EGYPT’S ARAB SPRING in full bloom: Now, beatings, shootings, and even stripping of women protesters are the new norm

Gives new meaning to the expression, ‘Be careful what you wish for.’ Egyptians were ecstatic over their removal of a secular dictator with the help of the Army at their side. Now, that same Army are the ones beating and killing the protesters. But wait, the Muslim Brotherhood and other radical IslamoFascists just won the most seats in a recent election and will soon take power. You ain’t seen nuthin’yet.

CNN  Photos of the unidentified veiled woman were plastered on the front pages of global and local newspapers and appeared on Facebook. Twitter hashtags #TahrirWoman and #Bluebra emerged. The images stirred worldwide outrage because of the beating and because she was partially stripped in a Muslim society where women cover themselves for modesty.

When Azza Hilal Suleiman saw Egyptian military pummel the veiled woman, she stepped in to help and got kicked and clubbed by security forces, a beating that was captured in a video that went viral around the world and also showed live gunfire and the violent removal of a Muslim woman’s clothing. “A veiled woman was injured and the army stripped her,” she told CNN in an exclusive interview from her hospital bed in Cairo, suffering from painful skull fractures and facial cuts.

She couldn’t stand to see the repeated blows to the woman, who was dragged, kicked, partially stripped and then stomped. “So I ran and tried to cover her body and pull her out,” Suleiman said. “We tried to cover her and pull her away but they beat us. I didn’t feel anything after this.”

Suleiman was seen in a red coat in the same video that showed the veiled woman’s beating. Security forces rushed toward Suleiman and pushed her to the ground as she ran to the veiled woman’s side. “I was just trying to help her up after they exposed her body,” she said.

Suleiman is one of three people in the video interviewed by CNN, with one of them saying he was shot. A CNN crew also witnessed the security force beatings and shootings and saw other women stripped of some of their clothing.

Age 48, divorced and unemployed, Suleiman is the daughter of a deceased army general. She wanted to speak to CNN despite her agony. In an earlier visit to the hospital, she indicated how much she was suffering, saying, “My head is going to explode.”

Others came to Suleiman’s aid, such as businessman Ehab Hanna, who was also beaten up and shot after he tried to help the woman with the veil. “Azza covered her naked body. Then we tried to pull her up to take her to the field clinic. But I was shocked with a sting in my leg, thought it was a rock. I tried to walk but fell to the ground, so they started beating me and Azza relentlessly,” he told CNN.

Hanna said security forces left him alone when they thought he was dead. But when he moved, he was beaten. He said he and other injured people were on the ground for about 30 minutes because ambulances weren’t allowed into the area.

The beatings took place last Saturday in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, amid a five-day stretch of assaults by police and defiant protests by demonstrators demanding that Egypt’s ruling military cede power to a civilian government.

A Health Ministry spokesman said 16 people died, including 14 by gunshots, according to Dr. Hisham Sheeha. The military has denied the use of live ammunition.

The woman has not been identified. She had been dressed in a traditional robe and headscarf, but as police clubbed her and dragged her down the street, those articles of clothing were pulled away, exposing her midriff and blue bra. The video showed one of the police officers aiming a foot at her upper abdomen and stamping squarely on it.

The ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces has since expressed “great regret” over the mistreatment of women protesters, but it has not apologized for the assaults, a fact that enrages demonstrators. But SCAF reiterated “its respect and appreciation for Egyptian women and their right in protesting and their active positive participation in the political life.”












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  1. This couldn’t have happened without our Muslim president Obama’s active participation to insure the Caliphate gets created. And now these foolish Egyptians have elected the Brotherhood into power, wait, it will get much worse.

    Most of all I fear for the Coptic Christians still in Egypt. Iraq has virtually wiped out all Catholics, Egypt will do the same to the Copts if help isn’t forthcoming.

    And they call themselves the religion of peace, only brainwashing could allow these people to believe what they say.

  2. The problem in muslim countries are not the women & children. It’s the men. Neuter them all & let women run the countries for 1400 years & see how much it’ll change. The MB & the army are sadistic sick non-human entities. Men such as these will get their just reward in hell.

    Women don’t stand a chance in any of these countries & those who convert from other countries must have self esteem issues or just idiots.

