"Hannah Montana is the filth of the planet, worse than animals," says Muslim Brotherhood front group spokesman

The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), satellite organization of the Muslim Brotherhood, deplores Disney and American culture in general. (So, how about getting the Hell out of our country? Nobody wants you here anyway.)

The Islamic Circle of North America(ICNA) is preaching a global Caliphate and Islamic Shari’a law over America to its members, according to the 2010 ICNA Member’s Hand Book. This is a very different message than the group’s public outreach efforts, and contradicts claims that the organization is a tolerant, mainstream Islamic group.  READ MORE: ICNA’s true goals

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  1. BNI, I guess there can be only two logical reasons why these obnoxious reprobates need to stay in the West. 1) the social handouts and 2) to live in freedom by escaping the hateful effect islam has on their lives in the hellholes from whence they originate. It seems the more they’re hated, the more they like it.

  2. I understand there are 57 islaicm hell hole countries that this guy could move to and drag his kids up to have the same warped views as his. Why the hell does he still keep living in the USA?

    Oh I know !!! He wants all you nice Americans to agree with him and live like a bloody muslim !

  3. Here we go again. If they dislike it so much go home and keep your filth where it belongs (where ever the hell you are from). I think it would be fun to change all ice cream truck music, fire engines, police cars, ambulances and mail trucks to play Hannah Montana & Disney Boys music at some ear deafening level just because we can. Let’s see what CAIR would say about that. Which rights of their’s are we violating? Hint: if you are here illegally you have no rights! Have a great day Patriots! SEMPER FI!

  4. I’ve NEVER been a fan of Hannah Montana, but after watching this asslifter asshole, I just became a big fan of Hannah Montana!!! The Disney Boys, I don’t even know who the **** they are, but if this asshole disapproves of them, then they have got to be pretty cool!!

  5. MARK DAVIS: Yep, the evil caprasodomist bastards do look evil.

    “Cloven Hoof Posse!”~ In 1847, the Ottoman Turks invented the condom using the intestine of a goat. In 1859, the British designed and patented an improvement to the device by separating the intestine from the goat.

    “He! He!”

  6. He’s just practicing Sunna: obeying and imitating Mohammed in all things for all time. The first step of jihad is imigration; the final step is defined in Koran 9:29. 57 nations have fallen to Islam and over 275,000,000 non-Muslims have already died in the process we’re seeing in the Westerbn world today – including the USofA, Who are these people?
    Of the purported 1.5 billion Muslims in the world, 90% do not speak Arabic, yet Islam’s most lionized theologians claim that the Qur’an cannot be translated into any other language. By their measure, 90% of Muslims cling to the ragged edges of a self-contradictory dogma that they cannot hope to fully understand – and reasonably questioning the doctrine, the prophet or Allah: “fitna” can get them killed.
    Why aren’t we reading their doctrine and raising questions on Islam’s self-contradictions and factual history publicly so they must hear – and begin to think?

  7. Yes Betty, we have a huge Christmas tree in the middle of the city of Sydney and lots of Christmas decorations all around town.

  8. Hannah Montana, huh? Well, what does this Muslim piece of garbage expect if he lives in a Western culture?

    I bet that even in Islamic countries, they will see Hannah Montana and other Western pop stars in between all the jihad rantings, hate filled diatribes against Jews, Christians, and pagans. Lighten up, dude! Hannah Montana is the least of your worries!

    Now I am not a big fan of Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus, Brittany Spears, etc. or of most pop culture icons. I just ignore them. In fact, I know very little about them. But somehow or another I think Disney (yes, I grew up with Disney, and in a conservative Christian fundamentalist family) presents a more wholesome image of life, mentality, and morality than all the jihad mentality that permeates the Islamic world — i.e. training your kids to strap bomb vests on and become “shahids” i.e. suicide martyrs, killing themselves and other people.

  9. That arrogant bastard! I could care less for Hannah Montana, but this hypocritical spew, and the “goat-faced,” supremacist nutjob who bleated it takes the cake, bakery and all! Yes, if he and others of his “ilkwan” don’t like it, they can deport themselves to Hell for all I “cair.” This fool is too stupid to shave his beard lest one of his fellow muzzies takes the notion to commit an act of “caprasodomy” on his ass. I’m assuming he knows the Arabic word for rape, “Baa!” So if we don’t hear him bleat, we’ll know he enjoys it, lol.

    “Cloven Hoof Posse!”~ Why do muslim men wear long PJ shirts?
    A) Zippers are audible to goats up to two miles distant.”

    “Baad” joke, I know.

