EGYPT’S ARAB SPRING is still being celebrated in the streets of Cairo

Hey, Mr. Obama, how’s your George Soros-funded Arab Spring workin’ out for you? Is this what you mean when you keep saying ‘democracy is breaking out all over the Middle East?’ I can’t wait to see what breaks out when your pals from the Muslim Brotherhood finally assume power…just as you planned.

And these are just the Muslims. Imagine what we’ll see when they start their final crusade on the Christians?

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  1. Now, this is one of the saddest things I have ever heard BNI. Truly, I mean it. I grew up with All things American. We admired you, we knew you all meant it when you put your hand over your heart and sang Star Spangelled Banner”. There was much promise and so much to admire. Mom and apple pie. The brave new world. In the Arts, The metropolitan Opera was where I was always going to make my debut. Your Authors inspired me so much, Hemmingway, Steinbeck, and later Larry MacMurtrie. Your had such forward thinking people. We loved the Kennedy’s and their Camelot and we thought it would always be this way.

    I cannot only blame Islam, and equally to bame have been the greed of men and the disclousure of the private lives of politicians. Your movies changed to car chases and the four letter words. We longed for films like The Grapes of Rath and Farewell to Arms. But we got crap. We grieved for you as we did for ourselves. You were not leading the world anymore. You had become followers like we are. We made the Middle East wealthy from oil, and thereby sealed our fate. We should have been taking care of our planet and changed from oil and coal, but we allowed the gigantic companies dictate their terms to us. We all did it. Now we pay the price. I dont think it is too late.

    I cry for the days of “Leave it to Beaver” or Happy Days, those inocent days before we all lost our innocence. So, yes, I am so very sad to read your comment. I wonder too how much more any of us can take. WE must though because, our lands are worth fighting for. So is Justice and Freedom. We cant let it die, or we will be just like those we detest from their desert hovels with cruel and unjust ways. I have a German friend, a doctor and he is so disenchanted with Australia now and he loved it here. Before this he lived and worked in the States. He is going back there. It seems the entire world is disenchanted. He wont go back to Europe, so I dont know what any of us can do except to hold the line, like good soldiers. Hold tight my friend.

    • Therese, I blame the liberals more than the muslims. Liberals have ruined this country and its great traditions. They’ve made rude and deviant behavior the norm. I believe the downfall started when the school dress codes were dropped. All thru school I had to wear skirts or dresses, Boys had to wear slacks and shirts with collars. Male teachers always wore shirts and ties. That was all part of a level of respect that no longer exists today in schools. Even the teachers wear jeans. Along with rampant PC, promotion of the gay agenda in schools, the dumbing down of school curriculum, and the idea that there are no winners and losers, has destroyed much of the American spirit. I don’t know why liberals dominate the teaching profession, but I blame them for most of it. The pantywaisted girlie men are a product of that feminist left wing school environment. I don’t think we will ever return to the time when America was great, when patriotism was the norm.

      I hope I’m wrong.

  2. Quote:
    Obama has reduced the number of National Guardsmen on our southern border from 1200 to 300, so we now have open borders essentially

    Sancta Muerta and Allah are just so happy.

  3. Thanks BNI but in the meantime it sounds like the USA has to ditch another President. Obama seems to be your biggest problem. Like Julia Gillard is one big problem for us. Bring back Kevin Rudd, at least he didnt get around like a chicken without a head. Although I dont think Hillary Clinton was a good second choice for president in retrospect. We have such high hopes for women in politics only to find many are just like the men…..

    I saw the tunnels from Mexico to the States on TV last week they can drive very large vehicles full of drugs straight through on and express route into your country. Now you tell me you have only 300 guards. I cant imagine John Kennedy or Ronald Reagan for that matter letting this happen.

    • Therese, if the communists and entitlement whores in this country give him a second term, I am thinking of leaving the country. Every morning when I wake up and turn on the news, I hope to hear an announcement that goes: “We interrupt this program to bring you breaking news from the White House.” For obvious reasons, I shall not elaborate.

