GREEN BAY, WISCONSIN: Public School Administrators give Somali Muslim students time off several times a day to pray in school

And the far left extremist Muslim apologists in Green Bay aren’t too upset about it. Muslim students at Keller Elementary School in Green Bay quietly slip out of class each day to pray in a tiny alcove of the school. For five to 10 minutes, the group of girls is not distracted by students who walk nearby. “We do it because our parents want us to,” fourth-grader Ayan Artan said. “It’s important.”

Green Bay Gazette  The students are part of a growing Somali population in Green Bay. And as that population grows, schools are trying to accommodate the strict prayer schedule for the students, many of whom practice Islam, educators say. A few local residents have approached the Green Bay School District with concerns about the prayer time in schools. They worry the time in prayer takes away from learning and uses school resources to accommodate religion. But educators say they’re required by law to allow students time and a place to pray or complete other religious practices. They note that the district accommodates Muslim students as well as Christians who choose to pray before meals or read the Bible during study hall. “The issue of students praying in school has come up a number of times this year, in part, because we have an increasing number of students who practice the Islam faith, many of whom are Somali students,” said Barbara Dorff, director of student services for the district. “But it is our responsibility to find a private place for these students to pray and to allow them to pray.”
The Green Bay area has seen an influx of uncivilized Somalis as families leave the war-torn African country to settle in the U.S., often to be with extended family. (Thanks to Barack Hussein Obama using American tax dollars to pay for tens of thousands of unskilled, uneducated Somali Muslims to come here -gotta get those anchor babies in-with many getting free housing and welfare benefits). Those who practice in strict accordance with the Islam faith pray at specific times, five times per day. Children from these traditional Muslim families may begin this practice in elementary school, usually at 7 years old. “We were founded on religious freedom. To me, it’s all about the United States of America and constitutional rights and freedoms. We live in this country — I think we should be proud.” It’s been about a year since Keller Elementary School began to accommodate the prayer schedule for Muslim students. “This is something relatively new for us,” she said.
At West High School, a small group of Muslim students leave class and use an unoccupied classroom to pray. “We accommodate them, but I don’t think it’s any different than how we accommodate other students, like someone on crutches, in certain circumstances.”
The Milwaukee School District, the largest in Wisconsin, also has a growing population of Somali and Arab students, spokeswoman Roseann St. Aubin said. Some schools have concentrations of certain ethnicities, and those who practice Islam will meet for prayers, she said.



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  1. I want to know where is the time for the Christians and Jews? did you for get this AMERICA or you just don’t care. who is running these schools? as long as every body bows to the muslims it will get much worse. people wake up.

  2. Does this mean they are going to bring prayer back into the classroom? Don’t let the ACLU find out about this, oh wait I almost forgot, we are talking about the endangered species here… muslims. We should sit them in the corner and make them wear dunce caps and tell them it is an American tradition.


  4. But my kid isn’t allowed to bow his head before he eats his lunch in a public school – I think ALL parents of all faiths should insist that their children follow these students into the special “prayer alcove” and be allowed to pray right there, along side of these students. If they are stopped – law suits will begin. Wake up, people!!

  5. So sick of the “special treatment” these people ask for. Having them here does not help ANY of us. They are a burden and are interested only in TAKING from society without contributing anything good at all. They take the gift we give them, poop on it, and hand it back.

  6. 70% of Somalis contract cousin marriages. Somalis have a national IQ of around 70.

    Cousin marriage mean families never integrate…they always remain ‘outside’ the mainstream.


    • You know what amazes me? Ignorant individuals who lack international awareness… it appears most of you have never been thought about the outside worlds, cultures or religions. Its very sad that some of you went to a 4 year college and still dont have life skills to survive in a another country.

  7. Another “apples and oranges” comparison to justify submission to Islam… Islam is never satisfied with anything short of total domination; the next “request” is sure to follow now that this has been allowed.

    …and how do I get my old avater back?

  8. HELLOOOOOO, Green Bay public schools!!! If you allow this s***, on school time, then you had damn well better be prepared to have the students say the “Pledge of Allegiance” Every day, INCLUDING the part some of you liberal a**holes have tried to remove: “ONE NATION UNDER GOD”, AND reinstate daily Christian prayers at the STUDENTS” discretion, starting the day with Scripture (Bible) reading, AND allow teachers to have their Bibles out on their desks again, but Hey….I guess only Christian prayer and beliefs are offensive to you a**holes!!! The asslifters, and their insistence that THEIR children be allowed to leave class for “prayer time” is just AOK!!!

