Being Jewish myself, I can say this: "I HATE THESE JEWS"

In the UK, the shocking headline reads, ‘Muslims and Jews unite to to oppose the English Defence League,’ the only group dedicated to eradicating the growing Islamization threat that is destroying their beloved country. And a group that strongly supports Israel. Gee, I wonder what the EDL’s Jewish Division thinks about their fellow traitors?

[FYI: Bare Naked Islam and its readers support the EDL and deplore the Cameron Government who treats them like criminals rather than the real criminals – the muslims, who have turned the UK into one of the biggest muslim welfare states where muslim immigrants get free housing and liberal handouts that poor Brits do not; where hundreds of muslim NO GO Zones are off-limits to non-muslims; where muslim sex slave gangs take 12 and 13 year old white girls off the streets and  turn them into prostitutes. I could go on, but if you are not a regular reader here,  just go to the Category in the sidebar called ‘ISLAMIC BRITAIN.’]

 JUDENRAT CHRONICLE – The Home Office has written to an umbrella group representing a range of Jewish communal and religious groups in response to statements distancing themselves from the methods and aims of the English Defence League.

Earlier this year the leaders of the United Synagogue, Reform, Liberal and Masorti communities, as well as the Board of Deputies and the Spanish and Portuguese Jews’ congregation, highlighted their opposition to the EDL’s tactics and called on the far right organisation to refrain from using Jewish and Israelis symbols in its campaigns. (Too bad, I use them and will use them even more now)

Under the umbrella of the Council of Imams and Rabbis of the Joseph Interfaith Foundation, they rejected in particular the EDL’s “efforts to incite hatred and antagonism in our society”, its attempts to “foment violence” and “drive a wedge between the Jewish community and our Muslim neighbours.” (Drive a wedge? When did Muslim take the part about killing all Jews out of the quran? When did Muslims stop saying Israel must be destroyed? Shame on you. You aren’t Jews, you are Judenrats, just like the Jews who helped Hitler kill their fellow Jews. I spit on any of you who call yourself ‘Jews.’)

They attempted to draw a line under the EDL’s efforts to attract Jewish membership, which reached a peak with a rally “to oppose Islamic fascism” outside the Israeli embassy last year where EDL members waved Israeli flags.

James Brokenshire, the Home Office Minister responsible for policy regarding the EDL, has now sent a letter of response to Mehri Niknam, director of the Council of Imams and Rabbis.

“We welcome your positive action to counter the divisive influence and minimise the impact of EDL activity,” he said. “As a government our position is clear, we will not tolerate groups like the EDL who spread hate, seek to divide us and deliberately raise community fears and tensions.”

He said the government would continue to condemn the EDL’s views and actions when necessary and work with police and local agencies. Mr Brokenshire added that the government trusted local agencies to “put in place suitable local measures to counter the influence and minimise the impact of EDL activity.

ENGLISH DEFENCE LEAGUE members flew from the UK to NYC support Pamela’ Geller’s  Ground Zero Victory Mosque protest. Barack Hussein Obama refused entry for Tommy Robinson, EDL founder, who was sent back to the UK as soon as he landed at JFK.