PAKISTANIS want "Peace with Jihad!"

Screams of ‘Death to America’ could be heard everywhere in recent anti-US mass protests. But don’t stop sending them $$billions in American taxpayer dollars because they still like our money.


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  1. These bunch of swine called Pak will never understand what peace means to be, it understand only one kind of peace ‘death’,
    Nukes in hands of these lunatics questions survivability of world.
    They could:
    1) transfer Nuke technology completely to other rouge nations,
    2) falling of tactical nukes in hands of extremists
    3) more people getting killed every hour due to terrorist attacks
    4) more chances of a nuke to hit NATO ally forces by a deliberate devastating attack by PAk .

    Lay them to death before they wake up

    PAK-IS-SATAN the real SATAN and is NEXUS of Global extremism

  2. Wake Up NATO, u may find a Nuke directed to you at anytime by the pak satanlings, these load of shit can never be worth of anything than hatred,be pro-active and Nuke em before they nuke you, now all these bastards have become one for fighting against US and NATO.
    Wake-up Pak deserves a different strategy to deal with, strike them at ligthening speed, leave them frightening to pursue any future terrorism

  3. Tell them not to worry, it will be nice and peaceful in Pakistan (and the rest of the Islamic world)once the jihad is finished and they have lost, again, to an “inferior” (from their point of view) foe whom they vastly outnumber.

    It must be rough to be a “superior” Muslim, bombarded every minute of every day with news and evidence of how those “inferior” infidels are out-producing and out-performing the Muslim world in every measurable way.

    That’s gotta be a major blow to the ego.

    …sort of like being a liberal, and continually voting for the candidate who stands up and tells you that you are incompetent so you need to vote for someone who will run your life for you.

  4. Let them Muslims Infedels to stay where they are and shut up! They want us to convert to Islam and they’d have a better chance of catching a snow ball on the santa Monica freeway at noon, than me doing so! To Hell w/Islam and Muhammed and any such like! This nation needs to close its borders and purge this goddles Church-State religion and kick these bastard religious bigots out of this country! Separate yourself from these religous zealots for a “NAMELESS god called Allah! Allah is about as weak as a cup of water and about as spiritual as a gorilla in the Amazon Jungle!!

  5. MARK DAVIS: How true that is. The same with my country, the USA. That money would be better spent to finance an Indian conquest and occupation of Pakistan with the goal of deislamification. If we are trying to defend the free world from the threat of jihad, then the best defence is a strong, robust offence with none of the P/C “win hearts and minds” constraints of the squemish left. Total war, do or die.

    “Cloven Hoof Posse!”~ Ridiculing islam with well directed flatulence aimed towards Mecca.

    “Gentlemen, don your masks and let ‘er rip!”


  6. UK aid donations to Pakistan are effectively helping to underwrite the military expansion of the country which until recently was shielding the world’s number one Islamist terrorist, organised the massacre in Bombay and is doing so much to fund the Taliban insurgency, killing and maiming coalition forces in Afghanistan.
    Over the next four years the UK will be sending a total of £1.4 billion in aid to Pakistan.
    The Jihadists must be laughing their heads off, whilst vast swathes of the UK population are struggling to keep themselves warm and fed.

  7. I have heard that the gun tooting Swiss have the safest society on earth. They are all well trained marksmen and women and they dont have a problem with pesky morons of Allah. Good Stuff! Now if only my government would allow us to defend ourselves. Fat chance with the wimpy lot who govern us. Pip squeaks who Kow Tow before Islam.

  8. But is’nt Islam a peaceful religion? They r full of shit just like Indonesia, they hate Australia and we wont forget what happened in Bali when 88 Aussies died in a nite club due to the evil work of Muslims. But we continue to give millions in foreign aid while they continue to smuggle illegal boat people into Australia adding to the ques of people wanting social security, and whats the first thing they say when they get here? Where is my visa, where is my house.They r unhappy in their own countries so they have to bring take their crap everywhere else.

  9. Yep, that makes sense, “Peace with Jihad,” I can see that. Only the “religion of peace” could put those three words on the same sign.

    If any one natural factor renders islam extinct, it has to be their profound, clueless stupidity and/or a Darwinian failure to adapt.

  10. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome. That would mean that our government is insane because they keep giving money away to pakistan, palestine, afghanistan and so on and they keep hating us. This is insanity. We must stop giving money to these ungrateful, hateful savages who would bit our hand as only a savage, inbred would do.

  11. “Peace with Jihad” an oxymoron if there ever was one. But I guess that is lost on these inbred morons! But then again, I guess they are at peace with the idea of jihad. That is why they are so willing to kill each other and everybody else in the name of Allah.

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