  9. This is kinda funny , its like a pay back to this evil nation for shoving Chriatians into a corner. They fought tooth an nail to restrict students freedom to exercise their religous freedoms didnt they . I remember stories about schools denying bible groups the right to extra curricualr access to study rooms, to assemble for prayre around the flag pole , to pray at graduations. Too bad christians didnt show the balls that the muslims do. Its pretty obvious that muslims will actually subjugate us all.

  10. This is nothing short of evil and major hypocrisy. People in Green Bay have to take a stand and rid this blight out of our communities. Islam prays to a false god who has no son to save and they teach Jesus never was crusified on a cross. They teach if you don’t convert to Islam they have a right to kill you. What in heavens name are the people in Green Bay thinking. This is a kick in the guts to Bible believing Christians. It has to stop now. Muzzies can pray to their false god, but the Christians can’t pray to the true God. What!!!!!!

  11. More and more immigrants who are supposed refugees are brought into our country to suck off our welfare systems by Obama. They are brought in because he was raised as a barbaric muslim and is a muslim.

    Liberal take note. Vote for Obama. Vote for more mosques. Vote for the amplified muslim “call to prayer” blasted across your neighborhoods five times a day. Vote for future riots as now in Britain. Vote for living under shariah law.

    You imbeciles !

  12. But wasn’t it someone from Wisconsin that sued the town in Texas so that they take their nativity scene down? Why do we not hear these so-called atheists complaining about this? It goes to show you how biased people are against Christianity, yet they embrace a cult that aims to get rid of people who will gladly take their head off if they speak out against them. This is a disgrace, and Wisconsin should not be proud of this crap!

  13. When will the American people put the Political Correctness aside, and do something about this, it will only get worse. Muslims are the cancer of the world, and must be treated like any other deadly disease. .


  15. So what time is alloted for Catholics and Jews if they wanted to pray? Surely time has to be given to other religions. What happened to the seperation of church and state? And why isn’t the ACLU putting a stop to this violation? Even a pray in silence isn’t allowed in public schools, but when it comes to Muzzies, well then we must bend over backwards to make them happy.

  16. America has one God and His name is Jesus Christ, our nation was founded on one God Jesus Christ. Our Lord Jesus Christ told us that “thou shalt have no other gods before Me “Jesus Christ”. Take your pagan desert god back to the desert where he rules over the vipers and scorpions and false prophet Mohammad. There is no place in America or Packer country for a false god who has no SON to save.

  17. Ridiculous!! How is it that these people bend over backwards to accomodate muslims but atthe same time fight like hell to ban everything Christian from schools? Total hypocrisy! You don’t get it both ways leftists! BTW, they don’t HAVE to pray during school hours. Islam states if a prayer time is skipped it can (actually, “must”) be made up later. Let them pray in the morning for the first, in place of their lunch for the second, and the last three after they get home. Or, easier solution, go to a country that accepts this garbage already and get out of western civilization.

  18. you are right tommy! problem is though we have too many leftist now in the country of the usa who have or will poisioned this land. this is the problem too many of these lefists here. they want war and want chaos, havoc, etc.

  19. this is all being done in every country by your leftist politicans. the muslim colonizers are the left’s proxy army being use to conquer you. if you want to get rid of the muslims(they are the same thing as a nazi or a communist)get rid of your leftist politicans. islam is marxism with a god.

  20. Accomodations for the next generation of baby asslifters in public schools…? What a surprise… NOT! After all, that’s where the next generation of lefties are molded… and how much of a leap/difference is it between lefties and muslims? More a matter of degree than difference, I’d say…

  21. Diane, Conlon is a traitor to our great nation. Don’t we shoot traitors in a time of a war? You just wait. The Cronulla riots were nothing to what’s coming. You never know. Perhaps one day, while Conlon is driving along in his little white Yaris with “WHAT IS ISLAM” printed in blue letters across the back of his car, may get flattened by a pissed off Aussie in a well equiped, big Canadian maple red Land Cruiser with a 4 inch lift with Australian decals and a southern cross. Not me of course. I’m over 1000 kilometers away and my Land Cruiser only has a 2 inch lift…..with provisions for 4 inches. Time to revisit our gun laws. I won’t compromise with these pigs.

