"If any country refuses to allow the spread of Islam within its borders, we will wage jihad on that country."

Just like Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, and sooner or later, Syria, Jordan, and Yemen, the U.S. is looking at Iranian-style fundamentalist Islamic governments all  over the Middle East. But the real threat to America’s interests and security is a lot closer to home. In fact, it’s already here.

Jordan’s Tahrir Party leader, Sheik Admand Abu Quddum says, “Islam commands us to fight to spread the religion of Allah in every country on earth. We will give them the chance to convert. If they refuse, they must pay the jizya (tax) and submit to the laws of Islam.” “All government leaders must be Muslim and male. And, of course, Israel must be annihilated.”

This is what unrestricted Muslim immigration to the West has gotten us. And no matter what they try to tell you on ‘All American Muslim,’ Muslims have no intention of assimilating, only dominating. It’s a religion with them. It is not radical Islam, it is Islam. 

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  1. GF
    You are right on. The first resurrected are the souls from Tribulation that died a violent death and did not lose faith in GOD, JESUS CHRIST, and the HOLY GHOST. This also sets up the last and finale battle with Satan a thousand years later. However this time GOD takes things into him own hands and finishes off the EVIL. Only GOD can destroy a soul. After all HE created them.

  2. Islam will be the attack on freedom in the 21st century what communism was in the 20th. UNFORTUNATELY most people including the majority of western leaders cannot see that. I hope people wake up in time. The terrorism of 9-11 is just an extreme example.

    Islam is NOT just a religion, it is an aggressive religion which has as its fundamental teaching its aggressive and violent expansion and intolerance of other faiths and individual intellectual freedom, and of course misogyny. Don’t take my word for it folks…read the Koran and the teachings of its prophet.

    • XYZ. An excellent summary.

      I would add, and I know it’s a tired refrane, that the fine and good Muslim friends I have are not terroristic. I do wonder if they are aware on some unconscious level that Islam is to be the only religion for the planet. They say “no.” In any case, I just wanted to state that not 100% of practicing Muslims are extremists.

      • Bill, not yet. But if they are practicing muslims, they believe in the teachings of the quran, which are the same teachings the terrorists carry out on a daily basis. There is no moderate Islam. Any honest muslim will tell you, Islam is Islam.

        • Barenakedislam,

          Do you have any Muslim friends? I am aware of the evil practiced by extremists. My friends are not extremists and they consider themselves knowledgable about Islam. I have had several conversations and I was pretty tough on some questions. Of course, they are liberal Muslims.

          So I think that a person can see subjectively a non terrorist version of Islam per my experiences.

          On the other hand, it doesn’t do them any amount of good to just say the other fellows have hijacked their religion.

        • Bill, “Muslim friend” is an oxymoron. Their religion teaches them to lie to non-believers until they have the numbers to destroy them. And that is what they are doing in every country they are infesting. Have you looked at England and France these days with hundreds of NO GO zones for non-muslims? You are a fool if you think they are your friends.

  3. I was given a copy of KING JAMES HOLY BIBLE at the age of 8/9 , By a Captain Saunders of the Salvation Army United Kingdom.
    Even though I do not practise christianity I have always kept this Bible close to me ,and I have read it on accasions , But most of all I have read all of REVELATIONS and am a total believer in End of days ,There is no need to get angry or violent, just has long as you believe in Revelations and in Jesus Christ you will be saved.
    I FEEL sorry for islam, ! For has the bible says, I QUOTE ” THEY NO NOT WHAT THEY DO “.
    But if a muslim tries to attack you ( THEN YOU BLOODY WELL HIT HIM BACK.) 😉

  4. BNI,
    I don’t know, but I am wondering aloud here. Doesn’t our constitution protect us from exactly this? I’m ashamed to admit I don’t know the answer, and it is past time for me to find out. I will do just that.

