christ when you have such hatred? Church and wicked Christians have turned millions away from Christ. You need to clean up your churches and take the plank out of your own eye before judging other people. You wonder why people are rejecting Christianity? Because of wicked Christians that use the Bible to justify their sin. We are here to “win” the lost and that includes Muslims. Hate and bigotry will not win the lost. Turn to Christ and once He is truly dwelling within you perhaps you will find the truth….

    • Michelle: By your comments you show that you have not researched what you are talking about for either side! Yes we are to ‘love’ and not hate, but you are confused! This is not ‘hate’ talk, this is the HOLY SPIRIT saying defend yourself be prepared for the danger ahead! Aquaint yourself with the posts of some of the people that have responded here and read for yourself what the commands of Islam are!
      They, by their own laws, DO NOT understand the concept of love and tolerance! The only thing they understand is that either you bow down to Allah or you’re dead! THAT’S IT!!!! Yes, there are some converts to Christianity, but most of them have become Christians because Jesus Himself appeared to them, but they have to secretly leave their country because they will be killed. They too are now considered ‘infadels’!
      The other comments you have made about what Christians are to do, are ‘vanilla’ kind of quotations that you have heard someone else say, they are not really from your own research! So I challenge you to do some research on your own and see for yourself what GOD has to say about just ‘playing dead’ when confronted with an enemy such as this! We are to preach HIS Gospel until Jesus returns and letting an enemy prematurely kill you will not achieve that command!
      And there is actually a third point on which you need to educate yourself and that is your comment about what happened in Germany! At this point you have NO CLUE!
      Research these 3 point and come back here and share what you have found out! OC

    • The ‘Final Solution’ was the idea of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem who was great pals with Adolf dearie. It wa also islam that Adolf got his ideas about fascism from as fascism was invented in the 7th century. He also wanted islam for the German people rather than Christianity because it was so brutal, so cruel. He thought Christianity was too ‘nice’ and made the Germans weak. When he ‘won’ the war, the plan was that islam would just walk into Europe. However, OMG he lost and it backfired spectacularly in the muslims faces. They had wanted all jews cooked before they got to Europe with their every evil ‘ovens’ plan but now the English were sending whoever survived back to their ancestral home, Israel!!!!! Islam cant getover this, now they have to get them out AGAIN of their own country and islam has to steal all their property and murder as many as possible YET AGAIN!!!!

      You are obviously cursed with borderling IQ and types like you are even more dangerous than the actual perpetrators of invasion, murder, oppression, sexual slavery and perveesion (perhaps you will be happy to offer up your children as is happening in Europe? Where almost NO attempt has been made to catch and punish an absolute plague of sexual abuse and rape of non muslim young girls and women (esp those deemed ‘at risk’?) Its people like you that we are going to have to deal with first and severely, you are beyond stupid and v dangerous in your idiocy. You will not have your Jesus lovey if you open the door to these followers of the anti Christ.

      In 634Ad in the Doctrina Jacobi the eyewitness accounts of the appalling brutality of the marauding perverted arabs wrote in Greek that they were witnessing the arrival of the anti Christ. It doesn not refer to the man Jesus, Christ means ‘light’ in Greek, hence the anti light. This is why it was added to Jesus’s name in recognition of his brilliant mind and message of hope and light. You have no right to comment until you read the actual and full scriptures of islam, not ANY lying doctored versions. Islam fully allows for deceit as a conquering tool, you will read scriptures saying this. As well you will read pages after pages of the most extraordinary horror and violence and sexual advice (how to have sex with children as mohammed loved sex with children). I feel though you cant read.

      So instead of saying abusive things about people who you think are racist you MUST read for yourself. Because dumb lovey, not one word I said about their ‘devil’ scriptures is untrue and I can show you the evidence in black and white in their 3 evil ‘holy’ books. Perhaps your 2 brain cells could JUST handle Richardson’s book ‘The life of Mohammed, Islam Unveiled’. YOU NEED IT, its cheap or free online, because with the rubbish your brain cell is spitting out you will find yourself heaved over a cliff as a traitor from us backed in a corner, infuriated and outraged defenders of our cultures. Because WE ARE COMING!!!!

  10. I have read and re-read every comment posted regarding the Parents raising “HELL” because of what is being taught to their children regarding Islam. I must humbly implore each person that is doing just that to STOP DOING THAT!!

    Don’t you realize that when you “raise hell” you are calling upon Satan and every power from hell to rise up in this battle? Yet, Aren’t we are fighting for our Country to remain free from terroristic threats, Islam, etc, so then why would or could we expecting as well as asking everything from hell to fight against themselves? Makes no sence to me, what about you, don’t you know what you are saying/asking Satan to do?

    Haven’t we come into an agreement with one another that we will fight everything from hell, and that the enemy, “Muslims/Islam” originated from “Satan/Hell”? Why would Satan and everything from his armies/legions fight among themselves? ~ Think about what you are SAYING! Inadvertedly you are asking for the impossible, and that is that our enemies should help us! Absurd! ~ What is the answer to this problem? Call on OUR own… “HEAVENLY FORCES”… God’s Army of innumerable Angels, Holy Spirit, etc. is our POWER. Holy Doctrine states that every knee will bow at the name of Jesus.