  4. BNI it is ok to say you would have firing squads on the boarders and so on, and thats fine, but I cant do this alone. If I tried, I would end up in gaol and the invaders would go free. No point in that. That is the object of sites like this one. To organize people and thought. And “whoever” was ripping me apart about about Copts, you can – your are free – they are not.

    And yes, their overseas organizations are representing them very well. How do you think I found out about it? I am only stating what I know to be true from two reliable sources in my own country, people who are not under any duress here, but they are still afraid of what Muslims are trying to do to them outside of Egypt. Let’s work together on these things. One upmanship has never solved any of the worlds problems – that’s only being a smart arse. Unity, and helping others, exchanging knowledge – this is what we need and the power we all hold in unity.

    • Therese, I just heard that Obama has reduced the number of National Guardsmen on our southern border from 1200 to 300, so we now have open borders essentially. I will look for that story and post it later.

  5. Therese: The Cop ts are not “…so used to being persecuted”. No one is USED to being persecuted. What can they do 15 million among st 70 vicious million. These ‘revolutions’, which started after the massacre of 8 Cop ts who were getting out of church after the Christmas’ prayers on January 7th,2011 have been organized mainly by Copts. The chain of killing Copts, burning and destroying their churches, kidnapping and raping their young girls have been escalating since obama’s speech in Cairo in 2009. He gave the green light to MB to do their criminal activities. The many Coptic organizations and associations outside Egypt are doing a fantastic job to let the international community aware of what is happening to the Copts of Egypt in the name of the evil Islam for over 1400 years. The Copts have said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I am an elderly Copt, who lived the islamic rule for over 25 years. I know, perfectly, how it is.
    I kept warning the Americans about this sneaky poisoness snake ISLAM from Sep[. 12,2001and still do. To my dismay they elected a Muslim tao be the president. this is a nightmare.

  6. Perhaps keeping the children, and sending the parents back to where they came from would be an even better solution. They at least would become a part of our country. We know the parents will never do this.

  7. HAJI HILLARY and BO are soooo proud! They have given birth to the most hideous of children ever conceived. The Caliphate, soon to be in control of the new world order. Merry Christmas America.

  8. Where the muslimes do not use overt violence, they use intimidation to accomplish their butchery to attain world domination.
    Wish I could fast-forward and see how obamanation fairs when the muslimes get their hands on him and his family.

    I am not a fatalist and will do all I can to warn people about the true threat to humanity found in the qur’an but there are still those who refuse to believe any religion could be so barbaric !!
    None so dumb as those who refuse to learn.

  9. Obama in the 21st century’s stealth dictator – a real Hitler in training…. the parallels to Germany in the 30s are frightning. Pisslam is the new/old fascism.

  10. Library fire in Egypt clashes destroys ‘irreplaceable’ 200-year-old documents

    Egypt’s Prime Minister Kamal Ganzouri, appointed by the military earlier this month, condemned the library attack, which he called an “arson committed by the protesters who portrayed no patriotism in protecting the symbols of the historical civilization of this nation.” The 200,000-book library is called the Scientific Center.

    Destroyed in the fire were the original manuscript of the “description of Egypt” and “irreplaceable maps and historical manuscripts preserved by many generations since the building of the Scientific Center in August 1798 during the French Campaign,” Ganzouri said in a statement.

    Egypt lost a piece of “its national treasure” and “its rare history,” the prime minister said.

    The library was a scene of intense confrontation Saturday.

  11. The trouble with Australia and migration is that we have to keep taking boatload after boatload and our traditional European and Christian groups from the middle east are not given a fair go. We are told too that even Americans are now being given a bad time about getting a visa to stay. Another friend a German who is a professor of Medicine from Berlin university, has his visa for Australia til 2013 but as from March he is not allowed to practice medicine here anymore. There are two thousand doctors who face the same order. They can stay here until their visa runs out, but how do they make a living? In the meantime we have to put up with Pakistani doctors. This is how it is now.