  5. GF, WOW! Thanks for all of that-you can’t possibly know how much I appreciate your research. Like you, I am also a strong believer that the future is already written for us in the Bible. I have never ever made the striking connection you just made, and I find it incredible! I’m blown away here. Also, I appreciate you mentioning the “Seventieth week of Daniel,” as I’m interested in doing more research in that area as well. I’ve been working on the New Testament now for a year and a half, and I’m still realizing I have sooo much more to learn-lol! Thanks again, GF

  6. Pak-is-satan the real SATAN

    its a parasite – literally eaten billions of dollars from all countries and first and single cause of economic gloom around the world

    Ally from hell- uses military aid,money it recieves to target its very allies.

    Lives on exporting hatred – its impossible to name one country as its friend, they hate US,UK,EUROPE,India,Japan,Israel and interestingly sponsers terrorists against its so called all-weather-friend China as well!

    They have only one ambition, bringing down the civilisation of the world,idiotic pigs worth a piss

  7. Islam follows a False God & False Prophet, Mohamad. Their beliefs originate from the Father of their Tribes, Ishmael, son of Hagar, Slave of Mariam, wife of Abraham. Hagar was given to Abraham by his wife, but in God’s eyes, not in the line because Hagar wasn’t of the line God would Bless (Judah). Hagar was raised to worshiped idols & self. The visions Mohamad saw were not from “The One True God”, Jahova. They were inspired by the Father of Lies, Satan. And our Vice President thinks Alquida, the warrior branch of Islam, doesn’t “HATE” we Christians & don’t want to kill us. YEAH!

    • pink, I knew this was coming and have delayed reporting it, hoping for a miracle. No such luck. I sat thru a 20 minute speech of Hillary’s on this and she essentially said nothing. It is only with this article that I am starting to comprehend how they could possibly force this on us – “the incitement to violence” angle. Muhammad in Muslimland sees something on my blog that incites him to kill someone. I get charged with inciting violence halfway around the world.

  8. Another example of “peaceful” Islam–NOT! The man is the video POINTING HIS FINGER at the lady is an animal. When they disagree with his crazy talk, he has the audacity to SHOUT and try to drown them out. He’s basically saying they don’t want to go up against people, they want to go up against “states.” In other worlds, SCORES of people. Everyone on here is right: we need to make sure we get the word out on these maniacs. We do NOT want them here. They want to destroy. Why is it that Muslims NEVER seem to speak out against people like this? Because silence is agreement.

    • Dear Rose:
      You asked, ” Why is it that Muslims NEVER seem to speak out against people like this? Because silence is agreement. “,,, And to a great degree, you are correct in stating that silence is agreement, or at worst, passive disagreement,,,

      The point is, for a muslim to disagree with such statements would mark them as Apostates, and the penalty for apostasy is death by murder most foul,,, The so-called moderate or non-practicing muslim is caught in a vise,,, and is afraid to make a choice,,,

      However, this scenario was foreseen by John the Beloved, who authored the Book of Revelations in the New Testament of the Christian Bible – Read Revelations 20:4, ” And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.”
      and also the commentary in this link: http://www.solagroup.org/articles/faqs/faq_0021.html which does a good job of explaining the passage noted above:

      This passage answers several questions. Who is beheaded? Clearly, believers alive on the earth during the time Antichrist is reigning. When are they beheaded? The text indicates that Antichrist’s reign of terror begins at the midpoint of Daniel’s Seventieth Week and runs to the beginning of the Day of the Lord. Why are they beheaded? Believers will be challenged for their faith in Christ and their unwillingness to worship Antichrist. ”
      x x x x x
      ” Their deaths are particularly violent and ruthless which may in fact explain why they are resurrected at the beginning of the millennial reign of Christ. Revelation 6:11 indicates that God instructed the martyrs to wait a little while longer for their deaths to be avenged on those who dwell on the earth. God’s vengeance against the earth dwellers culminates with the battle of Armageddon that occurs at the end of the 30-day reclamation period that follows the Seventieth Week of Daniel.

      Therefore, these martyrs are resurrected after Armageddon very near the beginning of the millennial kingdom. This is about as dogmatic as one is able to be given what the text explicitly says. ”

      Thank You, Rose, for your questioning~! I was not aware, until I researched this, that there WAS a commentary on this particular verse in Revelations!