    Also according to Biblical prognistication regarding the subject we are addressing today, this oncoming War is going to become so bad that Jesus could return early in order to get His “Remnant” out before they, too are destructed. ~ My most firm belief is that we aren’t going to be able to escape the War that already has begun, even long before 9/11, but we can prepare ourselves and our families loved ones, neighbors, friends and even our enemies for the day that is inevitably near at hand. May God help us. We have the POWER… I suggest we use it NOW!

  11. enough already,

    Indeed you did, and I agree with you.

    Americans seem to have become inured
    to our politicos selling us out at almost
    every turn, and for very small amounts,
    at that.

    Fair play and tolerance are Western
    values, and Americans, as you say, still
    have not grasped the idea that Muslims
    are not Westerners who dress funny and
    bang their heads on the ground five times
    a day toward Mecca.

    Best wishes,
    Z. Nelom

    • Z. Nelom:

      Yes, I posted BNI’s article about the newlyweds “Shadia and Jeff” on “All-American Muslim” on my facebook page because I know lots of my facebook friends are dog-lovers, and one of my good friends from way back commented that he did not understand why the dog couldn’t stay. He loves dogs himself, and even though he doesn’t agree with my views on Islam 100%, he just does NOT seem to grasp the fact that if you are a Muslim, you SHOULD not have a dog as a pet – especially in your home (I read that they are okay if they are “working” dogs but not okay for pets). He told me in a nice way that people like me are “afraid of what they don’t understand”. We all know better! He is naive enough to think he can “kill them with kindness” – that he can preach his views on Christianity and win them over eventually. Poor guy does not have a clue.

      I also posted an article about a Columbian soccer player that was arrested in Saudi Arabia for having a tattoo of Jesus on his arm which he exposed in public. Once again, this same friend doesn’t understand WHY it’s forbidden to have such a tattoo or even have a bible or a cross. Like I said before, he has no clue – poor fellow. THIS IS WHAT WE ARE UP AGAINST PEOPLE! I think many Americans are naturally goodhearted and naive, and no doubt this comes from our Judeo-Christian roots regardless of whether we are all practicing some religion or not.


      • EA, I am still trying to find Wrigley but have not gotten a response from the show. I contacted the Discover channel, parent of TLC as well as PETA to see if they could get me the location of the sanctuary.

        • That’s nice, BNI. It’s good to see people with a heart…people that care about an older dog that may die soon. I have always loved dogs. My husband who is Ukrainian does not share the same love for them, though this is not due to anything cultural – it is purely personal (he claims he was bitten badly by one when he was a little boy). He does love beagles, though. They are his favorite dog. I like them, too, but I really like ALL dogs. Snoopy is my favorite beagle. : )

  12. CAIR always hopes their requests are disapproved so they can raise a stink with the FBI and the Justice Department’s Moslem Task Force. The problem is that left-leaning jurists can usually be counted on to side with the jihadists seeking to reach the young and impressionable students, just as surely as they will weigh in against Christianity. That’s why hummingharpman’s rant is as wrong as it is foolish — court decisions against Christianity do not automatically apply equally to Islam. Complacency is dangerous.

  13. I have no problem with Islam being taught in schools, as long as BNI can put the curriculum together.

    Some ideas:

    Lesson 1: Muhammad, The history of a Pedophile.
    Lesson 2: An introduction to beheading techniques.
    Lesson 3: How to attract your first cousin, or better still, your sister.
    Lesson 4: Basic bomb making techniques.
    Lesson 5: Wife beating 101.
    Lesson 6: Sadistic animal slaughtering techniques.
    Lesson 7: Why being a suicide bomber can be fun.

  14. Sorry but when the left and the ACLU is fighting tooth and nail to eliminate ANY form of Christianity or symbolism in a school, public building or anywhere in public, I really don’t think teaching Islam in school is the way to go. I hope 2012 brings in a new wave of sanity back to this country. Progressives have made a mockery of this country and no one wants to take any blame for anything.. It’s always the other guys fault, not any more.. time to stand up and be counted. I for one do NOT want this taught in any school in the U.S. You want to teach Islam, then start your own schools as the Catholic Religion has done. Then you can do what you want.

  15. Helloooooooooo ASSLIFTERS!!! God was kicked out of US public schools in 1963 when Bible reading and audible prayers were banned, Christ was banned, so what makes you asslifters think YOU can come in and DEMAND that your sick twisted ****ing ideology be taught in public schools?!!!…..PISS BE UPON YOU!!!

    • hummingharpman:
      You can respectfully make your point without using such foul language! Remember, at this time, you still have freedom of speech! Also remember that they Muslims really DO NOT care what kind of label you wear – you are an American and therefore you are in their crosshairs – you are their bulls eye and they don’t want to miss, because then they will loose their promised reward!!
      Those of the responders (all) whom you malign here are out to protect your rights to speak and live freely; all of which you are guaranteed to lose if you don’t join the counter attack!