    • @ Jean Murphy…you are 100% right about that. I think many of the women there ARE victims whether they know it or not, and whether they want to admit it or not. Many are in denial. I am sure their men make them empty promises all the time. And as I said before, it is human nature to be stubborn. It’s a VERY, VERY hard thing to accept and admit that something you have believed in and that your people have believed in and that your people have fought and died for has been nothing but a BIG LIE. There are a few that do manage to see Islam for what it really is and have the courage to leave it – even if it means putting their lives at risk and losing their family and friends.

      None of us know what those women who were beaten up were protesting. The could have been protesting for women’s rights for all we know. The woman in the burka was wearing JEANS – some Muslim countries don’t allow women to wear pants or jeans. She may have been wearing the burka in order to fit in and be less conspicuous. I have certainly heard of non-Muslim women who visit Muslim countries and wear Islamic dress either because they have to or it’s for their own safety – they don’t want to stand out and call attention to themselves.

  3. @ enough already

    I hope I’m wrong!

    Those things have been standing for about 4500 to 5000 years and I hope they continue standing for a few thousand more until wind and water wear them away. Maybe by then we will find out a bit more of exactly how they were put together so we can continue to preserve this piece of history for much longer.

    But the arrogance of the Islamic fundies is the one thing that stands in the way. They believe that they have all the knowledge they need in that holy book of theirs, and are unwilling to think that pagan people living thousands of years ago are smarter and more knowledgable than they are.

    That site is a world heritage site, and not just for Egyptians, Arabs, or Muslims, but it belongs to the whole world and all of humanity.

    • @ Steve…I asked my husband again how the pyramids could be brought down, and he said he did not really know and that one would need to do “calculations” first.

      He did admit that they could be blown up. You know he does NOT LIKE or trust Muslims, anyway, BUT HE STILL SCOFFED AT THE IDEA that Muslims would ever destroy them. I think the Egyptians know they are worth far too much.

      And you are right – they DO belong to all of humanity.

  4. Keep this in mind as you view those disturbing images: 85% of Egypt is damned. Most of those involved are slaves of Satan. The difference between perpetrators and victims is who has the power. Those with the money, numbers, organization, status, position and weapons do the beating. Those out of power do the suffering.

    Arab spring is about seizing and retaining power, not about democracy, freedom, equality or justice. The only issue is who sits on the throne and rules the roost.

    Arrogance abounds in that culture. Men are superior to women, Arabs superior to everybody, Quraysh are superior among Arabs.

    You witnessed arrogant Islamic AssWholliness. Let it triumph here and you will be lying on the street being stomped.

  5. @ BNI, Grouchy Fogie, enough already

    BTW, the Pyramids and the Sphinx are made of mostly limestone. The Sphinx is actually carved from a natural outcropping.

  6. @ BNI, Grouchy fogie, enough already

    Oh yeah, a nuclear device could certainly do it — especially placed underground at or near the site. But I was more thinking what would be available to the Egyptians that they could use on their own. Heavy artillery of some kind would be the most likely way they could destroy them, if they were so inclined. Remember too, that it is far easier to destroy something than it is to build it.

    I remember watching a program on PBS, where they showed how ancient Egyptians were able to raise one of those monolithic slabs and obelisks weighing something like 100 tons using gravity and hydrodynamics. That’s right, the power of water! Those Egyptians were smart, and apparently far smarter than modern Egyptians.

    I don’t think the Pakis would want to spare their nuclear weapons on the Pyramids. Even though they are all fellow Muslims, the Pakistanis hate and mistrust the Arabs.

    • @ Steve…”Even though they are all fellow Muslims, the Pakistanis hate and mistrust the Arabs.”

      Well that is good/helpful to know.

  7. @ enough already

    A few well placed artillery shells of the kind that can reconfigure mountains, such as a 22 inch artillery shell, could make short work of the pyramids and the Sphinx.

    The monuments are built with stones, some weighing up to ten tons apiece, and it is indeed a marvel of engineering. That humans could actually build anything like that with only primitive tools and a whole lot of muscle and ingenuity, is nothing short of amazing.

    But the Brothers are idiots, they will try to destroy anything that is not Islamic.

      • Dear BNI,,,
        It is truly a Cosmic Crime, when the treasures of History mean so little to a regime which values a meteorite god who never performed a miracle~!