      That said, I find both the passage and the commentary to be particularly applicable to the insanity of the violence of the islamic ideology, and the statement, ” Their deaths are particularly violent and ruthless which may in fact explain why they are resurrected at the beginning of the millennial reign of Christ. ” is a commentary of the islamic persuasion of death by stoning and also death by beheading as well as dismemberment~!
      Thank You, Ms BNI, for your forbearance~! You’re an Angel~!

  9. Dear Steve, You are right.

    When Mozzies run out of kafirs, they accuse one another of being a kafir, then jihad starts again.

    Only jihadists are real Moslems. Everyone else is a kafir. Real Moslems fight kafirs until they become jihadists.

  10. Well, there you have it, from their own lips, their own agenda. It’s funny how they see us exactly the same way they see them — a kind of character inversion.

    While the West is certainly not perfect, the West at least celebrates life and being. Secular humanism and religious humanism have given dignity and worth to the human individual. That all began with the Rennaisance. Islam represents none of this. It is all about submission to an invisible supernatural being whom nobody has seen, and to the people who claim to represent such a being.

    It’s all about the religion, baby!

    But I wonder what they would do if the actually succeeded in taking over the world. Upon whom would they wage jihad? The world would certainly not be a place of peace! My guess is that they would turn and slaughter each other. This is what is happening in all Islamic countries in which the religion dominates.

  11. flood the election board in Indian with protests. with the voter fraud there and elsewhere in 2008 Obama still has to be certified to be on the ballot. NH chickened out. do it in your own state. insist that obama NOT be put of the democratic ballot.
    Islam is a sick and dangerous religion and must be stopped.

  12. The shock to my system, regarding this issue, comes from the recognition that most people in the West, faced with this serious existential threat, would, for some reason, decline to defend themselves from it.

    If we are to awaken enough people to help our cause succeed, we need to understand that reason, that mindset, and deal with it.

    Why would someone refuse to defend themselves from a known threat? I think the truth is that they wouldn’t. The sticking point is that they see clear evidence of it, but don’t take the threat serious.

    I know why I didn’t take the threat of global Islamic Jihad serious for a while. It was because every time I saw the jeering Muslim hordes on t.v. and heard their psychotic rantings and ravings, I simply believed they lacked the ability to carry out their will. It was like watching baboons rape each other on National Geographic. I wrote them off as lunatics who could do nothing but shout and hurl insults at the West from the isolation of Planet Nutjob far, far away in the Middle East – basically one big psych-ward.

    I believe my sleepwalking neighbors think like I once did. After all, the only difference between me and them is an awareness of the true circumstance.

    Therefore, to awaken the neighbors, one must do nothing more (and nothing less) than convince them that the Islamic threat is real, because our neighbors are not suicidal. They’re just ignorant and conceited and lazy. In their desire to live at peace with everyone, including Muslims, they project their good will out onto the Muslim world and “receive” it back as if it is being reciprocated, when in truth they are only seeing their own conceited reflections. This process or phenomenon, which unites their laziness, ignorance and conceit like the ingredients of a deadly cocktail, renders them unable to resist Islamic Jihad.

    Thus, we must replace the illusion our neighbors see with the truth. This should be a shock, like the many pictures of mutilated women and children on this website and others. Whatever it takes. Once their ignorance has been undercut, that should be all it takes to undercut their laziness or complacency. They will now have the healthy urge to survive. They will realize, at last, they can no longer afford their conceit about being able to impose peace on others by an act of their will. The antidote for the poison cocktail will take effect. The spell will be broken.

    In short, Ignorance is the Jihad’s best friend and therefore our priority target. I just told a young mother, while I was walking my dog, about the two acts of Sudden Jihad Syndrome in Liege, Belgium and Los Angeles that I only know about because of “Bare Naked Islam” and “Atlas Shrugs”. She never heard the Muslim connection until I connected the dots for her.