  16. Are you all really that surprised? I am not. Muslims have been slowly moving there way across America, planting their seeds and waiting. I have tried for years not to discriminate or have a natural defense against Islam. However I live in the big heart of it here in Seatac, Washington. Right by the airport, when I go to the YMCA to take the kids swimming, all the Muslim are allowed to wear their clothes in the pool, is that not messed up? Kids not being able to do thing in school that we did. Double standards for that religion. Now, if you can remember the last guy from here that was arrested for a terrorist plot, that was my F-ing neighbor….. I saw him and his wife daily, and even at first glance I say “Terrorist”!. Now they all do not look that way, however you can tell the extremist. Now with our schools, it just a new way destroy the American infidels. You cannot destroy America with force, we will unite. But start from the inside, re-educate or youth, become our leaders. Don’t think it is not possible All great country’s fall, how long you think America will stand?……. Forever?…….. If Islam was safe, then why do we fear it?

  17. I pulled my 3 boys out of the public school here. I am tired of the crap these union bastard teachers force on kids and having to have is-slame is too much They got to school at a Christian boys school and learning in a Christian environment.

  18. Oddy Crist,

    There is a peculiarly American conceit that the Germans were peculiarly susceptible to being schnookered by people like Hitler and the Nazis, that they weren’t as smart as us.

    Another American conceit is that they love freedom more than everyone else. Another is that they’ll be the first to notice if freedom or justice are threatened and the first to defend it with everything they’ve got.

    Americans suffer from a whole litany of such lazy and narcissistic conceits which comprise a massive blind spot in their collective consciousness and a perfect avenue upon which their enemies can march right up to them and swat them down like an arrogant child.

    Americans believe that they are always ready for a fight to preserve their way of life and that they’ll know when the time comes. But sadly, they’ve watched this generation’s “Nazis” dismantle their heritage, their collective principles, their cultural and political institutions right in front of them and done NOTHING to stop it.

    Freedom and justice are cereal-box slogans, no more compelling in effect than words like “crunchy” or “sweet” to the busy eyes darting back and forth, looking for some new distraction to revive them out of their desperate ennui.

    The fight was lost the moment their consciousness was turned off.

    America reminds me of a corpse lying on a table in the morgue being gang-raped by Marxist necrophiliacs and some of their villainous collaborators. What a fun game, huh?

    And we stand here screaming, “Wake up!” I think it’s going to take a miracle to reawaken this dead culture.

    • Keith, your comments about the American attitude/conceit is something I noticed immediately when I came to this country many, many years ago! I did not know until sometime earlier this year (on PBS) that it was a purposeful design by the Truman administration to instill this attitude in American soldiers especially, but also to fire up those in the factories to be more productive (patriotic)! I cannot remember many of the details and did not record it, but I was totally surprised by the facts and thought to myself how successful and enduring it had turned out to be and how it would eventually backfire. It’s like a Superhero kind of mindset – which since we are human will fail! But I WILL NOT give up sounding the ALARM – lest by some means some will be saved from perishing!
      Dr. Oddy Crist

  19. It’s all about the money – HELLO!!! Anybody reading me?

    Apparently we have some fellow citizens in bed with the rich Saudis. Some people would sell their very souls if the price was right.

    That’s what’s happening in those private Catholic schools and universities. I guess they aren’t to good to say “no” to Saudi money.

  20. My husband was born in Ukraine, and they have a saying: “money doesn’t smell”. I guess even Saudi money doesn’t smell.

  21. I would like to suggest that CAIR relocate to hell. People are only going to put up with this kind of shit for so long before the situation **************************

  22. This “teaching” islam has been going on a lot longer than people realize…in 2001..after 9/11 I lived in Fairbanks Alaska…and my granddaughter was being taught the koran in public school! When her mother went to school to complain…the principle said he “was only doing what he was told” by the Board of Education.

    My son in law, who has been in the army for 17 years, said that “islam sensitivity classes” have been taught to the troops since 2001.

    Looks like Bush kept the muzzies at bay…but Obam-bam the muzzie has let them blow the doors open to do what they want to do!

    This is what a friend of mine in the UK wrote to me:

    Not giving in. They have control of huge swathes of london, sharia law controlled and patrolled areas, threatening and intimidating women who do not wear islamic garb, one in a coman in hospital for teaching another religion, controll of Birmingham, Manchester……… they have sharia law courts, their own banking system, halal meat…..We are not free. Nor is france. They control inner Paris, and Marsaille, and other French cities. Netherlands is holding out a bit better, but they have problems, even in Germany. Sweden is overrun and experiencing the highest and worst rape epidemic ever, as is norway. Anywhere the scumbags are, trouble follows.

        • BNI: At that is precisely what I mean about BEING IN BED WITH THE RICH SAUDIS!!!

          Some people would sell their very souls if the price was high enough.

          Same with the Catholic church for giving into the demand of the wealthy Saudi students’ families that attend Catholic schools and colleges/universities.