        I, too, had heard that the muzlim brotherhood was wanting to destroy the Sphinx and the Pyramids,,,

        Just MAYBE such an attack would galvanize the remainder of the Earth’s population against this terrible ideology~!

        One can only hope ~!

    • Steve:

      Whatever you say…I’m sure you are a demolitions and engineering expert.

      Aside from that, I really doubt they will come down. I know the buddha statues in Afghanistan came down, but that was only two STATUES (I AM NOT UNDERESTIMATING THEIR VALUE, BTW) and that was FREAKING AFGHANISTAN, and the last time I checked, they do not have and have not had any real “tourist industry” there.

      Besides, I have also read that the Buddha statues came down for SPITE more than anything else. From the wikipedia article:

      On 18 March, The New York Times reported that a Taliban envoy said the Islamic government made its decision in a rage after a foreign delegation offered money to preserve the ancient works. The report also added, however, that other reports “have said the religious leaders were debating the move for months, and ultimately decided that the statues were idolatrous and should be obliterated.”[32]
      Then Taliban ambassador-at-large, Sayed Rahmatullah Hashemi, said that the destruction of the statues was carried out by the Head Council of Scholars after a single Swedish monuments expert proposed to restore the statues’ heads. Hashimi is reported as saying: “When the Afghan head council asked them to provide the money to feed the children instead of fixing the statues, they refused and said, ‘No, the money is just for the statues, not for the children’. Herein, they made the decision to destroy the statues”; however, he did not comment on the claim that a foreign museum offered to “buy the Buddhist statues, the money from which could have been used to feed children.”.[33] The destruction of the Bamiyan Buddhas in front of the helpless international community was therefore also an attack against the globalizing concept of “cultural heritage”.[34]

      I really doubt we will see the pyramids destroyed in our lifetime, and I hope I am right.

  8. BLR:

    You sound like a very intelligent individual.

    BTW: I have never been in jail or a knife fight. I am not the kind of trash to get into bar fights. I AM ALSO A HAPPILY MARRIED WOMAN!

    And a “bah humbug” to you, friend!!! ; )

  9. ea we all know the dif of who is a coptic , christian , jew , or any othere gentle people but most of all we know an ass lifting muzzie and more than a few of us have defended a woman some have knife scars to back it up and do jail time i might add . when the last time you were in a knife fight.

  10. Yeah, the woman in in the red jacket tried to do the right thing. She came to the aid of another woman being savagely beaten, and she paid DEARLY FOR IT. THANK GOD FOR PEOPLE LIKE HER!!!!! I WISH THAT THERE WERE MORE PEOPLE LIKE THAT IN THE WORLD – WE WOULD BE SO MUCH BETTER OFF. But we do not have so many people like that. What we have our PURE COWARDS sitting behind their keyboards and talking tough and saying that they HATE ALL Muslims and that they get what they deserve. Well, I don’t hate them. I HATE ISLAM!!! IT’S WRONG TO HATE YOUR FELLOW HUMAN BEINGS, PEOPLE! The only exception I make is the thugs who hate us and want to destroy us – those are they ones I hate and have no qualms about hating them. I hate people who repeatedly do “evil” things and that lack any empathy for others or any remorse or any PITY! People like that are subhuman – all of you.

      • BNI: Maybe she would spit on the rest of us, but she did put her own life at serious risk by trying to help out the other woman, and that is commendable. Would any of us do it? I mean she walked into a melee of thugs with clubs beating people, and did she not realize that she would be beaten as well for “interfering”? None of us know what religion both women are. We assume that they one with the blue bra is a Muslim because of her burka. We don’t know what they are doing there and what exactly their intentions are or what they are protesting. THE NUDE EGYPTIAN BLOGGER is a gal I admire. I don’t care about seeing her nude, personally, but I like that she has guts. She is non-practicing Muslim. SEVERAL ISRAELI WOMEN ALSO POSED “NUDE” TO SHOW THEIR SUPPORT OF HER!!! : ) They sympathize with her and what she feels.

  11. @ Ronyo,,,

    You have good points, but my question would be, then, just how much of this is getting into the Main Stream Media???

    Sadly, I fear not much,,, and I do have to admit my ignorance to a point, as I have pretty much quit watching the news and television in general, except for the sports, as there’s nothing of substance or value to be seen~! AND THAT, my young Friend, is a crapola indictment of today’s propaganda machinery~!

