GERMANY: Teaching five-year-old German kids how to bow down to Allah in public school

The German government has decided to promote what it calls “European Islam” by having Muslim clerics teach courses on Islam in public schools.

Euro-Islam  Since the introduction of Islamic instruction in Berlin, effects of the classes have spilled over into other parts of academic activities – school offices are often inundated with petitions to excuse girls from swimming, sports, and class field trips, based on religious grounds.

There remains a great deal of skepticism among Berliners and about the Islamic Federation and its public school program. It is regarded by the Verfassungsshutz (Internal Intelligence Service) as an extremist/Islamist organization.

Video shows German boys being taught that Christians and Jews who reject the Quran will go to Hell.

Islam is against Western values & teaches adherents to work at replacing other cultures with the religion of Islam & sharia law. Islam hates & detests non-Islamic values. Islam encourages bigotry, intolerance & hate for others. Islam teaches non-Islamic law is to be disrespected & not obeyed. Islam refuses to fit into modern society.