  23. For all of you that do NOT know: Islam is NO a religion! It is an Idealogoly: it is a state of affairs! It is a brainwashing to get people to follow, BLINDLY the ideals of Muhammed! The church, the state and the religion they claim, ARE ALL ONE, and ALLLLLLL encompassing and will control every aspect of YOUR lives! This is worst than communism! Muhammed was NOT a prophet, he couldn’t tell anyone anything about the future past the day he was in, he couldn’t save green stamps and was a bloody man! I wouldn’t follow the man to Fort Knox!! Fight Islam.Muhammedism ar be just like 57 other Islamic nations and be a 3rd world nation! This is a warning because it will come to pass if this nation sits w/its hair on its head, its teeth in its mouth and its thumb up its butt!! Then cometh sudden destruction! I am trying to warn people, that is what happens to nations who are not dilegent

  24. There is a Doctrine which the ACLU (Another Crooked Lawyers Union) says is gospel, called the Separation of Church and State (That statement came from Thomas Jefferson in 1852 (i Belive is the approx date) in response to a letter from the Danbury Baptist of Danbury Conn. that they had heard that there would be a church stae religion set up. T.J. told them that there was a “ONE way wall of separation in which the church could be a part of the state and oversee things in the govt (a check and balance of sort) but the govt could NOT get involved or direct the church in its matters. they always (ACLU) when it involves Gods people doing something for the good of this nation, but when it involves the destruction of this nation and its people, they shut their big fat mouths!! This group of people are what is known as, INFEDELS!!

  25. How about they pack up their tents, asses, and bombs and head back to the middle east sandbox they came from. The more they attempt to indoctrinate in our country the more likely they will get the jihad they are seeking…and they will be on the losing end. Get the hell out of our country!

  26. Chris: Oh yes I agree 100%.
    My problem is those Americans who are soooo ignorant, deaf and blind to observe the clear and obvious horraible threat of the greatest work of Satan ISLAM. They are using OUR free speech and democratic laws against us. Hec, they are no shy in saying that they want to apply the stone age shariha law on us. Still, those naive Americans sympathize with this evil distracttive criminal system called Islam.

  27. The muslim evil is going to win unless more and more and more of us stand up to fight this.
    The only way we can fight at this moment is to spread the truth of islam as far as we can, but at some point we will be fighting in the streets for our very way of life and our life itself I believe.

  28. As a counter point. I hope that you are teaching your children about who they are and where they come from. I hope they learn from you how many generations their blood line goes back in this great nation.
    My family was the first owners of the flat Iron building in NYC. My great great great great uncle rode with Teddy Roosevelt in the Rough Rider brigade. Go to the relatives still with you and your family and find out stuff that is important and write it down. Be proud! No muslimes were a part of this great nation and this needs to be stressed in each of your family get togethers if only for a little bit. Talk about it through dessert maybe. Americans need to know their family history and it can only come fro you before CAIR tries to change that too by brain washing our kids in school. We know the truth!

  29. As my own Mother would tell you, twelve children and all, 83 and in great health, bless us is still with us. My mother stands firm in her faith.
    Put the good Lord first! Ask the Lord to come back to your life and this country and protect us. YOU are nothing without the creator. My mother has been through so much. Irish and tough! I am seventh generation here in the USA and my family history is something I am very proud of! As I am suspecting each of you are with yours. Defend it! Be proud of it.
    Find out more about it. It belongs to you, and to me. My family story is your family story and your family story is mine. This is OUR America.
    Pray for the good Lord to take ownership of this great nation under G-d.

  30. Oh, BTW: Hitler WAS NOT a German citizen! He spoke German that’s all – he held Austrian citizenship. When the German government could not get any laws passed and everything was ‘locked up” and ‘at a gridlock’, they made an offer to Hitler to gain his party’s votes so they could have a majority (his followers were few, but their votes would clear the gridlock). Hitler was dissatisfied with the 1st offer and counterdemanded the Chancellorship as his prize for their votes! His eventual reign of terror started through “wheeling and dealing” – so in actuality power was given to him – NO votes – Islam does not believe in elections or personal votes !!!

  31. I am so thankful for the discussion that is taking place here, not necessarily thrilled that this is a topic that is taking place in America!!! But this is exactly what I have talkes about for YEARS!! Bruce and Angelina are the only people that have heard mention facts that I have talked about!
    For many years I have been invited into schools, churches and other organizations to talk about my family’s history before and during WWII; my mother was part of a group that hid Jews and my father smuggled food out of camp to some Dutch families while they were occupying Holland. My talk “Raising American Awareness” concentrated mostly on the difference just ‘one’ person can make even where confronted with the burden of living under Nazi rule and the SS (Secret Police)! After describing the details and tactics used during those times, the most heard response was: We live in America – THAT can’t happen HERE! Over ther years was has concerned me the most and is actually very scary is the apathy of Americans!!!!!!
    They have NO CLUE about actual historic horrific events that have happened during their lifetime, not only in Germany but in more recent years in countries around the world! They did not pay attention in history class and now they are not aware of what their children are being taught!
    So when some dictator of Iran says: There NEVER was a Holocost. Those people never died, it’s all propaganda, some kids will believe it and others have a seed of doubt planted in their mind.
    My topic now is: “Raising American Awareness of the Islamists’ Intention” and “The highjacking of the minds of American/Christian Children” (and adults)! I want to jump up and down yelling: “Can’t you see ???? Can’t you see it ??? Open your eyes, can’t you see it ???” Sadly the answer is NO, they can’t see it! Several dictators in the Middle East have named Hitler as their ‘role model’ and if you are even vaguely familiar with his tactics, you will see that they are are copying those to the T.
    When I read that the United States of America is already divided into 5 Resettlementcamps for emergency situations, I felt that I needed to stand on top of the Empire State Building and yell to every/all Americans:”Danger ahead!!!! Danger ahead !!!” and I almost got physically sick because it sounded so much like the beginning of certain camps in Germany! The camps here are also meant for “protective custody situations” – sounds like a time is on the horizon when parents like the ones in Washington will be sent to those camps “to protect their family’s safety!”
    People IT HAS BEEN DONE BEFORE – if we don’t have the courage to fight this ‘takeover attempt’, if we don’t ‘see’ the danger – the saying “if good people do nothing evil will triumph” will come to pass – even here in America !!