    @ enough already,,, I have to agree almost in total with your post above, and your comment, ” I think it is not an easy thing to admit that something your people have believed in for centuries has been ONE BIG LIE, ” pretty much hits the nail on the head, so to speak,,, and we must realize that, that comment can apply to ANY belief system, and any ideology~!

    Thank YOU, for your honesty and your honest appraisal as you’ve noted above~!

  12. It’s amazing how much misinformation and ignorance abound on the internet – even with all the knowledge and technology that exists today.

    TO CLARIFY ONCE AGAIN: The sunni Muslims do NOT self-mutilate. Egyptians are Sunni Muslims The SHIITE Muslims do that. There are differences between the two sects, and the two sects have an unending feud going. Shiites only make up about 10%-20% (estimates vary) of the Muslim population.

    And for those who say they do not feel sorry for ANY OF THEM, I have to think that has to be at least partially false. I read the comments on this blog, and many of you express sympathy EVEN FOR the Muslims who have been hurt, killed, maimed, and abused at the hands of their fellow Muslims in the name Islam. Either that or many of you are the biggest hypocrites. And do not forget there are many apostates who some of us admire for having the courage to take a stand and leave their faith AND SPEAK OUT ABOUT IT OPENLY – OFTEN TIMES PUTTING THEMSELVES AT RISK. We look to them for information and support for our cause against Islam. They still all have family and friends who are Muslim, and in many cases they do not want to see their own kin hurt and made fun of, and can you blame them?

    Whether you (we) like it or not, Muslims like their ways as much as the rest of us do. I think it is not an easy thing to admit that something your people have believed in for centuries has been ONE BIG LIE, and that far too many people have died in vain because of it. Of course Muslims will be stubborn and obstinate as much as anyone else would. If you do not understand their psychology then you will NOT beat them, and that is fact.

    I have said numerous times that I think their religion is completely false. The Koran is a very poorly written book and it often contradicts itself. Mohammed the false prophet was a sociopathic “gangster” in his day – a completely selfish, greedy, perverted, and narcissistic person. Somehow he managed to pull off the biggest LIE/SCAM/HOAX – YOU NAME IT of all time! He has wreaked more havoc with his shitty little book than Hitler or Stalin ever could or dreamed about.

  13. Think here of the wonderful campaign promise of the current muslime in occupancy in the US and you can see what he meant – Change and Hope = I want to fundamentally Change the world and Hope I can get it done before intelligent people catch on to my plan.

    If you think things are bad in Egypt just wait until you see what is building in Iraq and Afghanistan which is exactly what the little O determined to do as soon as the terrorists told him they were in position to take over, just get the troops out of their way !!

    All muslimes = maggot infested piles of camel dung.

  14. oh yeah this is straight from the religon of peices, no kidding, and we expected what exactly?, more of the same and going to get worse. This is obam’s gift to his brothers in their hood, islam. Many express fears that this will eventually come to close to home, I maintain it is already here ( some of the refinements of islam, like beheadings, honor killings etc.etc.) but the media is largely making it a disapperaing act. Now we can’t have the natives being too concerned about the lives of these murderers of humanity, why it would just confuse all of those who buy into the idea of these monsters in the flesh being peaceful and all and we can’t have that because it would totally give everyone else, with a thinking brain, anyway the truth of the norms of islamist, and what we can expect in our near future. I just pray all eyes of this blog, those who are afforded the opportunity to do so anyway, can and will stand up like real men and put these demons in the flesh in a dirt nap mode when the time comes. I have no hesitation of doing so and I will remind them of who it was that taught their mujhadeem some of the better refinements of the words, gorilla insurgency. Prepare, don’t pity, they have it coming, they deserve it-period

    Semper Fi..

  15. What is happening in Egypt is not new. This is the way Muslim majority rules. The ONLY difference is it (the Muslim’s rule) became clearly exposed to the civilized world. Islam is Islam. It is the most evil destructive and inhumane system ever existed.
    The question is: what is the civilized world is doing about it to, at least, protect it self from it?

