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  1. Well, we should arrange a mythbusters experiment. Make him shake hands with a woman then drive a steel shaft through his head. Ask him for the comparison. Case closed.

  2. To this Imam and to all Muslims the world over, a most sincere “Merry Christmas” to you all!! May you reclaim your soul and find peace in the Love of Jesus Christ. May Christians the workd over say a prayer for your salvation.

  3. I believe I suggested before “appropriate body language” as proposed by Hillary AND our arse-lifter-in-chief. As I recall, I suggested a nice high one-finger salute to punkass asslifters like the one featured in this video!! And BTW, I believe I shook hands with two women just this morning!!….So, as usual…..To this asslifter and his “brothers”: PISS BE UPON YOU!!! Oh, and MERRY CHRISTMAS too, A**HOLE!!!

  4. This is just another example of Sunna: obeying and imitating Mohammed in all things for all time, which is imbedded in the Koran over 70 times. Mohammed, a nut-case diagnosed by no less than Historian Theophanes (752-817); German medical historian Armin Geus; Dede Korkut, M.D.; and Masud Ansari, M.D., PhD – among others, whose formative experiences with women was his first five years with his mother and some 25 years married to a rich, sexually-demanding cougar, 15-years his senior who kept him subordinated, on a short leash as long as she lived. It was she, Khadija bint Khuwaylid (c.555-619), who was horrified on learning he thought his nightmares meant he was going crazy and suggested his dreams labeled him as a more socially-acceptable Jewish prophet. With too few Jews in Mecca to dispute the absurd claim of this barely literate Arab, he convinced himself and some 150, mostly poor followers (if Donald Trump were to put on a tin-foil hat and start preaching nonsense, how many followers could he get in 13 years?) until the tolerant, polytheistic Meccans finally drove him and them out. The three Jewish tribes in Medina were not so accepting of this ignorant Arab claiming their prophets as Muslims while trying to rewrite their “corrupted” Torah, and paid a heavy price for their disbelief – as have all Jews and non-Muslims (kaffir) who have since fallen under Muslim control. (Look up the “Treaty of Umar”)

  5. Adding to his unfortunate looks, of course, his his una-brow – !! Maybe he and the late Frieda Kahlo should get together in Allah’s hereafter and produce little una-brow monsters….

  6. Kind of a moot point – Not too many women will be lining up to shake hands with this yahoo!

    I’ve been married to a foreign-born Muslim for more than twenty years, and he is polite and receptive to women in business. Since his mother retired as head of personnel for a major (Muslim dominated) corporation, he had been trained “since birth” to respect women in business and in all walks of life. And he is NOT alone among his cohorts.

    If a Muslim mans wishes to do business in a Western nation, he had certainly better be prepared to shake hands with women, or he’ll have almost no one left to do business with.

  7. On our news ABC a few minutes ago, some of these invaders come from as far away as Saudi. Why would any musim want to leave the home of the harj? And if he does, why has he bypassed so many options of other countries on the way? And sorry Gaucho, but this flip of a muslim looks like you dressed up as a muslim without the trade mark cigar. Probably under his Kaftan.

  8. All great comments ! I wonder how many of his ragheaded listeners believe that he is a true “Profitt”.

    And many remedies for him have been suggested. Do I get to choose a demonstration of the ones that interest me ? (Snort !)

  9. Ahhh…I disagree with you Chunkdog. I don’t want to touch this man with a 64 foot pole. I don’t want to be anywhere near this man. I wouldn’t mind telling him Merry Christmas though, but as for touching him, I’d rather jump into a pit full of millions of cockroaches and slithering vipers!!!!! This man makes my skin crawl, and makes me sick to the pit of my stomach. It is like I’m listening to a demon when his mouth opens and he spews out his horrid hateful words.

  10. Ms. BNI, the sign by itself won’t help that much. ************************************************ is what’s also needed: that way, ************************************* it would serve them right all the more because Muslims are by far the biggest pirates of history!!!

    [If you don’t see fit to post this, I’ll fully understand.]

  11. Braindead from ISLAM.

    Inbred from ISLAM.

    Speak out, Mozzies!

    Every time you do, more people OBSERVE YOU.

    Your pathetic misogynistic DEATH CULT FOR MEN is being progressively EXPOSED!

    Western people are not your DUPES anymore.


  12. The problem is that when the founder of the religion was a mental case, his followers became so, too. It’s no coincidence that they constitute a majority of the inmates in Europe prisons as well as the most populous mentally retarded population in Europe, too.

    And they think they’re better than everyone else…. and they are…. if you think criminals and the mentally retarded are better.

  13. Non-mozlems won’t have much to do but clean up the streets, if whackos like this idjut keep spouting off~! Hells Bells,,, He’s almost destroying ANY credibility that islam may have had himself,,,
    As I’ve heard before,,, and it’s coming close to fruition,,, ” Its all over but the cryin’ ~!~!~! “

  14. Another boat load of them was heading our way again (Australia) …but it sunk! Full of afganies and the like…guess for everyone that sinks there are another 10 coming behind ithttp://news.ninemsn.com.au/world/8391484/migrant-boat-sinks-off-indonesia …..All with the same ideas as this idiot…Someone needs to tell this fool he has a choice…go back to where he came from! Simple! We don’t need trouble makers like him in the western society…

    • Wendy, instead of just hoping for the next accident, Australia needs to put up a big sign:

      CLOSED to all Muslim invaders. Go suck the teat of one of your 57 other Islamic hellholes. We don’t need any more parasites

  15. The thought of being touched by a male Muslim makes me want to drive a metal rod through my head. Gross, I feel like taking a massive dose of birth control now…

  16. The scary part is that he probably has thousands of whack jobs just like him who believe everything he says. Thats why Islam is so dangerous to all societies. Muslims are brainwashed from birth to think they are better then anyone else. Brainwashed to hate Jews. Brainwashed to think women are no better then the family goat. Its a real shame we have one of these goat lovers in the White House.

  17. As filthy as these people are, it just amazes me! These animals wipe their own backside with their hands and say bacon (pork) in dirty. The more I read about these idiots, the more convinced I am they are really sick puppies.

  18. Wanker! We can accommodate this flea with a piece of steel through the head. No Problem! But how does Hillary Clinton feel, when she is all dressed up in Muslim garb and puts her her hand out to these morons. Not one of the bretheren I am sure.

  19. He probably gets a randy dream when he sees the other imams bend over…. For sure he is an Odd Sod. Any body have his address? Could send him lots of christmas cards with porn…Let us broaden his horizons with some labeled “Mohammeds Wives”

  20. this muzzy is unique even among the cult of the braine dead no reason for him to even take up air space ! the women get there hands on him he will soon expire.

  21. see, i wish this guy would remember that the next time he rapes a woman….no! dont touch her hand!! oh i see, its okay to rape her but dont touch her hand!! lol what a fuc–kin looser…no wonder he looks like that, he failed the tenents about the birds and the bees, and he prefers donkey meat instead!!!

    alert!! this guy is an escapee from creedmore mental institution and needs his meds! he went on a binge looking to do Christimas shopping and told too many people merry Christimas and then got confused about women and their hands! would someon kindly call the authorities to have him re-claimed and sent back so he can get the proper help? thank you.

  22. This guy is a real whack job.

    He kind of makes you want to run up to him, rip your shirt off and rub your naked breasts all over his face while yelling “Merry Christmas”., just to watch his head implode.

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