    I also told her about female genital mutilation. She’d never heard of it. She was horrified when I told her it was being performed all over the U.S. by either sending unsuspecting Muslim girls home “to visit their relatives” or flying the “doctors” in from the Muslim world. Think she’ll have nightmares? She should. Think she tell her girlfriends? I have no doubt. And she might look it up on Wikipedia or somewhere like that. And she might click on some of the other links. And she might learn quite a bit more than she bargained for by talking to the weird guy with the cute dog at the tot lot.

    Jihadis – 0, Infidels – 1

  13. The asslifters are coming!!!! The asslifters are coming!!!!…..Too d*** late they’re already here!!….Make NO MISTAKE about these filthy bastards are already entrenched in US society, with one of their biggest fans in the Oval Office in DC, the Ass-Lifter-in-Chief, BHO!!……WAKE THE **** UP PEOPLE!!! It is time to get that puke OUT of DC and ALL his asslifter associates, especially those in US military AND federal jobs, OUT of this country!!

  14. Keith,
    I am going to take your permission to PinkCadlac to mean for me, as well,,, and I’m going to post it to my email list,,,
    You, Sir, are a Blessing to all humankind, even if you are a sandburr in their hide~!

    We sleep at our own peril.

  15. The bizarre part of humanity is the egotistical belief “It will never happen to us ” and “never again” .

    Keith Mahone is called a fear monger by peers,just as his wedding tale “hero” undoubtedly would have been.

    While muslims half a world away are blaming the ills of the world on evolved societies and screaming death to Jews and kaffirs ,world leaders are deaf.
    As they plot,plan and refine the next,improved final solution and fantasize the riches they will steal , BNI’s site is sneered at by cowards, liberals and investigated by the government,.The same government who are watching nukes,rockets and hate speeches being prepared.

    Steven Spielberg and Hollywood get rich from ashes and corpses moldering in unmarked graves from less than a hundred years ago,confident their money and genius ensures the world is an enlightened secure place,especially for them-Just as millions of Pre- Holocaust Europeans believed.

    “Moderate” muslims,Christians,Europe and liberals recite and bemoan self – created financial failures,economic inequality ,victimization and line up to protest their lack of success, blaming nameless-faceless Jews and rich white men.
    Exactly as the world did before WWII.
    They will wave goodbye to their neighbors as the buses,planes and military march them off to nice new homes,just as the German citizens did.

    Would those at the wedding believe Jews would be bombed ,stoned,kidnapped and criminalized for being the survivors of the story being foretold ?
    Would the Crusaders have believed mass rape,forced conversions,invasive immigration and the sawing off heads were crimes committed by innocent victims ?

    As the bodies of dissenters,gays,women,children,Christians and Israeli Jews pile up, the world and media dismiss the reality and hate,blindly grasping at justifications and irrational answers.They entomb the victims in graves of unmarked political correctness.

  16. Defend the integrity of the 1st & 2nd Amendments.
    These will provide the cover for resistance to Islam.
    And if anyone doesn’t defend their integrity (I can name several traitors in the current admin), then we know who to brand a traitor to the nation.

  17. It is apparent that not all members of that “panel discussion” swallowed his opinions, hook, line and sinker~!
    Still, we, the western free democracies, have a whale of a battle ahead of us~!

  18. YOU care to make a bet Muhammed? I ‘lll bet you will be destroyed 2 Chronicles 19:2 KJV YOU are God/Jesus Christ haters and according to the KING JAMES BIBLE, you will be destroyed! Care to put your money where your “TAQIYYA” lying mouth is? You will NOT annihialate Israel! In fact you will BOW down and serve the Jews and you will sacrifice as they do! Care to bet! I have a MORE sure WORD of prophesy that says that is what will happen, whether you believe it or NOT! Go kid yur grandmother, don’t kid me! My God is not a man that He should lie, neither the son of man that He should repent! Has He not said it and shall HE not bring it to pass!! OH it will come t pass…Muhammed!! I’ll bet all I have on that one!! If you would read a real prophet book and not some filthy rag like the Koran you’d see, but….you don’t !! See the book of Ezekial and the minor prophets (Which Allah and Muhammed KNOW NOTHING about!!

