Moroccan Muslim Man kidnaps and rapes a 110-year-old woman

A young Moroccan man kidnapped a 110-year-woman, locked her up for nearly five hours at his house and raped her before he was captured.

 EMIRATES 24/7  (H/T Liana) Hamid Al Ghoul, 26, was arrested just after raping the woman at his house in the central town of Sattat in the North African country.

“The ugly and heinous crime has jolted the whole area… Al Ghoul is now in police custody waiting for justice after savagely raping that old woman,” the Moroccan Arabic language daily Al Chaab said.

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  1. This is sickening!! The muslim rapist is obviously possessed by the devil because islam is demonic! He should receive the death penalty for committing this heinous act!

  2. where is the salt peter ? make these monkeys eat it every day for the rest of there lives like they do in the military or did guess they still do not sure

  3. Oh wait! That means..they are gonna kill the old woman for having extramarital sex! Wonder if they are gonna stone her to death..or behead her. You know she did not have 4 male witnesses!

  4. Oh my goodness! Poor woman! She can’t even live out her old age in peace! A niqab or burqa is supposed to protect her. In fact, niqabs and burqas and the like are supposed to protect a woman’s dignity, modesty, and her propriety. So what happened here? And it wasn’t like she was a young woman either, she was an old woman! That burqa didn’t offer much protection did it?

    IT must be brought to Justice as every CORRUPT ORGANIZATION under RICO Laws here in the USA,

  6. Meanwhile, on Atlas Shrugs it’s been reported that the actress Veena Malik has been reported missing – if evil has happened to her, more proof against Islâm and its misogynistic, ultra-hateful self!!!!

  7. Dear Therèse:

    Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the prime minister of Turkey, said “The mosques are our barracks, the [mosques’] domes are our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers.” [NOT the original version of the poem which he was thinking of written by a pan-Turkish activist in the early 20th-century – for saying those words, he was imprisoned for 10 months on a supposed charge of “inciting hatred”…]

    That’s exactly why ALL Muslims should be deported back to their 57 Islâmic countries – and why I’ll wish for those mosques and minarets to be levelled to the ground (barring those few that were converted from churches and/or that can be readily converted into churches, synagogues, etc. – but minarets have to GO!!!).

    As to the rape: that man ought to be castrated on the spot (without anæsthetic) and then imprisoned for life, with no parole!!!

  8. What?! The “whole area” is “jolted?” Why aren’t they arresting the woman for having seduced the man? That’s the usual Muslim conclusion when it comes to RAPE.

    I guess even these women-haters couldn’t believe that a 110-year-old woman could be THAT sexy?

  9. Yes, BNI, it is indeed very sad that we wonder about such a thing. But what’s even more tragic is that most people just don’t want to know about it, will not take the time to learn about this filthy ideology, thus helping to pave the way for that shit to go on over here. They have that hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil mentality…if they don’t see it, hear it or tal about it, then it’s not really happening. The mind games people play with themselves are mind-boggling to me.

  10. fitzhugh is right, i have a feeling mr nobama would almost be willing to do anything in his power to force the usa into a meltdown so that he could stay in office at any cost to this land and its people. he wants to be the last president in command i think, why else would he announce dec as a jihad month. this is completely insane and unheard of.

    i used to watch glenn beck before he left fox news, and i understood everything he said i just did not figure it to happen so suddendly but this is how things work with islam it seems. obama wants to import the same trouble here in the usa that is now ongoing in the middle east, maybe he thinks in his small mind this would be good for the ecomony to have chaos andhavoc take over.

  11. Recep, (ratshit) the price minister of Turkey did say “Our Minerets are our swords”. Maybe this Sh– f– Brains uses his “member” for the same purpose. A man has to keep in training for his personal jihad. He will beat the rapp.

  12. Bilboa,
    ‘this could have happened anywhere’
    Your right, by any muslim in any country on the planet.
    It’s only the muslims that confer the term, ‘white meat’ to light skinned women. It’s only the muslims that are the reason for Malmo, Sweden being labeled the rape capitol of Europe. It was only muslims that participated in the gang rape orf the American TV journalist in front of the cameras & subsequently the world.
    Rape hapenes in every country, but scum sucking muslims have their own special way.

    These inbred, drooling, peices of crap give garbage a bad name.

  13. Camels,donkeys,sex-slaves,slaves, now an old woman. It is training,only.
    Mohammedanism is barbarism.

    He trained like Mohammed. (did he kill already “some” people like Mohammed?)

  14. looks like the religious books of some nature can really make man mad and hateful to others to this limit is a proof that time has come when all who read this should be stopped from the society .

  15. Muslim rapes are as common as a cold. islam is severely sexually perverted, indeed islam attrachs perverts. Another imbred zombie strikes again. I don’t like having islam for a neighbour, islam is really very rude. islam likes the smell of fear, the old lady must have smelt good.