    I wasnt trying to say you did not know about these issues you mention above. I have not been on your site for several months because of my other writing so I am catching up. We have to stop the boats. once they are in our waters, it is the rule of the sea to help them. But how these unwanted intruders take advantage of this. Now today we have hundreds being rescued off Java and I can see we will send planes, boats or whatever, to hep these people. It sounds really cruel but we need to toughen up. Our resources are being streatched to the limit. And, lots of them come in by plane, and disappear into their ghettos and live here with the hep of their fellow musims. They pass around our health card, pension cards and every other rip off you can imagine. Including bringing out extra wives under the guise of a family member. And they are haveing 12 kids to our one child families. You can see where this is all heading I am sure.

    • Therese, we have even bigger problems on our southern border, except until recently muslims weren’t a big factor down there. I have always advocated the same solution for the border: Put tens of thousands of National Guardsman across the border with SHOOT TO KILL orders. Start doing that, and you’ll see a big drop in illegal immigration.

      On top of that, I would not allow children of illegals to attend our schools, none of them would be allowed into our hospitals, and goes without saying, no food stamps or other benefits to illegals. And people who hired them would get one warning, and then they would be jailed too. And those last 4 would apply to the illegals who have been here
      for 20 years, too. (Sorry, Newt) I might make an exception for long timers if they could prove they paid taxes for 20 years or will pay all back taxes now. If they couldn’t prove how long they’ve been here, out they go.

      I might make an exception for any illegal who serves in the military for 6-8 years. (muslim illegals would be excluded from this exception)

      They would begin to self-deport themselves. If not, they would be jailed and then forcibly deported, even the kids born here. Oh, and that 14th amendment would have to go, too. No more anchor babies getting automatic citizenship.

      And I would put Sheriff Joe in charge of all border operations.

  12. And, my doctor told me recently that some Coptic Doctors are being persecuted in Sydney. I was told that rumours were started about a doctor that he was gay. It destroyed his practice. You know the od saying “where there is smoke there is fire”. There was grafitti on his front window. Slowly patients stopped coming. They were afraid – not of the doctor, but of being identified as attending that clinic.

  13. Sorry, BNI we were never convinced it was going to be a real revolution as we think of it,. Many people at first had high hopes and I was one of them. But when I spoke to some copts they just shook their heads. They are so used to being persecuted. Before the “spring” they burnt many Copts alive in their church. Their pope has to minister to them from secret locations around the world. These Copts are the first Christians getting the message from Mark the apostle. They flourished for centruies until the birth of Islam and they have lived in fear ever since. It is very common for Coptic women to be raped and tortured. It is dificult for the Copts to get an education or advance themselves in their job or career. It is like being a Jew in Hitlers Germany.

      • But he’s bring Muslim “refugees” here from Muslim states by the tens-of-thousands BNI. Non-Muslims do not qualify as “refugees” under UN policy (a 57 nation Muslim block virtually controlls UN voting).

        • opar, and as president, he can bring in as many “refugees” as he wants, unlike regular immigration

    • Therese:

      I said the same thing in so many words in my post. In fact I used the Nazi Germany analogy to someone on facebook last week. It’s my understanding that in Egypt a person’s religion is not PRIVATE – it is listed on their identification. So Copts are regularly discriminated against in all walks of life – including education and in their occupations. I likened it to being made to wear the YELLOW STAR OF DAVID BAND on the arm. I have read AND been told by a Copt that they cannot build new churches OR even MAKE REPAIRS on existing ones without permission, and this has to come out of their own pockets unlike mosques which are
      apparently government-funded.

      I cannot blame the Copts for not wanting to convert to Islam, though by doing so could have made their lives much easier. Doing so would be admitting defeat. I cannot blame them for not wanting to turn their backs on their history and people and their faith. Kudos to them.