  19. Here is a thought to consider: There are “EXACTLY” ..four “ESSENTIALS” in life and money and wealth and health and prosperity and all that men deem necessary do NOT even fit into these four! W/out these four, man can not get by in life. W/out the four, Muslims and atheists and cults and all kinds of nuts are made! Here they are: 1. “SALVATION, Matt 6:33 2. Comfort…If you don’t get it the right way, you will get it the wrong way, which will be drugs and perversion and cults etc or any other way that is rotten and wrong 3. Assurance..every man/woman on this planet needs assurance to KNOw that some one loved them and cares for them and every one of us needs to KNOW that when we die, that there is something beyond and that we will wind up in the right place! 4. Wisdom, every one of us needs to have wisdom to know what to do, when to do it, what to say and when to say it and to whom we should say it! the worst things said are those out of context and at the wrong time. The right thing said at the wrong time is just as bad as the wrong thing said at the right time!! So….in short, all these essentials are of GOD and they can ONLY be gotten from God, they are God/Jesus Christ derived See Matt 6:33 KJV Seek ye FIRST…and alllllllll these things shall be added unto you!! Now take that as TRUTH or…..reject it to your own detriment!!! P.S. here is another couple of witnesses Mark 10:30 and Psa 37:25 KJV So how would the KORAN even come close to that TRUTH!! About as much light as you’d find in a 50 year old corroded battery!!

  20. We are going to have another Pearl harbor and when we do, it will not be the Japenese, it will be Muslims! I WILL NOT submit to a bastard god and a false god named Allah! I will resist at all possible ways! Muhammed take your little tiny, weak god out of our country and go home! You are NOT welcome! This nation is NOT fit to be your home!! You are not acceptable! Allah doesn’t have the spiritual knowledge that could be put in the left eye of a blind spider! Allah has NO name and can’t be known and his fruits stink!! The only thing Allah/Muslims are noted for is blood, death nd destruction! LEAVE this country Muhammed!!

  21. Keith, your story was outstanding! I was riveted. I feel as though I am talking to myself too. I post much of what I read here on Facebook and I’m sure all my friends are ready to unfriend me, but it’s ok. I hate Islam and someone has got to try to wake these sleepwalkers up! I call it bury your head in the sand syndrome.
    Keep up the good fight!

  22. Did anyone else pick up on this story yesterday:


    Happened to catch Walid Phares talking to the FOX anchor this morning and they pointed out that Hezbollah has a lot of operatives in place in this country, ready to strike if we get into an active conflict with Iran. Most people, of course, have no idea of that and it’s another thing they won’t want to hear if you try to tell them about it, but if you do and it happens at least they’ll know what’s going on.

    Keith’s piece was so well done, and man-from-the-future stories are effective because we can all think of times when we wish someone had warned us about what was coming up in our lives so we’d have a chance to change things. One of the best of these is Dan Simmons’ “letter” to his fans from 2006:


    Simmons didn’t drop the subject there, either. His latest novel, 2011’s “Flashback” is a rip-roaring post-Obama apocalyptic tale of war between a fractured US and some surprising allies and a growing Islamic Caliphate.

  23. I’m giving ammo for Hanukkah and Christmas this year; looks like it will be more useful than sweets.
    It is both encouraging and slightly disturbing that three out of the four gifts I myself have been given so far were ammo as well. People ARE listening, hopefully there will be enough of them.

  24. Ah if only those stupid bastards didnt bring in PC and the Race card, now the Allah card,,and if we hadnt pandered to these minorities,and said the majority ruled,,,we wouldnt have this increasing problem,,,How stupid of us to be civilised,tolarant. and do,gooding,

    But people we trust,,let us down badly,,Our Blairs and his ilk,Now cameroon..And of course the never ending suprise of your black president and his ilk,selling us for shekles,and for their mark on the countries that they live in..there is a war coming,,and like you Americans,,it will be about Freedom and to get rid of the old order ..The new world order that we are being told,is our future,,will be,,with no MUSLIMS in place of power,,no imigrant at the presidents ear,, no saudi oil to butter up our politicians at the expence of the rest of us..Yes we welcome this,,,All the people cant be wrong !!! NS..

