9/11 images on Diet Pepsi Cans in Afghanistan

There are no coincidences in life. The graphic image on the side of Diet Pepsi cans being served to American troops in Afghanistan bears more than a passing resemblance to the 9/11 terror attacks on the Twin Towers, with smoke coming out the top of one of the towers and a plane flying above.

As much as I try to avoid using Geoge Soros-funded SNOPES for verification, I checked anyway, figuring for sure it would be listed as a hoax there.  But it isn’t. Snopes gave it a ‘MIXED’ rating which means it could be true and definitely isn’t a hoax. Snopes confirms that the photograph is a genuine picture of a can of Diet Pepsi manufactured in Dubai by Pepsi Arabia (available, among other markets, to US troops serving in Afghanistan). Snopes sees a passing resemblance to the 9/11 attacks, and isn’t sure it represents some international disrespect on the part of Pepsi Arabia. Snopes chooses to see it as a generic representation of a big city with two tall towers and a plane that just happens to be flying near them. 
You can decide for yourself. I see it as another Muslim triumphal symbol, shoved in the faces of Americans. Totally intentional.  What do you see?  

The STORY: (H/T CO) So yesterday I was in the chow hall on my Forward Operating Base here in Afghanistan, and, as usual, I grabbed a diet cola to go with my meal. The Diet Pepsi served in our chow hall is not from the United States. It is manufactured in Dubai by Pepsi Arabia and says so right on the can.Yesterday, for some odd reason I looked–I mean I really LOOKED–at the subtle “clip art” on the background of the can.And I did a double take. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing… I examined the can for several minutes while my food grew cold, wondering if my eyes were deceiving me.

But there was no getting around it. To either side of the Pepsi logo, there was an image of a jet airliner over tall buildings. Looking at the image, I couldn’t help but think it alluded to 9/11.Three other soldiers were sitting with me at my table. One of the other soldiers asked what I was looking at so hard. Instead of answering, I handed him the can and said, “Look at the artwork on this can. Do you see what I see?”

He looked. His eyes grew wide. He turned the can from side to side. The other soldiers at the table looked, too. None of us said anything. The phrase “9/11” never passed from our lips. We could LOOK at each other and understand we all saw the same thing, a “sneaky allusion to 9/11.”




153 comments on “9/11 images on Diet Pepsi Cans in Afghanistan

  1. While there is no doubt that American companies will take any marketing opportunity to sell their goods and gain marketshare, the reaction to this Pepsi imagery is near-sighted, delusional, and reeks of closeted Islamophobia.

    Can ANYONE show me a Manhattan skyline taken from a similar angle, as comparison to the can’s image? It’s also ludicrous to suggest that a plane flying over a city skyline is representative of 9/11, considering it happens in every modern city dozens of times a day. How about someone also makes a comparison to the Saudi Arabian, Dubai or UAE skyline ? I suspect you will find more than a passing resemblance to the cityscape of the country it was produced in.

    While I’m all for exposing corporate corruption and social manipulation, this subject is overblown, and entirely speculative.

      • You can gather the height and perspective from a 2-dimensional threecolor print on a tin-can? Goodness me, that’s about as clever as your xenophobic white supremacist hatred.

        You should be proud of yourself, really. The world needs more narrow-mindedness and fearful media sponges.

    • Pandemicservitude — You are a complete idiot! After looking close I can see the can celebrates the terrorist attack of 9/11 — it is subtle they would not want to make the imagery too obvious — but I can see the Islamist throwing back Diet Pepsi thinking that’s right BITCH we blew their asses up, and meeting another Islamic on the street drinking a Diet Pepsi and slapping a hi-five as they pass each other. So get your head out your ass and your eyes checked.

  2. Turtle and nick get your heads out of your donkies!! Or do you work for pepsi? You two are the only ones trying to not see the obvious. Pepsi is an insult to all americans!! Especially our arm forces!

  3. this is totally uncalled for and I if this continues with Pepsi it will be time to start a boycott!!
    R.I.P to all that lost their lives and to all that a serving to keep us free.! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!

  4. I cannot believe that Pepsi can do something like this! I am going to find out what other products Pepsi’s parent company makes and boycott those also. No more Pepsi in my house. They should be ashamed of themselves. Also why would our government let our troops have those cans. Coke all the way.

  5. Time to bring out more cartoons, this time of dogs pissing on the quran, and swine crapping on mohammeds grave~!~!~!~

    MORE CARTOON PLEASE………..NOW, we’ll show them the meaning of disrespect.

    I drink Coke, and one other reason to not drink Pepsi, I will be circulating the picture of Pepsi’s 9/11 cans and ask all to not drink or buy Pepsi. What a despicable thing for them to allow and even sell this shit.