  16. The cult of islam is one messed up dangerous cult of evil, hate, murder, sexual assault, rapes, child molestation with child brides, stonings, inequality of women and so on. All we have to do to defeat islam is to ensure that the evil values of the cult of islam, as shown by terrorisit atrocities done daily in the name of their lunar, lunatic god allah, are kept in the public information media so that ultimately all will ‘get what islam is all about’, namely the ravings, edicts and directions of a pedophile, mysoginist, murderer muslim, mohamed given out to savages who love to follow such draconian and hateful directions because they love being savages, thinking that they are doing the right things because they are doing exactly what their monster mohamad did and as such they too want to follow and do and be just like their evil cult leader mohamad. Thanks to all, such as BNI, Geller, Spencer, the people on this site and so on who are doing just that, namely keeping the truth in the public media, using facts given to us by the muslims words and actions, to defeat them.

    • I hate to be a spoiler, but if we were to examine Christianity’s role in history, we would find that Islam could actually learn a few things about misogyny and torture and general nastiness from Rome and Jehovah’s BFF the Pope.

  17. Hamid Al Ghoul?!….Does sound a bit like something from “Night of the Living Dead”!!…… Hmmm, come to think of it this soulless bastard sounds a lot like a creature from such a horror story.And if the poor old woman is really Muslim, as indicated by her dress in the photo, I can only imagine what a subhuman puke bastard like Ghoul would do to one of us “infidels”!!

  18. Did FOUR MEN witness this attack??? OR, will the woman be stoned for enticing him to attack her???
    What a crazy, idiotic ideology~!

  19. There is no limit to the depravity of these inbred, drooling, poor excuses for garbage.

    Note to Angela: Living in misery is a relative term. Anyone with a political axe to grind says our own poor, living with the aid of welfare and section 8 housing are “living in misery” with their autos, cell phones, big screen TVs and clothes to wear. People in other countries live by entirely different standards. I might point out our great presidents half brother who purportedly lives in a mud hut as an example.

    The point is that they live. It is up to them, as a people, to better their station. We can’t do it. It is NOT an excuse for savage, barbaric behavior as demonstrated by this hunk of human filth.

    Not criticizing — just saying.

  20. At some of the websites I frequent people call me a racist & worse for outing these savage son-of-a-bitches.
    How can you possibly punish this animal? What punishment is fitting for such a crime? Nothing I can think
    of in my fertile imagination comes close to equaling the hell this woman was put through.
    This type of crime will never end short of all out war & destruction of what is commonly called islam.

    Maj. Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman used a scorched earth policy to end the south’s will to continue to fight
    in the civil war.
    Meet their savagery with worse savagery, destroy everything.
    Take what they fear most & use it. Wrap ’em in bacon.
    We have a military capable of doing this but not the balls behind the Resolute Desk.

    That will shut up islam for the next 500 years or so.

  21. And why did this typical Muslim male rape this 110 year old woman? Because he couldn’t wait for her to turn 111.

    Every Muslim male is raised to believe that every woman on earth exists for his pleasure and is a piece of trash, so I don’t know why their community would be upset. The rapist was just acting the way he was brought up.

  22. AP, know you are not making excuses but to make a point I say:

    Okay, so an irrational reason for his raping a 110 y.o. woman is because he is brainwahsed and living miserably in a 3rd world country.

    How then do we explain the rape of a 200+ yr. old Nation by a muslime in chief who has never had to hold a real job in his entire life yet almost 50% of the Nation approves of his actions ???
    Who is the more brainwashed in this – the miserable excuse of a man or his America-hating supporters ?

    BTW: his action of declaring Dec., ’11 as jihad “appreciation” month is just another tool that pile of maggot excrement is using to force a civil war so he can declare martial law as a means to complete his, and other elected officials, appointed socialists and the czars goal of destroying the USA.
    We must not be duped into violence but hold our course and stand firm until we can vote him, and them, out of office and then to begin a major house and senate cleaning while purging our Military even as we deport illegal criminals – remember, not all illegals are criminals and if I had to live in some of those countries I would also try to get out !!

    DO contact your Federal Reps and Senators and let them know we are watching, keeping count of their actions and will exhibit our approval, or lack of same, at the ballot boxes.

  23. How will the victim be punished? I mean, c’mon, you just know she was asking for it. Her burqa was probably too short, and when he saw the 105 year old gnarled flesh of her arthritic ankles, wrists and hands, he was overcome by lust, and was unable to control the sexual urges inspired by this evil temptress. If her family won’t kill her for bringing shame upon them, then she should be locked up by the authorities for having sex outside marriage…after her 100 lashes, of course…and only if she survives them.

    Seriously, these people are F’d up.

  24. Just when you thought these vile Muslim scum could not suprise you anymore they come up with something else.

    I hope they chop his cock off first.

  25. yes angelina you are right…ghoul is certainly living up to his name isnt he….i have no words left to describe how bad this death cult is. it is so rotten and vile. why does G-d allow for this to take place?

  26. Well he does have the right name!!! What can one say they are brainwashed living in misery in an 3rd world country! This bigets men like him.

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