  25. Then we have every right to demand access to Mecca and Medina.We can use missionaries and if they are denied access,declare US style jihad.I am sick of their double standards and hypocrisy.

    One of the most striking moments i’ve had researching islam is the : where did they go question.The middle east was populated by alot of Semitic tribes.Only one area became Jews.Millions of Semites,Greeks,Asians,Indians,Africans and Celts living in cities,villages and trading towns……….gone.There were 3 million Coptics in Egypt .There are now 30,000 – 50,000.

    BNI here is an interesting but long and strongly worded piece on Palestine.


    Maybe Mr.BNI should take you on a unmuslim vacation.:) The constant exposure to vile acts and outrages can be exhausting.

  26. bill sweet, you ought to tell these freinds that even if the small majority of islam is radical say 10-20 million of them thatis enough people to do alot of harm to the usa, in fact, we dont have enough manpower to fight a war on agaisnt that many men alone unless nukes are used, so maybe they say radicals are a small part, they are big enough to make us very unhappy….even there are many many more than 10-20 million of these radicals, they are at least i’d say 500 billion of them, 1/3 the population of the muslims are nuts enough to give their lives to wage this war mostly because they are overly emotional, hysterical, brainwashed, and have no jobs and not much to look forward to in life other than this.

  27. mr keith, you got my vote…long ago i know this was going to be bad, maybe 14 yrs or so before the world trade buildings went down long before it was even going to happen…but that is another story….if we dont tell the truth now, there will be no one to do it. i painted a picture 14 yrs before the planes were flown into the buidlings, in 1988.

    and i know nobama is VERY bad. VERY VERY BAD. And were are entering into a very dark dark beginning stages of a very dark time in history. There are going to be many many people who are going to die at all this islam crap. LOTS.

  28. BNI, yes I wrote that. I’ve actually had that metaphor in my back pocket for a long time. That’s how I feel when I’m around sleepwalkers, and I take a LOT of abuse for trying to enlighten people.

    Two years ago I started telling a couple friends from Maryland that the economy was about to rupture. It was all ANYONE was talking about. They thought I was paranoid. Now one is losing his townhouse and the other can’t afford to rent anything – not even a room. He’s going to become a trucker again so he can live for free in a Peterbilt truck like he did once for two years.

    Who’s crazy now?

    I just keep going like the energizer bunny though. I take a lot of encouragement from the Old Testament prophets. They were really treated like garbage. It’s an honor. (Hey, do people want to know their hair is on fire or not? If they don’t I’m gonna tell them anyway.)

    People say, “don’t get him started” around me a lot. But for every two or three people that don’t want to wake up there’s always that one who will soak up everything and keep saying, “Wow! I never knew that! Wow! I never knew that either!” You can see the lights come on. Those are my people.

    My big peeves are Marxism, Islam, illegal “immigration, government corruption and the inflation scam/counterfeit currency, in particular. (And it’s all one thing really.) You’ll never hear a Miss America contestant harping on any of that shit! Ha, ha!

  29. Palestinian factions clash in Lebanon refugee camp

    Palestinian factions clashed heavily on Sunday in the southern Lebanese refugee camp of Ain al-Hilweh after the bodyguard of a top Palestinian commander was shot dead.

    Ain al-Hilweh, the largest Palestinian camp in the country, is home to about 50,000 refugees and is known to harbor extremists and fugitives.

    By long-standing convention, the Lebanese army does not enter the country’s 12 refugee camps, leaving security inside to the Palestinians themselves.


  30. I think one of my posts was way too long a minute ago. When I pressed “post comment” it simply disappeared. Too bad. It was a nice thought provoker.