  6. bellstone,
    You remind me of, admittedly, an ethnic slur, for which I apologize in advance to our Polish readers,,,
    But it was a picture of a pistol with the barrel pointing back toward the shooter, and it was captioned, “Polish Pistol”,,,,
    Ms BNI posts the truth, and should you so desire, you can verify every article she has ever posted, by doing your own research,,,
    SHE FURTHER did an UPDATE on the current subject of the Pepsi Can Art, and I, myself, did some research on “Dubai Images”,,, ( NOT Dudai, as was noted above )
    The artwork was extremely similar to the Twin Towers,,, and as such, was offensive, as it was NOT noted where the pictures were taken, to the best of my knowledge,,,
    bellstone, you’re shooting from the hip, nor are you properly using the information that is supplied to you,,,

    You are, in essence, denigrating the greatest source of information, along with very few others~!, on the internet, as regards the mozlem and islamic menace,,, and interestingly enough, you’ll find that the sources of OTHER information is collaborative with, and in some cases dependent on, the information gleaned and verified by Ms BNI,,,

    In short, bellstone, your credibility has sunk faster than the stone that rang your bell, and the ringing is quite dissonant~!

  7. That’s okay BNI, I’m letting everyone on my FB contact list know how you really are. I’m also letting them know you are NOT the source they want to go to if they want the TRUTH. Now, if they want to get information based upon hysteria from a paranoid lunatic, then they are more than welcome to read your blog.


  8. This is disgusting , shameful, I am a United States citizen, born, raised, our men and women are fighting overseas for our freedom – they should not have to deal with this kind of pysch – Pepsi should put an ad out to apologize to our servicemen and women over the world. – I don’t drink Pepsi but i definitely won’t now – There is no excuse. Outraged that this could happen.

  9. Pepsi has just got the rights to serve at a major Hospital in Springfield, MO. The hospital has made their bed now they can sleep with the enemy.

  10. SMUDGE: I followed your advise and googled “dudai” and got Yadin Dudai, an Israeli Neuroscientist. Here’s a clue, get out of your councilhouse, go back to school and “lurn too spele” lest you embarrass our EDL friends here and they take it upon themselves to leave you a literal smudge_____________on the pavement that is. Here’s one more clue for you semen stain, if things continue as they have been, then it will be you Brits straight on the phone to us begging our help in toppling the Caliphal regime in Whitehall you moron.

  11. SQUID: Just the kind of response one can reasonably expect from a spineless squid from the Netherlands and the Netherworld of your cowardly mind.

    Thank God Geert has a spine! You’re not worthy enough to lick his ass clean!

    :( = squid

  12. AMBOYDUKE: Re. “Why would they give our troops pepsi made in Dubai? WTF?” This is because the Dept. of Defence (DOD) relies on military contractors to provide logistical services in the theater of operations. Contractors such as Kellogg Brown & Root (KBR) provide fuel, subsistance (rations), even laundry service. They employ many local nationals and others in order to help the local economy. KBR even run chowhalls for the soldiers and civilian populations on the bases over in Iraq and I suppose Afghanistan too, though I imagine other companies do too. These companies procure many of their rations from local approved sources, which prompts the question of do they serve halal slaughtered meats? Quite likely, if you ask me. KBR also ran the controversial burn pitts that have been attributed to be the source of many a servicemember’s health issues. I have personally known some of these afflicted servicemembers as well as seen these burn pitts in operation from my time in Iraq. I’m not questioning the basic use of private contractors by DOD, but I do take issue with their slowness to act upon these legitamate health issues, and the possibility of halal foods served in chowhalls.

  13. Ms. BNI

    You posted an update on this story, but for some reason, I ( and I imagine others as well ) get a message, that the article I’m looking for is not here,,,

    Just an FYI,,, You can delete this post if you wish,,,

  14. I’m in Afghanistan, and we have this can at our dining facilities. I mentioned this to my teammate, and a few Marines in the immediate vicinty gasped. They should pull this garbage from our dining facilities!!

  15. We have Pepsi in Australia too , Guess what Pepsi , never again . I have already emailed this image to all my contacts . Spreading the news is so easy now days . Pepsi shame on you .

  16. I completely agree with you, Slobyskya Rotchikokov! I don’t want to be drinking or eating anything made by a company that supports abortion NOR one that would let our troops drink cans of soda with a picture of our towers on 9/11.

  17. SAM: So I guess it would be safe to assume that the taxpayers are funding computers and
    Wi-Fi for the libraries in correctional facilities then, huh?

  18. I posted this on Facebook on Saturday, and when I checked my wall this morning, it had disappeared from my wall, as well as the walls of everyone who had replied to the post. Don’t you think that is very strange??????? Very unnerving, and scary.

  19. It’s a shame that the Pepsi Corporation would do something like that, but here’s what’s even worse. We are here discussing this. I don’t see it on the news. I don’t hear about angry people who are insulted and devastated. Nope. Nothing.
    If there was a, as ShamelessSharia suggested, “a big black dog urinating over a mosque”, what kind of reaction do you think the muslims would have? I doubt they would be discussing it in a forum.
    NO! They would issue a Fatwa on all the executives of Pepsi. They would declare war! Hell, they would probably decapitate anyone seen drinking a Pepsi.
    They are angry, they are passionate, and they are committed.
    We sit around and watch X Factor, the NFL, How the Grinch Stole Christmas and eat too much food to really be pissed off.