      Someone on facebook from India who is a Hindu pointed out to me that INDIA (for example) does not have a “uniform law system” (in her words). There is a separate law system for Muslims. So that is what Muslims are trying to do in any country.

      So hate and violence continue to this day and likely will always exist – just in different forms and the “haters” and the victims may change and/or switch places.

      • Islam builds on what Mohammed and his “rightly guided companions” said and did:
        Treaty of Umar (with conquered Christians wishing to remain in their homes in 637AD)
        (from Al-Turtushi, Siraj Al-Muluk, pg. 229-230) as reads:
        We shall not build, in our cities or in their neighborhood new monasteries, churches, convents, or monk’s cells, nor shall we repair, by day or by night, such of them as fall in ruins or are situated in the quarters of the Muslims.
        We shall keep our gates wide open for passerby and travelers. We shall give board and lodging to all Muslims who pass our way for three days.
        We shall not give shelter in our churches or in our dwellings to any spy nor hide him from the Muslims.
        We shall not manifest our religion publicly nor convert anyone to it. We shall not prevent any of our kin from entering Islam if they wish it.
        We shall show respect toward the Muslims and we shall rise from our seats when they wish to sit.
        We shall not seek to resemble the Muslims by imitating any of their garments.
        We shall not mount on saddles, nor shall we gird swords nor bear any kind of arms nor carry them on our persons.
        We shall not engrave Arabic inscriptions on our seals.
        We shall not sell fermented drinks.
        We shall clip the fronts of our heads (a short forelock as a sign of humiliation).
        We shall always dress in the same way wherever we may be, and we shall bind the zunar round our waists.
        We shall not display our crosses or our books in the roads or markets of the Muslims. We shall only use clappers in our churches very softly. We shall not raise our voices when following our dead. We shall not take slaves who have been allotted to Muslims.
        We shall not build houses higher than the homes of the Muslims.
        Whoever strikes a Muslim with deliberate intent shall forfeit the protection of this pact.
        This is what non-Muslims living under sharia face every day. We really SHOULD exercise the Golden Rule on Muslims living in no-Muslim lands. Fair’s fair!

  14. What you just witnessed is not Islam, it is Barbarism. There is nothing democratic about the so called Arab Spring.

    The whole deal is about seizing and holding power; arrogance & avarice exemplified. It is about who rules; who gets rich and whose enemies get punished, not about democracy, progress or good government. Civility & civilization have no role in this evolution.

    This nation was founded fresh. With the exception of Crown and corporate colonies, the colonists formed their own governments. Their churches and Masonic Lodges were democratic. Those two institutions provided experience and fostered attitudes requisite to self-government.

    That experience and attitude set are entirely lacking in Arabia, where, for many generations, power transfer has been by death, often artificially induced.

    When Isdamn is involved, rule belongs to Allah. Only Allah has the right to rule, which he assigns to his regent. That means Moe and his successors. Open your Koran to 33:36 and read it carefully. That verse tells you that once Allah and his Messenger have decided a matter, nobody can question their decision. That verse was revealed in context of Moe’s sexual proclivities, but it has universal applicability.

    Allah said; Moe said; Moe did. That produced Shari’ah. How you enter the privy, how you shit, how you wipe and how you exit are all predetermined for you. And, if your left hand has been cut off or your arm is too short, you have your wife or slave girl wipe yer ass.

    When you pray, if you fart, and it can be smelled or felt, your prayer is invalidated and you must start over. if a menstruating woman, a dog or a donkey passes between you and Mekkah within a stone’s throw, your prayer is invalidated and you must start over.

    You can force your pre-pubescent virgin daughter to marry the man of your choice. You can divorce your wife by declaring “I divorce you.” three times. You can screw slave girls.