    • Oddy Crist, I hope you will be a regular commenter here. We try to cover these kinds of stories as much as we can. And sadly, I seem to be coming across them more often than ever before. Problem is, a lot of them don’t make it to the media so I never see them. I ask my readers to be diligent and tell us about similar incidents going on their local schools, so we can publicize them here too.

      • BNI: Thank you for the invitation! I am looking for more speaking engagements to get the messageout , so people can recognize what is in store for them if they don’t educate themselves and fight back!
        The report concerning Anne Lafferty treatment is another event that made me sick to my stomach because it smacks sooooooooooo much of Nazi-ism and Communism era and people are totally oblivious!
        I will tell you of an incident that is not rercent, but it shows how long this agenda has been in the works! I had finished telling my family’s story in a 5th grade class (in a public school) when at the ring of the bell a student raised his hand to ask a question; with the teachers permission I answered his question:”You have used the term ‘oppression’ several times in your presentation, what do you mean by that?” My reaction had two sides to it: 1. The question was asked by a black boy, which was good, because he had not been exposed to the ‘old hatred and oppression’ so prevalent at one time in this country. 2. The drawback and danger being that he would not recognize the warning signs and would not be prepared to protect himself should it raise its ugly head ! Yet at the same time it brought to mind that Americans and especially Christian Americans have no clue how to recognize the danger that is coming their way!
        Our enemies are totally happy to watch the different denominations fight among themselves and protect the tennants of their beliefs (not God’s), while they come in the backdoor (for now) and steal the minds of our children! Will Jesus have to say to us: “You have been privileleged to have My Word and you did not ‘see’ this coming? You of all people should have been able to interpret the signs!”
        Valiant Warrior!
        Dr. Oddy Crist

        • My reply disappered, so here we go again !!!
          BNI: Since I only had a few minutes to explain I told him this: Think of the most terrifying movie you have ever seen and/or you can imagine and then remember how it made you feel! Now imagine you feeling THAT way ALL the time, ALL day long, when you wake up or when you go to sleep! The Adults who run the country have made soooo many super-strict rules and you don’t know who will tell on you if you mess up! The government has so many snitches that you cannot trust anybody, even members of your own family or your best friend – you CANNOT trust anybody! You can’t breathe and you are just too scared to come out from under your blanket!
          He said that he understood and could imagine feeling that way! Then the next class came in and I didn’t get his name!

        • OC, that’s good. Don’t worry if your reply disappears. It goes to Spam for some reason and everyone has that problem here sometimes. I always check Spam and fish out the comments I want posted and repost them here. It may take a little longer because I have to check hundreds of Comments before getting to the Spam file.

  32. “Ease Fears and Educate” A hell of a lot of words to say “LIE TO”.

    Sure sounds more innocent and harmless then the truth. — “INDOCTRINATE”

    “Educate” Much more acceptable and desireable than “PROPAGANDIZE”.

    If my kids were affected by this scheme, I wouldn’t just “raise hell”, I would build it !

    • So true Bob! 2 weeks ago I saw a documentary by Colin Gunn called: Indoctrination: Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity! and I saw on screen what I have been talking about for years! It was incredulous !!!! Still leaves my head shaking like a ‘bboble doll’ like you see in the back of some cars! I would highly recommenf it to every parent /grandparent to watch!

  33. BNI wrote: “Parents must read their kids schoolbooks every year, History,
    social studies, English, even some math books have lies about Muslims inventing
    algebra. Some 70% of all textbooks are funded by the Saudis, and they have
    rewritten history to make Islam seems like the perfect religion and culture while
    making Christianity sound bad. And non-Muslims evil. It’s not all that blatant,
    which is why you have to read the books carefully to pick out the parts where
    its obvious they were not written by people we want writing our books.”

    rpm2day wrote: “Keep raising Hell, folks. It’s the only tactic the ‘slimes understand.”

    I would urge every parent – EVERY parent – with children in the
    public schools to monitor every aspect of your children’s school
    life. Demand, yes, DEMAND, your child not be exposed to any
    of the attempts to present Islam as we repeatedly see and read of
    it done here. Be especially alert to those expecting your child to
    wear headscarves, kneel to pray, recite verses or prayers, participate
    in any sort of “awareness” activities. Demand alternate assignments –
    chosen by a third party, not by the Muslim instructors. Limit your
    child’s exposure to any of this as far as you can. Explain your stance
    to the teachers and administrators. To anyone who will listen, really.