  16. BLR,,your dead right about Iraq.those that have been there before the war will tell you the same,,it was always going to end this way..And we are the guilty ones here,, I have always been against the war and marched against Blair the traitor,many brits couldnt see why we were getting involved but the traitor didnt take any notice,it was all done on a lie,But we were behind our boys once they went in,,,

    I have many iraqi friends,that didnt support saddam,but I cant help feeling that we havent helped, and left the country and the people much worse off..But every Prime Minister has to have a war…what else would they put in their memoires

  17. If there muslimes getting beat who gives a flying fuck certainly not me pity our western media didnt report the deaths of the 25 Coptic Martyrs with such favour

    • eoin:

      The Copts are Egyptian, too. Case in point. I do not think we know the “faith” of EVERY Egyptian that we see on the news being beaten in the streets by the police. If it is a “feminist Egyptian” protesting, I think she can’t be all bad. I know lots of men (and women) in the western world hate feminists, but somehow they seem to work to our advantage when we are talking about MUSLIM feminists. I also have an Egyptian Coptic facebook friend who I have recently started communicating with about Egypt. He said of course they do not like to see ANY woman being beaten like that and that it is the SHAME of their country.

  18. Better that Mubarak had stayed to rule longer………….I cannot think his reign was as bad and lawless as these rabid dogs that now rule. No matter how much they proclaim Democracy – it will never happen because their minds are unhinged, power hungry and pitiless.

  19. these are the people hillary and barack help put into power. their strategy in the middle east has been to support whomever is worse for the united states. if that is the present government they do nothing. if it is the protesters then they support them. two marxists trying to destroy the united states.

  20. i agree with you on that liana!! unless obama gets out and we get someone else i there who cares more about this problem now rather than later, in 20 yrs i hate to be around to see how it will all go down…

  21. holycow122,
    It is impossible to feel sympathy for all the victims of muslims and they feed off and use sympathy.

    We allow them to enter the US as refugees/victims , and then another wave comes ,and another.The next wave that comes are fundamentalist ,arriving to correct the wayward earlier immigrants and build mosques.Fast forward 10 yrs and their population has tripled,violence is common ……..10 more yrs ,a new muslim country.

    I’m trying to conserve my sympathy for the next wave of victims,Americans.

  22. Violence against uppitty women is normative Islam.

    Misogyny is normative Islam, rather than an aberration.


  23. yes i agree with dragonofire it is that for sure, but we if are to be fair, ww2 saw 100 million die worldwide and 58 million alone at the hands of stalin in their own country. so yes it is sad for women but plenty of other countries have done worse also, and look at who just died, kim jung and the UN had a moment of silence for his death.

    he killed plenty of his own people also. t

    his is how the world works though, and i think the universe creates new stars, new solar systems, et c which are also very violent. perhaps all this is very unavoidable here on earth as well as in the rest of the universe. i dont know what to think anymore. maybe all we can hope for is our own peace of minds where every we can get it.

  24. Sheesh! We should’ve not gotten involved. We should have just left them alone! These people are utterly incapable of democracy. I mean, they just voted into power the most radical and anti democratic political groups. They have no idea what a democracy is! And people naively thought that these Arabs and Muslims would be able to create democracies. Are they kidding me? They need another secular totalitarian ruler to take over the country. Egypt’s best hope now is that the military annuls the elections and maintains power. Otherwise if the Brothers get a hold of Egypt, bye, bye, pyramids, bye, bye, Sphinx, and all that Egyptian history which the Brothers and Salafis will destroy as “pagan” and “idolatrous.”

    • Steve:

      I know I am going to open the flood gates, but here goes…

      I asked my husband about this, and I will not say what his degrees are in and what he does for a living, but he IMMEDIATELY scoffed at the idea that ANYONE would even try to take those pyramids “down” (destroy them). He says it would not only be extremely difficult but next to impossible, and with all of our knowledge and technology that we possess today, we still do not know exactly how they were built.

      I read that the estimated tonnage of these structure is in the millions!

      Here’s an interesting article about the Egyptian pyramids:

      I disagree that it would be impossible, but it would be a TREMENDOUS task. I personally think that the destruction of the pyramids in Egypt is pure speculation. I KNOW THAT MUSLIMS HAVE DESTROYED RELICS AND OTHER THINGS IN THE PAST THAT WERE NOT ISLAMIC (like the Buddha statues in Afghanistan), but somehow I think this is just speculation. I think that the radical Islamists may prohibit alcohol being sold in Egypt. I have heard that an Islamist (forgot which one) said that the tourists do NOT need to drink alcohol when they come to Egypt – they can do that back home (that’s basically how he put it).