    When you die, your daughters inherit half as much as your sons.

    if you drink alcohol, you get whipped. If you steal, your right hand is cut off. A woman’s testimony is worth half that of a man. Christians can not testify. Christians can not build churches, ring bells or pray aloud in public.

    A minimum of one military attack must be mounted against disbelievers in every year. The caliph fights Jews, Christians & Zoroastrians until they are subjugated & extorted. He fights all other peoples until they become Muslims.

    That, God damn it, is Shari’ah: the path to life giving waters. Drown in it, AssWholes; we want no part of it!!! We do not want the misogyny, we do not want the cruelty, we do not want the injustice, we do not want the inequity and we do not want the war.

    My friends, I charge you: read the Federalist Papers to your children and grand children. Take them to Party conventions. Take them to city council meetings. Take them with you when you vote and explain the procedures and reasons for them.

    Sign them up in DeMolay or Rainbow for Girls or the Scouting system to get some experience.

    Explain the Constitution to the younger generation. Make them understand that it is a worthless piece of paper without strict enforcement. Explain to them that they do the enforcement on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November.

    Shut off the Goddamn Idiot Box! Open your Bible and read it to the kids. Play Chess with them. When they are teenagers, make them read Tafsir Ibn kathir Chapters 8 & 9 aloud to you.

    Up yer snout, CAIR; Go to Hell!!! We will keep our liberty, take Shari’ah home with you; don’t let the door knob get stuck in yer butt on the way out.

  15. BNI, It is not what the Copts are saying. My doctor is a Copt and has family back there. We have never been convinced of it. The Brotherhood stood there until Mubarak got the shove and are now really running the place. Like Lybia and Syria, they will swap one monster with another and sad to say, the Christians will suffer untold torture all over again. The army has no intention of giving up Egypt so readily.

  16. I think ALL human beings have the propensity to be cruel to one another though not all of us realize that or are willing to admit it. We have witnessed hatred and cruelty on a massive scale with the holocaust, and violence and hatred still continues to this day and will always exist – though there may be different “haters” and different victims.

    I have personally witnessed people being cruel to one another simply because they didn’t like the way a person LOOKED or how they dressed or because of the fact that they were “rich” or they were “poor” or whatever silly reason. I have seen people nearly come to blows over politics and religion. Yes, human beings can be very cruel. We are the most cruel creatures on the planet.

    Sadly, none of this is surprising, really. It’s not surprising that the Nazis found a way to effectively eliminate those they despised most and to USE those they deemed inferior but to have SOME usefulness – used them up and then threw them away at a later date (like my husband’s grandmother who was a forced laborer in a Nazi concentration camp).With the advent of the internet and things like cell phones with cameras, we are seeing such violence that many of us would have never imagined EVEN 20 years ago. Seeing this over and over again may make us desensitized to it.

  17. Recently I had the opportunity to communicate with someone who is a Coptic Christian from Egypt. He is about 50 years old. I felt like he was really just trying to reach out to anyone from the west to let his and others like him stories be known. Many of us in the west are either unaware or only vaguely aware that the Copts even exist. He seemed almost desperate in a way. There was a lot of bitterness and hatred towards Muslims in his writings. He seems to blame them for EVERYTHING – and I am sure he is right to do so. From what he tells me, the Copts are second-class citizens and they do not have nor have they ever had the same opportunities that Muslims have. The concept of having one’s RELIGION on any type of ID or passport or birth certificate must be a foreign concept to us in the west in this day and age, but according to what I have read, the person’s religion is indicated in Egypt as I am sure it is in other Muslim countries as well, and this is inescapable and it does cause discrimination for the non-Muslims.

    He and other Christians are very, very afraid. They fear sharia law will soon be implemented there.

    And there is more to tell about their story…

  18. The Moz Brotherhood is not democratic…they don’t want women in their organization.

    The Mozman Brotherhood believes in one man, one vote, one time.