  22. ”We accommodate them, but I don’t think it’s any different than how we accommodate other students, like someone on crutches, in certain circumstances.” <– Again, Leftist dhimmi(wits) equate muslims to a handicap. The two have nothing to do with each other. If someones on crutches, they're off them within a certain amount of time.

    "They note that the district accommodates Muslim students as well as Christians who choose to pray before meals or read the Bible during study hall." <— Umm, don't act like praying before meals is an accommodation. Normally, in public we do it quietly and in less than 30 seconds. As far as reading the Bible in study Hall??? You can read whatever you want in Study hall. Another "non-accommodation." Though, if it actually were, muslims would still demand to read the Ignoble Qur'an as well anyway.

  23. @ Diane…. I live not far from Lakemba or Lebkemba as we now call it.
    The bedbugs in parliament, without any doubt at all will destroy us here and in the west with the rising tide of immigration that will gain political power step by step with the help from the left.

    I have noticed they have increased their propergander in resent years. The thing I get angry about is Joe Blow walking around with his blinkers on.

    We have only two choices and only two SUBMIT OR RESIST I don’t think that a war is coming.
    I know that war is coming sooner than later.

    Islam will not lose the ground it has made in the west and the west is gaining recruits every day. The Wrigley story showed the outrage of numbers over that poor old dog.

    Europe maybe the powder keg that will start it. But it is coming.

    BNI Forgive me for not keeping with the story at hand. But the lakemba thing got me mad.

  24. Unfortunately, the laws allow this. But I think it’s time for every Catholic, Christian, Jew , Buddhist, Wiccan and every other religion to do the same thing. Let’s see how long it stays law then.

    Didn’t they suspend a bunch of kids last week for “Tebowing ” at a public school, in the middle of the day? This was getting down on one knee and praying. Why wasn’t that allowed?

  25. Diane,
    How very frightening. We are only moments behind you. Soon we will all be overrun by savages. I am a believer so I know at some point God will step in but he will let it go long before he does and there will be incredible suffering. This is like going to the Dr and being told you have terminal cancer and there is nothing you can do but prepare.

  26. I thought the Lakemba Project was tunnelling all around that suburb and filling the tunnels with guns, rocket launchers and any kind of arms against a defenceless population. Led by their Sheik Hilali, a proven liar, and famous for his famous speech about our women being “Meat on the street for the cats to eat”. He advised his moronic following that it was not their fault they raped our women, it was because we dress immodestly. You can see what we are dealing with. Cave Men!

    • This is sad… first blacks were not allowed to eat with the whites, women couldn’t vote, elderly abused, religious suppression and now the muslims are here? Nooo you mean America? The land of the free? The right to happiness?freedom of speech and religion? Noooo! If the right minded , good hearted, honest people who fight for others right listened and took the advice of the closed minded ignorant selfish racist peoole like those on this post then America is not America but the shit hole that your ancestors created . So there.. take it or leave it islam is here to stay!

  27. There is no amount of appeasement that will make them like us or make them less likely to rejoice in our death at their hands. It’s only about Islam and their perverted way of life.

  28. Watch out Green Bay!

    Sharia4Australia can help!
    Check out what they want to do to a suburb in NSW Australia called Lakemba!

    They openly quote passages from the Koran, calling us Kaffirs, Allah doesn’t want muslims to mix with non-muslims, telling us they are going to convert Australia and nobody believes them?
    How do they think Islam is going to save the environment or poverty?
    What do politicians think is going to happen when they shove more muslims into Lakemba who vote? Do they not care?

    SHARIA4AUSTRALIA: ‘THE LAKEMBA PROJECT’-Shari’ah Controlled Area’ – YouTube

  29. Tell us how the girls, can not pray with the boys and the girls, who are menstrating can not be with either group because they are unclean. Tell us how they will soon expect two seperate prayer rooms, one for girls and one for boys. What will that cost be to the tax payers? With creeping, creepy stealth jihad they move into their demands slowly in an insidious way that is the way of the cult of islam. ‘All religious and cult accomodations must not be paid for by tax payers.’

  30. Unless we stop ALL immigration, right now we are in deep trouble.

    Can someone explain to me why we need to bring in more immigrants?

    We have huge unemployment already.

  31. I just don’t get it!? At least they letChristians pray but the question unanswered is are christians allowed time off several times per day and pray in a quiet place?
    I think all religions should be able to do this at school like the Christians do in “Study Hall”! If Muslims want to leave during study hall, great! Otherwise absolutely no special exceptions whatsoever!!! “Assimulate” not just come here a have kids and go on welfare dammit!

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