    And explain to your child exactly why you are doing this. As honestly
    as you can.

    Network (another word I hate) with others who feel as you do.
    “Strength in numbers” is a powerful concept. Join the PTA and
    attend every meeting. Go loaded for bear. I am sure BNI and
    others here can suggest groups and resources available on the
    Internet and elsewhere. Educate yourself and do your best to
    educate others.

    School-level administrators are essentially powerless, and they
    are very much aware of it; push, and push hard.

    Let the school board hear your voices and do not hesitate to
    remind them who it is holding the ultimate power here. They
    are essentially political creatures. They will get the message,
    especially if they perceive your group as a group and not a
    lone voice “crying in the wilderness”.

    rpm2day has it right; raise Hell. Literally raise Hell.

    It is hard. It will get harder. Don’t give in. Take a page from
    the Klingons: “I cannot repent nor relent nor confess nor abstain.”

    No one else is looking out for your children.

    You must.

    The stakes are too high to follow any other course of action.

    Z. Nelom

    • Z. Nelom:

      I have already said this before in my comment: it seems that some of our fellow “Americans” are selling the rest of us out for the ALMIGHTY DOLLAR. Is it any wonder that we have PRIVATE CATHOLIC COLLEGES in North America caving into the demands of wealthy Muslim students (WHO ARE MOSLTY FROM SAUDI ARABIA)??? Case in point.

      Many Americans just can’t seem to grasp the fact that NOT EVERYBODY THINKS THE SAME WAY! They can’t grasp the fact the Muslims do NOT have the same sense of fair play or tolerance that we have in the West.

  34. It appears the intellgence wings of the West-targeting Islamization program, which has succefully fooled Europeans, think they can continue exploiting the too trusting nature of Americans as they did in the stupidly de-Christianized Europe, which foolishly thinks it is secular or atheistic whereas it is being systematically Islamized!!

  35. angelina you are right about alot of things that you wrote about, if you look at how the iranian revolution took place in late 1979 it did so within a month give or take a few days it seems. and people did not have time to get out or kept on thinking things wouldnt get that bad, but it did. iran used to be as western as the usa with the women wearing mini skirts and everything, the ladies were doctors!! now they have to go around like this and be beaten all the time. and i am afraid also that could very well happen here, and with the right set of circumstances, that obama could make himself permanent president with some kind drastic manuver, if he has the right kind of support and render the citizens powerless. it is not some bad movie that we speak about, it could very well happen here and in your own land also. hillary went to this OIC meeting on monday to discuss freedom of speech with the islamic heads of their countries now why in the world would she do this? she is trying to eleminate ”hate” speech from americans towards islamic practices when in fact they are the ones who is doing all the hating, this is kind of like the book 1984 by george orwell and doublespeak that is a term he coined in his book. so few people speak out because they do not understand the threats or think this stuff can not happen here. also the population of the usa is aging out fast with nearly 30% of the baby boomers reaching into their 60’s now and that is a large population. many people have to deal with just living on a day-to-day basis struggling to meet their bills, there is so much wrong with this economy and this country people are not fearing this becasue it is not hitting them in the face yet.

  36. Evil triumphs when good men sit idle and watch, or turn away and close their eyes.

    When Muslims speak or write of education, they really mean indoctrination. Read Res. 16/18, it names education among the ways of promoting respect & tolerance for Isdamn. What they really mean is one sided, biased, al-Taqiyya & kitman to make the students believe the popular shit about Islam: “great religion of peace”.

    The only way our younger generation will learn the truth is if their parents or grandparents sit them down with a Koran and read the “good parts”. Follow up with Sahih Bukhari’s book of Jihad.

    See to it that your local school board & administration know the score. Send them a copy of my post: “What’s Wrong With Islam/Muslims?”. Send the pastor of your church a copy of “The Defamation of Jesus Christ”. Yeah, the ‘slimes love ……. a genocidal warlord who will return to lead them in battle against the remnant of Jews and Christians.

    Up yer snout, CAIR! Go to Hell!!! We know the truth and we will not be silenced!!!

  37. To everyone on BNI, will wait till next week to say “Merry Christmas,” also…. Soooo, this week have been practicing with the Egg Nog. Gotta get just the right amount of ole Southern Comfort to the Gallon of Scratch Egg Nog. Now when you get the perfect blend of Egg and Nog to Southern Comfort, your comfort zone will be some where around 100%. What’s that? Well, that’s when you don’t give a damn if the dog is pissing on your leg or the chair you’re sitting in.

    You can,t have serfect neg ogg without having the terfic sup to terve it in and I got sust the cup to hold my neg ogg. Got me a four of Rush’s, Two If By Tea, Porcelein Hiquor Lolder Cu-Cu-Cu Cups. Each cup will told about one quarter of a good drunk. So filled my four sups with neg ogg and went to sleep somewhere between cup 3 and 4. Oh tay yan cou tea. So if I forget next week to sayyyyyyyyyyyy Merrrrrrrr. Drated Senior Moments

  38. I am so sick of CAIR and the apathetic masses out there. CAIR needs to be shut down, their assets confiscated, and it’s membership deported.