  19. BNI, I can’t agree about Sharia = democracy.

    Mozzies all KNOW that Sharia is undemocratic and believe democracy is HARMFUL because it allows freedom for people to disagree with Allah.

    Mozzies demand the dictatorship of the one and only TRUE INTERPRETATION of Islam…their own.

    All other interpretations of Islam must be oppressed.

    No, Mozzies don’t believe in democracy.

    They believe in discriminatory Sharia law and a global caliphate.

    The so-called Arab Spring will simply turn into another THUGOCRACY with new names.

    Islam always descends to the same level of brutal dictatorship. You heard it here.

    Islam is eternal moronic STUPIDITY!

  20. Savages! If the Muslim’s ever achieve what they intend, Hussein in the WH will face the same fate as others. His useful idiot days will be over. They’ll declare him not Muslim enough and his aspirations for ruling the world will go down with him. It would be no more than he deserves. They’re like packs of wild animals that go into a frenzy when they start beating and shooting. Some people here would be ready for them, others would not. Only hope it doesn’t come to us against them but it could happen. We just won’t make it as easy for them as it has been with others.

    I’ve always heard that money is the root of all evil but I think islam trumps money.

  21. yup a stone age democracy in action complete with real stones to bad obama is not there in the middle of it all his brothers could use his great throwing arm !

  22. ah but you see in our minds we know better, and we know that islam+democracy does not equal anything but an oxymoron. there are no democracies in the middle east except for Israel. it is the only one. Anyone know why?

    give up yet?

    because it does not go with the bacis beliefs system of islam, according to their koran and ideals, democracy does not allow violence or rather permit it the same way islam does.

  23. The Muslim Brotherhood believes that it can take democratic principles and make a government based on sharia democratic. They believe that all of the major aspects of democracy were originally represented in Islam, before the Muslim peoples were subjugated by the West.

    Of course, who knows if even THEY believe what they are saying. Regardless of the pretense and the trappings of democracy, a sharia-based government will necessarily end in a theocracy, and a despotic one at that.

    Shame on our POTUS to act as if there is anything it could possibly be.

  24. It is just painful to watch this. I read today in the news that one of the beaten protestors died of the beating. What is so frustrating is that the whole culture is rooted in Islam, which very nature is violent. I don’t really see any hope for these people while totally immersed in this death cult. Violence and cruelty runs through much of these people’s veins.

  25. I have no wish to offend anyone who
    keeps kosher, but for the rest of us:

    Sunday is National Roast Suckling Pig Day.

    Z. Nelom

  26. i have no idea what they were saying or what the writing was in the beginning but i see alot of over kill with the savage beatings going on, and i am sad to say this is going to get much worse before it gets better. we have a long road ahead of us. like i said before, we are entering into the early stages of a very very dark era in time and history to the likes of which have not seen before and it will be the end of jews/christians alike.
    HaShem is not going to grant this world anymore jews, after this period, that will be the end of us and no reincarnation, he is not going to let us come back to this world. let some other religion take the beatings and killings after this, we are done.
    the world does not deserve us, and our smarts, no more nobel prizes and no more modernity, no more ipads, cell phones, computers, cars, no more nothing for human kind. let these muslim savages have the world left to themselves to destroy or live in a rot in a stinking mud pile and heap of shit storm. They will wreck it after we jews and christians go. and then look to something to help them well, it wont be allah the devil for sure. because you see, they can not do anything right.

  27. In 13 months this marxist muslim monster will be ushered out of office and replaced by someone — assuming the country does not go certifiably insane and we wind up with Strong Man Ron Paul — who understands the nature of this war with Islam and will begin immediately to take steps to repair the damage Hussein and his administration have caused. Or else disaster will have struck and he will be given 4 more years to finish us off. Either way, a lot more damage will have been done by then and, given what this past year has brought, it is not out of the question that the new POTUS will have to deal with a fledgling Caliphate. Only question may be where the caliph will be HQ’d. My bet is still on Egypt.

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