  20. so a pic of a plane flying over a city* is a reference to 9/11 ? grow up U.S.A ! its 10 years ago no one outside the us cares any more

    *towers in the pic are the skyline of dubai twin towers where kinda flat on top

    (Dutch guy over here)

  21. This can design is a good reason to boycott Pepsi, but not the best reason. They knowingly (and admittedly) pay to have new products tested on tissues from aborted babies. While some companies, such as Campbell’s, were outraged to learn about this and quickly severed ties with the chemical research company that does this, Pepsi proudly and happily continues this policy, paying for grisly, Mengele-like research on the bodies of the victims of America’s ongoing holocaust. And they openly admit it. This situation is so egregious that even a majority of Pepsi shareholders have demanded the company stop this practice. Amazingly, Pepsi refuses and rejects the demands of their own shareholders, so now the shareholders are suing Pepsi to stop this complicity in mass murder. THIS is the #1 reason to boycott Pepsi. I’ve bought Pepsi for over 20 years. Never again.

  22. GEE WHIZ, PEOPLE!!! I’ve seen the Twin Towers in cloud formations, too!
    ANYONE with enough time, imagination, and creativity will find “messages” in ANYTHING!!! (Like Jesus in the pancake, or the Virgin Mary in the tree bark…)
    Can’t you just thank God for your food and and another day of life, and enjoy your soda?
    If you have issues, go grab a bottle of water, and don’t try to find “weird messages” on the side if it happens to be cold. Just be thankful that it’s COLD and WET!!!

  23. Stop over reacting, yes it does look similar, i saw bubbles not smoke.
    Type in dudai images on google, it looks similar to their skylines. Although i do agree its a bit silly featuring a plane, but not insentitive.
    I drink pepsi and always will!!!!!!!!
    Not everything in this world is about america, stop looking for trouble, if you find trouble your straight on the phone to us brits.

  24. To be 100% serious and not bias toward the enemy why would this be? It is a well known fact that the big soda pop companies spend millions on research for such things as this. It isn’t realistic to think they didn’t think this was a issue to say the least. It is more like selling out America for a buck.

  25. barenakedislam the fact that you bring up the star is irrelevant. If thats the case I can fold a 20 dollar bill to make it look like the WTC. So that does that mean Americans knew all along that we were going to get attacked? No.

  26. barenakedislam: As I said in my post, at first my feelings were the same as yours. As I continued to look through pics of Dubai though I found several scenes that could have been combined to make this one, even the two buildings close together that are squared (not curved). The bridge that is depicted is just about identical to the pics I found of the bridge in Dubai. I’m not one to bury my head in the sand, nor am I a fan of Islam or their maniacal plan to rule the world. I’ll pick up a gun before I’ll wear a burqa. I don’t like Sharia Law, I don’t approve of the place its finding in our country. I think the wars we have wagged against the terrorists should be fought the same way they are waging it against us–turnabout is fair play in my book. I fully approve of water–boarding and I love Allen West and his history, particularly where his service in the Middle East is concerned (we need more leaders like him). All that said, I don’t want to jump to any conclusions on this one when it can go one way or the other. I do think that Pepsi should demand the picture be replaced with something that more accurately depicts Dubai, something that will leave no doubt in anyone’s mind what the picture is. I feel this particular fight would be fought up a very slippery slope and all those fighting it will end up with mud on their faces. I will pass your thanks on to both of my sons, thank you for the message! I hope you and yours have a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!

  27. What a bunch stupid people you are. And what a big loser website this is. I am an American and I converted to Islam after reading Quran. I request everyone to at least open the book and read it once. You will be amazed. AND STOP THIS HATE WORD.

  28. I am sorry guys…when I first saw this that is exactly what I saw as well. However, I did do my research along with my husband who is BTW an U.S Army Soldier, and after seeing the mixed statement on snoops we then looked up the 7 special Dubai cans. Yes this IS one of the 7 cans…but NO it is not of 9/11 in New York and it is not suppose to look like it. If you Google Dubai skyline you will see THIS picture looks more like Dubai then it does New York…right down to the size and shapes of the buildings.

    Perhaps they could have used a bit better judgement when doing this…but all in all they were not even thinking about how we Americans would feel about a picture of Dubai on a can with a plane in the sky because this is not meant to be distributed to America. AND Dubai is an ally to America, they were not trying to insult us in any way shape or form.

  29. Better sell your pepsi stock real quick cause it’ll fall quicker than the twin towers did!!! Boycott All Pepsi Products!!!! Shame on An American Company Letting Your Greed For World Domination Let You Stoop So Low As To Allow This Type Of Advertisement On Your Product!!! We as American’s Will Make Sure You Never Forget!!!

  30. I have been drinking diet coke for decades, ever since I learned that Coke is bottled and available in Israel, while Pepsi honors the Arab boycott of Israel.

    The other reason is that Diet Coke has a pleasant, sharp, clean taste, while Pepsi is unpleasantly sugary and tastes like s–t.

    Boycott Pepsi!