  10. YES you are right……….America is decadent to show Disney cartoons & Hannah Montana to our children is morally decadent.
    I know as a child watching the Mickey Mouse Club corrupted my life to what it is today
    Even to the point of drinking COCA COLA. America have you no shame?

    My advice is to take your family with your precious children to Baghdad or Islamabad, where life is much less corrupt.

  11. Imagine there’s no Islam,
    It’s easy if you try
    No Muslims to up blow us
    No one to tell us lies
    Imagine all the people
    Living for today…

    Imagine there’s no sharia
    It isn’t hard to do
    No stone age amputations
    No raping of children, too
    Imagine all the people
    Living life in peace…

    You may say I’m a dreamer
    But I’m not the only man
    Who prays to live my life
    In a world cleansed of Islam

    My apologies and thanks to John

  12. I so wish all these neanderthal MuSLIMES would go back to mecca and crawl under a grain of sand. They are all so so big and brave with their crappy words that a grain of sand could cover 100% of them all, men, women, children and all the animals they sex with and there would be still be enough room for shade in the sun.

  13. Speak out about:

    a) Islamic extremism and jihadist literature, videos and websites.


    b) cartoons and teen songs.

    What would mohammad (paedophile, rapist, warlord, slaver, murderer) do?

  14. Meh. I don’t like Miley Cyrus either, but the young are entitled to pollute their ears if they wish.

    Marie, you’re wrong luv. He looks like what fell out of a donkeys arse.

    From this time forth every mohommedist we encounter we make Apostate all mohommedists. We will convert all mohommedists with the truth to Christian and Jew. We will blare the truth with radio, voice, news, tv, e-mail, F.B. ,Twitter, around your own mosques, in your homes, through your dreams, and nightmares. Your imams will be silenced with fear and dumbness. You will rue the day that you challenged GOD, Jesus Christ, The Holy Ghost.

  16. Having our entire culture (and that of other countries as well) and everything that our people have worked so hard to build wiped off the face of the planet is one of the things that I REALLY fear the most. When I think of this happening, it really makes me angry and more determined than ever.

    I am not overly concerned about Hannah Montana and her getting her little feelings hurt by this, though it will be interesting to know what her reaction to such an “insult” coming from some Muslims will be. It has come to light recently that the girl may be a pothead – well no surprise there for me, anyway. I could have told anyone that or at least predicted it. I would love for many entertainers like her to also know what the outspoken hardline Muslims think of them (like Elton John for example), and I wonder if the liberals’ view of Muslims will change at all if they heard? It is true that many Muslims – even if the say they despise the West in general – do love many of the American and European entertainers and athletes. The ones I have known in the past are very familiar with our movies and music – even when they are coming from Muslim countries.

      • BNI, oh I understand that, but I would still love to know her response if and when she hears about this, that’s all.

        I think he’s picking on her because she is very young…seems like she was just a “little” girl a few years ago, and now she’s all grown up and smoking pot (probably). Back when she was a teen, the image that was portrayed of her was that of a good, wholesome, unspoiled, all-American girl (and a virgin) – same with Britney Spears a decade or so ago…and then look what happened. Miley Cyrus is turning a bit wild…getting a little rebellious. That is what fame can do to a person, but as far as we know she’s no Lindsey Lohan or Paris HIlton YET (just give her time). I personally think he mentioned her because of what I just said. She USED to be kind of a role model for little girls.

        I would love to hear what the Muslims have to say about other celebrities – and I would love to know the celebrities’ response, and I’m saying maybe this will toughen these liberal celebrities up a bit where Islam is concerned (like Angelina Jolie).

  17. Tlc should run this clip in place of there missing sponsor’s for All unamerican muslims put a little real info for there viewers into the show. This throwback needs national exposure.

  18. This bullshit idea that Islam is a higher perspective is getting old.

    Their criticism of everything outside their own death cult should put everyone on notice about their version of tolerance, which would become the law of the land if we don’t change our version.

    Why should the Mullahs care what we do in our own country? This is very telling and liberals should take note: It’s because they think our country is theirs along with every square inch of this earth.

    Here’s a clue: If you tolerate the intolerance of the intolerant, you don’t become more inclusive; you become extinct.

  19. I am at a loss for words. There’s just something I want to understand. IF they don’t like it here? Why don’t they just go back to where everyone is a hate-filled as they are? Why come over here to make it like the place they hated and then bitch about it?

  20. so Hannah Montana and Disney boys are filth, animals and worse huh.? so is the garbage you and people like you are spewing EVERY SINGLE DAY. zif you hate the USA so much LEAVE and take your backward ways are your child raping PROPHET WITH YOU.

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