    The Democrat and Republican Party are totally corrupted in combating islam in America and the other political parties for whatever reasons are useless.
    Make no mistake about it moslem cockroaches want to change America into an islamic cockroach nest.
    The day will arrive when American patriots and other Americans that believe in keeping their freedoms and liberities from being destroy by sharia law will be engaged in a bloody war with moslem cockroaches in America.
    The hand-writing is on the wall.

  40. I don’t blame these parents at all. We can’t teach religion in schools why do they think they can teach their religion in our schools ! That should be against church and state same as they do for the other religion’s !!!!!!!!! If that school starts teaching it I’d pull my child out the school and home school him or her !!!

  41. Call it what it is: Liberals want integration of mosque and state, suing over Nativity scenes while rolling out the welcome mat for Islam

  42. BNI, Bob
    There is no such thing as separation of Church and State. Made up. Total B.S. If this is true, how can the Professor (who is an Angel sent by GOD) teach and assist in the writing of the Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation and the Constitution of the United States of America?
    The Professor is referred to in several writings of the signers. He, however, never signed and a name other than the Professor was never given.
    Because mohommedism is not a religion, but a cult that is adept in mind control of its followers. Similar to the Manchurian Candidate. Also, a political system bent on destroying the world, along with the USA. We as a nation are at war with these people, and their system. Thus, to allow them access to our children is beyond insane, it is absolutely depraved and beyond reason.

  43. This is our administrations answer ,to edjucate our children against a made up ‘islamiphobia’ terrorisim problem,when there is no problem with terrorists in christanity, endoctrinating children in islam pholosiphy that will hide all the negative parts of islam. while teaching that christians are bad, bigoted people for being against peacefull islam teachings…woe unto them that call richousness -evil, and evil -richousness.

  44. Puyallup, do what the Feds are too cowardly to do and it is sad that the US has declared war on AZ again and Janet knows better.

  45. It’s a relief to see that these parents are aware of the true islam and not just allowing them to come in and pull their shit like doormats or dhimmi’s.
    It’s time for cair to pack up and get the fuck out of the western countries!

    • CO, this is a local problem. Parents must read their kids schoolbooks every year, History, social studies, English, even some math books have lies about Muslims inventing algebra. Some 70% of all textbooks are funded by the Saudis, and they have rewritten history to make Islam seems like the perfect religion and culture while making Christianity sound bad. And non-Muslims evil. It’s not all that blatant, which is why you have to read the books carefully to pick out the parts where its obvious they were not written by people we want writing our books.

  46. Why not teach the christian faith in Public schools? Because of seperation of church and state. Is CAIR admitting that Islam isn’t a religion but an ideology? Definitely not a religion just as Muslims are not a race.

    • foxmuldar:

      Good point. They CANNOT teach ANY OTHER religion in school BUT ISLAM??? Something isn’t right with this picture. No wonder today’s college students are wearing those damed TERRORIST NECKERCHIEFS which I despite, by the way. Every time I see one I want to yank it off their damed necks. Just what are they being taught in college? That Israel, Judaism, Christianity, America, and Europe are all wicked and corrupt and responsible for all the evils in the world??? It would seem so. I had one on facebook recently telling me about how Israel is the BIGGEST VIOLATOR of human rights, yet this kid knew NOTHING about the Copts in Egypt (for example) or any other religious minority in a predominately Muslim country. He did not want to hear about those…he was so sure he was right. And he wasn’t even a Muslim. No doubt he had some frat friends who were, though.

  47. Mrs. B,
    Actually I’ve done that. Also used European countries, especially England as examples.
    What I gotten in return is, ‘That could never happen here. Our politicians wouldn’t stand for it.’
    And then came the long discussion about 0bama (that’s zero), his administration & politicians in general.
    What I suspect is that more than a few people in this country turn a blind eye towards this problem (one of two that threatens the very future of America) & in doing so they have to do nothing. If we don’t admit we’re at war with the whole of islam then we don’t have to do anything.
    America’s has it’s share of cowards & our politicians (not all) lead the way.
    My daughters are young, most in their 20’s & like America might not wake up until islam is knocking at the front door with a hijab in hand saying wear this or die.

    It’s my understanding that at the start of the revolutionary war in the colonies, 10% backed the British, 10% backed our founding fathers & 80% stood around, thumbs in their butts waiting for the smoke to clear. Those numbers changed somewhat in time.

    • bruce, it’s a slow process of awakening, unlike real war where there are bombs and bullets. Most of the jihad in the West is stealth, seeping into our institutions and schools, with nobody noticing until its too late. That’s why I try to cover those kinds of stories more than the big terror attacks around the world. The threat to us is living next door, looking perfectly innocent, while eating away at our culture and way of life from within, while using our own laws against us.

  48. the foreign born obamanation illegally occupying the white house has now made it easier for criminal aliens to make america their home.

    here’s maricopa county sheriff joe on youtube.

