MESSAGE to CAIR from LOWE'S: Keep it up!!

Thanks to your crusade against LOWE’S for pulling their ads from the low-rated ‘All-American Muslim’ show on TLC, LOWE’S stores are reporting record sales so far for the month of December. In fact, this could be their biggest year of all. Your boycott is getting them far more business than their commercials on ‘All-American Muslim’ would have. 

For every Muslim and Muslim-sympathizer who boycotts Lowe’s at least 100 people who have never shopped at Lowe’s before, now are. People who have split their business between Lowe’s and Home Depot are pledging to give it all to Lowe’s. So, keep up the good work, CAIR, take your boycotts all over America. And maybe you’ll be charged with a bias crime for spreading hate against a Jewish-owed business.

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