  31. Both of my sons served in Iraq (one was even wounded and got a Purple Heart). I consider myself a patriot; I love this country! When I looked at the can my reaction was like the other 99% of reactions here. But, there were just enough discrepancies to make me want to investigate. First, I Googled “Dubai Images” and then I clicked on “images” and what I found is not surprising. There is actually a long winding bridge that could very easily be represented on the can. There are also quite a few buildings that are characteristic of the buildings on the can. The plane is easy to explain too. Dubai gets its revenue from real estate and tourism. People who go to Dubai usually have the money to throw around. I do believe they could have found a much better, more appropriate image to put on their can. Perhaps they just don’t have the marketing sense in Dubai they do here. Of course, I can’t attest to anything I say being true as I don’t have personal information regarding the intentions of the company in Dubai that distributes the Pepsi. If there is any doubt about where I stand, know that I support Lowe’s in their decision to pull their ads from American Muslim. Now there’s a company I can get behind! And just so there’s no misunderstandings…I HATE political correctness, it will be the end for America.

    • bellstone, thank your sons for their service. It’s an abstract not an exact duplicate but there is enough symbolism to convince me it is 9/11. Notice the star that is placed close to the exact floor of impact for plane one that hit the North tower. Why is a star there and in no other place? Above the bubbles is what looks like white smoke above the building on the left (same one with star). And the other plane could be coming around to hit the South Tower several minutes later. That body of water looks as it does in downtown NYC, looking at the towers from Brooklyn or Staten Island, with bridges going into Manhattan from either place.

      Sorry bell, there are too many coincidences for that to be Dubai. Where there are 2 similar big buildings next to each other in Dubai, they are curved in shape, not squared off like these 2 towers.

  32. Judy Nicita
    Some are saying the Pepsi can is not made to offend. It is manufacutered in Dubai by Pepsi Arabia. It is a city that looks akin to New York it does have a plane above the city it does have bubbles or smoke or what?
    If it is not made to offend Americains then why does a Arabic culture produce pepsi cans with an American city? Why is it not distrubited in America?
    My first look at this I was shocked and insulted I DO NOT CARE if it’s intention is made to offend me or not I AM OFFENED!

  33. Remember that time that a plane flew over top of some skyscrapers in a big city? Remember when bubbles and a snowflake were floating around, too? Man, this brings back horrific memories

  34. Oh no…and I am in LOVE with Pepsi Max too…*throws can in bin*……has there been any word from Pepsi Corp. over this? Why the heck put a plane on a pepsi can anyway…unless they are stirring troble….what has a plane got to do with a drink? Looks suss to me…

    • Wendy, I’m assuming they didn’t know about this, but considering the unusually high traffic I’ve had on this post, they will soon. Let’s give them some time to make a statement. If they apologize and say they will correct it, fine. If they say we are nuts, then it’s time to Boycott. Until then, enjoy a Pepsi if you want.

  35. I notice that many people are saying Pepsico is an American corp. All I can say is look up its CEO. Might be a suprise for people…

  36. Just sent a complaint to Pepsi via the link in the blog. You can bet Pepsi will come out with some ridiculous excuse. This image is an insult to America. There is no possible reason for this image on the can-it does nothing for their brand at ALL. I’m wondering what individual or group was responsible for the design??

  37. Betty Jean Kling, count me in. The long list of Pepsi products is as long as it is troubling. With the A&M activity in the corperate world never ending, seems like soon we won’t have many choices left. Fortunately, there are still alternatives to these products. If I can’t find an alternative, I’ll do without. This is one of the things I really love about this blog. The informed contributing to the awareness of all. I for one believe this is so agregious as to be grounds for invalidating Pepsi from the list of DOD approved supplier list. Of course, Obama won’t see it that way… 13 months to go….. Hang in there troops, an American is coming to the Command Post…..

  38. I don’t know if it was intentional, but the one star in the design being exactly on the edge of the building seems like one hell of a coincidence. Looks like an explosion.

    When I first looked at it (aware of possible 911 symbolism), I immediately thought that the S-shaped curves in the bottom of the image reminded me of the flight path of a plane heading towards the second tower.

  39. What do I see? Hmmm, I think I see a very good reason NOT to drink Pepsi products, but then I generally prefer Coca-Cola anyway!! I will, however remember this s*** the next time out to eat somewhere and the waitress/or waiter asks after I’ve ordered “Coke”, “Is Pepsi alright?” My response will be “make it iced tea instead”!!…..

  40. MOHOE/MOWHORE: We’ll stop overeacting when muslims stop overeacting to cartoons of muhammad by killing the nearest non-muslims at their disposal. We’ll stop overeacting when CAIR packs it up and moves out of our country. We’ll stop overeacting when we eventually consign islam to a footnote in a dusty history book. And lastly, we’ll stop overeacting when we do the same to their leftist partners in crime, trolls included!

  41. What were you thinking? I took offense to your image on the can. Never will I purchace a Pepsi product again. My son serves in the U.S. Navy and this is simply an abomination to him and his band of service brothers. I pray that Pepsi will come to realize what a horror this is. Not only to a few but many. There was a lack of consideration to all Americans who who watched in dibelief and to all who’s lives were altered due to this atrocious act!
    A never will buy a Pepsi product again consumer

  42. Hi Travis,
    ‘Wheeee… people and their ridiculous overreactions’

    I suppose that the proper reaction to the blowing up the WTC on 9/1/11. Would have been To apologize to the world, bow & promise to never let it happen again.
    Sound reasonable doesn’t it?