  49. We’ve seen the way they teach islam in the Videos,if the kids don’t respond the way they want them to respond….. they BEAT the Kids.”NO THANKS” tell them, in no uncertain terms,tell them to Build their OWN SCHOOLS in their OWN COUNTRY,we all see this as the thin end of the Wedge,if you let them infiltrate the Education System in ( Free ) America,then we are ALL on the…. slippery-slippery-slope.

  50. I’m glad some parents are informed as to what islam in this country is up to & are actually doing something to counter act the bullshit propaganda that cair & other mb front groups are laying down in front of Parent/Teacher Assoc., educational leaders & other groups that are responsible for the education of our children, (grandchildren in my case).
    Most don’t get it or think that it doesn’t apply to them or that’s is far enough away from them that they won’t get touched by it.
    Some of my daughters with schoolbage children are perfect examples of people just like that.regardless of how many examples I provide some just don’t get it. Pick an example above & one of my daughters fills the bill. At least one is paralyzed by political correctness With 6 daughters there’s a whole lotta talking I’ve got to do.
    The children that I can’t educate or won’t be educated I’m going to have to do an end around
    in order to smarten up their kids when they get old enough.
    I’ve got my work cut out for me. I’ll have to approach it like repairing fine lace, delicately & with care so I don’t get bounced out myself.

    • bruce, make it easy, send them to this website and show them the Beheadings Category, followed by the Children and then the Women’s Category. A lot of the videos are probably gone, thanks toe Youtube, but most people can’t get thru more than 3 or 4 at time anyway.

  51. Muslime students should be taught the truth about their islamic religion but only in islamic controlled countries.
    In America – teach them to love it or leave it – the sooner, the better !

    BTW, (paraphrase) obama said muslimes have contributed greatly to civilizations but some of us are still searching to find even one positive thing muslimes have done in centuries to benefit mankind.
    Even though we knew he does not know how to tell the truth, we thought we would give it a try anyway.

    I am proud of those who stood up against the muslimes lies.

  52. Oh, okee-dokee! Sure, we’ll just hand our kiddies over to you terrorists.
    I wouldn’t let the US government have mine… I’d be dipped in oil, before I’d let some islamic turd have at ’em. “GO” Puyallup parents- run them out on a rail!!!!
    I suppose now, Scair will try to Scair them all, with claims of bigotry and racism. What a freakin’ laughingstock they are!

    The more noise Scair makes, the more enlightened average Joe and Jane become. Keep squealing Scair… you big buttheads!

  53. Well they are in everyway everyday taking over and being allowed to the Obama government you have a Muslim in power. You need to kick them out of your country no other way
    if this is not done you have lost and Islam will reign supreme!

    You are alone the none Muslims of every westen country are in peril nowY your government in certain countries will not help it is up to each person to find the strengh and courage to demo in the 10s of thousands and keep it up till you get Isalm banned or deport the lot. Free the westen world or perish!

    • Bruce we just have to remember the times that the Jews said this will never happen our governments wont let it happen in in all the European Countries. Then Hitler got in through at first stealth tactics then he got voted in then it began the real killing because of an Idealogy and all the governments had no choice and sent the Jews, homosexual, gypsys, all that did not agree to death gassed, starved, shoot. tortured etc on cattle trains.

      What do you think the Femur camps are for Obama is building these at the moment in the guise of terrism and trying to impliment the arrest with with no trial. I think we are on the verge of world war 111 this times totally against none Muslims form the Islamic states Islam.

      Just as the Jews and others did we are still hoping it will blow over that the government will stop it in the majority and all being gagged or threatend if try to bring this out in the open history is going to repeat it’s self here! This time there is going to be no where to run they are in every country in the world now colonising no asylum like the Jews etc could get outside of EUrope this is the biggest threat to the westen world we have ever encountered because the war as already strarted in stealth amongst and gain victory ever day using human right to beats us. Using our civilised world to manipulate us.

      Read Notredamus this is coming how bad this will be is up to us so far there are far to litlle doing anything about this

      Obama will get back in unless every none muslim votes for a none Muslim USA politician that will stop this. It appears their is only 1 at the moment is this Newt? I am from the UK so I am not clear on this because all the Muslims will be have been ordered by the Muslim brotherhood world wide to vote for him ask your selves this if this happens and it will! Is their enough Islamists to vote and keep him in if the none muslims all vote for all different parties and dilute the vote.
      This has been happening in the UK with so many people dogedly still voting Lab/Libs which are in effect Muslim Parties Mainly Labour. They dont seem to understand that Labour is not has it was.

      BNI I am very frustrated and sad today. If we allow then to stop us saying Merry Christmas this one small banning is the start of our total takeover our Christain countries are being denied the practise of our religion. While this is carried on in the full light of day and allowed to offend us.

      And guess what we are taking this what is going on with the west???? There are so few of us speaking out. :-(

  54. Public spaces should not be used by a religion who wants to dominate the world ,should be banned in USA and free world. Will saudi arebia or any islamic nation allow in their school teaching of other religions. Its time all muslims should be told to accept usa constitution or shipped out.

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