  31. Hmmm, let’s see. Either we let them ram Islam down our throats or they will wage Jihad and then . . . ram Islam down our throats.

    Sounds like we have nothing to lose by resisting.

  32. We each need to define and describe Islam to sleepwalkers over and over again as passionately as possible until thousands and thousands of our stupidest neighbors are more pissed off about it than we are.

    Be a nuisance. Make some noise. Talk to anyone who will listen. This isn’t a game.

    I sort of imagine a guy who goes to a Jewish wedding reception at a nice hotel in Berlin in 1932 and goes on and on about Hitler. No matter what the subject of the conversation is, he’ll nudge it toward politics and then sound the alarm as he understands it. He’ll start over again for anyone who shows up late, and keep going as long as he has an audience.

    Several guests complain. Even more are offended. “What’s that guy’s problem?” one asks.

    “Yeah,” someone agrees, “this is a special day. We’re here to have fun.”

    “Some people will always try to rain on your parade. How rude,” a third chimes in.

    At some point, word makes it back to the newlyweds or their entourage. They ignore it for awhile, but monitor the subject with occasional glances, noticing how often the other guests smile and dismiss him with a contemptuous wave, as if shooing a fly away from their noses.

    Finally, at the behest of the happy bride and groom, a friend of the family approaches the aggressive schmoozer, who is still holding court in a corner somewhere with a drink in his hand and a wild look in his eye – like an Old Testament prophet.

    “So, do you know the bride or the groom?” the self-appointed envoy asks.

    “I know them both, actually,” the properly-attired subject replies.

    The trouble shooter glances at the other man’s drink and wonders how many the verbose fellow has had.

    The subject takes another unblushing sip.

    “Look, I don’t know if you’re selling something or telling dirty jokes or what you’ve been discussing with everyone who happens by, but some of the guests think it’s a little out of place – for a wedding, I mean,” the concerned party informs him with a smirk. “You might want to just keep it light from now on. Please.”

    “Well,” the pleasant subject replies, “I guess I’ve worn out my welcome, so I’ve got nothing to lose, right?”

    The envoy looks at him, perplexed.

    “I’ll just lay it all out for you,” the subject declares with his palms up. “I’m from the future.”

    The other man suppresses an irritated laugh and waits for the punch line.

    “You see,” the man continues, “The bride is going to die in a cattle car on her way to a death camp called Treblinka and the groom is going to be buried alive in a pit where he collapses from digging a trench to bury the rest of his Jewish comrades who’ll be shot the next day. They would have probably died on their own sooner or later since none weighed more than about eighty or ninety pounds.

    “You see that plump woman over there laughing with her head back and her finger in the air? She’s going to see two of her young children shot for stealing food in a ghetto in Warsaw so they might all live another week or so. She, herself, will be hung with twenty others as a reprisal for the deaths of two brutal Nazi soldiers, although she had nothing to do with it.

    “And that man playing the violin so beautifully – he’ll be used for cold weather survival experiments in order to help save the lives of Nazi pilots who crash into the North Sea. A glorified block of ice, his arm will break off when he’s thrown onto a pile of other ‘experiments’ by the doomed Jewish prisoners who are forced to dispose of him until they are disposed of in turn.

    “And the two men chatting over by the cake – one will survive the war by living in a sewer for a year, then joining a band of partisans who barely subsist in the woods. The Communists will liberate him from the Nazis in Belarus, then kill him with all of his beloved comrades who helped them win the war.

    “And that little girl over there – she’ll make it through the horror of seeing nearly all her friends and family killed by the Nazis, too. But she’ll take her own life in 1949, unable to cope with her anger and grief. Her only brother, whom she thought was also killed, will search for her for decades, then die of a broken heart, unable to even talk about his life in Europe after he emigrates to Canada to live out his days wondering at the boundless capacity for human cruelty.”

    By now the questioner is spellbound. Maybe his subject is crazy, or . . . But the look in his eyes, the passion – as if he believes every word he’s saying. “What about me?” he asks, surprising himself with his sudden deference.