    Wait, our president has already done that, In fact he did that to the entire world. Funny, he did that to the entire world & with sincerity. I don’t understand, you’d think with a promise of that magnitude they’d be more receptive to working out our differences, unless of course they were just looking for an excuse to blow us up.
    I mean honest people would be more honest. Also I guess the past 1400 years of islam of trying to conquer the world bit by bit is just a coincidence. They don’t really want war their just a bored people with too much time on their hands.

    Years from now when trying to explain to your grandkids how islam managed to conquer your country you’ll be one of the first to point their finger at the defenders of your way of life & say, ‘they let it happen, I did everything I could to stop them.’

    At the start of the civil war in America 10% sided with the British, 80% took no side & 10% stood with Ole’ George & his patriots. It’s not hard to figure where you’d stand & where most on this forum would stand, Bonnie & myself included.
    The war, my friend has already started, better pick a side.

    Well armed & well supplied should have already happened.

    Merry Christmas everyone.

  43. There is even a reflection of the towers, as a reflection in the water. Its defiantly NYC. Just to close for comfort. Its a unethical statement and to be giving them to the troops…wow. What a shame that there has to be people so mental that and childish they have to do things such as this.

    • Bridgette, I’ll allow that perhaps they didn’t know the image was there. It probably was a long time before anyone else noticed it. But now that it has been brought to their attention, they should force them to remove it in Dubai. Otherwise, they could face serious boycotts. For now, I’ll wait and see.

  44. The can is real. The picture obviously is not the attack on the towers of NYC USA, however, it shows a city skyline with a plane flying between two tall buildings which are shaped exactly like the world trade center towers. Americans – or anyone who knows about the attack, who views the can are instantly reminded of 911 without being told what they are looking at.

    There is absolutely no reason on earth for this depiction on this can or anywhere let alone on a soda can served to our soldiers fighting in Afghanistan!!! And the nerve of them to serve this to our soldiers in Afghanistan who are fighting a war because of the attack of 911 is unconscionable. One of our soldiers sent this picture home and asked us to do something about it. He risked his life for us! IT so offended him and if it offended him — it offends me and I am boycotting Pepsi products. Who will join me?

    PepsiCo owns:
    • Pepsi Max
    • Pepsi Natural
    • Pepsi One
    • Pepsi Throwback
    • Pepsi Wild Cherry
    • Caffeine Free Pepsi
    • Diet Pepsi
    • Diet Pepsi Lime
    • Diet Pepsi Vanilla
    • Diet Pepsi Wild Cherry
    • Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi
    • Sierra Mist Natural
    • Diet Sierra Mist
    • Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash
    • Diet Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash
    • Diet Sierra Mist Ruby Splash
    • Ocean Spray Apple Juice
    • Ocean Spray Blueberry Juice Cocktail
    • Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice Cocktail
    • Ocean Spray Cran-Grape Drink
    • Ocean Spray Cran-Pomegranate Juice Drink
    • Ocean Spray Orange Juice
    • Ocean Spray Pineapple Peach Mango Juice Blend
    • Ocean Spray Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice Drink
    • Ocean Spray Strawberry Kiwi Juice Drink
    • Mountain Dew
    • Mountain Dew Code Red
    • Mountain Dew Live Wire
    • Mountain Dew Throwback
    • Mountain Dew Voltage
    • Mountain Dew White Out
    • Caffeine Free Mountain Dew
    • Caffeine Free Diet Mountain Dew
    • Diet Mountain Dew
    • Diet Mountain Dew Code Red
    • AMP Energy
    • AMP Energy – Elevate
    • AMP Energy – Lightning
    • AMP Energy – Lightning Sugar Free
    • AMP Energy – Overdrive
    • AMP Energy – Sugar Free
    • AMP Energy – Traction
    • AMP Energy Juice – Orange
    • Mug Root Beer
    • Diet Mug Root Beer
    • Mug Cream Soda
    • Diet Mug Cream Soda
    • No Fear
    • Sugar Free No Fear
    • Seattle’s Best Coffee – Iced Latte
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    • Seattle’s Best Coffee – Iced Vanilla Latte
    • Tazo Giant Peach
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    • Tazo Organic Iced Green
    • SoBe Energize Citrus Energy
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    • SoBe Lean Fuji Apple Cranberry
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    • Aquafina
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    • Lipton PureLeaf – Sweetened
    • Lipton PureLeaf – Unsweetened
    • Lipton Sweet Iced Tea
    • Lipton White Tea with Raspberry
    • Propel – Berry
    • Propel – Grape
    • Propel – Kiwi Strawberry
    • Propel – Lemon
    • Propel – Raspberry Lemonade
    • Propel – Cherry Lime with Calcium
    • Propel – Citrus Punch with Calcium
    • Propel – Lemonade with Calcium
    • Propel Zero – Berry
    • Propel Zero – Black Cherry
    • Propel Zero – Blueberry Pomegranate
    • Propel Zero – Grape
    • Propel Zero – Kiwi Strawberry
    • Propel Zero – Lemon
    • Propel Zero – Peach
    They also make:
    Frito Lay,
    Quaker Oats,
    Gator Aide,
    Sun Chips,
    Life Cereal

  45. How could this happen? Going to look to see what Pepsi Company owns and will never buy any of their products again. Putting this article up in the supermarket and anywhere else. God Bless America

  46. BNI, I’m fairly new here, but I remember reading some time ago that the
    UK was letting 5000 pakistani halal butchers into their country. GEE…
    I was thinking that’s all they need is 5000 of these nut-jobs walking
    around their country with sharp knives.

