"If any country refuses to allow the spread of Islam within its borders, we will wage jihad on that country."

Just like Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, and sooner or later, Syria, Jordan, and Yemen, the U.S. is looking at Iranian-style fundamentalist Islamic governments all  over the Middle East. But the real threat to America’s interests and security is a lot closer to home. In fact, it’s already here.

Jordan’s Tahrir Party leader, Sheik Admand Abu Quddum says, “Islam commands us to fight to spread the religion of Allah in every country on earth. We will give them the chance to convert. If they refuse, they must pay the jizya (tax) and submit to the laws of Islam.” “All government leaders must be Muslim and male. And, of course, Israel must be annihilated.”

This is what unrestricted Muslim immigration to the West has gotten us. And no matter what they try to tell you on ‘All American Muslim,’ Muslims have no intention of assimilating, only dominating. It’s a religion with them. It is not radical Islam, it is Islam. 

H/T/ Henry P