  25. So we have that bitch Clinton lecturing Israel that it’s not ‘democratic enough’ – but she’s silent on this or what is happening in Syria?
    Next thing the al-qunt will be saying that al-Qaeda is no longer a US enemy – just like the Taliban isn’t!
    Not that I give a flying fuck about muzzies beating muzzies wherever they are – these shit people are the same ones that after Mubarek was thrown out burnt down the Israeli embassy & far worse how many Coptic people were murdered by them & their churches burnt?
    Fuck them!
    And these dumb fucks thinks it’s bad now? They ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!
    Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch

  26. this news out of iraq sets the future for all countrys in the so called arib spring , The country has been left crippled and fractured. Over one million people lost their lives and more than 4.7 million have been turned into refugees or internally displaced persons—in large part due to sectarian violence. The social infrastructure has been decimated, and the majority of the population faces chronic unemployment and poverty.

  27. and alkidya, this is not only how nobama helped it along this has been a way of life for them for thousands of years long before you or i were around, this is their culture and lifestyle. and i think it would have happened with or without nobama.
    this is who they are, and this is how they live.

    there is a difference in society from western civ and middle east policy, you are all expecting western civ there. it will not happen. because i have said before the cold hard facts are this

    islam+ democracy does not equal, and it is an oxymoron. no place in the middle east is there any democracy but for Israel. no place, and has not been for a long long time. it does not co-exist together. no matter how hard we want it to be, it will not, so dont shoot me i am only speaking about how it is, now and for 2 thousand years. it is a shame yes, but this is not new.

  28. sometimes i often wonder though, they just had a self-flagulation ceremony in the streets whereby they were beatings themselves and drawing blood from children.

    i have to ask, is anyone really surprised at any of this?

    when we see all this violence going on day after day there and in other islamic societies, this makes us numb to all this. but after seeing how they beat themselves bloody with chains, whips, etc, men women and children how are we to expect anything else form these people who do not value human life at all. frankly i am very de-sensitized to it all, and think they all bring it on themselves. so why should i care about any of it?
    this is not news, and they seem happy with the way it is over there. they will not change it until they are ready to do so, and who knows how long that will take?

    i think eventaully this will all burn out by itself, but i have to say that many many people are going to die over it. i am beginning to think this is a way for them to control the population there. sorry, i guess i have to harden my heart over it all, after all they bring this upon themselves.

    • The sunni Muslims don’t self-mutilate. The shiite Muslims do that. There are differences between the two sects. Also, the Shiite are the ones who believe in and practice (I guess they practice it) the concept of “temporary marriage”. The shiite Muslims are SUPPOSED to be the most militant, but I think militancy and fanaticism and cruelty know no real distinction in Islam. They are all VIOLENT.

  29. As we say down south, “bless her heart”!

    IN THIS CASE, I do have a great deal of sympathy. There was absolutely NO reason or justification for beating her and the others like that. IF SHE IS A FEMALE ACTIVIST (assuming she’s not some Infidel-hating radical Islamist), then she can’t be all bad. The only people I really want to see get beat like that are these EVIL radical, infidel-hating Islamo-fascist extremists who want to kill us and destroy our civilization as we know it.

    And of course I feel sorry for the kids if they did indeed get hurt in the riot. Why on earth would anyone bring their kids to such an event (protest) if they know there is a chance that it could erupt in violence??? I think I would choose to stay IN MY HOME if I lived there and limit going outside as much as possible. On the other hand, I sympathize with SOME of the protestors who really want a change for the better. If every one hides and chooses to stay indoors, then nothing will ever be accomplished and the radicals will take over and reign supreme.

  30. This is what happens when the friendly Muslim Brotherhood gets its hands on power. This is only the beginning, of intense beatings and murders to bring about total control of all Egyptians, Libyans Etc. Thank BO and HAJI HILLARY for a wonderful humane gift to the world. The Muslim Brotherhood.

  31. I guess I’ve been blocked from sharing this story.

    This is unreal.
    How funny it is that the US and the west, in general, are so critical of Assad’s Syria, but they don’t seem to be doing anything about Egypt.
    The UN doesn’t know what to do and they sit there with their arms folded.
    I think the UN should be totally disbanded. They are useless and too easily influenced by OIC money. The UN is a corruptible body and nothing more than a bunch of morons.

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