  47. I also searched the google images of Dubai and had the same reaction as Grouchy. (Be sure to also click on the top photo to get the full size.) That does not look like Dubai architecture with the distinctively fanciful buildings that define the “look” of that place. If it was meant to “advertise” Dubai I would expect to see the “sailboat” building, etc. The image on this can is specifically two squarish (the corners are highlighted in white so at first glace it looks like 4 flat buildings thin to the point of impracticality even for Dubai) towers, much taller than the buildings surrounding them, with the plane very prominent at the top. The NYC transit system wouldn’t let Pam Geller put an image less explicit than this on the sides of their buses when she was protesting the GZ mosque. It would be interesting to know if the other markets to which this can is shipped are all Muslim countries.

    And yeah, it does go well with the hopey-changey logo knockoff doesn’t it.

    Good thing I’m a Coke person.

  48. Um. Looked some more. It DOES look like smoke, along with some 8’s in it, going upward. I stand corrected.

    If 8 has no meaning in Isloonyism, then perhaps I’m just imagining things… ?

  49. BNI: I don’t think its smoke – it looks like the number 8 is repeated several times (at least 5 – small circle on top of a larger circle).

    Now, aren’t many mosques etc. constructed on an eight-star shape?

    I don’t know enough to really comment on this – does anyone happen to know?

    I would like to see Snopes talk this away, if true, on top of everything else. This might just be a completely legit example of some Moo in PepsiCo having some fun.

  50. Mohoe

    I did Google Search “Dubai Images”,,, and then clicked on “Images”,,,

    I recommend that this be done. However, I also believe a different image could have been used, more representative of Dubai than New York~!

  51. Wheeee… people and their ridiculous overreactions. This is not what you think it is, but you just HAVE to find a reason to be insulted. And you won’t listen to any other rational explanations. It saddens me that there are people like you in the world. Grow up. Open your eyes and your minds and you will realize that you are terribly overreacting to everything.

  52. Pepsi needs to hear about this insult to America. This is so obviously the start of 9-11 with the start of the fall of the twin towers. This is not a mistake. This is a direct insult to America and a compliment to the terrorists of the cult of islam.

  53. What a slap in the face & complete INSULT to OUR Military, ALL wounded warriors and the KIAs & their families from an AMERICAN company ; # 43 on Fortune 500 list @ $ 57 BILLION in annual revs – So what is it POPTOY you aren’t gonna buy anymore of from Pepsico : any Frito Lay Products ( Lay’s, Tostitos, Doritos, Cheetos, Ruffles…) Lipton Tea, Life Cereal, Quaker Oats, Gatorade, Tropicana Orange Juice, Pepsi, 7 Up – here’s more complete list : I say COMPLETE BOYCOTT PUBLICLY send to Fox News Hannity, Limbaugh, Schnitt, Wilkow, David Webb …

  54. Snopes is Soros funded? I knew they were liberals! Could tell by the way the defensively debunked the Obama emails….. They have their hands in everything!

    • Snopes response:

      Because snopes.com is all about rumors, it was only a matter of time before rumors began to circulate about it and its operators, such as the following:

      “Snopes receives funding from an undisclosed source. The source is undisclosed because Snopes refuses to disclose that source. The Democratic Alliance, a funding channel for uber-Leftist (Marxist) Billionaires (George Soros etc.), direct funds to an “Internet Propaganda Arm” pushing these views. The Democratic Alliance has been reported to instruct Fundees to not disclose their funding source.”

      The snopes.com web site is (and always has been) a completely independent, self-sufficient entity wholly owned by its operators, Barbara and David Mikkelson, and funded through advertising revenues. Neither the site nor its operators has ever received monies from (or been engaged in any business or editorial relationship with), any sponsor, investor, partner, political party, religious group, business organization, government agency, or any other outside group or organization.

      Barbara Mikkelson is a Canadian citizen and as such cannot vote in U.S. elections, register an affiliation with a U.S. political party, or donate to any U.S. political campaign or candidate. David Mikkelson is an American citizen whose participation in U.S. politics has never extended beyond periodically exercising his civic duty at the ballot box. As FactCheck confirmed in April 2009, David is a registered independent who has never donated to, or worked on behalf of, any political campaign or party. The Mikkelsons are wholly apolitical, vastly preferring their quiet scholarly lives in the company of their cats to any political considerations.
      Read more at http://www.snopes.com/info/aboutus.asp#R0SsqYdbpVrW8z8U.99

  55. Folks.

    It sure looks like it’s intentional.

