Failed Palestinian female suicide bomber will try again and encourages women and children to kill Israelis by blowing themselves up

This Baghead bitch was one of the 1,027 prisoners released in the swap for Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit held by Hamas. And you wonder why Israel needs a security wall on the Gaza border?

FOX NEWS Reporter interviews 27 year old Wafa Samir Ibrahim al-Biss on location in Jerusalem. This is the first U.S. interview with a woman who was incarcerated after unsuccessfully attempting to kill Israelis with a bomb she had strapped to her body. As Vittert sees it, the report “shatters the illusion that those who are driven by hate can have their minds changed.” The report includes footage of the would-be suicide bomber at the very moment her detonator failed outside of a hospital, the SAME hospital where her life had been saved by Israeli doctors. After shedding her jacket, the woman can be seen crying and clutching at her neck and chest.

And this is how it all went down in 2005. She praises the Israeli doctors who treated her for 6 months. Her family even sent them a thank you note. 

Never trust what any Muslim says to you, NEVER.