    “You?” the man says. “You’re going to deny you’re Jewish for about two years of absolute terror, then join the Wehrmacht, then nearly drink yourself to death in the Balkans, then help several Jews escape from a town of four-thousand – the only survivors. They’re going to remember you as “the nice soldier” – one of the good ones. You’re going to burst into tears, inconsolably, when you receive a medal for valor in front of your comrades and be sent to a psychiatric hospital in Potsdam. From there, you’ll try to track down anyone you knew from your neighborhood and your synagogue as the war winds down. You will have no success. You will fall into a deeper and deeper psychosis and eventually become unable to speak. You will die under the poor care of Soviet-controlled peasants in the new nation of East Germany after the country is split in two. You will be buried in a mass grave with other deceased invalid veterans.”

    By now the envoy was speechless. How do you answer something like that?

    “Now I’m afraid I’ve ruined your joyful mood,” the prophet or lunatic continued. “I said nothing to the other guests beyond warning them about the Nazis and Hitler. I’m sorry if I offended them. Why should a man talk about such things at a wedding, or a funeral, or a picnic, or at a synagogue, or beside a stranger on a bus, or in a letter to a friend, or at the dinner table?

    “Why should anyone be so crass as to bring up a terrible subject like that? And knowing how unwelcome it should be? Maybe it’s really the kind of thing that should be left to a history book, or a dedication ceremony for a mass grave, or the anniversary of a great atrocity, or a rumor after history is erased by the next set of genocidal maniacs. What was I thinking?

    “Well, I suppose I should be going now. There are so many others I need to warn.”

    * * * Ahem! Dare to be a nuisance! This isn’t a game. There are no extra points for manners! You’re already up to your eyeballs in Jihad. Join the Crusade! * * *

    • Keith, that is really something. Did you write that? Sometimes I feel like the nuisance. Even Mr. BNI has to turn me off from time to time, and he agrees with me on everything Islam. The only place I don’t talk about Islam is at the barn. The horses are my only mental break from this stuff. Fortunately, I never run into any muslims at the stable.

  33. mo’s god allah has his plan for mankind . the G-d of Israel has His plan for israel and all His creation. the two plans are mutually exclusive.

    isaiah chapter 35, a very short chapter, says it all.

  34. This guy is what the world should hear. All homes throughout the world should have this tape on file, to check back once in a while, to remind them why we are going to have the bloodiest Crusade in history. This also says why there will not be a mohommedist left on the planet.
    Pass this along to everyone you know. and ask them to pass it along also.

  35. Are those guys holding signs on US soil? If they are then please, somebody shoot these treasonous f**kers. Why does everyone allow these evil,Muslim traitors to do this crap? We may be the land of the free and the home of the brave but if these lunatics aren’t stopped and soon, we’ll lose everything. NIp this in the bud, NOW!

  36. Obama really isn’t Muslim; he’s an enabler though; consider this: if he were, Michelle wouldn’t be who she is: a feminist to her core…a racist black feminist; she is neither submissive nor Muslim herself. Don’t be afraid, we will keep fighting; these people are unworthy bullies and cowards; we have to be able to protect ourselves and we will…I will derive a great deal of pleasure in cutting anyone off at the knees if I find myself threatened or intimidated by these absolute idiots, man or woman. k

  37. I would like to hear what some might believe is a reason hardly any of my well educated friends don’t see a threat of Islamic thinking and practitices in the USA? One reason I hear is, “Oh, they are a small minority” or “The Muslims feel free to practitice freedom of religion in our country” or “You are a bigot for saying that they want to spread Islam to everyone.”

  38. No, the Levant was a place of learning and the heart of Christianity. It was the cultural hub of the Roman Empire and the Eastern Orthodox Churches. The people who occupy this area now are destroyers, deceivers, and mutilators, They are thieves, murderers and child molesters,.Yes, your forefather were not Muslims because at that time, Islam was not even heard of,. It was unfortunately several hundred years away. And yet you claim to be of Abraham. You are all wankers and that is being kind.

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