    Why would they give our troops pepsi made in Dubai? WTF?

    Here’s something rather disturbing to contemplate…

    In England there has been several instances of non muslim people purchasing baked goods from muslim operated shops and have found that the goods had been laced with human feces!

    It wouldn’t surprise me in the least that those workers in the dubai pepsi plant weren’t spitting and pissing in the water that goes into the pepsi. Maybe even throwing in a turd or two…!!!

    Maybe it’s time to unleash Israel and let them lay waste to that entire pus filled area over there,
    with our help and blessing.

    Stay tuned.

  56. Time to boycott Pepsi methinks.
    Is there a list somewhere of all the companies that support islam so we all know who to boycott?

    • WF, not yet, but I am working on compiling one. I know you should avoid Butterball turkeys (all are halal), Boston Market turkey, Subway, Outback (lamb), KFC (if there are muslims in the neighborhood),COSTCO lamb products.

  57. Poptoy,Better take another look at the pepsi package of owership and you will find numerous brands from Quaker Oats, Frito-Lay’s Doritos, Tropicana, etc., all controlled by pepsi.
    What you will not find, at least I could not find, who actually determines major marketing themes, etc.
    Certainly the twin towers image is a victory statement of muslime superiority and designed to be a slap in the face of America.

    BTW: In my opinion, though I want all our Military back home – the pull-out of our troops comes at a time when it seems the muslimes have determined they can easily take control of the countries involved.
    I remain extremely concerned over the inane policy decisions made by the powers that be in the pentagon – sending our Military to “protect” the people then tying their hands and limiting their combat actions even as their lives are sacrificed daily. The pentagon needs a major house-clean out.

    Does anyone know the number, if any, of possible terrorists employed in the Tyson related meat production plants ? Just wondering if there might be a covert program designed to increase food costs, cause shortages and undermine the public confidence in our food supplies.
    Seems strange that Tyson has had two incidents of E. coli. contaminated hamburger meat in such a short time period – almost as though it was a deliberate act. Just wondering.

  58. It makes me proud to have worked for Coke and have since retired. Pepsi is pepsi always number two and always will be. a total lack of respect for those who perished on that bleak day in our history…..

  59. Is the ‘star’ shape on the left building an ‘impact marker’?
    I stopped buying Pepsico products when I learned of their contract with a research company which uses fetal liver cells from late term abortions in a process for altering the taste highlights of their products ( you can easily find that out if you were unaware) so this is just one more reason.
    If only more people knew and cared!

    • SR, hadn’t noticed that, but because that’s the building that appears to have smoke coming out of it, that could be where the first plane hit the north tower with the 2nd plane heading for the south tower.

  60. I kind of think it’s not so much that I’m choosing to “not see the 9-11 attack” as it is that people are choosing to see it. Bubbles are a trademark in soft drinks in general. They are in Coca-Cola commercials, Sprite commercials, and Pepsi commercials, along with many others. I only see Pepsi depicting an urban environment that happens to have towers…. like most large urban environments around the globe. Also, it is not uncommon in Chiago, Dallas, New Orleans, Memphis, or (insert other major city here) to look up and see a large airplane flying because it’s a major mode of transportation of goods and people.

    I think that we need to be careful to not read into this as much. I mean, I could be wrong; I am human, but lets take another look at this whole thing.

  61. I realize that all the national Pepsi companies operate independently of each other and cater, to some degree, to the local market (in language, mostly, but also, perhaps, in some small graphic detail); but when it comes to the graphic logo style of “Pepsi,” there’s only ONE way to display it – even in other languages!! Pepsi International would NOT allow their famous image to be tampered with one whit!! I think it bears reporting – and loudly (a la our protests to Lowe’s!) – to Pepsi World HQ (where?). The CEO, I think, is a woman of another nationality (Indian?) who might be equally upset (esp. if her background is Hindu!!). I might have some of these details wrong, but there needs to be a MAJOR blowback on this!! We know our military brass have balls of pink fluff, but this is more important that their effin’ “diversity!” This is WAR!! And to add insult to injury, our military is over there as a result of this major strike against the kafir USA!! Whoever allowed this to enter Afghanistan – let alone our millitary bases – should lose his rank.

  62. Bollywood actress Veena Malik reported missing after nude FHM photo scandal

    There were fears today for the wellbeing of Bollywood actress Veena Malik after she was reported missing by her manager.

    She had previously been accused by clerics of immoral behaviour on Bigg Boss for wearing shorts, hugging a male actor and swimming with Pamela Anderson

    The Lahore-based militants issued a statement saying: “She has made fun of all Muslim women and brought shame to the entire nation. Veena Malik will be dealt with accordingly on her return to Pakistan.”

    Spokesman Abu Usama added ominously: “Our faithful are prepared to welcome her.”

    And prominent Muslim cleric Maulana Abdul Qawi warned of a fatwa against Malik for shaming Islam.


  63. I thought this clown-faced paki getting his ass kicked in the first round
    of this boxing match(if that’s what you wanna’ call it) might cheer you up???

  64. …and the american army, in its infinite stupidity, has allowed this mockery to be served to our troops?!?! [is pepsi, america affilliated w/ pepsi, arabia?]

  65. Notice that there’s only one star-shaped symbol and it sits on the side edge of one of the buildings, like an explosion. The reflection in the water renders the two buildings as twins.

  66. I’m a vet. When I talk with vets and active duty and they feel comfortable, they oppose what is happening to the military. But they are trained to take orders and carry them out. I sense they are disgusted with obama because he has set up a mental conflict between defending the U.S.A. which may mean dying for the country and the preferential treatment he gives the ‘enemy’, especially those in the service. This is much worse than during the Vietnam war, when I was serving. They know obama’s kissing up to the military is just that. Wondering if the military ballots for president will be counted, if even distributed.

  67. Even if Pepsi try to claim this was unintentional (which I can’t believe is true) at best they are clueless and completely insensitive. I have shown this to a number of people without saying anything, and every person has said that this is a picture of 9/11.

  68. Oh good Lord… I see the plane, I see the towers, but that looks like bubbles more than smoke. I see no real 9/11 reference. That’s over-the-top paranoia.
    Pepsi is an American company. I don’t think the good executives of Pepsi would approve of depicting 9/11 in ANY positive light.

    As for dissing Snopes… just… no. Soros is the enemy, yes, but seriously, where’s your proof that HE operates it, and even so, why?

    I’ve used Snopes a lot; there’s few media more honest.

  69. Well, I must admit, it got my dander up as well, but not unexpectedly it isn’t a surprise considering where it came from. Hey BNI, here is another cause for you to take up, I am going to talk to the reps of this company and demand they have dubai explain why they think a representation of a disater, some in their country comdomn by acts of charitable contributions within the muslim caliphate used to finance this very type of operation against the infidels, i.e. us who care not to side with satan and his minions, muslims. Now seeing this is not under the control of any American distributors, we still should insist upon a boycott of their products. This is unacceptable in any case, intended or not and Pepsi’s Corporate office needs to hear from all of us.

    I don’t see it in another way, it is an insult to the principles of which distinguish the Free-men of this Country, the Patriots who have served this country and our cause to secure the rights of even those whom we despise for their intolerant attitudes towards us, muslims and dubai is a muslim country.

    Randy63ism, no it’s not chiling, it’s called a cheapshot at the expense of our Patriots, pure and simple.

    Semper Fi. keep’m well oiled, stacked and at the ready. Our time in fast becoming short.

  70. Can’t wait to hear the “Spin Doctors” on this one! That is a total insult to ALL our Troops in and out of country. I vote to bring them home and let these rag heads fight it out amongst them selves. When it is all said and done the only ones who will and are benefiting from this stuff up are the arms manufacturers and the oil companies. As for the war on Terror that is bull shit. That saying is just a political grab to make it acceptable for the citizens to fight their war for them. How can a Home Grown Industry permit this type of crap to be marketed?
    Any Manager of any quality would see what the rest of us have seen. I for one will NOT have Pepsi on my property again after this.

  71. Yes, Randy,,,, it IS chilling,,, And note that it is also a POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT OF JIHAD, from the mozlem perspective~! They may be stupid as donkeys, but they’re not totally dumb, either~!

    Be prepared for more of this crap,,, and I have to agree with “POPTOY”,,, no more pepsi for me~!

  72. If Pepsi allows Pepsi Arabia to use these cans, we should mount an all-out boycott of Pepsi. If there’s even any doubt about what those images represent, those cans should all be destroyed NOW.

  73. I never saw those in Iraq, but then again, I’m a Mountain Dew drinker and judging from that picture, I don’t think it is a coincidence. Perhaps we have found a new type of jihad,
    the psych jihad. Being served to servicemembers over there. Chilling isn’t it?

  74. That is DEFINETLY an artistic rendering of the twin towers and an airplane flying within the vicinity of it if not about to bank on the side of it! Why did they do this? you have the smoke on the tops and the bridge that goes into NYC also, that is none other than NYC! Why would they do something like that for?

    My take on that, is that it is mocking the world trade center going down. And the islamic ”defeat” in progress now on going towards the USA. How could it mean anything else. of all the pictures they could put on there they chose that one to put on?

    • It is for this reason my family and I do not purchase anything with the Pepsi name on it. Haven’t since this all fist came to light a year ago.
      Our collective take on the design, taking into consideration what country it’s being made in and what countries being distributed in, we to a member KNOW it IS their sneaky way of celebrating the attacks of 9/11.
      Pepsi corps. you ALL should be ashamed of yourselves for allowing this.
      Folks I wouldn’t doubt that behind our backs the sneaks sold out to Islamic extremists and is no longer a wholly owned American corporation.

      • It is for this reason my family and I do not purchase anything with the Pepsi name on it. Haven’t since this all first came to light a year ago.
        Our collective take on the design, taking into consideration what country it’s being made in and what countries being distributed in, we to a member KNOW it IS their sneaky way of celebrating the attacks of 9/11.
        Pepsi corps. you ALL should be ashamed of yourselves for allowing this.
        Folks I wouldn’t doubt that behind our backs the sneaks sold out to Islamic extremists and is no longer a wholly owned American corporation.

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